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Walgreens Customer Survey PrizeWalgreens

  1. 1 Grand Prize of $3,000 check

Walgreens Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. The draw starts on the first day of every month and ends on the last day of the month.
  2. It is not necessary for you to make a purchase to enter or win the sweepstakes.
  3. If you are the lucky winner, you will be contacted by telephone approximately 14 days after the drawing date to verify your mailing address.

Walgreens Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1.  For customers who have receipts and want to take the survey online, visit the Walgreens customer survey official site to complete the survey.
  2.  Walgreens customers may also enter the sweepstakes by calling 1-800-763-0547 or 800-658-1584, and complete the automated customer satisfaction survey. Duane Reade customers can enter the sweepstakes by calling 888-262-7762 or 800-821-9096.
  3. Walgreens family of companies drug store customers may enter the sweepstakes by mail. Hand print your name, age, complete address, daytime and evening phone numbers on a 3 x 5-in. piece of paper and mail it in an envelope to: Current Month(April, May etc) 2013 Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 9681, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-9681.

Walgreens Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Walgreens customer survey official site
  2. Choose the language that you prefer to take the survey
  3. Enter your survey code and password from your receipt and click the "take survey" button
  4. Answer all the questions by following the instructions of the website to finish the survey

More Information About Walgreens
Walgreens evolved from a neighborhood drugstore to America's most trusted pharmacy. Walgreens has served people for over 100 years. Walgreens tries to help communities, employees and the environment by free health screening tours, shrinking emissions and landfill waste, and so on. You can shop online now and you can also search and apply for a job online to join Walgreens.

Shopping at Walgreens you can enjoy free shipping everyday at $25 or more. You can also benefit from Walgreens Balance Rewards by earning points, The points you earn can be redeemed for rewards.

Finish the survey soon at www.WalgreensFeedback.com and check whether the $3,000 check belongs to you this time.

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Survey Website: www.walgreensfeedback.com
Survey Incentive: $3,000 cash
Host Website: www.loyaltysurvey.com
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327 comments on “www.walgreensfeedback.com - $3,000 Cash Walgreens Customer Survey

  1. George Hader says:

    Great service in all your stores I go into. very clean an easy to find all my needs.


    9Doris was extremely helpful and knowledgeable helping me transfer money to my girlfriend
    who was in the EastBay of Alameda,CA Dori knew what to do or go to every time the WU jammed
    up or was unresponsive. She discovered that WU machine was defective and we switched to
    another one where she and I finished the transaction. THANK YOU, 9 DORI!!

  3. Joan Ray says:

    I have taken the customer receipt survey more than once. When I arrive at the end of the survey, there has not been enough time allotted to give my name, address, and phone number to enter the prize drawing. Please repair this situation.


  4. Carol says:

    I would like to voice a complaint. I recently was visiting San Antonio and found that I forgot a RX eye drop. I called my Dr. and he phoned a RX in and insurance denied to cover it as it wasn't time. Having a 2 hour time difference with my state, I had to pay full price. Later, my insurance company said they would override the denial. I called Walgreens where I purchased the RX and they said to refund the difference, I would have to bring in the original receipt and my credit card or they could not do it. Ridiculous...I can give them the information and like other places, they can credit my visa. Obviously not at Walgreens pharmacy. This is crazy. I have been a Walgreens customer for many years but may reconsider after this.

  5. Maritza Landrove says:

    I like Walgreens because it is really convenience at any where you are and any time you need. When we go for vacation the first thing we looking for after set up in the hotel is where is a Walgreen store.
    Your personal helpful and we always fiend what we need.
    Thanks a lot for been there for us.

  6. Anna F Tolson says:

    walgreens is avery nice place to shop

  7. Anna F Tolson says:

    Walgreens some the friendly &helpful workers.

  8. William Michelon says:

    Good service, very pleased. Walgreens is my supplier for my Senior needs...

  9. john bodley says:

    SHE # 1 AND SO ARE THE REST ,....................THANK YOU WALGREEN

  10. Alex Vazquez says:

    Visited Walgreens #05527 to apply for passports photos and was treated with a lot
    of help by the Assistant Manager, his name is Mike (Don't know the last name)
    gave me a sense of a very good Customer Service, so I will be going to this store
    more often for my future necessities, not only for photos but for a lot of other
    items as well.

