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About Sullivan's Steakhouse Guest Experience Surveywww.sullivansfeedback.com - Sullivan's Steakhouse Guest Experience Survey
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20 comments on “www.sullivansfeedback.com - Sullivan's Steakhouse Guest Experience Survey

  1. Matt Marra says:

    Had a wonderful dinner on Saturday night, 2/17/18. Shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, creamed spinach, wild mushrooms. We had a wonderful server named Jeri who made the night very special. We were celebrating Valentine's Day and my wife's birthday. Jeri took extra care for our special evening and really made the experience a night to remember.

  2. Deshabba Broxton says:

    Love every

  3. Christopher says:

    Hello, I would like to comment that I am a regular customer at Sullivan's Steakhouse in Chicago. While service in the past has been spotty at times, I have been consistently impressed, in particular, with two of your bartenders -- Chris and Greg. Both expeplify the customer experience - great service, customer interaction, and, of course, great drinks! It is a pleasure to come to your restaurant when these guys are working and, in all honesty, I probably come in more when I know they are working! Best regards.

  4. Anita Gooderum says:

    Dined on 7/6/17. The wedge lettuce was delicious. A meal in itself it's the complimentary bread. My husband ordered the ribeye cowboy cut and baked potato. He was charged $50 for the steak. I ordered the lobster and shrimp bisque. It was full of shrimp and lobster but a little over seasoned for my taste. Could not eat it all. I had a couple bites of the steak and found it a little chewy and dry. Unusual for ribeye. The large bone was half the steak. Not a good value. We cannot eat much at our age ( in our 80s) so we were full and took home the rest of the steak. Drinks, wine and beer, were reasonably priced but the steak way overpriced.

  5. Crazie Mike says:

    Had dinner Baltimore 3/31 Steakes perfect, Service always the best...The only Resturant to eat at when in Baltimore....

  6. Rome Graves says:

    Had a wonderful experience at Sullivan's in downtown Anchorage with Tommy Potts as my bartender on March 27th! He is a great asset to you team! Thanks as always and keep doing the wonderful job you folks do. I will be back soon.

  7. Leslie Harris says:

    I had the pleasure of dining at Sullivans downtown Baltimore MD....the experience was perfect because of Sean. We dined at the bar....and Sean was our waiter/ bartender. He is personable , professional, knowledgeable, patient and should be considered an overall asset to Sullivans This kind of service is NOT always present when dining out....but Sean is an exception.....WOW

  8. Eric Fast says:

    Went to Sullivan's in Tucson (store #8525) for a special occasion (my birthday). I had possibly the best service and most wonderful dinner I have experienced in years. We had made a reservation and requested the library ( private dining room). When we arrived we were informed that the room was closed. The hostess checked with the manager and they opened the room for us. We ordered the Shrimp Cargot ( a play on escargot for people that have a problem with snails) The shrimp was cooked perfectly and the garlic, wine ,and cheese blended into a fabulous appetizer. My dry aged steak was cooked a perfect Pittsburgh rare and my wife's balsamic chicken was out of this world. We complemented this with a 2000 Amarone that the server graciously decanted for us. Dessert was complimentary and I was given a choice of anything on the menu. I chose the Banana's Foster Bread Pudding, and was not disappointed. The chef (Enrique) stopped by with our dessert to wish me a happy birthday as did the manager (Clayton). Our server was Maureen and she was fabulous. She and the rest of the staff made this a perfect birthday dinner. I have eaten at this restaurant in the past and it has always been good. Last night it reached a different level and became unforgettable. Thank you Sullivan's for a great birthday dinner.

  9. Donovan Petersen says:

    Just left dinner at the Naperville location. I brought my whole family tonight for my fathers Birthday dinner. Gary was killing it spot on service always a step ahead of everyone at the table. Tons of EXCELLENT service from everyone. If you are looking for a spot to bring everyone for awesome steak and seafood I highly recommend Sullivans. Thanks everyone!

  10. Carl Smith says:

    I and my guest had dinner at Store #8592 and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of our meals. We did not order Sullivans' signature steak meals, so we were expecting the meal to be satisfactory. However, as stated we were very pleased with the meals preparation and quality. I have been a regular HH customer and service in the bar has always been excellent. Dinner also had excellent service with our server demonstrating a good command of the menu and food preparation associated with each meal we inquired. My guest, who had not been to Sullivans previously, has asked we plan another dinner at Sullivans soon. Good food, good atmosphere, and good staff!

