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Hardee's Customer Experience Survey Winner List

  1. April 2013 - Jennifer Edenfield, Trenton, FL
  2. March 2013 – John Pitzer – Tavares, FL
  3. February 2013 – Richard P. Eisner – Virginia Beach, VA
  4. January 2013 – Sonya Johnson – Greenville, SC
  5. December 2012 – Eileen Conley - Arden, NC

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Customers who like Hardee's can sign up for exclusive offers and emails. Hardee's is an American restaurant chain, which predominantly operates in the South and Midwest states. It has evolved through several corporate ownership since its establishment in 1960. It is currently owned and operated by CKE Restaurants.

About Hardee's Customer Experience Survey
Survey website: www.TellHardees.com
Survey Incentive: $100 Hardee's Combo Gift Card
Host Website: stratreflections.shopmetrics.com
Marketing Support: Hardee's

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327 comments on “www.TellHardees.com - Hardee's Customer Experience Survey

  1. Linda says:

    got a Hot ham & Cheese. The sandwich was barely Luke warm and for the price of 5 dollars I would like it to be closer to hot. Gave it to my dogs to eat. hardly any cheese sauce on it either, was more like a cold ham sandwich.

  2. Ed Pecot says:


  3. Ed Pecot says:


  4. William Damron says:

    On 6/24/17 my wife and I stop in at Hardees at Princeton Kentucky. This was not a good visit the food was fair. The place was a mess and restroom was nasty and stunk. The service was very bad after ordering my bill was $11.83 I paid with a $20. I was given $7.00 in change back and was told that they would bring my 46 cents in change out with my order which they never did I will not go back to this Hardees at Princeton Kentucky Hardee's 1500405 Order # 5123

  5. charles brown says:


  6. Don says:

    My wife and I stopped at a Hardees #5618 . We both ordered Biscuits and Gravy. The biscuits were hard and the gravy tasted yucky. they told me they had no complaints on it. I have eaten at Hardees all across the U. S. A. but I have quit now. McDonalds here we come.

  7. Peter Stewart says:

    Bought 2 chicken breakfast platters at 10:55 they must have been running short on gravy because when I got mine it tasted as they added flour bad filled it full of salt so nasty.If they don't have enough gravy they show tell instead of selling you crap. What a waste of my money

  8. Danny Idles says:

    The people and service was great and the food was hot and fresh. I would recommend people to visit the Hardee's on E Broadway Maryville , TN

  9. Katherine wynn says:

    I purchased 8pc fammealw/t order phone # 434 447 48898 reciept #432507 store(#2401)1-11-17,at6:24pm.the container of tea spilled all over my seat and coat.I realized it when I got home.
    In call back, the employee,nancy davis, apologized, but said she had no control over who fixes the tea. They didn't do it on second shift. It is nothing she can do about it. I was told to call 252 578 1821, it is a answer machine with no letter head or any inf. . It just repeats that no to u.
    I am very displeased the way it was handled. I Have no tea nor any assistance in the situation..
    It is now 7pm my purchase was at 6:22 pm. I left KFC to go to" hardees" to use my sales coupon and that is the was I was treated. I even offered to come and show her my car seat and the coat and the container of tea. It was not put on tight or correct. I saw it when I stopped to carry my food inside. Disappointed and unsatisfied customer. 434 262 2752 .please reply in a rtimely manner to this complaint. Thank you for your time. Mrs k.wynn.

  10. al frizzell says:

    I visit the location 1510 Sw Tradition Dr. Ankeny, Iowa the girl that help me there is very friendly and you can tell she enjoys her job. A great asset to your company /4006 is the number on the receipt.

  11. None says:

    Hardes on West Constance Rd need better workers thier rude disrespectful the manger sherry she don't know how to talk to customers this is the ratchet's hardes we have in our area

  12. REGINALD BAKER says:


  13. lisa penley says:

    ordered 2 of the $4 dollar real deal the cheesburgers I said only mayo and lettuce they were all the way and the chicken sandwitches was thin as paper and so fried burned we could not eat them

  14. Cheri says:

    My son and I visited your location #1506020 on Route 211 in Middletown, NY for the first time on Friday, July 8 and today, July 9, I tried to complete your survey for a chance to will $500 gift card and find the survey is "completed". What kind of operation is this..... We found the food to be okay, the staff friendly enough, but the restaurant was rather cold and it didn't take long for our food to cool off. Also, the music was rather loud and not something you would choose to listen to while having a meal..... It will probably be awhile before we try this location again if we go at all. Unfortunately, in this area, if you don't have good service, good food plus.... you loose - there's a tremendous amount of competition in this area, and Hardees should be doing all they can to keep returning customers.

