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Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Satisfaction Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Banfield online customer satisfaction survey at www.tellbanfield.com, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Banfield customer survey in this article.

More Information about Banfield Pet Hospital
As the Pet Hospital with more than 50 years history, Banfield focuses on partnerships, teamwork and collaboration. In 2007, Banfield joined the Mars family of businesses.There are more than 770 Banfield pets hospitals around the country to provide professional services for your pets. PetSmart is also offering the online customer survey at www.petsmartfeedback.com and is willing to hear from you.

Banfield has been in pet care for nearly 60 years. In 2007, Banfield joined the Mars family of businesses. Banfield aims to ensure pets receive the highest level of care so they can live longer, healthier lives.Today, Banfield is more than 800 hospitals strong. You can find a job that suits you at Banfield. As a Banfield associate you'll enjoy a wealth of resources and support to help you grow – from continuing education and career advancement opportunities across a broad range of fields to all the tools and resources you need to make the most of your career.

Win the $2,000 cash prize at www.tellbanfield.com.

About Banfield Pet Hospital's Customer Surveywww.tellbanfield.com, $2,000 Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Survey
Survey Website: www.tellbanfield.com
Survey Incentive: $2,000 Cash per quarter
Host Website: www.tellbanfield.com
Marketing Support: Service Management Group

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315 comments on “www.tellbanfield.com - $2,000 Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Survey

  1. Alice says:

    Speedy had a comprehensive evaluation today. I was with him the entire time. The veterinarian and helper were amazingly attentive to his needs as well as my concerns. It was a good visit for Speedy as well as for me. I appreciated the team

  2. Mary (Pat Milioto says:

    My visits for my Bichon, Rosie were prompt, professional and warm. As a Senior, the Optimum Wellness Plan works for me financially to care for my dear pet. Dr. Seader was very thorough and after Rosie was initially seen, a phone call at home to see how she was and another phone call after her Dental Prophylaxis visit was appreciated. I am very glad that I chose Banfield and will definitely refer my family and friends. The techs and entire staff are very good.

  3. ganaconlascuatro.com says:

    Banfield Pet Hospital is a place where vets will do everything to care about your pet wellness.

  4. Mary DuBois says:

    I like taking my dog Angel to Banfield pet Hospital every one is so good to her Dr.Ryan is so good with her I am so I have a Vet that I can trust Angel is so happy when we go there Thank you Banfield Hospital

  5. Johnna Florio says:

    My Grandmother took my Chihuahua Bryleigh to the vet on December 3, 2017 after being attacked by a pit bull while she was walking our two dogs down the road. I have to say I am thankful for my grandma and the wonderful doctors that have taken care great care of my baby in the process of her healing and for checking on her days after the incident!!Great job Banefield(p.s Bryleigh is getting back to her old self)

  6. sheila kelley says:

    my dog Daisey was treated great . The Dr and tech explained everthing I needed to know. The hospital also called me the next day . to see how she was doing after her shots.


    My puppy went to be neutered after taking out the wellness plan. While under I asked medical group groom since he is a puppy and not good at groomers, and would be under anesthetic medication. I asked for only the eyes and ears be groomed and pedicure. I was charged as much for these procedures as I would have for a grooming. As I mentioned I purchased the wellness plan, but was still charged for Elizabethan collar and half of medication. His pain medication was to be cut into 1/4 of a pill. The part time tech that came out to talk to me after his surgery said they could not cut pills into 4ths, they expected me to do this. I am very disappointed in this Banfield Hospital and that Dr. Pond did not bother to come out to speak with me when leaving to go home. I guess not cutting up the pills was the end of the line. I would not recommend this hospital at all!! I will be looking for a new veterian.

  8. martinmcginness says:

    The doctor and her assistant were very friendly and profressional and have asked for the veterinarian and her assistant to see us on our next visit at banfield in riverview fl.

  9. Barbara P. Carter says:

    Dr. Guppy is courteous and professional at all times. She takes very good care of our pet-Hershey. We are glad that she is part of the Banfield team here in Brandon, Florida. She and the team are truly a blessing to us!
    Thanks to all of you!

  10. Kaye Gricar says:

    Banfield Pet Hospital in Sugarland, Texas is amazing....Dr. David Helcel is so up to date and so sensitive with the animals....Sometimes I wish the man was an internist so I could go to him.....They have been wonderful with both our dogs (Frankie&Parker)....And just the same with the extra dog we have staying with us that is our sons(Grady)Thank you again for being the kind of Vet Hospital we really need!

