Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey

www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com - Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey PrizePet Supplies Plus

  1. A $250 Gift Card

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. It is unnecessary to purchase anything to enter or win
  2. A purchase will not increase the chances of winning
  3. It is open to legal residents of the 50 United States
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  • PC/Notebook usability rating: 3/5. About 10 minutes to finish, some open questions and a receipt is needed.
  • Tablet usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for Tablet. some open questions and you need to enter personal information.
  • Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You are not recommended to finish Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey via your smartphone and it may take you more than 10 minutes to finish.

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey Entry

  1. Customers who made a purchase can visit Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey official website to take the online survey.
  2. For customers who want to enter without making a purchase at a Participating Location, or without completing the survey, hand-print your name, complete address and telephone number on postcard and mail via first-class mail to: Pet Supplies Plus Customer Service Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3574, Southbury, CT 06488-3574.

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey official website and enter the required fields from your receipt
  2. Rate questions like "Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience at Pet Supplies Plus?" and so forth based on your most recent visit
  3. Select your response to questions like "Which of the following pets did you come in for on this visit?", etc.
  4. Leave your comments on how they might improve your Just for U experience
  5. Enter your contact information such as your gender, age and background, etc.

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have problems taking the Pet Supplies Plus survey, you can always refer to the video below produced for help.

More Information About Pet Supplies Plus
Pet Supplies Plus, founded in 1988 in Redford, Michigan in the United States, is a privately held pet supply retailing corporation with a major presence in the US. As of 2005, it was the third largest specialty pet food retailer in the US. The company began adding franchise locations in the Midwest, expanding into the northeastern and southern states during the late 1990s. In 2012, Pet Supplies Plus store locations consisted of 269 stores in 23 states.

About Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Surveywww.tellpetsuppliesplus.com - Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com
Survey Incentive: $250 Gift Card
Host Website: www.smg.com
Marketing Support: SMG

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154 comments on “www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com - Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey

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  2. Carol Ennis says:

    I had full grooming for my dog,yesterday,at Pets Plus Store 0174, Amherst,NY

    Allyson did an excellent job. My dog really relates to her and co-operates.

  3. KATHLEEN ROTH says:

    Store 0086 is MY store. I was there yesterday and Darren helped me to my car with my purchases. He noticed i was very tired and weary and stepped right up to help. I must say all the staff i have come in contact with over these many years have been the BEST! Thank you.

  4. Mary Jane Pollart says:

    I always enjoy my visit, every one is very attentive and polite,the store is clean and spacious and the prices are great.

  5. Mary Wilbanks says:

    I get my dog Sampsom groomed, and Jon grooms him perfectly,

  6. Nancy Grosch says:

    Love this store, staff at the store is friendly

  7. Sherri Mervine says:

    First of all I would like to make a complaint. I have been buying the same cat food no problem then all of sudden the last week and a half no cat food. there was also one that the can cat food shelf was empty for a week what happened there to? Isnt the manager suppose to make sure the shelves are fllled The employees are a great help and have the knowledge to help by the way this happened at the Manchester rd storeI spend good money at this store and cant get what I need that's sad.Somebody needs to do something about it.

  8. Gentile, Patricia A. says:

    Been going to Pet Supplies for years so I must really like it, right? Yesterday they were more helpful than ever. I didn't know about the survey or app for coupons before, until the Manager & the Cashier brought it up yesterday and saved me $6.69! Honestly I couldn't believe it, it was great! Wow, wish I'd known about it sooner!

  9. Chuck Root Jr says:

    Purchahed a litter (LG Refill 2k) for $19.98. The next day I found it in Target for $14.99. You just lost a loyal customer.

  10. peggy fussner says:

    love this store especially the price matching feature. shop painesville twp store frequently everyone isveryfriendly and helpful

  11. Jack Hanson says:

    Service is always great and Joe was very helpful.

