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IHOP Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question, need a receipt.
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  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You are can still finish IHOP Survey via smartphone, and it may take you about 10 minutes to finish.

IHOP Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the IHOP survey official site
  2. Select the language you would like to take the survey and click on "Next"
  3. Enter the survey code printed in your invitation and click on the "Next" button
  4. Enter the address of the location you visited and the server number that could be found on your receipt
  5. Select the answers to the questions or give your ratings based on your visit and click on "Next"
  6. Leave your feedback and click on "Next"
  7. Select "Yes" or "No" to decide whether you are willing to answer 5 additional questions and click on "Next" to finish the survey
  8. Write the validation code on your receipt and redeem it during your next visit to IHOP

More Information about IHOP
IHOP has served customers for over 50 years. Now, there are more than 1,500 IHOP restaurants located in 50 states and the District of Columbia, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can find a location near you online easily. 99 percent of IHOP locations are owned by independent franchisees. Their minimum hours of operation are as follows:

Sunday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 midnight.

IHOP gift cards are available in denominations from $5 to $50. You may purchase an IHOP gift card at any of their U.S. restaurants. You can also order gift cards online. IHOP values your candid feedback so that IHOP can provide you with an exceptional experience every time you visit.

About IHOP Customer Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.tellihop.com - IHOP Customer Satisfaction Survey
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256 comments on “www.tellihop.com - IHOP Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Michelle davis says:

    Had a wonderful time and the most efficience server I have yet to encounter. Thank You Mel

  2. Harold Seuferer says:

    The service was great and the food was fine, but a little pricey.

  3. Jean Beatty says:

    We have enjoyed eating at IHOP'S for many years and often take guests because of the full menu so everyone can choose something they would like. We also have given gift cards and received gift cards for IHOP;S. However, the last few times we have eaten at our local IHOP'S we have been disappointed. We arrived early and was seated quickly. We were given menu's and were surprised that some of the items on the Sr. menu were not there. We ordered the Pot Roast Dinner and I asked for broccoli rather than the corn. The waitress was very nice about that and our dinner was fine. My husband ordered coffee and I ordered tea. He received his coffee but I did not receive the tea. When she brought our food, I asked about the tea. She quickly brought the tea. She came back once to see if everything was okay. We finished eating and waited for our bill. After some time, my husband got her attention and she said, she thought she had brought it to us. She later came back and said, she was sure she had written it but gave us another one. When we went to pay, my husband, mentioned about the buy one entree, get one free. The cashier took one off and my husband gave him a gift cards. He did not know how to use it so he called for help. Another employee came and used the cards but did not deduct the entree. My husband mentioned it and he asked if we had told the cashier about it. The cashier quickly said we did. It was very apparent he was not happy about it and tried to figure out what to do. He finally gave us what he thought the difference was in cash and left the amount that remained on our gift card. It was not the right amount and he tried to explain why. It was a small amount so we accepted it rather than hold up other people. On our sales slip we received a customer survey and tried many times to use it on-line as well as by phone. The sales slip was not easy to read but we did our best. Each time we tried it said, something was invalid and also the survey was not available. In April we visited the IHOP restaurant in Portage, MI as we often do when we visit my sister. We did notice some changes on the menu but enjoyed our dinner there. We do not like to complain but felt we should let you know our disappointment and about our experience.

  4. Jeanette Repsher says:

    My husband and I have traveled a good distance to eat at IHop in Newington, CT. and have enjoyed our service and meals. So, I was very happy when IHop opened a restaurant in Manchester, CT. because it was so much closer to us. We went there one day and waited and waited for service while we watched other people who had come in after us get their food. We finally walked out and went some place else. So, we thought we would try going there again. The waitress took our drink order promptly and brought our drinks. Then we waited for 45 minutes for the waitress to take our food order which she never did. We asked another waitress to get some service for us and she said she would. We waited another 10 minutes and no one came over so we left.

  5. Trish says:

    Yo también ando en búsqueda y captura de un cinturón, buscaba algo un poco especial, metalizado o joya porque es para un vestido que quiero llevar a una boda. La verdad me está costando mucho encontrar algo que me cueste menos que el propio ve!!odi!st! ayyyy (suspiro).A ver con cual te quedas! ;)Margot B.

