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More Information About Weis Markets
If you love to shop at Weis Markets and you are a loyal customer of Weis, you deserve rewards from Weis Markets. Now join Weis Preferred Shoppers Club Card and get your rewards. Your rewards include cash saving and gas rewards. The more you buy, the more you save. You earn 10¢ for every $50 spent in a single calendar day. The gas rewards program offers up to twice the savings of other grocery stores.
Weis Markets has stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and West Virginia. Weis Markets is proud to be built on self reliance and support local farmers.

About Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.weisfeedback.com
Survey Incentive: $2 off purchase of $40
Host Website: marketforce.com
Marketing Support: marketforce

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203 comments on “www.weisfeedback.com - Weis Markets Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Rc singer says:

    I went to purchase lunchables for a friend. All the cheese pizza, pizza lunchmakers were well passed the use by date. Some had dating from December 2017! There was close to 20 of them in the refrigerator case.

  2. Keith Lieberman says:

    Weis in Forks, Easton, is a very organized and clean store. It is sad that the employees make it such an unpleasant shopping experience. A simple hello or a smile isn't hard. The only employees to make it worth coming back is in the deli. A very happy and friendly crew. Register tapes need to checked as well. Print was horrible on ours today. Couldn't read if there were any mistakes.

  3. alice watts says:

    like sales and selection

  4. Karen Campanaro says:

    today I shopped at Weiss in Forks and received on my receipt 566 rewards. I had already accumulated 50 gas points. As I pumped the gas I only received 50 points off my gas. What happed to the 556 points. I asked 2 people at Weiss and the said it means 50 points. I spent 66.58 and no dairy . It seems that I lost points that I spent today at the Forks store. Please explain

  5. Brian Mullaney says:

    I am totally disappointed that Weis is changing its reward point system. Which marketing genius came up with this change? A 10 cent reward will cost $100 dollars now vs. $50 dollars. One could say that credit was not given for purchases less than $50 dollars and now it is dollar for dollar.
    Lose lose for me as a multi year gold card member I now say Goodbye.

  6. Patricia Sacco says:

    I visited the Weis store in Bel Air, Md. a few minutes ago. I went to an automated register. It was very discouraging. When it time to pay for my groceries, I paid cash. The machine would not accept my paper money. After several tries, I flagged down an employee. He tried several times and it still would not take my money. At that time, a second employee came by and said to keep trying - that it sometimes takes 20 time per bill before it is accepted. Eventually it did accept my money. Something inside the machine must be dirty or clouded over so that the sensor cannot read the bills efficiently. I was in "Fast Lane 2".

  7. jonathan jones says:

    I was in your Westminster store at approximately 4:15 pm on 8/22/17 I purchased an item that was listed on the shelf as being on sale. When I was checking out it came up at the regular price, I was in the self checkout isle, I said something to the young woman attending that section. After looking it up she said, with a deadpan stare, that it was to be purchased with another item. I replied " oh it must be in the small print'. She didn't respond, but just walked away. Yes I am of retirement age but I still work and shop in that store almost everyday on my way home from work. I took the product to the customer service person, handed to her and told her to keep it. I said to her "you know how often I come into this store" and she replied yes. She offered to give me my money back, but I was so irritated by the way the other employee treated me I told her that I didn't want it and that I would never be back. Just because some one is not a 22 year old man or woman does not give the right for young people to disregard the needs of the customer. I WILL NEVER COME BACK. I will pass this on to my clients, approximately 240. If I'm treated well I tell everyone, if I'm not treated well I tell everyone.

  8. Susan Boving says:

    I am very disappointed in the green onions that I have attempted to purchase during two recent visits to the store in Lewes, DE. The root ends of the stalks had been trimmed off on all but one or two individual onions in each bunch, leaving an unappetizing and for me purchasable product.

  9. Stephen Doster says:

    People are nice and very helpful. If I can't find it I ask someone and they will take me to it

  10. Ronald Maurer says:

    Weis is my favorite place to grocery shop . The people are helpful and friendly. It is very easy to find what I am looking for. A clean and organized environment.

  11. Connie Berger says:

    I love weis great prices, clean store ,and everyone is very nice . ashlee at front desk is very nice . Connie

  12. Wendy Knode says:

    Shop at Weis Market at 1471 Martin Street. The employees are very kind and always helpful. The manager at this store is always visible working with the staff. Every time He see's me in a isle he asks if I need help finding anything. It's a great place to shop.

  13. Christine Schmitt says:

    I love Weis. Good sale prices and products.

  14. linda coleman says:

    I shopped at the 3825 Sullivan Trail Forks/ Easton Weis store on Saturday July 15th.I want to compliment one of your associates. Matthew Price. this young man went above and beyond.
    He was asked to help me to my car with the chairs I had purchased, when we both discovered they would not fit in my car he offered to drop them at my house after he finished work that day.
    Both my husband and I thought this was such a kind act. We were very grateful to him. I hope you will acknowledge his good work. The manager at this store should very pleased with Matthew Price's integrity and wonderful dispersion.
    thank you from
    One very satisfied customer!
    Ms. L Coleman

  15. Christina smondrowski says:

    Store is clean. Staff is nice.
    Always takes for ever to check out.

  16. Judy Burgard says:

    I get my prescriptions now at Weis so I can get them all at one place while shopping for groceries.

