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More Information About Wilkinson
Wilkiinson offers free delivery on orders over £80.

Since JK Wilkinson opened his first store at Charnwood Street, Leicester in 1930 a lot has changed for Wilkinson, and you as the customer.

In its 80 years of trading they have embraced changes and challenges in providing you with low prices and convenience, whilst still remaining family-owned.
Today Wilkinson has more than 335 stores and more than four million of your visit Wilkinson every week.

About Wilkinson Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.tellwilkinson.com - Wilkinson Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey Website: www.tellwilkinson.com
Survey Incentive: £500
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900 comments on “www.tellwilkinson.com - Wilkinson Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Nicola marsh says:

    Great service from a lovely lady Sharon was her name she helped me put my shopping in bags and reminded me about my phone top up thankyou

  2. Maz esplin says:

    Great service from a lovely lady Sharon was her name she helped me put my shopping in bags and reminded me about my phone top up thankyou

  3. Ellie smart says:

    Visit Redcar today to see family called into wilko wow so friendly helpful the service was amazing thankyou so much Sharon went out of her way thankyou

  4. J says:

    I was served by a friendly happy employee her name is Jess from droitwhich spa she helped me unload my shopping then she packed it in my trolley for me as i hurt my back so i couldn,t bend down that well its nice to know there are some very polite and helpful staff at droitwhich spa wilko

  5. Johnn says:

    I would like to say that one of the employee her name is Paula from Ilford is a very polite and nice person. She helped me found an items a was looking for,she did everything to help me.Her service is the best and she helped me to carried al my shopping to the checkout point.Well done.

  6. Dick Fiddy says:

    I was in your Walthamstow Branch a week or so ago and received great service from one of your staff (I think her name was Aneesa?) who spent some time checking various prices for me on some un-priced cat foods. She eventually found the one I was after on offer and I just wanted to flag up how helpful she'd been

  7. Sue Daykin says:

    Nicci from the Chatham, Kent branch went beyond the call of duty when I asked her to help me with the purchase of some plastic wallets for a conference. She spent ages helping me by looking at the website and ordering wallets from a nearby store, even though it was the end of the day as I had to go there after work. This lady could not have been more helpful and pleasant. The ordering of the 200 wallets I needed was then undertaken by a Nikki successfully and the icing on the cake was that a gentleman employee then carried the boxes of wallets to my car for me when they arrived in store. THANK YOU WILKOS CHATHAM.

  8. Judith Hankins says:

    I would like to praise a lady called Gemma who was on the Wilko Ipswich customer help desk yesterday. I was looking for an item that I saw last Friday, but by yesterday the store had sold them all. Gemma really put herself out by calling other stores and found the item I was looking for. I collected the item today thanks to her.
    I very easily criticise poor service in shops and in fact I don't really expect good service because so often the service is poor or mediocre. I think if more staff in shops were as helpful as Gemma it would make high street shopping more pleasurable. I will shop more regularly at this Wilko store in future.
    Kind regards,

  9. gary brolly says:

    Please open store in East Kilbride Oh and Carolyn from kilmarnock for the Manageress, she again amazing in store knows her merchandise and treats not just me but I noticed her with other customers and she excels in kindness .

  10. gary brolly says:

    WOW for Carolyn in kilmarnock a true credit to the store.I have been shopping for over a year every time I get help from her through store then till and onto car as I have crutches and she understands the difficulty pushing trolley around very kind mannerly girl please thank her for her dedication to customer needs its due to this why I return so many times.

  11. customer says:

    No receipt as I walked out without buying what I needed.
    I joined one que to be told the cashier was 'moving to till 1' I moved to till 1 to take my place behind several other customers, having tried another till which was closing.
    Some customers at till 1 were unhappy and said so to each other.
    I would have waited patiently for my turn if one of the cashiers hanging around till 1 hadn't cast dirty looks at the waiting customers and declared loudly 'They'll just have to wait!'
    My response was to say just as loudly, ' or shop elsewhere of course'
    I appreciate that tills have to close and cashiers finish their shifts or take breaks but this was blatantly rude, as was the comment that I could suit myself as I left the shop
    Home bargain, fortunately sold the same items, a little cheaper and perfectly pleasantly


  12. Kenny Roach says:

    Fast friendly couldn't help quick enough after being redirected from retford store because items out of stock and again they couldn't help enough Top Service well happy

  13. s gillespie says:

    I would like to thank both Stephen and Beth of Wilkinsons store in Castle Douglas Dumfries in Scotland for their kind help with a piece of furniture that I wanted but couldn't lift Stephen carried to the car and put it in if he hadn't been so kind I would not have bought so thanks again for your help

  14. Mathew Hendricks-Birtles says:

    I am most fortunate living in Chippenham - Wiltshire & know many of the staff & they do go out of their way to help you or tell you were it would be available from.
    Sadly like many shops & even garden centres there are just not enough staff to water or care for the plants especially the annual & shrubs, they get dry so quickly & die, I had to inform the manager about it, & all the plants were watered.

    Your prices are excellent, & a great improvement in the store & layout, I go in for 2 items & most times come out with 5 or more, just wandering around to see it there was something new & interesting.

  15. mrs j betterton says:

    I visited your Wellington store code: 000109 0005 9510 00194992 on 15 th June 2015 @ 10.40.

    There was one cashier working named Sharon. The queue was long. She decided to have a long Personal conversation with her customer about their weekend escapades. Meanwhile we were all waiting to be served. Quite unacceptable. two other people in the queue also said they were going to complain. .