  6. Ivan Masarik says:

    Were at IHOP on Sunday (2045) and find the staff seating us friendly and hospitable. Looked after sever 1008 and she was very friendly , efficient and must say it was the best IHOP I ever been. Food is good, though the eggs could be slightly bigger. The manager is friendly and running tight crew. Recommended it to anyone. Though wonder what happened the online survey.(2045031398151) Any explanation?

  7. Mary Freeman says:

    My husband and I was at IHOP for breakfast Wednesday morning. We sat a table and a waitress took our order but served our drinks first. I had asked the weaitress if the fan above our table could be lowered. I was freezing and I had a jacket on.She said the chains were broken and the fans could not be turned off Ok, so my husband and I ate our breakfast and although the food was good, my french toast with blackberrys were cold. I dont like a cold breakfast. After we ate, I paid for our breakfast and left. Later that day, early evening I was getting sick.I had to go to the doctor and he suspected pnumonia, but I think it is a bad cold. I will know Monday when I have to back to see him. For now on if the restruant is as cols as it was on the 2nd, we will order our breakfast to go and eat in the parking lot. Either that or find some place else to eat pancakes.

  8. mack johnson says:

    very good food and service at ihop

  9. Sally Brassard says:

    there is absolutely nothing of value here except for the pretty ads! no coupons, no surveys, nothing of any value except advertising for the stores displaying ads. I'm online a LOT, but this doesn't even let anyone take a survey, print out an unseen coupon or suggest how one might be obtained! this isn't even good enough to be a racket since nothing is offered that even resembles the 'calling card' to get on this site! sometimes it's fun to sit back and play games, but even they aren't as misrepresented as this come-on! it surprises me that IHOP would be a part of this garbage! the right stores with the right managers have good food any time, but it's always a wait!
    why should there be even a slim chance of spam comments - is that BS too?

  10. Nancy Hills says:

    this website is of no value at all. it is only more frustrating than the service and fooquzlitywe endured during our visit to the New Hartford, New York Ihop on 12/25.

  11. Herman Kiger says:

    food & service excellent with friendly & courteous servers. the manager went beyond way beyond normal duty to resolve a very minor issue. this is why we will continue to visit ihop one or two times per week. this is a very good manager.

  12. Judy says:

    looking for survey questions

  13. michelle alberto says:

    I love ihops food

  14. David Moberg says:

    FINALLY, after going through what seems like dozens of messages and choices, including which restaurant chain I was in, I am getting to your survey. But then there was only one question, how well I like IHOP services, and no more besides this box. The competition of numerous publicity blurbs, which other routes to take besides my IHOP visit, and its evaluation almost turned me off.

    Regarding that visit today, it was OK except that one of our party of three was given no silverware, so I got a set from a nearby vacant table. ONE SINGLE QUESTION IS NOT A VERY GOOD

    And now I am told to start all over because of my "Error: Incorrect CAPTCHA." I have idea at all what that error is, nor how to correct it.

  15. Patsy McEwen says:

    The pancakes were thin and they were not hot, just warm.
    My husband and I eat at IHOP at least once a week.
    The coffee was just warm.
    This is probably going to be the worst time that we have eaten at IHOP.

  16. joy bateman says:

    My Husband and I ate a late lunch at store#1918I ordered a grilled chicken cobb salad. I received
    a salad that had chicken, lettuce, and 4 orange slices. I told my lady and she brought me the menu and said it is only missing the egg and tomatoe. I feel for $9.00 for lettuce was it was a very disappointment. I wont go back there. OH she did say she would talk to the cook.

  17. bonnie says:

    both my husband and I enjoyed our meal. Food very good. Soup hot and delicious.

    Store 2072 waitress 2021 Debbie. Thanks Debbie good job.

  18. Neil Walton says:

    Very good food and service

  19. James Greve says:

    The service was excellent. Even though the restaurant had many people, the food came quickly. The dinners were adequate, but they tasted bland. Needed some seasoning.

  20. Cindy Cornwell says:

    My granddaughter and my mother in law and I was at your number 3115 restaurant. We had the worst food ever. My mother-in-laws french toast was raw in the middle and my chicken was ice cold in the middle. It took forever to get it. Nobody there could speak English. I am certified by the state of Indiana health department and I didn't see one pair of gloves or a hat or hair net. I could turn them in. The waitress handled my food with no gloves. She took the corn and potatoes out of a bag and put on my plate. Now do you call that home cooking? I will never go back there. I just might make a phone call.

