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Tell First Choice Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit Tell First Choice customer satisfaction survey official website
  2. Select date and time and enter your receipt number
  3. Select your age group
  4. Rate your overall satisfaction with that visit to First Choice and select products you browsed or purchased on that visit to First Choice
  5. Rate your satisfaction with sections of the store such as products, pricing at First Choice and leave your comments or suggestions
  6. Rate your satisfaction with each of the areas at First Choice such as store environment , car parking
  7. Indicate your experiences with the store environment in areas such as layout of the store, availability of car parking etc and leave your suggestions if you would like to
  8. Select one option that best describes your experience
  9. Indicate your experiences with the Team, Customer Service such as wine knowledge and expertise
  10. Fill out information about the service you received such as name of team member, what the First Choice team member did
  11. Select answers to a few more question such as the age of oldest child in the household
  12. Indicate your gender and type in your postcode if you would like to
  13. Fill out your contact information such as your name, telephone number

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If you can 't finish First Choice survey online successfully, feel free to refer to the video below produced .

More Information About First Choice
First Choice Liquor has a huge range of liquor at some the cheapest prices! With over 75 stores Australia wide, stocking thousands of different wines, Champagne, beers, ciders, premixed drinks and spirits, you 'll be spoilt for choice.

About Tell First Choice Customer Satisfaction Survey www.tellfirstchoice.com.au - Tell First Choice Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.tellfirstchoice.com.au
Survey Incentive: $500 gift card
Host Website: www.tellfirstchoice.com.au
Marketing Support: First Choice

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431 comments on “www.tellfirstchoice.com.au - Tell First Choice Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. barry fitzgerald says:

    have shopped at the port melbourne store for a few years. have always been impressed by service of all staff.

  2. Billy Watson says:

    Bec at Morayfield Ist Choice is always polite and helpful........she possesses a sparkling bubbly personality and always goes out of her way to assist and when I buy too much and should have got a trolley and didn't she offers to help by đźš— carrying to the car .......thanks Bec

  3. David Hackwell says:

    I just went to my local 1st choice and as I walked Jake asked me what I wanted and went and got it for me. I am a regular there and the staff are aware of my walking disability. They ALWAYS take the time to help me if they are free.

  4. Andrew says:

    $24.00 per bottle for Bird in Hand Sparking Pinot is $4.00 more than I can buy it from independent stores in Adelaide.

  5. Rosemary says:

    I would like to say what a nice obliging and friendly girl Tegan is from Flemington. She went out of her way to help me this morning, and I was most grateful for her assistance. Nothing was too much trouble, and this is not the first time she has served me and helped me. She is always the same, in fact she is a lovely girl, and an asset to your Company. Thank you Tegan

  6. jitendra says:

    I like first choice (Bently) ! THEY have forster beer which is hard to find in other liquor store.

  7. john vasalauskas says:

    staff smiling & eager to please

  8. Morrie Craven says:

    I love first choice because I always get helpful staff who check prices from other liquor stores and compare prices.
    I always find that first choice is better and if not they match the prices of other outlets.
    Thank you first choice.
    And yes, they have flybuy points as well.

  9. Barbie Castle says:

    We reside on a farming property out of Albury. When I come to town there are always a lot of errands to be run for the business & personally. I have tried most of the liquor outlets in town however I always come back to First Choice because there is always adequate parking, friendly, helpful staff, good specials & a great selection of wines & beer. I particularly like the fact that there is a separate section supporting the local Rutherglen/Myrtelford/Millawa wine region in the Albury store. This is very important in a country town that the locals are supported & the visitors to the town get to realise just what is available locally.

  10. ian strong says:


  11. Stan says:

    l am very happy at First Choice, they have very reasonable prices.

    They will also match other stores sales items, when dearer!!

  12. james says:

    The display is very very good. The staff are very helpfull & friendly.

    I do not see any reason to make any changes.

  13. Kevin Thomas says:

    I went into your Duncraig Superstore looking for that special bottle of Pinot Noir for a special friend and when I entered the store I was pleasantly greeted with a friendly "Hello" and I explained what I was after with the gentleman he quickly directed me to his extensive wine selection which was very well displayed and clearly labelled so I new exactly what I was buying. I came away with a beautiful bottle of Murdock James 2010 Pinot Noir and two casks De Bortoli Premium wines
    I was very happy with my purchases and what I paid I certainly will call back again at this is store for my next lot of liquor purchases

  14. Joan Hunter says:

    Our first Choice store in Cairns is amazing. Staff are always ready to help.

  15. Carolyn Van De Wetering says:

    First Choice Liquor in Jandakot is great, the staff are always so happy, up beat and helpful. They get to know their "regulars" and always suggest some thing new to try but never pushy. I also love that 99.9% of the time you can get a parking spot nice and close.