  16. Ian Davies says:

    we were in an unfamiliar town and shop but were assisted in the shop and at the till which made for a happy visit thanks staff

  17. carol sellers says:

    Sue Hutch in the Scarborough store was very helpful when I visited the store I could not find what I was looking for. It was out of stock so she very kindly offered to order me the goods which she did they arrived the next day which was excellent service and Sue is a very good sales assistant. I will continue to shop at the store and will look forward to see Sue again

  18. Linda McCafferty says:

    Love Wilkinson's shops. Fantastic bargains always to be had, friendly and pleasant staff great shopping experience.

  19. sue says:

    Donna in Swansea store very helpful and smiling despite very busy store

  20. Mrs Glenda Ferridge says:

    Was served by Jane at the Great Yarmouth Store who is extremely helpful and caring and always ensure my shopping is packed in the shooping bag that is attached to my wheelchair. This saves me the worry of trying to carry my shopping on my lap. Infact I always look to see if she is on the tills and always ensure I am able to be served by her.

  21. Catherine Harding says:

    The staff at the branch I visited yesterday were all extremely helpful. I am disabled and needed help getting my purchases to my car and Mohammed was thoughtful, very pleasant and very helpful.

  22. william howells says:

    staff were very helpfull in the carmarthen store will go back again

  23. cassie Evans says:

    love visiting wilko staff are friendly and helpful,
    sometimes they have some very good bargains,
    and all kinds of things, l mostly go for hair products
    and my husband goes for gardening, oh and l go for cat food a lot.

  24. Jean Ball says:

    The staff at both the Workington and Cockermouth shops are very helpful and friendly.Very good range of products at competitive prices.

  25. skippyplusone@blueyonder.co.uk says:

    popped into our local store in Jarrow to get some bird food & a couple of items for our caravan bathroom, as always the staff were extremely helpful & very chipper, great value for money for bird feed even converted my brother to using Wilkinson Sunflower Hearts as they are so reasonably priced & the birds love them.

  26. mary bannister says:

    Chelmsford Store today 6/06/2015 All staff very helpful, one in particular named Gary gave Excellent service, his knowledge of a product I required was very useful and his advice invaluable. I was able to buy the right product and he explained how to use it to the maximum benefit and what not to do. I Cannot thank Gary enough! well done Wilkinson??

  27. kevin m knight says:

    I like shopping at wilko & the staf are very good with you

    & heipfull at all times

  28. andrew auburn says:

    I recently visited Wilkos Ely,Cambs. 2 members of staff Fiona and Angie,went out of their way to help me find what i needed,i will certainly be going back again.

  29. Patricia Iden says:

    I shopped in the Poole branch of Wilkinson. A young lady named Jen helped me far and above what I would have considered necessary. I wanted to buy some bags of compost but as my husband was not with me (I couldn't even carry one and I wanted two) I asked if there was a carry out service. Jen explained that the shop had a collection point at the back and I paid for the goods. She was there when I went to collect the items and even carried both bags to the car for me. All the while she was cheerful, friendly and very considerate. If there's a "best member of staff" award - she would get my vote.

  30. Dorothy Davis says:

    Having visited your Exeter Branch today with a friend who was interested in your red microwave oven, we had to ask an assistant to unpack one of them so that we could inspect it. It wasn't easy for her to get it out of the box due to the packaging and weight of the oven and when asked why one hadn't been left on show on the shelf, i.e. out of it's box so that customers' could view it, the assistant, Jenny, informed us that that was the manager's choice. My friend was undecided about buying it and so the item then had to be returned to it's box! We felt embarrassed enough and sorry enough for the assistant, to drop you a line to please request a change of procedure. Thank you.

  31. christine howard says:

    Brilliant staff sue and Julie nothing too much trouble Very help full love coming in the store in Morristown they make my day

  32. betty teal says:

    Happy with all aspects of the store except why is the print on shelf prices of the products so small? I find them impossible to read especially on the lower shelves.

  33. Lena Bowden says:

    I shop at Wilkinsons every week and my average bill is about £40. The goods are favourably priced and the assistants very helpfull. I was served by Becky today at the Malvern store

  34. sharon wright says:

    Had to do a big shop because I was setting up a new Care Home. The staff were brilliant, found a trolley for me, helped me with the trolley, helped me at the till and then help me pack the items and help me at my car. I was served by Kim on the till, she was really helpful, pleasant and made me more relaxed after my big shop.

  35. lynne pull says:

    always quick service,helpful and brilliant choice and prices

  36. Michael Franklin says:

    Forgot to mention the store was in St. Austell, and my wife wants to try the wine making kits as at the moment I buy all my beer brewing kits from wilko's

  37. Michael Franklin says:

    Always find what we want and the staff are very helpful if we need assistance and the prices are very good, we always recommend your store, Thank You.

  38. Gary creese says:

    Site not working, what a waste of my time,i ought to send you an invoice!!!!!!!!

  39. andrea.keelby@gmail.com says:

    I shop in wilkinsons very regular as they are reasonable priced and always seem to meet my needs .The staff at Brigg branch are always helpful and knowledgeable towards there stock which in turn helps me. Usually the first shop I go. Andrea Bell

  40. Maz esplin says:

    Sharon at the till was most helpful changed an item for me and packed my bags my hands were not working very good today thank you Sharon


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