  11. Mary Thompson says:

    Dr. Perry and her team are AWSOME!!! Thanks for taking such great care of Isabella.

  12. Mary Thompson says:

    Dr. Perry and her team are AWSOME!! Thanks so much for taking such great care of Peanut.

  13. Eric Kivak / Ming says:

    Just want to say " THANK YOU "!!! Again. You are all AWESOME!!!

  14. christina maggard says:

    lexi get best vit today they where very happenfull pet smart hospital is good peace to get dog to nice people good help thank you for help lexi maggard

  15. MrVetter says:

    I am a disabled Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran, with a 17 year old dog, SKIPPER, and hopefully my dire financial picture will improve shortly (Maybe as a Winner of the survey prize?) so I can afford to help him through his current medical needs. He has been a Banfield client for many years (through 3 long term Vets) and needs help very soon.

    Banfield has been very good to and for us, and we believe in their assistance for our pets.

  16. joe gross says:

    our dog Mason was scratching himself constantly and the vet fixed the problem completely. we were using a flea application that was not working.

  17. Carolyn Gavins says:

    The doctor visit was awesome for my cat.

  18. Greg W. Johnson says:

    The Banfield Hospital in Clive, IA, are wonderful! They have taken care of our family pets (3 dogs & 2 cats) over the last 14 years. ALL of their staff, especially Dr. Terri Argotsinger DVM and 9 year associate, Angie, are always professional, caring and pet lovers. Our only pet now, our 3 yr old mini-Golden Doodle, "Hooch" was in today for his annual check-up and his first dental cleaning with his Banfield wellness program that we've had for 14 years. They treat Hooch as if he was a member of their OWN family! We spend 6 months in the winter in AZ and utilize the local Banfield hospital in Mesa, AZ, and our local Clive Banfield pet hospital always coordinates Hooch's care with them while we're in AZ. The Clive Banfield Pet Hospital & staff are the best Vets & staff we've ever dealt with over 40 years with pets. THANK YOU. Greg W. Johnson, West Des Moines, IA.

  19. Rita Beduhn says:

    Our 12 month old puppy, Sera, came in for her checkup. Everyone is always so friendly and caring. This is our second dog on the Wellness Program at Banfield and we are never disappointed in the service we receive. Thanks so much.

  20. Ada says:

    Love the service I received at Banfield they meat and greet my puppy as if they were human (aren't they) Talk to me as if I have an opinion. (don't I) Dr Basham has went out of her way to research my child's issues and correct them Miranda our tech explains and follows up everything and loves our baby as if she was her own. Normally have used a small town country doctor in the past was worth our change

  21. Linda Pennywell says:

    my yorkie has been a pt since last yr.Everyone i have met are very professional and courteous. At one time zoei was very sick. i called and then took her in and in a matter of hours they found the problem and fixed it. What i like the most is that they are a team(family) They really care about the welfare of our babies.

  22. Lisa Brooks says:

    I use the hospital in the PetSmart Shopping Center, to get my Yorkie vaccinated. I love the staff that work there. they are very helpful and they seem to care about my puppy since I'm a first-time pet owner they were always so willing to help me and answer all my questions

  23. Anni Dhir says:

    Banfield Pet Hospital has been really great to help me and my cats achieve and maintain wellness. I wish they would keep the veterinarians long term. I find one and then they move on. I like that the one in St. Louis Park is open on Sundays. I have a few of my cats on the Wellness plan. I think they treat breeders (responsible) ones with respect, which I like.

  24. lavern muldrow says:

    Pet smart from the jump treated our dogs jack and jill like family. they make sure the dogs are comfortable, clean and all there shot records are up to date. Pet smart make it their business to see our dogs when they have a problem. I love the people at pet smart; they at like we are family. the service pet smart in Logansville GA offers is to me a {AAAAA rating} THANKS PET SMART FOR ALL YOU DO.

  25. Frances Harrison says:

    My first visit to Banfield was remarkable! So...Here's my story... I was told by another vet (not from Banfield) that my dog has a thyroid condition, a bladder stone and a heart murmur. This vet charged me a ridiculous price. A client of mine told me that Banfield was wonderful, and that they had health packages to suit your dog's needs.Furthermore, Banfield had a free consultation coupon online.Wonderful! So...I went to Banfield for a second opinion, and brought my dog's records. I had Jenn for my dog's vet. She was terrific! An incredible comprehensive evaluation. She consulted with another vet in the office. Then informed me that my dog had an enlarged heart. I never was told that by my vet....Nothing in his records!!! Well, I'm switching all the records to Banfield. They are absolutely fantastic! Very thorough....

