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  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 3 minutes to finish, 1 open question and a receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question and there is no need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the United Dairy Farmers Survey via smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish

United Dairy Farmers Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit United Dairy Farmers survey official website
  2. Enter your store number
  3. Select the date of your visit and how often you visit UDF
  4. Select time of your visit and whether you went inside the store
  5. Select the answer to the question "What did you buy on this occasion?", etc.
  6. Rate UDF like "your overall satisfaction", "The friendliness of the UDF staff" and so forth based on your most recent visit
  7. Answer the open question about the service you received
  8. Indicate your gender, age, etc.
  9. Write the redemption code on your receipt

More Information About United Dairy Farmers
Pack a lunch, save at the pump. That is U-Drive Fuel Rollback. All you need to do is pick up your card at participating United Dairy Farmers. It's free and no sign-up necessary. Then you will start swiping and saving. You earn Bonus Rollbacks on UDF favorites, from coffee, fountain drinks and good-to-go foods, to dairy-fresh milk and package ice cream – earn additional stackable Bonus Rollbacks with select UDF items. Isn 't it great for you?

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Survey Website: www.udffeedback.com
Survey Incentive: Redemption Code
Host Website: www.mshare.ne
Marketing Support: mindshare

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42 comments on “www.udffeedback.com - United Dairy Farmers Survey

  1. David Spradlin says:

    I think UDF usually has he best prices around on fuel

  2. RJANSEN says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to recognize 2 people from your Burlington, KY store that ALWAYS go above and beyond with their customer service. Vern and Lauren are 2 outstanding employees and you are lucky to have them! These two always have a smile on their face..no matter what time of day...and are always making sure that the needs of your customers are met. It is so rare anymore to find great customer service, but those two have nailed it! I am in your Burlington, Ky location several times a week and I'm always happy when I see one of them. Not all of your employees share the care level that these two do.....unfortunately, most of the other employees I have encountered rarely smile or acknowledge customers nor do they ever look like they are happy to be there. It's refreshing that these two people continually do such a good job...which makes me want to continue coming back to UDF for my morning coffee! I hope that you take the time to let these two know that they are appreciated! Thank you!

  3. MuckrackW says:

    Store #29 is a nice store. I normally visit this particular store during the evening and at night on a daily basis say after 8 pm. Very friendly atmosphere. Customer service personnel always so curtious and nice. I'd hate to see anyone there now get fired. They are very professional and seem to take there job seriously. This is what keeps me coming back besides the delicious chocolate milk!

  4. patrick ormond says:

    I was not very happy with the price of a loaf of UDF wheat bread and hamburger buns at $3.68 when there was a display card that said "UDF bread and buns 2/$2.20 the clerk said "thats only white bread and buns" and I informed him that was not a limitation on the card. I feel this is a bait and switch misrepresentation. If it would not have held up the customers behind me I would have put the items back. Store #46 Receipt 2445221

  5. Judy Collins says:

    Best malts in town!!!

  6. glenda says:

    I need more coupons for lunch time.

  7. Nancy Woody says:

    Love going to UDF for cappicano!!!

  8. izale kershaw says:

    Hi I enjoy shopping at united dairy farmers

  9. Stephanie wilson says:

    Great service! I go to this store daily and live everyone that works there!!

  10. danesha lunsford says:


  11. Ms Dee says:

    TUTTLE CROSSING. love the roller grill items, when they stock it. today i wanted the Bob Evans sausages, they didnt have anything to carry them out with. there is a line forming and the other clerk is filling the milk shake machine and we all want coffee, and are looking at her crazy because the line is wrapping around the store for one clerk to handle. i get a cup and drop two sausages in, the clerk said to use a huge cheap paper plate, i said thats ridiculous, im driving, it will just roll all over the place. she told me i had to pay for the cup they were in. i picked up a Krispy cream bag, put them in that and left the cup on the counter, i asked her why she would rather throw away this used cup now instead of letting me have it. .....

  12. Ms Dee says:

    Broad and yearling store, the manager verbally abused the employees in a crowded store, she bullied these poor people every day and it was embarrassing to witness. one morning, on her day off, we were all relieved she was not there to ruin our day before work, she came in and started calling them names(stupid, idiots, lazy etc) it was so bad i reported it, the next time i went in store, she followed me around saying "i know it was YOU"

  13. Sandra Stamey says:

    I took my grandkids to get icecream and UDF was having a special ..buy one dip and get the 2nd one free...which each dip is 2.59. I had 4 grandkids with me and the clerks would not give the 2nd dip on a different cone...as the cake cones costs only pennies...if you didn't get the 2nd dip on the same cone...you wouldn't get it free...my grandkids are small and can't eat 2 dips. so I ended up
    paying 2.59 for each cone. we bought 6 cones altogether...which I paid over 14.00 ...What is wrong with putting the 2nd dip on a cake cone to accomodate small children...I am disappointed in UDF.
    You certainly aren't losing any money by blessing a customer and her 4 small grandkids.

