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  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Outback Customer Feedback Survey via smartphone, and it may take you more than 10 minutes to finish.

Outback Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Outback Steakhouse customer survey official site, enter the 18-digit code located in the middle of your receipt and click on "Start" to continue your survey.
  2. Answer all the questions by following the instructions of the website to complete the survey
  3. Write the validation code on your receipt.

Outback Customer Satisfaction Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Outback online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those questions and answers related to Outback customer survey in this article.

More Information about Outback
Outback takes pride in serving the freshest, highest-quality food possible. Everyday they start fresh, making all of soups, salad dressings & sauces from scratch. How do you think about Outback? Share your comments and feedback with them.

Go visit www.TellOutback.com to get your validation codes and redeem it in next time visit. Leave you message about what kind of free food you get from the survey. A free Onion or Salads?

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Survey Incentive: Validation Code
Host Website:www.smg.com
Marketing Support: Service Management Group

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62 comments on “www.TellOutback.com - Validation Codes Outback Customer Survey

  1. Sandra Pendley says:

    I love Outback! The steaks are delicious & cooked to perfection!

  2. Bob MacGillivray says:


    That's what I took my friend out to dionner on her birthday to have....Rack Of Lamb

    Why is this RACK OF LAMB no longer on your menu?

    Please let me know when I might return for RACK OF LAMB!

  3. Bob MacGillivray says:

    I went to Outback in Stuart Florida to celebrate a friend's birthday.
    I'd been salivating all day thinking about having having a RACK OF LAMB!
    Our server "Orlando" informed me that RACK OF LAMB is no longer on the Outback menu.
    Disappointed, we had the Salmon which was good but it was not a RACK OF LAMB!
    Please let me know ASAP when I might return and have a RACK OF LAMB!

  4. Sharene Brogan says:

    Always order steak and shrimp.

  5. Sharene Brogan says:

    Love all of our orders each and every time.Food is hot and delicious.Service is friendly and fast.We go to outback twice monthly.

  6. sandy desch says:

    husband took me out to eat on my birthday. We got seated right away. Took them 45 minutes to bring appetizer an other 30 minutes to bring salad and a total of an hour and a half to get main dish. Food was warm. People that came in after us sitting across from us had appetizer and salad and main dish way before us. We did not get bread had to ask for 2nd on drinks. Service was very poor.

  7. Kim says:

    Hi there the food was good

  8. David Duke says:

    Survey web site went nowhere. My wife's steak was dry and tasteless. Her potato was not cooked enough.

  9. Nancy Smith says:

    My husband took me out to dinner for Mothers Day. I chose Outback because we love the food. Well we were very disappointed :( I ordered a steak & my husband had salmon. The salads had brown lettuce & other things in them that were not good!! My husbands salmon was too dry & my steak was runt!! It even smelled bad!! I'm not one to complain or send food back to the kitchen, so I ate the bread & a sweet potato. The rest I brought home & fed to my dog. Again we normally enjoy our dinners at Outback - but this time was unacceptable !!!

  10. randee o septon says:

    Worst experience to-date. So the only way to get my opinion to OutBack Steak House of my experience is to do a survery, Shame on OutBack. Once every 2 months my friend and I treat ourselves to a dinner out. My friend said next time we'll by the steak and make at home. My steak the madalions ordered rare was singed to chard, the flavor was good, no-longer does Outback have rice pilaf but some type of rice cheese mash - offal. Teriyaki usually goes hand in hand with rice. My friend ordered a sirloin med-rare and one whole side was charded to a crisp and could not even be cut, she ate maybe 5 bites a total struggle. She also got the rice and ate a couple bites and didn't eat any more of it. She ate the veggies and that was about it for a $22 piece of meat. Plus both of us where charged an additional $ for the terrible rice. To top it all off we went to OutBack to have a nice dinner and the music was so loud one had to raise their to even have a conversation. We asked our waitress to address this - she said she did - we readdressed it and the manager came and apologized saying she said, she "couldn't do anything about it and the volume is so that people therefore at the next tables can not hear your conversation." Really!
    The receipt said We value your opinion. Go to http://www.TellOutback.com within the next 3 days and tell us about your dining experience. Low and behold its a SURVEY SITE which I don't want to be on - only to tell Outback of my now terrible meal at OutBack. The word will spread. The weather here was finally a nice weather day so your business was good this day, but as the weather improves we'll all be grilling outdoors ourselves and won't even give OutBack a thought. My Enter Survey Code: 91401796010019446111. I worked for Far West Services for years and always thought OutBack was equal to, but, now OutBack is just a glorified fast food restaurant.
    I am so disappointed.
    R S In Sioux City, Iowa Beef Country

  11. Ralph Savastao says:

    Some thing went wrong. We waited a long time to get served and when the meal came the meat was cold. The second side that I ordered never got there. The waiter was polite and offered to reheat the meal. I declined because I did not trust the kitchen any more. Thought you would like to know

  12. Phyllis swank says:

    Liked the specials on Sunday. Very costly otherwise for retired income folks. Especially enjoyed the chopped salads with/pecans! So thankful the music wasn't as loud and boustress as before.

