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  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question and a receipt is needed.
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  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Wendy's Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone and it may take more than 5 minutes to finish the survey.

Talk To Wendy's Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Talk To Wendy's customer survey official site
  2. Choose the language that you would like to take this survey
  3. Enter the 8-digit store number, your date of visit, your purchase amount and email address
  4. Select the time of your visit
  5. Select answers to the questions like "How satisfied were you that this visit to Wendy's was worth the money you spent?" and so forth based on your experience
  6. Provide information about the Wendy's staff
  7. Select answers to the questions about yourself to finish the survey
  8. Check your email, write the coupon code on your receipt and present it next time you visit Wendy's

Wendy's Customer Satisfaction Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Wendy's online customer satisfaction survey at www.TalktoWendys.com, refer to the following survey video recorded by the Survebag editorial team. You can also find questions and answers related to the Wendy's customer survey in this article.

More Information about Wendy's
The Wendy's Company is one of the world's largest quick-service hamburger company.  It runs over 6,500 franchise and Company restaurants in nearly 30 countries. You can sign up online. There are offers and job opportunities available.

Talk to Wendy's at www.TalktoWendys.com and share your ideas with them to make the burgers as delicious as you want.

About Wendy's Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.TalktoWendys.com - Talk To Wendy's Customer Survey
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Host Website: www.talktowendys.com
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147 comments on “www.TalktoWendys.com - Talk To Wendy's Customer Survey

  1. byrdland says:

    very good food!!

  2. Dave says:

    Everything was fine the strip

  3. Ruth Hilliard says:

    This Wendy's is always friendly. The manager, Minerva,is so helpful and makes our visit all the more enjoyable. You are lucky to have someone like her working for you. This is at Conifer Co

  4. judy carpenter says:

    Lady was friendly and helpful.Children love to eat at wendys after school and before ballgames.food was good and hot.

  5. Jack Briggs says:

    Wendys is one of my favorite spots. We live in a small Rural town and our Wendys is always busy. The employees are the best. They treat us like family.

  6. Raymond Roberts says:

    Hi I was at the Wendy's in cocoa off us1 I went through Drive thru the lady that works drive thru is a very good worker and respectful but there a manager a guy manager I didn't catch his name but I kept seeing him walk back and forth on his cell phone and the poor girl wonted help to get her line moving she felt bad for her customers but I give her a thumbs up

  7. paula wingers says:

    Great service !!! She had such a friendly voice that you wanted her to wait on you. Made me feel good....Macon, GA.. Riverside Drive's Wendy's

  8. paula wingers says:

    Service was great !!! She had such a friendly voice when she said hello it made me smile. You wanted her to wait on you.

  9. Cindy says:

    I visited your Lynn Haven, Florida drive thru at 5:55 this evening. I did not receive a receipt, so I have no code to enter. The order was for a Family Size Chili and a full apple pecan salad. The total was $18.71. I have purchase this salad at least twice a month for the last couple of years. Lately, the ingredients portions in the salad have been inconsistent with the standard of the past. I understand that adjustments are sometimes necessary due to customer requests or cost controls. If you would like more details regarding my experience, you may contact me via email. Thank you.

  10. dave mckechnie says:

    great food

  11. Bob says:

    Cannot get to the form to complete. Very frustrating. Keep getting a company about other replies.

  12. David says:

    Your store in Lapeer, MI.
    We love Wendy's and this store goes down it's because of your employees. HORRABLE is mild to say the least. Never ice, no soda, no katchup. No cheese REALLY!!! Eating area ALWAYS dirty. Tonight an employee brought there kid to work( about 7 ) running around the kitchen . Wendy's what is wrong with your management team? Like I said the food is good but every thing else sucks. Did I mention this store is always short staffed as well.

  13. Wanda Journell says:

    I was at Wendy's Sunday, November 6, 2016 and went through the drive thru. Everytime I do this I get home and do not have all my food I ordered. I ordered 2 #1 combo and 2 large chilles.
    When I got home the only thing I had was 2 burgers and the chilli no fries. It took about 30 minutes to go thru I did not get a receipt. You might want to re-train the drive-thru employees so that this does not happen any more and I am sure I am not the only one that this has happen to.

  14. doris maroney says:

    I was in the drive-thru on sunday april 10 and waited for about 25 minutes before being waited on.
    I ordered a lge. apple-pecan salad and the pecans and a fork with which to eat with were left out.
    Two cars behind me got tired of waiting and left. The drive thru is extremely slow and this is not the first time. Even tho I like Wendys food I may not return.

  15. Shama Reuel says:

    I took the survey but did not receive a validation code.

  16. clsharp says:


  17. leo thomas says:

    I took the survey but never received any code to put on my receipt. Just vzg if that all it is.

  18. MarkS says:

    General Comment: Portions are getting smaller, prices continue to rise, and core food quality is slipping. Quality is still above average but the price ceiling is rapidly approaching. Like Arby's the menu has diversified to the point of loosing touch with your original product. A good hamburger at a reasonable price!! Fries are changing too! Skins on are fine but the size decreasing to be string fries!! Now I get a baked potato but you often sell me a boiler as a baked potato. I am reluctantly still a customer because I like the staff and the food is adequate for now. 59901

  19. Shirley Brownsword says:

    I am IN LOVE with the apple/pecan salad and buy one at least once per week. Please keep this on
    the menu year round!