  11. Ann says:

    Will never recommend this restaurant. VERY disappointed. Special occasion and and epic fail on the restaurant's part. 4 of us dined. Only two of us had our meals come out correctly. Not to mention the mediocre service! We asked for our desserts to go... because someone was smoking cigars (we did not know this was allowed) on the back deck.... we were unaware smoking was allowed while dinning! Very very offended. And the desserts were also incorrect. The manager came out... not much help and the server was overwhelmed.
    Ps ... we were also over charged. The server corrected... after I pointed out the $9.50 error. When you spend over $200 on dinner... the experience should be memeorable, but in a good way.

  12. Gordon Yager says:

    Beautiful Saturday evening on a great patio then it all went downhill. I ordered NY strip and my wife ordered salmon as part of Omaha restaurant week. Salads were just fine and we got at most halfway through them when the entre course came - what?? Look - I have eaten steaks at too many to count upscale restaurants around the world and I have cooked too many to count at home. This 12 oz sirloin was at most 10 oz and was 75% fat and gristle. I could barely cut it. The only good thing was that it was the right temperature. My wife's salmon - wow - totally undercooked. After dropping off the entre course about 15 minutes too early we didn't even see our server to complain. Dessert was OK. From order to when the check was dropped off - 45 minutes. I assume they were penalizing us for taking advantage of the lower price Restaurant week specials. Never again - too many good upscale restaurants in Omaha!

  13. Jerry Hanley says:

    I was in for dinner Sunday and ordered the seafood sampler. It tasted great but I started throwing up when I got home. I am very displeased, I dine with you frequently but now I am not so sure about your seafood. I brought friends who also got sick, so my spending $400.00 for dinner was a disappointment.

  14. corinne Pollak says:

    my friends and I had lunch at Sullivans on Saturday, February 20th and had one of the best experiences we have had. Seth Stevenson took excellant care of us. Because of this I will tell my friends to go there for lunch or dinner. Kudos to the chef also, the food was delicious.

  15. David Hood says:

    We had a wonderful 26th anniversary dinner at Sullivan's. The hostess and waitress wished us a Happy Anniversary and I even saw one of my girl's soccer players I coached 10-12 years ago and she stopped by to say hello. It was a fabulous evening with awesome food and atmosphere! Thank you!

  16. Robert & Paula Wynhoff says:

    From both of us THANKS for for a lovely evening on July 25. Heather was a breath of fresh air and it was a pleasure to have her as our waitress . She is a jewel.

    We will be sure to visit you all again when we are in Baton Rouge.

    Thank you Kyle and Nick for the chance to meet you and talk with you.

    Heather - All the best to you and your family. GOOD LUCK.

    Robert and Paula Wynhoff

  17. FRANK DEVITA says:

    one of the worst experience i had and it was on mothers day!!! waited 10 min for someone to take drink orders and that was only because our daughter grabbed some one and said something. then we found out later at home my wife asked if she could substitute a soup on the fixed menu they said sure but charged us extra. also i asked for a bowl soup they brought a cup and charged me for a bowl. so it turned out extra seven dollars on top of over two hunded bill as it was already. we will never patron sullivans again. not for those prices

  18. bj says:

    We had the most exceptional server. His name is Jonathon (although he said most people know him as Max Z. From the first time he approached our table(which was almost immediately after we were seated) he couldn't have been more attentive.
    Explained whatever we wanted to know about the menu, was able to do a substitution for us regarding the potatoes(1st telling us he would try but couldn't guarantee). If all of your servers are like Max Z you have it made. My husband and I would definitely ask for him the next time we come and would wait if we a table in his section was not available at the time of reservation or just if we dropped in without a reservation.

  19. Wardell R. Bourgeois, Sr. says:

    Worst Resturant experience I've had in a very long time. The service and the manager was horrible.
    I decided to take my wife and 17 year old Daughter out for a double celebration. Valentine's Weekend and my wife's birthday. As a result of having to send back our food for improper preparation and slow service we were at the Resturant for almost three miserable hours. Our server, Rachel, tried her best but we were most disappointed by the Manager, Christie (?). She thought by not charging us for a cold potato and Cream Spinach which got cold as a result of our having to send back our steak and fish that somehow she was doing us a favor. She also thought that our getting a free Key Lime Pie as a result of a Birthday coupon that we had just had enough complimentary items for one night. She further tried to insinuate that the 25.00 coupons that she left at the table was additional compensation for the horrific evening, of course we knew that we were getting that anyway. We would have been happy with a simple apology. Needless to say, we left that coupon on the table. The location: 4608 Westheimer,Houston Date: 02.15.14


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