  17. r.k. fairfax says:

    Your teams at Lexington Park, Callaway & California stores are excellent service provider. They are always cordial, helpful customer focused.
    Janice at your Lexington Park store epitomizes the Weis customer service and is a credit to your corporation.

    Keith & Berenice Fairfax

  18. Gloria says:

    Love the weiss at westgate, but they really need more cashiers on duty. I waited in line long that my Ice cream started to melt. It's always like that.

  19. Peggy Finkbeiner says:

    The store was well stocked and shelves were very neat, which made shopping a pleasure.

  20. Joyce gray says:

    I go to the store on Gordon rd Fredericksburg va 22407. The store is so clean and neat , they have the best sales, very nice people the manger Richard is so nice a very good person to deal with, I love this store I've been living on Gordon rd for 39 years an have been going to this store every since it was build from food lion to bloom back to food lion now weis, I have to say I like weis the best just a all around nice store wonderful people . Best store manger u could ask for!!!!!

  21. Peggy Finkbeiner says:

    Shopping experience was a pleasure and the store was very clean.

  22. Michael. Murphy says:

    I was at weis Sunday 1-29-17 early am. There was five people outside by the entrance smoking I know at least four of them work the night crew stocking, Thats not a good greeting to see that they should be in the the back on the loading dock I shop there all the time I like it better than other food markets it's clean organized cashiers are great And on numerous times I shopped there the day time sea food section the employe was handling raw seafood without gloves on hope to see this matter fixed Thanks

  23. Donna Miller says:

    Last Friday when shopping at Weis in Carlisle Pa. I found 3 cartons of eggs with broken eggs inside. Andy the manager came by, I told him about the eggs. He knelt down & took care of them, himself. He didn't call someone else to do that. Andy is a very good manager, I hope he can stay in Carlisle for along time. Everytime we get a good manager they take them to another

  24. Nancy Allen says:

    I made some purchases at Weis #100 in Frederick, MD today. My cashier was Angela. I wanted to let you know that she was one of the most efficient cashiers I have encountered at any grocery store. She was very polite but yet processed the customers' groceries in an expedient manner.

  25. John Singley says:

    Store very clean, not all items in stock during my visit, but over all very satisfactory

  26. Ann Conway says:

    Pottsville, PA store is very clean and orderly.

  27. Ann Conway says:

    Efficient visit.

  28. Helen Burke says:

    liked the 5% you were able to use on shopping last month. Would really like to have Sheetz in the Honesdale area, perhaps you can help to get them to consider doing so. been a weis customer for 40 years overall very satisfied

  29. Rosemary Costigan says:

    This is not what I expected. How do we claim the $2.00 prize or does that happen the next time we spend $40?

  30. Rosemary Costigan says:

    The checker was lovely. Always great service.

  31. Gary Hills says:

    Store#145 has a Faulty Fraud Finder which declined my $50 bill. I went back to our bank which gave me the same $50 bill to check its legitimacy & the bank determined my bill was valid legal tender. This store in Mansfield NJ failed to try another Fraud Finder Machine. After several attempts the Manager told me they could not accept my valid $50 bill which my bank declared legitimate. I then gave them a $100 bill to pay for my groceries which they took and never checked to see if that bill was acceptable. Our local Shop Rite Supermarket as well as our local Wal Mart gladly accept $50 bills and do not check them ever. What gives with Weis? What is their issue?

  32. Yvonne Hynes says:

    I want to thank you for providing a big basket of healthy fruit >>>>>FREE>>> to the customers in store #218 !
    What a wonderful gesture.
    It's nice to see such nice thing done just for customers.

  33. douglas ardner says:

    i go to the weis market #22 in lock haven several times a week and im allways on the lookout for cherry dr pepper i've bought a number of 12 packs over the 6 months but for some reason they dont stock it all the time! when i go into the store it's hit or miss if i find any stock it full time

  34. carl restivo says:

    a very pleasant place to shop--- all very helpful

  35. Rosemary West says:

    Unfortunately, when I got to the party I discovered I didn't have eight pieces of chicken like the package said. They have miscounted or were lacking the two remaining chicken thighs as it was 7:30pm and it must have been the last freshly made chicken pieces put out. I know it was the only one in the display. I was on my way to a party and didn't realize the freshly made chicken pieces stop at 7:30pm. I guess I should have counted them before I bought the plastic container. However, they did taste good. Except two people didn't get a chicken piece. Also I was charged $6.99 but they were in the circular that they were on sale for $5.99 for the 8 pieces of chicken . I guess I have to be more alert before checkout at Weiss Vestal, New York during the holidays. Happy Holidays.

  36. kathleen mary fels says:


  37. Alice Swarts says:

    Weiss has very good pricing and clean stores

  38. David Pudiak says:

    employees at Conklin avenue store are so personable it is a pleasure to shop there.

  39. Millie Diefenbach says:

    I bake my own bread all the time,and appreciate that you carry King Arthur flour on a regular basis. They have 2 new flours available - King Arthur almond flour and King Arthur coconut flour. On their website, they say that the Weis markets are selling these flours, but I have yet to see it on your shelves. Are you planning on making this product available or will we never be able to buy it from you.

  40. Allison B Mearns says:

    I appreciated the offer from an associate to check on an advertised item which was not available on the shelf. (It was not available; therefore I purchased two of a smaller size (CoffeeMate)).


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