  13. Pamela Herndon says:

    I am Pamela J. Herndon. I am very nice meeting to server Michelle tonight. Outback is very nice restaurant. Thanks, Pamela

  14. Joe Wallace says:

    I have an ongoing issue with your Arlington, Texas Rest. I think the number is 0259. We eat in prob once every six weeks and have no issues, but on to go orders there is always a problem. My wife eats the coconut shrimp which is always over cooked and my hot wings are never hot.
    I have talked to so many mgrs. that I am tired. They prom. the world but nothing ever changes. This is my last resort before I just quit ordering anything to go. I will be waiting for your reply.


    Joe Wallace (motorolav22@outlook.com)

  15. charlie cox says:

    nice experience very good food

  16. lawrence DiMarco says:

    steak was very good but no more rice now seems like you should rethink this one . pleasent atmosphere good waiter good food at prince frederick restaurant. will come back again ,thanks

  17. Rosemarie McKee says:

    we were at your Springfield Ill Outback Steakhouse and I used to like it very much, but not anymore. we got there about 10 min. after 5:oo o'clock and the place was not busy, we ordered our Alice Springs chicken ( it used to be very good) we waited almost an hour to get our food and the mushrooms on my chicken were burned black, also my husbands Fries were half burnt. we were very disappointed. Just thought you should know we will not go there again.

  18. Cathy Wilmot says:

    I completed the survey but there was no validation code at the end..


    My survey said I would get a free blooming onion. Your website S NOT CLEAR. Looks like you really don't want to give a free blooming onion.

  20. irene burke says:

    survey code 110007-552008-363413

    The service was great at the Island Park location, even though it was a very busy Sun. evening. The manager personally attended to our table and our waitress Everlyn was the best.

    It was a great dinner, no rush even though they were sooo busy. A very pleasant dining experience!

    Irene B.

  21. Marlene L. Goodfriend says:

    i completed the survey- entered the survey code--016128-551005-104611 and did not receive my validation code for the free bloomin onion could you please email the code to me :

    marlenehillel@yahoo.com thank you, marlene goodfriend

  22. Brenda says:

    Outback would not give me a validation code at the end of the survey I don't know why because it given me one before. I was not very happy about that.

  23. Michael Mason says:

    Took survey and did not receive a validation code??

  24. Mike volker says:

    Filled out the survey. I received no validation code.

  25. a j says:

    I have completed the tell outback survey for my blooming onion and can not get a validation code

  26. Gregg Longley says:

    Website won't accept code

  27. Gregg Longley says:

    Good job

  28. Pat says:

    No place to put code and not enought time to read all your logo bull crap. The blooming onion was fried to a crisp last time I was there so I am stupid to even go to this site for another one . The streak were raw the last two times I visited . The help party's too much with family and friends who visit while they are working . And really 3.99 for a milkshake the size of my baby finger . I think your days are numbered . If there is another steak place within 5 miles , we pass you guys now . Sorry you asked .

  29. Kay Daniels says:

    I usually take grand daughter and friend to eat at Outback Steak House we ALL enjoyed the food very much. But then I get this ticket for a free Blooming Onion and you want me to read a 10 page long advertisement plus there was no place to enter my code. That is disgusting

  30. Lauri Sandoval says:

    Always great food and service!

  31. Helene Williams says:

    Outback special Steak not near as good as it used to be. Last few times blooming onion was way overdone. Drinks are getting overpriced!

  32. jack hugey says:

    Service ggod but out back special steak seems tough compared to old one. The coconut shrimpwas not good. Shrimp mushy

  33. Gloria Keel says:

    My food was very good and so was the service people are very nice even the manger talk with me i would go back and eat again and again.

  34. Herbert Robbins says:

    Server rushed us. We asked when we ordered our bloomin onion not to bring our appetizer until we told her so. It did not happen , THE APPETIZER WAS BROUGHT. We again asked that our entre niot be brought until we finished our appetizer, again this did not happen. Before we finished our entrée she asked if we would like desert. We declined as we were disgusted. all 3 of us in the party felt the same.

  35. annamaria senger says:

    We called in an order ad it wasn't even two full meals it was one order of ribs full rack,and one salad,with a side of chicken.I was told 15-20 min,well we had to wait 13 min longer and the chicken was so dry it was ridiculous,so we are very unhappy and will not be going back any time soon.

  36. Peter kaminsky says:

    Tom was our server today and he was very Curtis
    Friendly and professional ,like many times before .
    We are frequenting this location since the opening
    More than 16 years
    With a few exceptions food and service was always good.
    However we also noticed shrinking portions during that time

  37. Lisa Estep says:

    Food was excellent tonight and it was for my birthday that made it even better . The waiter was very good

  38. Don Robinson says:

    The food is always very good at the Outback along with good service. I've tried to take the survey, but it won't let me.

  39. Arlene Greenblatt says:

    We have not been there for quite a while and we enjoyed it very much.


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