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Z Customer Satisfaction Survey Offerz energy

  1. $500 Gift Card

Z Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. Z Sweepstakes Draw begins on 13th, June 2013
  2. The draw is open to all Z Customers who make a purchase and complete the Survey
  3. The Prizes are not exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash

Z Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Z customer satisfaction survey official website
  2. Enter the 10 digit survey entry code found on the back of your invitation card
  3. Answer all the questions by following the instructions

Z Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty finishing the Z Customer Satisfaction Survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

More information About Z Energy
Z supplies fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers like airlines, trucking companies, mines, shipping companies and vehicle fleet operators. We also provide bitumen to roading contractors and manufacture ingredients used in detergents and other household products.

We want Z to represent what New Zealanders can achieve when they put their minds to the things that matter – things like putting the service into service stations, fuelling New Zealand to get ahead, supporting local neighbourhoods, and rewarding our investors and bondholders for their belief in us.

About Z Customer Satisfaction Survey
www.tellz.co.nz - Z Energy Customer Satisfaction SurveySurvey website: www.tellz.co.nz
Survey Incentive: $500 Gift Card Weekly
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360 comments on “www.tellz.co.nz - Z Energy Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Carol Greer says:

    Excellent service , nice clean forecourt ,cheerful staff at ashburton z .
    survey code ** 104511-7308-038331**

  2. John says:

    Great service, easy forecourt. plenty of room. and Fly Buys. 400059-7278032299

  3. susan murray says:

    I go to z linwood the attendants are really nice and helpful and fred the coffee man makes very nice coffees

  4. trev cameron says:

    I go to dee street z down here in Invercargill.the attendant on the forecourt was great.talked to my dog and was very helpful. the thing I don't get was a received a docket saying to complete a survey, I done that, filled out the details but it wouldn't go thru.was it a scam?

  5. mark petrie says:

    My bouquet goes to a forecourt attendant at Lynfield. Alert, friendly and helpful, Stephen is the Man.

  6. Robyn says:

    A very clean new centre. Ahmed was politely chatty. This is our family's new service centre to fill up with petrol now. Very very convenient.

  7. Delores says:

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of GeeryalDelivnreAZ.com is Courier and Delivery Service Provider that serves all over Phoenix Metro and the entire Arizona. . Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  8. ian fever says:

    Hopped out of the car and was met by a very pleasant chap who offered to fuel up and wash my windows. Went inside and was greeted by a big smile. Great job Brougham street chch.
    Survey code 105580 6113 034070

  9. Monika Struhačková says:

    prosim kde mam zohnat ten kod ja som dostala taku karticku ale cislo tam nieje dakujem

  10. Pam Low says:

    I always have great service at Merrilands, New Plymouth especially by Barry who always is pleased to see my dogs and gives them a pat. 101624-5347-032964

  11. tasha says:

    fairysprings is great ,staff a very helpfull and friendly.1011395320046622

  12. Pete Rees says:

    I regularly fuel up at my local station and I always catchup for a chat with your concierge whilst he fills my tank.
    What a great ambassador for your organisation - courtesy and knowledge to the fore every time without fail.
    Survey entry code: 103703-5300-034650

  13. mick says:

    Hi visted Z whakatane on Tuesday 3/11/15 always a great service by a great team that work there & Kawal makes a great hot chocolate & serves it with a smile.....Cheers.....service entry code 101193-5307-043932

  14. Eileen Stewart says:

    I would like to express my huge thanks to Keri who served me so willingly Z Energy, 145 Kupe Road, Oraekei Auckland on Wednesday 28.10.20
    Keri was so very pleasant & friendly, while filling my car with petrol she washed back & front car windows, & then willingly helped put with tyres which I didn't know much about.. she was knowlegable & knew the exact amount of air pressure to put in tyres!
    The Z Station was very busy at time & I observed that Keri efficiently with a happy attitude served other customers like myself going the extra mile to be helpful!
    Will return to this Z Station knowing I will be looked after!
    Sincere appreciation
    Survey entry code

  15. Helen Clark says:

    Fantastic service at Z Main Street Palmerton North and didn't have to pump my own petrol- unusual these days. Lovely coffee too. Survey entry code: 400064-5295-038853

  16. Peter says:

    Both Angie & Faasino were efficient & pleasant with their service.

  17. Malcolm Bennett says:

    Left my wallet by mistake at Z Papatoetoe, It was taken into care by Jazz, Anwar, and Kuldip and returned to me all in tact. Thank you so much

  18. jerome ginty says:

    Hi i had an interaction with a lovely lady this morning Raewyn at Z Inglewood Taranaki.She was so pleasant and helpful I had to come to your site to say thank you very muchgreat service and i will definatley be back GREAT STUFF Z and Raewyn :-)

  19. jerome ginty says:

    Hi had an interaction with a lovely lady this morning Raewyn at Z Inglewood this morning in Taranaki. She was so pleasant and help full i had to come to your site to say thank you very much great service and i will definatley be back GREAT STUFF Z :-)

  20. Mary Vincent says:

    I regularly fill up at Z Andersons Bay Road Dunedin. Fantastic service and great staff

  21. Tracy says:

    I call regularly at the Z on Anglesea Street and always get excellent service with a friendly smile from Rhian, and Dan (+ jokes are free of charge). :) forgot to add: 100946-5234-032660

  22. Tracy says:

    I call regularly at the Z on Anglesea Street and always get excellent service with a friendly smile from Rhian, and Dan (+ jokes are free of charge). :)

  23. Shane Reha says:

    Z Gisbourne - What fantastic service at 8am on a Sunday morning! So cheerful & helpful. Real genuine service with a smile!...The food & coffee was exceptional as well. Big ups to Lisa & Mana, thanks for making my day.101359-5200-033261

  24. Ralph Orr says:

    The service I recieved from Colleen was courteous and friendly. She was well spoken and informative.
    I would recommend your Gore station to anyone in the area for a friendly, warm service and will return for my fuel and extras next time I need these services. 103201-5190-040848.