  12. Dollie Winkler says:

    The service has always been great. Everyone that has been working when I go in is super.
    All are friendly and help full.

  13. keith r. triner says:

    a girl by the name tammy helped, greatly,1st she said the tiny box too small so I get the real big one, she mentioned even with cleaning,to replace litter. so about 2 months, the cat started leaving mess at drum set. I told her it was a mystery, unless the cat doesn't like drums, tammy told me no, and the box was just too dirty, so my reply was, you mean the cat is cleaner than me? well it's nose knows better than mine. everyone over there is great to encounter.

  14. Mary A. Gallaher says:

    I've been using Pet Supplies Plus for at least 7 years. I had a dog (who's deceased at this time) and 5 cats. I shop at Pet Supplies at least 3 to 4 times a week. The staff is extremely helpful. Today Debra went out of her way to let me know about two brands of cat food, etc. All of the staff are very nice and VERY helpful. I don't shop for pet food anywhere else.

  15. Shirley Wilson says:

    I needed help with starting my aquarium and the clerk name Elizabeth was so nice and helpful. She saw that my husband and I looked very confuse and she came up to us and ask us if she could be of help. I think that was very nice and she had the customers concern on her mind. You just don't fine that kind of customer service any more, its very rare.

    Elizabeth is the kind of people you want working with customers in your company. She is a great asset to your company. I will always ask for her when shopping in Pet Supplies "Plus". She also has a award winning "SMILE"...

    Warm Regards
    Shirley Wilson

  16. George says:

    Every one was very friendly they all remembered my name from my last visit ( 1 month ago) they knew exactly what I was looking for turtle food and dog food and they got it and brought it to the counter and all in about 3 minutes!!! we went to the one in Wilkes-Barre PA and had a wonderful experience

  17. Jeanne Miller says:

    The staff is always willing to help carry my purchases out to my car

  18. Karen Persing says:

    I found everything I needed. Cashier was very friendly.

  19. Karen Washington says:

    Danielle, the manager at the Chardon store went out of her way to be helpful. She was an absolute delight. That store goes the extra mile to satisify their customers. Kudos to the Chardon Pet Supplies Plus

  20. Cathy Garner says:

    i was very impressed with the service i received. The sales clerk, Brooke, at the Streetsboro, Ohio
    store, remembered me from a previous visit. She knew exactly what i was looking for ( a certain brand of dog food), got it off the shelf and carried it to the counter for me. She was very nice!!

  21. Daniela Newsome says:

    Everytime I go to my neighborhood store , the staff is right there to help me locate products, plus the store is very clean.

  22. Kathleen Ohanian says:

    Love to receive coupons and sale information on products that I purchase often.

  23. willie slaven says:

    all the help was very helpful, i found all that i needed and you are in a good location

  24. jim ruhlin says:

    just picked my dog up from grooming excellent job as I am use to fast and courteous service as usual would recommend to everybody and I do

  25. Holly C. Allen says:

    I love shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. The employees are so friendly and nice. Extremely helpful too. It's an awesome store!

  26. Dan OConnor says:

    I was disappointed by your canceling the program that resulted in getting a free bag of dogfood after purchasing ten without any notice. It showed poor faith on your part.

  27. Denise Williams Richter says:

    I have cats and noticed that they had little white worms in stool, i went to the brooklyn ohio store and told the floor person who said they had worms, the wrong kind of worms, but was out of the medicine to treat and told me where some of other locations were. I drove to three more locations to where none had the medicine except the middleburgh heights location and then sold me the wrong medication after weeks of treating cats with no ressults. we recently went back to the brooklyn location and talked to another floor person who sold us the right medicine but failed to tell us about the VIP pet care vaccinations the store offered on specific dates which i would have been willing to participate, i did receive imformation attached to receipt to where i found out about services. It would have been nice the first time to go to my hometown area in brooklyn and got the right advice with the right product to treat my animals instead of sending me miles and miles for the wrong meds and wrong advice and save me time and money and aggrivation on my cats behalf.