  15. Audrey Gagnon says:

    Had lunch at your Restaurant 210 in Manitowoc, Wi. Ordered the Chicken tenders and they were just warm, when I told the girl Stephanie she more or less called me a liar and said that they had just come out of the fryer. Today's date is 6/8/2016. Don't expect you to do anything, I will not be going back to your Restaurant again but will tell many other people of my experience. Have a nice day

  16. Christopher Cannon says:

    I visited your store#1510 only to find that you do not serve burgers at what is determined to be breakfast. Before 10a.m. Not a problem. Just wish you would. I wanted an order of two 1/4 pound Thick burgers for breakfast. If McDonald's can do it. Why can't you? I hate McDonald's.

  17. gayle dunham says:

    I stopped at the Bucyrus, Ohio hardees for the first time in years today. I found the girl who took my order very condesending ! She went into a very long description about the difference between a cheesburger and a small cheeseburger and informed me that I should know the difference because there are so many choices on the menu. Believe me, she was not nice about it. I was in the drive thru , so I didn't want to take up too much time. When I went to pick up my order, the girl at the window was extremely rude, and I waited for a good five minutes for my order. It wasn't anything special, a small cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke, which I'm pretty sure was a regular coke; it tasted weird. Now, I know why I haven't been back in so long. Also, I decided to send in my comments because of the poor service and also for a chance to win $500 as it states on the receipt. No where on your websites does it say anything about that, only $100! Get it together, Hardees! In case you're wondering, the manager according to my receipt is Tina Butler, District Manager is Leslie Young,It was check number 30219, Order 12, Monday at 1:01 PM, station 4; I have no idea who the girls were!

  18. Spud says:

    Beutiufal dress! Have fun at your jumble sale. That terms makes me giggle. We say rummage sale, yard sale, bag sale, thrift store, but jumble sale gets me every time! xoxoLynn

  19. Daniel Cianci says:

    I visited the Lake St. Louis location in the early and mid summer weekly and this was in 2015 and I liked the food very much and the store was very nice and very clean and the hamburgers were very thick and juicy.I had very great food and the pies too very tasty.I just now found a Harde s in Racine Wisconsin and also the thick burger special was so tasty well done he did it and tasted something like a hamburger I had at a Dog N Suds back in the early 1970s on south side Chicago out in the country.Anyway I had told the manager in 2015 I would leave a reply online and had forgot too until I saw a Hardees today and ate at Hardees today.This comment is mainly for the Lake St. Louis location experience and today in Racine Wisconsin.Dan from soutside Chicago.

  20. regina kitzero says:

    visited hardees in ardmore tn on apr 11. i ordered a big hot ham and cheese sandwich. the ham was overcooked and there wasnt hardly any cheese on it, ther wasnt a lot of ham on it either. i have had better sandwichs from hardees in the past. was not a satisfied customer on this day.

  21. Jeff Crabtree says:

    Hardees, Ahoskie, NC Hardees # 1653 Just moved to the area and have visited Hardees several times. The store is clean, the people friendly and the service is great. The entire staff attempt to provide the best customer service. I love my Ahoskie NC Hardees!!!

  22. Terry Jackson says:

    I visited Hardees Store in Terre Haute , Indiana two times last week. the first time I got a bacon egg cheese biscuit, it was wonderful ! the second day 4/8/2016 order number 384486 , the biscuit was terrible, same restaurant about same time, the egg was tissue paper thin, it was cold and I was so disappointed. I was already on the interstate and could not go back. why does this happen, isn't there something the employees go by to make sure every time you order something it is the same ? I love your bacon egg and cheese biscuits much over McDonalds . Thank you for listening.

  23. ed says:

    I went to hardees and ordered a steakburger and they said they did not have that sandwitch anymore I said what did you still have it on the menu for oh it has not been taken off the menu yet isaid that did you send this cupon for. buy 1 get one free after a hassell they said well give you two moonshine burgers buy 1 get one free. very bad expirence I want my money back this sandwitch is definitely not for me send me some cupons that work and stop the bate and switch

  24. bee allan says:

    very good service this morning and good food

  25. Bre Matchem says:

    Up set...fries cold and cheeseburger barley warm!! Nashville, NC #1198-1500427 cashier was Casea order number 475461. This happened on 4/2/16

  26. John Korn says:

    We travel a lot and we always try to eat at Hardees or Carls jr. we love the food morning and night,
    We had a great experience at the Hardees in Port Orange, Florida I think the store # is 5060
    We were greeted by a young fellow his name was Randy . The manager came by our table and asked if we enjoyed our meal. The food was great the service was great. and the restaurant was very clean. A friend of mine noticed when the attendant at the register didn't have a customer they were cleaning tables. the place looked great. We enjoyed our meal and the service.

