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39 comments on “www.toyotasurvey.com - Toyota Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. SAm says:

    Sydney Australia, 2016 Toyota Kluger - for the price, what a load of rubbish. Can't turn off beeping when rear door is opening/closing - not great when you leave for work at 6am or get home very late at night. Annoying our neighbours daily.
    Design fails - rear door cannot be opened manually, doors can now not be locked/unlocked from passenger side as in older models.
    Service centre at Alexandria - smugly unhelpful.

  2. ross prosen says:

    great place great service

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  4. Ceciliawelty says:

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  5. JulieBuigE says:

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  6. Trish says:

    Not impressed with the new front design of the Toyota's, they look like the mouth of a cartoon car but I hear they are very reliable vehicles.

  7. karen kelley says:

    We just purchased a 2016 Toyota Avalon at University Toyota in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This is the 3rd Toyota I have owned. And the second new car I bought from them. Our Sales Representative, Vic Osbourne, is a top notch salesman that goes out of his way to make sure his customer is totally informed and satisfied with the product. Just like before Vic ensures satisfaction making the purchase smooth and a joy. All our family and several friends go to Vic Osbourne to purchase their Toyotas. I would recommend Vic for a great car buying experience.

  8. T. J. Ramey says:

    I went into my Toyota Dealership for 20,000 mile oil change and checkup. After leaving I noticed that everytime I start the car I get a 'Maintenance Required' light which I have to acknowledge to turn it off. This is really **** me off and I am not happy. Somebody in the Maintenance Department forgot to reset the system after my checkup and so I am having to put up with this until my next oil change at 30000 miles.

  9. Vickie Picou says:

    Ed Pierce of Price LeBlanc Toyota in Baton Rouge, Louisiana beautifully demonstrated the Toyota RAV4. He represented Toyota with wisdom and full knowledge coupled with professional mannerism. Thank you Mr. Pierce.

  10. Henry Taylor says:

    Just a quick comment Toyota of Orange is a first class operation. Their service department is the best I have even been to. Their service managers are quick to help their customers and get them back on the road. Never had I had a bad experience with Toyota of Orange. Would highly recommend them to my friends.

  11. Erica Hawkins says:

    I've been dealing with Toyota for over 5 years and not once have I been an dissatisfied customer. The employees there are very polite but John, the manager is the bomb! I love his attitude! He knows how to keep customer's coming back with his enthusiastic energy!
    Keep up the Good Work Toyota!

  12. peggy berry says:

    We went to prime Toyota just looking around. this gentlemen came over and said to Dwight why don't you try this truck and see if you like it, His name is Josh and he is the nicest person to deal with. we decided to lease the truck for 3 months. Josh kept running back and fourth for an amount we would pay. All your people who works at prime should all be like josh. He was so good to us.We would deal with him again.

  13. mamie allen says:

    excellent customer service

  14. Cheryl Fahey says:

    I own a 2015 Toyota Highlander with 35,000 miles. At this minute I am sitting in the service waiting area because I need new brakes and rotors. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! I only have 35,000 miles on the car. I was told it's because I drive long distances at higher speeds. I thought city driving wears out your brakes...not driving long distances at higher speeds. I was told its the heat and friction which caused this (or maybe because I'm a woman). Why wasn't I told this when I bought the car. I owned an Avalon and a Camry before I bought the Highlander, and I NEVER had this problem. I used to be a diehard Toyota fan, and would have stayed that way....until this experience. I will NEVER BUY a Toyota again. I was told I can expect to have to replace my brakes and rotors every 35-40K miles. Time to trade in my car.

  15. Marilyn Grenat says:

    I forgot to mention the dealership I went to to receive such fantastic service was Lafayette, INDIANA-at Bob Rohrman's Toyota. I know he has many dealerships, but it is Ind. Just wanted to clear that up, about the state. Next time you want to look at a Prius-go ask for ANTHONY TURNER-BEST SALESMAN IN LAFAYETTE, INDIANA!

  16. Marilyn Grenat says:

    I purchased a new 2016 Prius Hybrid from Lafayette Bob Rohrman Toyota. Anthony Turner was my salesman & Trey Rohrman, the manager, gave me a very considerate deal. Anthony even set up all my phone numbers and showed me how to do things. After my car was taken for a couple of days out of town for some different upholstery, the phone and clock got messed up, but Anthony did not mind doing it all over again for me. He made himself very available to me and I feel like I have a friend for life. He went above and beyond to make me happy and to help me. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Priuses and I would never go to anyone else for help or sales. Thank you Anthony Turner for your excellent service & kindness to me. Thank you too Trey for making sure I got a good deal and the best salesman on your lot! Greatly appreciated. I had contact in three of your departments and everyone was friendly. This is the 3rd car I have purchased from Rohrman's. Why do you think I always come back to you?! You get an A+ in my book!

  17. ray s. reyes says:

    Our salesman was Dilver Lizama. He was courteous and helpful. Exceptinally so. He answered all our questions with much patience, and we must have asked the same questions over and over!

  18. Mr Mann says:

    Do not buy a car from North Country Toyota located in Saratoga Springs NY. They are cheats who lie to their customers. Walter Foster the sales associate and his manager need to be fired. I was robbed on my trade in about and they tried to cover up new damage to a vehicle when I came in to pick it up.