  16. tim green says:

    The shop is well set out so that you have no trouble in finding what you require.
    Staff are friendly and have a good information about wines and other products in your shop.
    Parking is also great.
    Their discounts are great , so much that i do not have to look at the competition .
    Tim GREEN

  17. ray chapple says:

    we spend an average of $100 OO a week at your jandicot store.

  18. joe ONeil says:

    I Shop at the Bentley store in WA always great service and happy staff but i buy Renmano Seminn Sauvignon Blanc every second time i go to buy it there is none so i have to go elsewhere

  19. Janette Bragdon says:

    The Morayfield First Choice staff are friendly, helpful, happy and it is a pleasant place to browse around and drool.... the specials are good and the staff are knowledgeable in helping to make choices on wine.

  20. Janette Bragdon says:

    Love the staff at Morayfield First Choice. Always happy, helpful and pleasant to deal with. They make selection easy, no pressure, but have found their choices to be very reliable.
    As they say.... Cheers!

  21. Graham Ray says:

    Exceptional service. The Balwyn store has always been very good, and today was no exception. Assistance with information as soon as I walked in and Gemma who processed the buy, assisted carrying out a container. I observed that a high level of assistance was occurring with all customers for the time I was in the store.

  22. linda says:

    I'd love to see 1st Choice offer bulk buy discounts on 4 or more bottles, not just the 6 buy as presently. With increasing hard times it's often not easy to financially justify the cost of a 6 buy. it would encourage more people to just grab 4 instead of settling for a single buy. You move more product this way too.

  23. Rod Hearn says:

    Great layout,with a good selection. It is also close to home.

  24. david egan says:

    I like the friendly sservice

  25. allal lyne says:

    service was great

  26. Ann Cochius says:

    Tim in the Shepparton Store was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in our choice of wine both red and white. He was friendly and we will a definitely return.

  27. Caren Brown says:

    I live in country Victoria where the price for consumables is expensive. When I travel to Wodonga I always hunt around for the very best prices and have found First Choice Liquor to be the cheapest. I was amazed that they will beat another retailers price if it is cheaper, but so far haven't been able to find a cheaper price for the things I purchase. The staff are fantastic, really excellent parking and always an easy quick shopping experience. If you leave the store without finding what you are looking for, its unlikely you will find it anywhere in Australia!

  28. John Pattison says:

    I always enjoy shopping at Glendale first choice, great variety of beer, wine and spirits, prices are cheap and the staff are very helpful and friendly, well done will be back every couple of weeks to buy my beer.

  29. Deborah Furnell says:

    My experience at the Falcon 1st choice was a great one. Staff member was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the wines and explained differences. I liked the atmosphere in the shop. It was large but laid out well and had a feeling about it. It was neat and clean and really sparkled. Thank you for a good shop and i will go back again as I felt there were so many varities to choose from and good prices.

  30. Alan Croughan says:

    First choice at Mill Park has a great variety of wine, spirits, beers, and champs that fulfill every bodies wish. Knowledgeable and reliable staff complement the shopping experienceat First Choice in finding your choice of beverage.

  31. Meredith Williams says:

    Without a doubt, each and every time I go into the Ballina First choice store, I am always offered a smile and the customer service is always impeccable with great product knowledge and standard of service just delightful.
    I will always buy my supplies from First choice as I get the service I expect.

  32. Larry Belden says:

    I always go to Dan Murphy's to get their price on Beer & Wine then go to Firstchoice to purchase. They always beat Dan's price. I buy a case of beer and 6 to 12 bottles of wine a week. The staff are always very helpful and friendly.

  33. krys Korju says:

    Service at the Wodonga site was excellent.

  34. susan hardy says:

    Always find staff at Toowong store extremely helpful and friendly. Makes choosing a breeze.

  35. Sonya Lynch says:

    The staff are always friendly and happy to see you. The store has great specials weekly and is easy to get to. Tonight especially one of the staff helped me with my items to my car, I appreciated that after the day I had.

  36. bruce wainwright says:

    the freindly staff were fantastic with advice and providing detailed information about various wines.
    the glengarry premises are by far the best with regard to vaiety , options and excellent displays.

  37. Wayne Wills says:

    Bunderberg First Choice should be proud of themselves - friendly. helpful staff, good prices and great selection. As an aged pensioner I always look for the specials and never fail to find one there.

    Thanks and keep up the good work


    Wayne Wills

  38. norma morgan says:

    Always pleasant and helpful to deal with

  39. Dianne Blackburn says:

    I had a big order and was assisted to the car with it and the gentleman packed my car for me. All of this without even requesting assistance.

  40. Paul Leape says:

    Great variety of choice, at a great price.


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