  21. jan says:

    honestly, i thought the bacon was too salty.

  22. Richard Roberts says:

    Good food and good service with the girl that took care of us this time. So in the past have left much to be desired as servers. Can't think of this girls name. We were there Sunday night at about 7:30 p.m.

  23. alfanso says:

    tasted great

  24. Howard Gesner says:

    Food was great

  25. Judy Heisserer says:

    We continue to enjoy our breakfasts there, but I am having problems sending in the Feedback.

  26. Ron Costa says:

    Was totally embarrassed and harassed by the manger at store #4766 for taking occasional puffs on and e- cigarette. He made a huge deal out of it. I have smoked these in many other much higher end places then yours and never had an issue. This manager should be fired as soon as possible. I even had comments from the patrons at the next table that they had no idea was smoking anything at all and that he was way out of line. He was extremely rude and obnoxious. When I defended myself he just got louder until people turned to see what fuss was about. He then when was leaving had the nerve to tell me have a nice day ! I was having a nice day until he came into it, I don't think need to say will never go back and will tell every one I can about this experience. Shame on you for not training or screening people better.

  27. alex chang says:

    great service

  28. Ysabel Gonzalez says:

    Wait time - 45 min- they went to the farm to get eggs and to butcher porky pig, then to chop wood to cook said items; however, staff was very pleasant

  29. Carolyn J Medley says:

    We had excellent service from our waitress Dee. Very pleasant, made sure we had everything we needed. Just all around good experience. We will go back to IHOPs for sure, and I will always ask for Dee. Store #3464 Heath Ohio. Please let her know she is doing a fantastic job.

  30. nicandro munoz says:


  31. winfred mcneely says:

    I was at IHOP store # 1903 @ 1040 a.m. - check # 1283 and I had the best server I have ever had anywhere in recent times her name was Sarah J. 983. She's like things you can't explain you just know it when you see it. Please let her know she is doing a wonderful job and I pray that the IHOP family will be there for here because she is definitely there for you and the IHOP customers.


  32. Robert Warnock says:

    Food was good. Service was attentive.

  33. Jack Moy says:

    I am sorry to say, my wife and I had a bad food experience, everything was too salty, mashed potatoes were cold and the gravy was cold. The country fried steak was hard a shoe leather - dry and hard and salty. The country fried steak was not even close to what we had at Cracker Barrel, the quality was sub-par.
    The location was at 4th street in Brighton Colorado. We were there about 11:30 am on July 6th.

    We have been there several times before and always had good food.

  34. LINDA THIELEN says:


  35. Martha Quibodeaux says:

    One of the worst meals I have had in a long time. BLT--the bread was not toasted, the bacon was not completely cooked, the lettuce was too dark and bad places, the tomato was very very thin. The only friuit that I could eat was the 3 tiny pieces of watermellon. I will not go back to Kyle TX Ihop ever again. Oh yes the tea had a bad taste so guess it wasn't Lipton.

  36. Walter Sparks says:

    Lousy service. 2.19 for 1 coffee when buying a meal added on is way to much . WE both paid for coffee when we got 1meal . 4.38$ for coffee ?? Just wish I didn't leave a 5.00$ tip. Code # 2019060446644

  37. Kelly says:

    Good food and good service

  38. margaret bourgeois says:

    i forgot we are in Metairie,Kenner, Louisiana .

  39. margaret bourgeois says:

    To the CEO,
    May i say something about you and your staff please. i would like to know why all of you don't go to the IHOP and start asking the managers for help then sitting behind your desk doing paper work. I love to see all of them to go one in each store and work for one day and see how it feel to work and see through the managers eyes whats going on. It is seem you don't take the time to talk too them face to face then go and putting them down seeing what is wrong with the place don't give them good feedback its always wrong here and there. That is why i like to see, you say TEAM what team if you don't get get together and help out then counting money like Scrooge and you don't want to be like him right. Another thing all the manager and employees has an idea don't lie and say its was your because God don't like lies and you all will go down below if i make my self clear. i am thinking that you should give other managers and employees credits for a great job they are doing they are trying to get tips to save money to survived in this world.

    Thank You,

    Margaret Bourgeois


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