  26. Dorothy stephenson says:

    I Went to BANDFIELD Pet Hospital to get Vetropolycin for my dog eye I was charged $35.99 and told i save $9.00 went on line and seen I Could have bough The same ointment for $12.49 Almost anywere I have To dogs on the Wellness PLAN and think I better Look for a new vet

  27. James Beloate says:

    I went to Banfield on Thursday 1-5-17 I was very happy with the service. I was taken care by vet assistant Jenn at the office on 2150 N. Rainbow in Las Vegas N.V. The survey code is 0146-0105-1700-1617-0714.

  28. Jessica says:

    Excellent service the female vet clearly explained answers to any questions I had plus my German Shepherd puppy of 9 weeks loved her gave her a kiss attack ?

  29. Lynn Nolte says:

    I always have a good experience when I take Bailey to Banfield. They are kind, knowledgeable and thorough in the care of him. All of the employees are helpful and cheerful.

  30. yui kitamura says:

    the banfield hospital is the WORLDS BEST PET HOSPITAL IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE ??? (UNIVERSE) my pet oreo loves coming to a welcoming hearted place every month for here appointment even if it means getting a shot and being a bit drowsy, it always turns out great for oreo and i because at the end we always get this wonderful goodie bag filled with pens, magnets, playing cards, stickers for you car or window and last but not least a bag full of love!!!!!!!! the staff there is AMAZING they always give you a wonderful smile and the sweetest "good morning" so im so happy to have the greatest staff to take care of my oreo. we love you gys very much!!!!! with lots of licks and kisses, oreo and yui.

  31. Elaine Helms says:


  32. Donna Mullen says:

    My dog was bitten by another dog while we were taking our evening walk. I carried him over a half mile back to our place. I took him to our local Banfield Hospital arriving about 6:20 PM. I was told that the doctors were busy taking care of appointments and I should either take him to an emergency hospital or bring him back at 8 the next morning. There is a sign that says "Injured or sick animals are taken first". Apparently that doesn't apply when it is getting close to the 7PM closing time. I have always had good service but this time was a bummer. I am very disappointed.

  33. Ricardo moreno says:

    We have two dogs who are members of our family. We first choose Banfield because of the location and their office hours from our home. They even see patients on Sunday! We like Banfield because their staff is very knowledgeable. They treat pets with love and respect. They treat our two dogs like family. You can count our family as life time customers of Banfield.

  34. carolyn lewis says:

    My 10 year old giant Pomeranian Murphy was having problems eating due to loose teeth. I went to Banfield and saw Dr. White and signed up for their wellness program to have Murphy's teeth cleaned and also 2 loose teeth pulled, but then realizing that it was going to cost $400 to pull 2 teeth that were already loose, I cancelled the appointment since I am a senior on a fixed income. In the meantime, I managed to nudge one of the loose teeth loose by myself and so then Dr. White gave me a quote of $300 for one tooth. The next week I scheduled Murphy's teeth cleaning with Dr. Havens at the La Jolla location and she agreed to not charge me for any teeth that would fall out during the teeth cleaning and so that is what happened. I was quite happy with Dr. Havins who was not only fair, but a very caring vet who even called afterwards to check upon Murphy herself. I have read many of the bad reviews on the web site about Bansfield, but my experience with Dr. Havins was just wonderful! Murphy is happy, his teeth are very white and his breath is fresh once more! Thumbs up for Dr. Havins and the friendly and caring staff! I will continue to take Murphy to Dr. Havins in La Jolla.

  35. Catherine Yeiter says:

    I am grateful to see Dr. Savikko in Beaverton, OR location. She was very thorough attending my dog's issue. She explained and took her time with me about my dog concerns. The staff is professional and loving to all the pets.

  36. Jennie Iorio McLester says:

    Tiffany in Banfield in Norwalk is the best, She always knows what my dog needs and she is great and very responsive

  37. Debra Munkres says:

    The check in and check out by Kristy went very well. She was helpful and friendly. I really like Dr.Nishimura, she is very nice, really seems like she cares and is good at explaining things to me.

  38. Miles Martin says:

    I love banfield, you have seen my dogs through many bad times and I will forever be grateful . Not once have you let me down and I know you will always be there for us. Thank you for all you do DR. Parker. from the Martin's.. Lincoln, Bently and Mercedez.

  39. Johnny Rooks says:

    alls well

  40. Pamela Dixon says:

    Dr Hughes,DVM is a very nice Vet, she seems like she's very careing person when comes for careing for your pet. It was great visit thank you!


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