  11. bruce montgomery says:

    How LONg does it take to fill a RX???? More than 40 days in Daly City, CA
    So they lost a long time consumer of over 50 years, I guess that My 12 Rxs don't hurt their bottom line, or $9,000.00 plus dollars and I get to try out wal-mart

  12. henry durica says:

    Always friendly, helpful, pleasant, never had a problem.

  13. anna marie odom says:

    Hospitality . I find it a uplifting experience to go to my Walgreen Store. Always something to look at and the respectful way I am treated is a plus to customer service. Especially the manager and Connie in the photo lab is so helpful. No matter if I forget the procedure of the printing my photos from my I phone they have the patience with me.

  14. Joanne says:

    Vitoria in the pharmacy-Woodway and Estates in Woodway Tx--76691-always goes above and beyond helping customers and always with a smile on her face. You links do loop around--

  15. becky says:

    sometimes the gals in precription help could use attitude adjustment

  16. Cathy Miller says:

    I love shopping atg Walgreens..... The store is clean, the aisles are uncluttered and the photo
    section is terrific. They are always ready to help and answer my questions. Because they are
    so diversified, my husband purchased a walker there !
    The help is also very informed..... for instance I questioned a eye makeup remover for my
    mascara and was quickly led to the product she thought I would appreciate. (and she was
    correct)In other words, I am very pleased with Walgreens; especially in Waldwick,N.J.!!9nF

  17. Steve Cataldi says:

    I want to file a complaint. First of all I have 8 prescriptions filled by Walgreens a year. Most of the time I receive a recording saying there is a problem. I call, & they are able to take care of it. Why call if they can take care of it. I have been with Walgreens for over 4 years. This is getting old. Also, I put in a prescription on Sat. 6/6/15. The pharmacist asked when I wanted to pick it up, after looking into her computer. I receive an other recording saying there is a problem. I call the pharmacist & she says I put it in to early because I picked up the previous order on 5/11. What is this. She said it was the insurance company who stated this. I will no longer fill my prescriptions with Walgreens. Nor will I shop there. Publix is 3 hundred yards from Walgreens, I will go there. If Interested the Wallgreens in question in in Homosassa, FL on U.S. hwy19 & 98. Sugarmill Woods. PHN: 352-382-0520

  18. iris campbell says:

    dear sir, im claiming the walgreens survey rewards coupon today and asking for entry winner. also, survey #0222-6417-205, password#4150-5210-321. also, asking for more points on balance rewards card too. RFN #0222-6417-2054-1505-2103. also, claiming the walmart,macys,dillards gift cards at $3,000 too. the claim ref. #027593667. coupon is good till Monday,june 01,2015. this is the only notice. phone (800)-490-7985. also, Sunoco, shell gas cards rewards gift cards at $3,000 each. claim#ABAE828270. phone(844)771-1191. now time to claim these rewards. space is limited and thankyou, thankyou,asking shipping next day mail please. thanks, happy holiday, write and call soon, activate pch card#383-14-10-12 confirming and processing too. thanks, iris Campbell.

  19. Carma Sams-Fleenor says:

    I have gone to the State Street Walgreens for years.. The phone number is 423-764-3261...The customer service is so wonderful...I mean I've been to other pharmacies and I always regret it.. Their pharmacist, and techs at Bristol, Tn State street are so helpful, kind, caring, compassionate, informative, dress nice and always have a smile for me and my husband.. They all are awesome, but we do have some that really go above and beyond....Cassie Carter, Emily she is a pharmacist there, Jamie Kirkpatrick, and there is a male pharmacist I'm not sure of his name are truly an asset to your company. I hope that because of my time and effort to let you know, that they will receive the praise they deserve...It is their customer service that keeps us coming back to them, and we tell everyone they need to change to WALGREENS....Thank you for your time and consideration... CarmaSams-Fleenor

  20. Gene Mahnke says:

    Have tried 3 Walgreen PC sites and have not been able to connect to $3000 survey. Either make it simple to rely or drop it. We already get to many of your ads and coupons.