    The restaurant/store #00002087 in Gilbert/Mesa, AZ has been remodeled and is not only
    beautiful, but so clean you could literally "eat on the floor". The staff is always extremely friendly,
    quick to welcome the customers, and quick to serve the meal. The manager (a woman) during the
    late afternoon is at the front counter helping to get the meal ready quickly. She has a huge smile and welcomes me like a friend. I am also happy that you offer the option to add flavors to the beverages at the new self-serve beverage station. That is great! I have a Wendy's store just around the corner from my home, but I drive two miles to get food at this store, instead. My meals are ALWAYS fresh and tasty, and the staff earns an A+. Please recognize both the store manager and the staff! Thank you.

  20. Janet says:

    I ordered the #9 combo. The fries were old, not fresh the chicken sandwich was the worst I ever had. The frosty was good and the customer service was excellent but the food was terrible.

  21. c.flaa says:

    I was in your restaurant today #00001563 and was very surprised by the employee who took my order, She looked and acted like she would rather be any place in the world than working in that facility. There was no smile or obvious interest in me or what she was doing -took my order -no thank you and asked me to move aside so she could wait on the person behind me.I was very surprised-never had that experience there before, I watched her deal with other customers and my observation was very similar. Thought you should know

  22. jan says:

    I have been trying to get the code for over a half hour still trying. I GIVE UP.

  23. jo little says:

    we go to Wendy's often but it is hard to get a conformation code. i tried many times and it sends me back to the same place.

  24. DONALD SULCER says:

    I feel the Host: Cornelius at your Store # 00005289 should be commened for her Outstanding Customer. She is Very Professional and Always is Concerned for the Customer to Insure they are Happy. If the Under cover BOSS would come to this store she would win his Outanding Employee Award because she is so Professional.
    Again Special Thanks to Cornellius for a Job Well Done.

  25. Gert Kaiser says:

    Don't understand what this survey is about with on talk to wendys, asking all kinds of questions I am very satisfied with my visit there today #2015 Just want a survey that asks for
    questions pertaining to my visit there today and then receive a validation code.

  26. ed moody says:

    filled out a survey yesterday and didn't get a validation code. I mite of put my e-mail [email protected] instead of [email protected] please reply sorry.

  27. Joan Webb says:

    Your location in Exton, PA is very nice. Clean, warm and most of all the manager and order entry people. We enjoyed a Saturday night meal.

  28. Fred Young says:

    Good Food

  29. Rosemary says:

    I tried to do the survey today, but my store # says it's invalid #04302680
    and that was as far as I could get. our order yesterday was $15.70 ... 11-15-14 @ 6:41pm

  30. willis franks says:

    We had two ultimate grilled chicken sandwiches and they were bloody. I thought they were fried in grease but my wife said they were grilled. We threw them in the garbage. We did not tell the manager as they were busy and I was ignored. I am asking for nothing and want you to supervise grilled chicken preparation when busy. Getting orders out fast is great for the bottom line however bloody chicken is not. If it was the president of the company or your mother would you serve them bloody chicken. The store was located at 891 freeport road pittsburg pa. 15238 willis franks

  31. Ronald hall says:

    I have been in the fast food service all my life I have found out that we as people we for get how we want to be treated if we would always keep this in mind I feel that we would always enjoy coming to are second home.when your nice to some one the next time they see you they are nice to you back try it it might work for ,if not you have pleased your self and you know that you did your best .thanks rhall

  32. Ronald hall says:

    Having trouble doing the comment ,had a great time in store 3941 best service I have in a Wendy's ,Greenville ms needs to be trained by these great people they way beyond there duty thanks so much there was a rep there also I told him about are time there.

  33. Barbara Smith says:

    They were out of chicken for the chicken salads. There were people in front of me that had to order something else because they were out of frostys.

  34. Pat Loch says:

    Customer service is almost always excellent at this Wendy's

  35. Sam says:

    I like Wendy's but the information you require for a lousy $2 is ridiculous ...I take surveys for other fast food restaurants and it is a simple 1,2,3 and code number given...I refuse to offer all that information for a simple survey..Wendy's you are a class act but you missed it here..get it together if you want feedback...

    Long time customer..

  36. Cary Erwin says:

    I had a take out order, when I got home ( which is about 4 blocks ) the salad didn't have the nuts with it and the chill was barely warm. When I went back and told the lady on the next visit I told
    the lady and all she said well it was probably cold because I lived far away. Which I didn't think was
    a nice reply

  37. Ric Britto says:

    My comment concerns the cashier named Kaitlin. I think she probably treats everyone the same but she makes me feel like the most important customer of her day! She's great at customer service and you're lucky to have her. This is at the Raynham,MA. restaurant.

  38. HELEN DOBBS says:


  39. i love the single sandwich says:

    your frosty are great ! the choc one i like!

  40. Steve Dick says:

    My wife wanted a salad from Wendy's so I went on line to the menu in Cambridge, MN 55008. Went to the drive thru and ordered the BLT Cobb salad. I was told that that salad wasn't being offered anymore. I was talked into the Asian Pecan salad. My wife had a pretty delicate palate and found the salad far too spicy and couldn't eat it. I didn't think it was very tasty either. Why aren't the menus at the store and on line the same? Very disappointed.


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