  28. Shirley Tischer says:

    The employees were very helpful, but the store was too cold! The employees agreed and I noticed the parakeets were all fluffed up, probably because they were cold too. I couldn't wait to get out of the store, so I grabbed what I came for and didn't bother to browse for anything else. Having the air-conditioning set at such s low temperature is a waste of power and money. We should all be conserving energy!

  29. Adrian Van Roy Jr says:

    I sure hope somebody was paid alot of money to get rid of there shopping carts and put in there new ones. Which are a pain in the a_ _. I was just in the store and was told the change about shopping carts came from corporate.. i purchase two to three large bags of dog food at one time. i have had five back surgeries. Trying to put those bags under that cart is so hard to do. I was not the only one complaining there were two other ladies besides myself grumbling. I also purchase while im there numerous treats, and rawhides and bones as such. After being a customer of this store since it opened. I no longer will be a returning customer. Store num 97

  30. Phyllis Calph says:

    Bill who is the manager of store #0199 always goes beyond the friendly helpful interaction with his customers. He offers advice and assistance. I know several friends who have had the same experience with Bill and his staff. We shop at Pet's Plus not only because the products I need are sold there but mostly because the management and staff are great!

  31. Lorraine hickman says:

    the staff are very helpful and they give some great discounts.

  32. willie slaven says:

    very clean nice store, very helpful employees . good experience

  33. willie slaven says:

    employees are very helpful , thy are very nice people

  34. catherine reed says:

    every time i go in store, about 1ce week the store is always very clean, staff exceptional. today Theresa helped me for the 3rd time to load (2) 50 lb bags of cat litter. i had stroke. 5 stars all the way around

  35. Robin Brady says:

    I have been a long time customer of your store

  36. Nancy says:

    Pets Supplies Plus in Oxford, MI. has very pleasant, helpful employees. It is one of the few stores that has the kitty litter I prefer and offers discounts and coupons. The staff always offers to load my purchase into my car. A very nice gesture.

  37. Judy A Catania says:

    I frequent the Pet Supplies Plus in Mentor, Ohio and all of the employees are very helpful and always ask if they can help me find what I am looking for. Kris the manager was very helpful to me with my questions about certain types of dry cat food and the information she gave me was fantastic. Thank you for excellent employees like her!

  38. Lynda Mazzocca says:

    Since the store in Billerica Ma opened I have been a faithful customer. I went into the store to shop
    for dog food that would be the best quality for my dog who has been throwing up frequently. I was told it could be the food I was feeding her causing an upset stomach. I went into store knowing nothing about what the difference in the ingredients were. I was helped by Sinan (store worker) who spent 45 mins. educating me on different brands and how to read ingredients properly.I was thrilled not only did he educate me, but it worked. I switched to a better suggested brand and my dog not only loves the food, but has not thrown up since. On several occasions I have had the prompt and accurate customer service by Meg and Emily two other employees. Every time I have been in this store I felt like all my questions are answered, the employees there have been very well trained to know all products that are sold. I work as a dog trainer at a Dog daycare/training facility and have recommended this store to many of my clients, all that have gone to purchase items there have thanked me for recommending and have be come continuous customers.

  39. Nancy McSwain says:

    I have been shopping at the West Columbia location for years. Always have had great , friendly service.

  40. John Kelly says:

    Pet Supplies Plus service, prices and friendliness are tops. I have been shopping at store # 0009 since they opened. Through the years the people there have changed but the service and friendliness has continued. When I go there to shop for my cats and the wild birds and the neglected neighbors' cats (over the years six of them have moved in with me) I feel at home. I know I will get the best products at the best, or close to the best, prices.

    The people who work there have been consistently helpful and knowledgeable about the products and their location. I am and will continue to be a loyal customer.


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1. Take care of your store receipt.

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7. How to redeem a prize?

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