  25. joy organ says:

    the service I had with Hana who served me was courteous pleasant and very helpful to me as an elderly person I can only give her full marks. It is the first time I have been to that service station but if I am ever in Whakatane again I will return there 101193-5176-039025

  26. Stephanie Mason says:

    I'm a regular at the Z Service Station in mosgiel. All the staff their are outstanding, always greeted with a warm smile and are only to happy to help. Our business use to deal with Bp and I'm so pleased we changed, not may places these days you get great service and the bright bubbly coffee lady says "the usual is it? "Medium skim hot chocolate with marshmallows" Now that is what I call service, somebody who takes notice. Well done the team at Z Mosgiel. Your no 1 to me.
    survey entry code 103027-5168-041674

  27. Des Pooley says:

    I visit Whakatane Z fuel station a number of times a week. Great service is fourth coming from all staff. One staff member is always very helpful when visiting the station (Purnima) is a great helper at the station. Cheers Des Code number. 101193-5169-034869

  28. john higgins says:

    i am a regular visitor to the whakatane z garage and they have an awesome team serving there , efficient , polite , happy to engage in conversation and always a smile which goes a long way when your having an off day ! a big thankyou to purnima she does a fantastic job at the whakatane z garage . its obvious they are all under pressure at times but they always give excellent service , thankyou once again ! entry code 101193-5168-034816

  29. mrs melvia jones says:

    they are lovely people that serve you in morrinsville they cant help you enough

  30. Derek says:

    Visited 16/6/15 (12noon)- Gorgia at High St Lower Hutt Z has excellent customer service. I'll go back at that time. She was kind and smiled.

  31. Derek says:

    High St Lower Hutt Z - The gentleman that worked the early hours between Mon 8 - Fri 12 June was at first very unwelcoming. I visited 4 times. I'm a very patient man and slow to complain. I'd asked for a hot pie. He said it would take 20min. I said sweet. I had to check the oil and fill up anyway. He then said it would take 30min. It was like he didn't want to serve. I was wondering if he was having a sleep at the back. I'd arrived at 5am and he said come back for a hot pie at 5:30 so I did but had to wait at the window, outside for ages! When he came out he looked as if he had just been asleep. I'm truly not one to complain but my usual experience with Z is amazing. This guy had poor customer service.

  32. Sarah Ward says:

    The Z in Takapuna (Northcote Road) is amazing. The staff are always cheerful and go out of their way to try and help you. The drinks are so good, I will return every time and... being vegetarian they always ensure a cashew and kumara pie just for me (sometimes I pre-order). What a refreshing change to go somewhere where the manager is visible - it gave me the opportunity to tell him how awesome his staff are. Now I cannot enter Survey Code 100350-5104 046165 but aside from competitions I just want to say, " Keep up the good work !".

  33. Kay Rose says:

    I am trying to enter your survey but there is a fault as it will not allow me to enter my survey entry code. Can you advise please.
    Thank you.

    Kay Rose

  34. James Roberstson says:

    Always a pleasure to visit High brook 'Z' Service Center.... I Fuel there pretty much every night,-I plan My re fuels there,cause of 'Puni's' Excellent Customer Skills,....always makes a huge fuss of Me,She Multi Tasks,run's Two Till's,-I have seen Her run out back and bring out trays of Pies/Saugage Rolls,-handles two lines of people by Herself,...I am Sure She will never get the Praise She deserves....as why I write this....I Admire what She does,I Know I couldn't do it,...WHAT A Asset this Lady is-Sincerely James.

  35. Bernadine Rangimaria Puaha says:

    I find the z station in Hamilton five x roads is very friendly especially the maori lady that was there. She was very bubbly friendly helpful when help was needed hoping she will come back missing seeing her smiley face there. But unfortunately shes away on maternity leave and I also wish her all the best. Entry 221707-5142-039715

  36. joseph matthews says:

    i find the staff at z service station in whakatane really helpful,i like the service they give you.they seem to have that bay of plenty smile keep it up guy;s gal's code entry 101193-5140-045106

  37. alan dickson says:

    at marton branch staff always helpful in all conditions. 101778-5139-035696. alan dickson

  38. Graeme Smith says:

    we found the staff very friendly and helpful,make lush hot chocolates,toilets are very clean
    at matamata branch
    servey entry code 100827-5132-030056

  39. terry lister says:

    I call in to z in beach road city and get served by jasdeep very pleasant chap, its usually at 6 am Saturdays and sundays and we have a bit of banter about the doors being locked. he s getting used to me giving him jip about doors when I threaten him that there many other gas stations about. but I keep going back and knocking on the windows voucher numbers 100375-5122-041267

  40. terry lister says:

    How do
    i enter the draw please. I have seen the very long tutorial video and I have two vouchers but cant seem to find the place to put an entry in


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