    my address is 1356 Sutton Lane , Park hills, Mo 63601

  27. Grace Palmer says:

    My friends and I always went to Hardee's at least 4 times a week either for breakfast or just for coffee and chat, Until I got sick, I haven't been for awhile. I send my care giver until I can go again

  28. daniel h. dobbins says:

    very good service

  29. daniel h. dobbins says:

    very good food

  30. phillip w slaughter sr says:

    the food was okey but sometimes the coffie container is empty

  31. colleen weiser says:

    hardees is very promp with service, the emloyees are very kind

  32. Rick Kerns says:

    I tried one of your Loaded Omelets today. I'm not a big fan of Biscuits but thought I'd try this one. Your picture of a loaded Omelet was much better than what I got. A very dry sandwich with very little in it. I was vey disappointed to say the least. I go to Hardees on an average of 3 times a week. Your breakfast menu truly sucks. Nearly everything is with Biscuits. No croissants or muffins at all. I don't care for McDonalds but will have to rate them much better at breakfast than you. Hope this helps to change your menu, as I would truly rather go to Hardees's than McDonalds.
    R.W. Kerns

  33. David Denny says:

    My wife and I stopped on our way home wed. night at 7:15 in Nicholasville KY. we both ordered a bag lunch deal . The meal was delivered to us in a timely fashion and the food was as ordered. I tried to get into the restroom to wash my hands but a employee had locked the door and was in for at least 20 minutes . The floor in the was covered with trash. The ice did not work in the beverage dispenser. The women employees were making cool whip pies and smearing them in each others face. One of the women was cursing enough to make a sailor blush. We heard the F word 6 times in our 30 minute stay from this woman. The tables needed to be cleaned and they had as many employees as they did customers. Does Hardees not have any management. Love the restaurant chain but will not be back at this location which is a shame because we live close. Not a place to take children.

  34. JEAN MATHIS says:

    we visited Hardee's yesterday, as we do about every week. It is, usually, very good. But not yesterday!!! I asked an employee what was wrong back there, and showed her our sandwiches. She made the comment they didn't look right. And even the fries had an off taste (usually, to me, the best fries in town). I threw mine in the trash. When asked by (I am assuming the manager) was everything alright, I told her NO ! She said "sorry about that" and just walked off. About the only meat I eat is hamburgers, and this really spoiled it for me. I really wish that I had taken the time and driven across town to Steak & Shake !!!! I will next time !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. chambers tony says:

    I went to hardee's in Fultondale, Alabama today and ordered my food and my co-worker ordered his. he got his food and hate it and I still had not received mine. i told the manager I needed a refund for my order and they asked what did you order? I explained that I did not have time to eat and I needed the refund. the refund was given but this is suppose to be fast food not no food. will not be back at this place again...

  36. Sharon Temple says:

    just letting you know of my experience at Hardee's on 11/7/15. ticket #4226 in Lake Panasoffkee, FL 33538. ordered a Tex Mex 1/3 lb, 1/3 lb Frisco, and 2- 1/3 lb thick burgers and 2 orders of onion rings. Got it to go so didn't see what the burgers were until I got home. Got 3- 1/3 lb thick burgers and a Frisco, no Tex Mex at all was very disappointed again and this is not the first time something like this has happened to me at this location. Not sure I will be visiting them too much, never seem to get what I ask for

  37. howard Smith says:

    had a very bad experience at Hardies store in Valrico, Fl. This morning. Ordered a sausage/egg bis. combo med. with coffee to go at the counter. I paid with a twenty, He did not have correct change and did other things and I had to remind him about my change. Then he gave me a medium cold drink cup and I had to remind him I wanted coffee. Guess what; out of three containers for coffee there were all empty, I had to wait for him to make coffee. I took my coffee and food and left. Got to where I was going and I had been given a sausage bisc. the egg part I assumed flew away. This was a totally unacceptable experience. This occurred @ 8:24 AM on 11/02/15.

  38. michael parham says:

    we order chicken soft taco no way did it look like the picture there was no filling in the taco.It seem like they were scared to put the chicken or toppings in the taco and my wife order looked nasty no topping and the chips were old tasting

  39. Belinda Edwards says:

    I visit Hardees #1341 at least 2 times a week in Roanoke Rapids, NC. The staff and management are so nice and patient with seniors.The food is always hot and fresh. The staff are continually cleaning tables and removing trash. They always ask is everything okay? We always like the hot apple pie and tasty onion rings. Some places that I visit the sodas seemed watered, but Hardees are good to the last drop.

  40. Debbie Poston says:

    How can employees want more money when they cant get a simple order right? I was at the Hardee's in Darlington, SC @217 S Main St. Shorted my order 6 cinnamon biscuits. WHY? They need to pay atttention.


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