  21. Mary Lou says:

    Where is the survey? None of the links guide you to the actual questionnaire. It use to be very inviting and simple to respond. Now it takes forever to find it. I'm disappointed; and very tired.

  22. Ashok Rapaka says:

    Fully satisfied with the store organization of merchandise and the service of employees.

  23. Sarah Meyer says:

    Good Job

  24. Marilyn says:

    Here we go again. I should have listened to my doctor and got another pharmacy. Drove over 200 miles to get home and get to my doctor. Son took me in. I'm so sick with asthma again so it was either go into the hospital or get heavy doses of prescriptions. My doctor faxed in the order with a STAT and told me to get them oink my way back home. Came to the Walgreens at Burnham and Ridge Road an hour after he faxed the stat 4 prescriptions. Of course they didn't have them. They had no record of them yet. Why? Because everything your doctor faxes in, whether it's a STAT or not goes to a "calling center" in Tim-buck-too, and they take their merry time of getting it to the pharmacy it's supposed to go to. I am so sick, and I have no hope of getting my prescriptions done today. It's so discouraging. Even asked for the pharmacy manager and didn't get that either. Walgreens has to come up with a better system. I'm.so sick, and now, when, If, they ever fill it, I have to go out and get it. My son had to go back home. This is unacceptable.

  25. Debra T yndall says:

    Bridgette was so nice and helpful but could not figure out how to enter surey

  26. virginia walters says:

    your employee, Raju Pu?ohet was of great help to me during my previous visit. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with his help and to let you know that you have a very positive employee in Raju Pu?ohet.

  27. steven reyes says:


  28. evelyn d. mcdonald says:

    I prefer Walgreens over CVS

  29. Nancy Goodman says:

    Walgreens has practically everything. One stop shopping.

  30. mildred joy wegner says:

    A year ago, I moved to Lebanon, TN. Moved prescriptions to Walmart. Every month I had problems. Finally, a few months ago, I changed my prescriptions to Walgreen at Hartman & W. Main St. I love the store. Pharmacy is wonderful. Never a problem and the staff are very helpful and caring. I also love to just browse and usually buy items I did not plan to purchase. All the staff is very helpful and friendly. I regret not going to Walgreen's in the beginning but thankful I found them.

  31. Sarah says:

    Walgreens is my go-to place for everything!!

  32. Debby says:

    The pharmacy at Angleton Texas is incompetent. I have been there 20+ years. Tomorrow I hope to move all of my prescriptions to a cvs. I am not interested in sweepstakes just would like to give my opinion. The rest of the store and staff are very helpful. I should have left in 2011 when a man that works in the pharmacy named Bill almost let my now 85 year old mother die. The pharmacy across the street came to her aide. Month after month of aggravation because of the pharmacy I am leaving. And I'm posting on my FACEBOOK about all of the issues I have had with the pharmacy. Like I said the rest od the staff is competent and friendly. Call me done

  33. John Sims says:

    Samantha P. at the Matawan, NJ store is one of the reasons why we fill our prescriptions there. Always greets by name, always cheerful and helpful. A real pleasure.

  34. Nellie says:

    The pharmacists, nurses & cashiers are all very helpful & friendly at all times. It's great to shop in our Walgreens store.

  35. Jasmine says:

    I just wanted to shout out two ladies at store #15360 Ashley and Janiya. Their positive energy and swift service allowed me to really "Be well" as a customer. Keep up the good work LADIES!

  36. Rebecca Chaucer says:

    Tonight I entered the Walgreens in Chinatown D.C and was in absolute awe. Although all the customer service providers were well-mannered and helpful, Janiya stood out to me the most. I had no idea where to find anything and she assisted me every step of the way. I thank her for her patience and understanding. I WILL DEFINITELY BE VISITING AGAIN THANKS TO HER!! Thanks Janiya.

  37. Ursulo Vega says:

    Me gusta mucho esta farmacia.la recomiendo a mis amistades.

  38. Tim diller says:

    The person behind the counter did not seem very attentive, went back to get second photo

  39. Debra North says:

    I love Walgreen's!The products are wonderful and so is the service!!

  40. Buckwheat says:

    Walgreens was very helpful at one time but not anymore.


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