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Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey PrizeRegal Entertainment Group

  1. $100 Gift Card

Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. You do not need to make a purchase to enter or win.
  2. Prize is not transferable, assignable, or redeemable for cash. No substitution for the prize by the Winner will be allowed.
  3. All Federal, state and local tax liabilities, if any, are the responsibility of the Winner.

Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. It takes about 5 minutes to finish with 2 open questions. Your receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. With 2 open questions, you need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, but it may take more than 5 minutes to finish.

Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey Entry

  1. Online. If you want to enter online, beginning April, you can enter via Internet by logging on to the entry site.
  2. Mail-in. If you want to enter by mail, you need to hand print (no photocopied, computer generated facsimiles, mechanically reproduced or mass entries permitted) your first and last name, street address (no post office boxes), city, state, zip code, daytime telephone number, date of birth and e-mail address on a postcard only and mail the completed postcard entry to Regal Entertainment Group, 7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, TN  37918

Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit guest satisfaction survey official website.
  2. Enter the access code printed on your survey invitation.
  3. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Regal cinema.
  4. Select answer to questions like "How do you purchase your tickets?",“Did you visit the restroom?”, etc..
  5. Rate your satisfaction with statements like “The picture quality of your movie”, “The sound quality of your movie”, etc based on your visit.
  6. Select the likelihood that you will return to this Regal Cinema in the next 3 months, recommend this Regal Cinema to others in the next 3 months.
  7. Answer the open question about the reason that you were satisfied or not satisfied with your experience at this Regal Cinema.
  8. Select answers to a few more questions like “Did a team member provide information about how to join the Regal Crown Club?”, etc..
  9. Fill out your contact information like your name, email address, etc..

Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Regal online guest satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Regal guest survey in this article.

More Information About Regal Entertainment Group
Do you go to Regal a lot? Do you know that you actually earn rewards from Regal every time for just going the movies if you are a Regal Crown Club member? You can earn free popcorns, soft drinks, movies and more. That is so cool. Hurry up to pick up a new card at your local Regal theater. If you have any questions with Regal Entertaiment Group guest survey, like sweepstakes rules, winner list, how to enter, leave your comments and Surveybag will help you on that.

About Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Surveywww.talktoregal.com - Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey

Survey Website: www.talktoregal.com
Survey Incentive: $100 Regal Entertainment Group Gift Card
Host Website: www.smg.com
Marketing Support: SMG

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109 comments on “www.talktoregal.com - Regal Entertainment Group Guest Satisfaction Survey

  1. Nancy Hackworth says:

    I went on line to do survey to enter for chance to win $100 but it said contest ended on October 29th. I attended a movie at your Summerville, SC location on December 29th and received the stub to take the survey, either my ticket should not have received the request to do survey or I should be allowed to complete survey. I am visiting from Florida and will be here for 7 weeks and do watch movies often. Thank you. Nancy Hackworth

  2. Felicia Waterman says:

    Great place to watch a movie with the family.

  3. Norma says:

    When my friend and I went to the movie theatre on Monday of this week to see "Miracles" the computer was done so we never received any recognition on our point card and also couldn't use any coupons. I felt like they should of compensated us a discount at the food court or discounted our ticket.

  4. John Hughes says:

    Movies were good seat are very comfortable, do need to enforce no cell phones during movie. I didn't pay towatch you IM stupid people to say you were at the movies.

  5. jacob says:

    i went to see (star wars the force awakens)and it was very good quality and i liked the previews.

  6. nancy v says:

    Excellent place to watch a movie and relax!

  7. Gene DeWitt says:

    Enjoy going to the regal theater

  8. Alice LeBron says:

    I tried to fill out the survey, could not go pass the pop up about cookies (and followed instructions)
    1645 1016 1521 56001 00874992 what do I need to do. :(

  9. Shirley Armentrout says:

    Enjoyed the Movie (Walk in the woods.)
    We were not told about the Survey, although we do at times recieve the free Popcorn, Soda, or movies frequently , After examining our ticket. We were made aware of the Survey.

    The theater was clean the seats were comfortable the staff were very pleasant. We would not be hesitant in referring others to enjoy movies at Regal Old Mill 10. Bend Oregon.
    Thank you for keeping the Theater experience enjoyable.

  10. Linda Aarstad says:

    The movie theater I was in, was the one showing, War Room, the theater stunk like vomit, the whole theater stunk and was suffocatingly gross which made for a dissatisfying experience. Your theater could use a professional steam cleaning.

  11. Yuli says:


  12. Daniel Chambers says:

    I really consider sites like this as a waste of time. This is almost a scam. I am willing to take a simple survey, I assume that they will help create a better product. Everything I clicked on just gave me unwanted pop-up ads.

  13. Debbie Custer says:

    Clean , staff was friendly ... Movie was good...

  14. jdorian says:

    We had great seats and a very clean theater to enjoy our show today.

  15. Maryann guthrie says:

    Great experience at Regal in Apopka!

  16. Maryann guthrie says:

    Theatre is extremely clean, loud enough, large enough, cool enough, and enjoyable to attend.

  17. Billy owens says:

    was told when I checked in hat a free small popcorn that was added to my card at stand
    I told him to upsize it he said ok w3as talking to a person I was with after I paid and was
    in the movie saw where he had charged me $8.50 for the up grade and he still used my
    free popcorn also later at the stand was informed nothing they could do about it so your program of putting on card and not a print out does not work out for me

  18. David Stefnik says:

    I guess I have to find the inter too win page.