  19. Amos Landry says:

    I love my 2013 Toyota tundra crew max. It has lots of room and rides great. The only thing I do not like is I do not have full control of my vent fan. When I change from cool to heat the vent fan always open on it's own. Not good when it is freezing cold out side and the vent does not stay closed. Other than that a great truck. Thanks.

  20. Amos Landry says:

    I love my 2013 Toyota tundra crew max. It has loads of room very comfortable ride. The only thing I don't like is that I can't control the a/c heater fan like I want. I can not keep it closed in cold weather when I put the heater on. It wants to open on it's own. Not good when it is 20 deg's out and you are trying to warm up.

  21. Brent says:

    Wow, Leanne,You are the SHIT!!!!!!Thanks for the blog, it has made my day. I didn't think about putting all this last year into the pecpsertive that you did. (It made me cry, good tears tho.)It was a good year for you and I am so glad you are in our lives and have enriched our family so much by being in it. You are a very special, talented, beautiful and wonderful person and I for one think that you are the SHIT!

  22. Anna Marie Heavirland says:

    I want to advise the staff at Red McCombs Toyota dealership that I have gone to see Mr. Gilbert Galvan at the service department with both my Toyotas since I bought my 2011 to now with my 2015. He has always been very professional, efficient, and very knowledgable regarding what ever my questions and needs for my cars. I have always received exceptional service. Please forward this information to his supervisor as I could not find a survey to convey my thoughts and pleasure with his service.

  23. frankie davis says:

    I just found out what a really bad deal I got in my recent purchase of my 2015 camry from landers Toyota. Took the aarp defense drivers class and found I was also eligible for a $500 discount. I was royally screwed on this deal. And on top of that I didn't receive a fair amount for my trade in. I will be notifying my Facebook friends not to do business with this dealership.

  24. Donald Morrison says:

    I have just received my new Toyota trend and I think that there is no other car to compare with. It is easy to drive and handles like a dream



  26. marica w. rie says:

    I received a letter from j.d.power re participating in a survey about the quality of my new Toyota Yaris 2015.I could not find a specific survey for the Yaris, so I thought I'd write this first,then to go try to find a surway, thanks, Marica W Rie.


    very happy

  28. Fathima Ummer says:

    Excellent service.
    Very friendly

  29. robert s brown says:

    great service, great car……. thank you very much'''''''''''''''' auto nation toyota in tempe, az

  30. miss clare iris murape says:


  31. edna roach says:

    not happy new brakes on 09 camery mo45590 I do not ride brakes 493.68 labor was 127.50

  32. Yew Peng Keong says:

    Today, 23-5-14 I was went to Toyota service center at Mutiara Motorspots located in Plentong, Johor for my third service at 10,000km. I went in at 2.30pm, waiting 20 minutes for advisor to serve me. After all process complete, I was waiting for my car servicing and look around for progress. Suddenly I was suprise why my car still park at one side wjthout do anything, then quickly I ask advisor why my car still not do servicing at 4.30pm, almost 70 minutes without do anything.
    Finally I decide taken back my car key without do my third service and walk out the service center.
    I do my service at outside car workshop and not confident to do any service at Toyota service center where unprofesional service was accept my customer.
    I hope your service were improve and well train your staff.

  33. lai soo gan says:

    Could you please send the TCSS form due I buy vios in last week until today not received the form from KL head office

  34. Lem Hodges says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I filled out a survet earlier, and was half asleep when I filled it out. I would like another opportunity to refill it out. Hudiburg Toyota was an excellent place to shop. Doug Butler and Ty birmingham were fantastic to do business with. I stated in the survey that I did that the vehicle I purchased would be delivered the week of Nov. 25th,2013, but I did not include " unless other arrangements wer made". Doug, Ty and I were not certain when the leather to be installed would be in so we included this, and made other arrangements. Please could you send me another customer survey to complete and do away with the one I sent?
    Lem Hodges



  36. Roslyn Goode says:

    I took my Camry into the dealeship yesterday and get great service for Hank Brauer and Shawn Moss. They took really good care of me even though I was not in a position to have the work done. Courteous, friendly and extremely helpful.

    Great job!!!!!!!!

  37. Tracey Langstraat says:

    Have had my car serviced at Vantage Toyota Solihull if you love your Toyota don't repeat my mistake. I have serious concerns on the safety of my vehicle after its first service I have just discovered the hard way that the technician had not put the oil cap back on the engine. Thankfully no casualties to report, although I am devastated that I have been driving around in the car with my lovely Grandchildren and for all I know it could be a death trap, God knows what else they may have done to it, or missed, my faith is now zero. I will let you know how the customer care service pans out. I imagine the incident has took a good chunk out of the life span of the engine there was no oil left in the engine and what a total mess.

  38. David Gemmell says:

    Would recommend to any of our friends to get excellent service and no worries,Toyota Rangiora the best place to buy having been told by a very satisfied customer some months ago with Her dealing,having also purchasing a Toyota Vehicle and very helpfull the Sales Persons were.

  39. David Gemmell says:

    Has been a pleasue dealing with Rangiora Toyota regarding our puschase of the new 2012 Toyota Yaris including both Vehicle Warranty and Insurance policy required to cover the vehicle on the Road also Vehicle Service Plan,5 year/150.000 klm.Our dealings with both John Glubb [Vehicle Sales] and Gail Lidiard [Finance and Extra Care Admimistrator] have been a pleasure.


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