  14. Don Hyatt says:

    I was just charged $2.50 for a $2.00 Sunday Columbus Dispatch at the Delaware Ohio store. I will not return.

  15. ellen mitchell says:

    young black man came to the pump to help me he was very pleasant and helpful

  16. S. Marcum says:

    Your store on Sullivant Ave., Columbus, Ohio - VERY FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL PEOPLE THERE. Love them!

  17. Fred Penhorwood says:

    In the last 3 years you have raised your price of coffee over 28%. But the cost has gone out the roof and I will not buy there anymore. But, there is a Speedway station about a mile away and there coffee is only $.99 and cup. And what I have seen the customers that buy the most coffee are fixed income people. Do you think that there income has gone up 28% during that same time?
    I have bought most of my fuel there in the past, I do not know if I will continue.
    Have a nice day and Happy New Year. Fred

  18. heather says:

    Store # 225 thx for the 50 cents coffee, I forgot to put store number.

  19. heather says:

    Thx for the 50 cents coffed

  20. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the 50¢ fountain coke in Goshen Ohio store #133

  21. Kimberly M. Petrick says:

    Very helpful service at store # 166 in Cincinnati.

  22. betty Seibert says:

    Every store-- where I purchase items and they have a "3/$12.00 or likewise price, If I purchase just one,,the item is prorated for one item....
    I always purchase gas at UDF, Today, 6-26-2014 I went inside selected ice cream, listed at 3/$11.00. They charged me $6.00 for one box of ice-cream.
    This technique is used in Kroger's, Walmart,Target, etc..all stores_I am disgusted with _ UDF that they are so indifferent on this matter. Never again---And I will let my friends know of your policy.on this!!!! Mr. Lindner should be ashamed to treat elderly couples with this program.. We cannot use 3 boxes of ICe Cream at once....--------------Thank You for listening...Mrs. Seibert

  23. Kristen Bauer says:

    Workers are very polite and on top of their game. Just hire a few new members to quicken the process and to better your customer service!

  24. MIKE says:


  25. Hugh M Ruppert says:

    Store #218 8733 N Dixie Drive. Very good service.

  26. Kathy Arthur says:

    I went to the UDF in Delaware Ohio. I usually go the the UDF in Sunbury because that is where I live (I go there about 4 to 5 times a day lol) And I must say the employees at the Delaware store are so sweet and were so helpful. Things at their store are set up different then what I was us-to . There was a young very pretty mixed girl working named Emile who was so very sweet and my daughter fell in love with her Now every time we go to Delaware my daughter asks if we can go to the UDF and see the girl there. Thank you UDF for hiring the best employees .

  27. Dianna havens says:

    We visited the UDF at 3410 Madison Pike, Ft Wright Ky on 5/17/14. My dad purchased a chocolate shake, my mom got 2 scoops of strawberry and I got 2 scoops of orange sherbet. The sherbet didn't taste right.. I just wondered if it had been in the display case too long.. The texture was not smooth and it was kinda stringy...

  28. c. ball says:

    always great service, keep up the great service ! store 673

  29. Tina Burke says:

    There are several employees at your Amelia Store that visit the restaurant in which I work and therefore I repay them and shop at UDF.

  30. Connie Black says:

    Also wouldn't take store number I wrote #661.

  31. Connie Black says:

    Very angry. Never got a redemption code after during survey at around 4pm. Also first survey arrow answered itself and even put male then did it again and at end nothing about a redemption code. Waste of my time. See if I come back to UDF.

  32. Jeanette Hater says:

    Every one is always ready to help .

  33. Bob Mathews says:

    U-ltimate F-riendly and D-elightful.

  34. annette says:

    I recently visited store #646, while waiting to make my purchase another customer was having words (not nice ones) I might add, with the two cashiers at the counter. The cashiers handled the situation very professionally. I was quite impressed with the cashiers and their responses to the issue. The customer also went as far as to ask for the manager's private phone number because he had gone home for the day and the cashiers would not give it out, again quite impressed. I would definitely return to this store. Thanks.

  35. Jane Martin says:

    The employees at Urbana, OH UDF store are always courteous and friendly.
    Service is prompt and always accurate.
    I like buying milk there and being eligible for gasoline discounts!

    Thank you@!

  36. sally gallagher says:

    got a receipt to get a 16 oz coffee for 50 cents but it takes me to other sites for a feed back...

  37. Robert Rietz says:

    I can always count on the gas prices being equal or lower than other stations in our area. I used my U-Drive Fuel Rollback card and saved an additional 6 cents per gallon which is very meaningful because my pickup has a 35 gallon tank.

  38. D Mayer says:

    Went in to get my first rewards card and they were very helpful.

  39. Darden Nicks says:

    I tried to use our .36$ discount today and it did not go through. I pressed the yes button on pump 9 and when I left I realized that it did not work. I told the cashier and she said there was nothing she could do.

  40. Victor H. Torbeck says:

    I recently visited the UDF store #139 to purchase gas and use my UDF U drive card at the pump. It asked for me to scan my card but I could not find a place to scan the card, but I could not find a scanner. Please let me know what I should do in the future to scan my card.


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