  19. herb tarant says:

    we were completely surprised with the seating--we hadn't been to this theatre in quiet a while--it is terrific--looking forward to going again real soon ---Access code--0454-0309-1512-57002-00314775

  20. Dave Stonee says:

    I recived a gift card from my son for Regal/Edwards theaters. The closest one is some distance away from our residence. We decided to make the trip to your theater to see American Sniper.
    It was a movie my wife and I wanted to see. My wife and I are avid move goer's. We arrived at the Regal theater in West Covina at 6:30PM just in time to catch the next showing in 10 minutes. We stood in line and got our popcorn and drinks. All theater concessions are very expensive. We got to our seats , the movie started and we tasted the very expensive popcorn and it tasted like it came out of a bag of popcorn that had been out of a open plastic bag for a week!! It was that stale and mealy. The very expensive drinks tasted very watered down and re-used if that is possible. The theater was very clean and movie was very good. The staff seemed very courteous ad helpfull unaware that the food the were selling was sub-standard at best. If you visit a Regal/Edwards theater remember to taste you food/drinks before leaving the counter. If Regal/Edwards corporation is reading this , I hope you will take notice of this oversight and fix it. When we made the long trip to the Regal theater it cost us over fifty dollars. It is a trip we will not likely make again due to the sub-standard consession food we received on our first visit. I hope you will change my opinion of your establishment and we can re-visit your great theater complex.

  21. kay riley says:

    Just viewed a powerful movie. American Sniper shown at the Gainesville Regal at 1:05 p.m. Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Even though the movie has been out for over a week, the theater was full. My comment has to do with the ushers. It would have been beneficial to movie goers that were trying to find seats for the ushers to help them. The only time we saw an usher was when one walked through the theater briefly during the middle of the movie.

  22. Mona says:

    I enjoyed the movie and the people at Regals were great.

  23. John & Rodney says:


    I am writing to express our dissatisfaction with your recent decision to charge us an extra $1.00 per person to see films in Southern CA. We were shocked that you and your Regal theatre would pull this crap on us. We purchase our tickets from Costco and, up until last night, have enjoyed ourselves at your Regal theatres. After last night we have returned our unused tickets to Costco and purchased tickets for the nearby AMC theatres.
    I will also be canceling my long time Regal Crown Club membership # 2473299 and we will begin having numerous discussion with our families, friends and acquaintances about your current values.

    John & Rodney

  24. Phylisa Carter says:

    This website is confusing. Makes you not want to take the survey.

  25. Marlene Osborne says:

    Enjoy going to the Paladium-shuch such great movies!!!

  26. Julian says:

    I agree, site is confusing, too much stuff here. I don't mind taking the Regal Survey but where is it? I've clicked on several arrows and gone to sites having absolutely nothing to do with Regal! I'm done now, thank-you!

  27. Patricia Samodell says:

    movie I saw was America its the second time I view this documentary..I would go see it again if I had a chance. Basic information expanded upon that gives a very good idea of where we were once where we are going now with all the corruption inbetween and the present corruption and how that all came about thru or past first lady Hillary Clinton and the current President how he too was once taught by these ganster mobs...Is it any wonder his ideas are so darn unpatriotic. We certainly need to do our homework as to who is running for any office these days. Certainly a background check is in order and not one that is tailored to cheat and lie right and left. Exposed for what they don't do was very well put with enough truths that they should really head for another place on the map. Personal opinion see where we are all enslaved weather we want to believe it or not its so.

  28. Carol Fritz says:

    This website is too confusing. I was just trying to complete your Regal Entertainment Group survey for a chance to win $100. Too much stuff on this page that is UNCLEAR. Not just one clearly marked place to enter for the "Regal Survey" and a clearly marked block to enter the "code".

  29. Diana Helfenbein says:

    Love regal. I drive 2 hours to go to shows regal is my pick

  30. Michael Paige says:

    Most of this particular visit was enjoyable except that there was a patron who had an infant who was quite disruptive and the staff should have dealt with this problem but they didn't

  31. Jeff Dorshimer says:

    In driving distance from my house, there is no theater around that is even close!

  32. Shakia Coleman says:

    very satisfied

  33. Katherine says:

    I watched Lucy, and it was just so amazing!!! I had never watched a movie in a theater in my life!!! It was a breath-taking experience for me. By the way, I highly recommend watching the movie "Lucy".

  34. Katherine says:

    My only words; JUST SO FABULOUS

  35. Marlene Nieves says:

    everyone was nice

  36. Robert Dorton says:

    Your people are always very helpful and friendly.

  37. Krista Drexelius says:

    I just love your theaters. They are clean, people are friendly and always helpful when ever I ask a question. For today I notice that one of my freebie from my rewards was out of date for a soda. The clerk behind the register stated that I couldn't use it because it was out of date. I totally respected her for following orders. So I decided to write to see if the company can help me with replacing my reward for the soda or just forget about it. Please let me know regarding my out of date voucher. Thank you very much. Krista

  38. Jeff says:

    Concession stand was very clean, well stocked & the people working it where very professional

  39. Carolyn Lewis says:

    I entered my access code and was told it is not a valid code. 389 726 1413 18007 71987 purchased 7/26/2014 at 1:18 Station Box07 at Fairfield 20

  40. Suzanne Keane says:

    Enjoy going to the theater, never have had a problem


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