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Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Survey PrizeLoblaw

  1. 1 $2,000 CAD cash prize
  2. 7 prizes of $500 CAD each
  3. 5 prizes of $100 CAD each

Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Survey Rules

  1. You do not need to make a purchase to enter or win.
  2. You will receive the prize in the form of cheque.
  3. Potential winners will be notified by telephone or email.
  4. You cannot transfer the prize.

Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 5 minutes to finish, no open question, need no receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 5/5. Store Opinion Customer Survey create tablet version. No open question, need enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 5/5. This survey has smartphone version. You can  finish Store Opinion Customer Survey via smartphone, and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Loblaw Companies Limited customer survey official website.
  2. Choose the language that you would like to take this survey.
  3. Indicate which device you are using: or mobile devices, then click the next button.
  4. Select answer to the question “Are you at the age of 18 or over?”.
  5. Select answer to the question “Do you have a store receipt with an invitation to complete this customer satisfaction survey?” (A )If you have receipt, select the province in which you shopped or in which you recently heard about this survey. Enter the 19 to 21 digit code that appears near the bottom of your receipt. (B) If you do not have receipt, select the province in which you shopped or in which you recently heard about this survey. Select answer to the question “At which retailer did you recently hear about this survey?”  the location,  the retailer and date of your visit.
  6. Select answers to the questions like “How satisfied were you with your overall shopping experience?” based on your visit.
  7. Select answer to the question “Do you wish to participate in the draw?”.
  8. Enter your personal contact information like your name, phone number etc. to finish the survey.

Loblaw Companies Limited Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Loblaw Companies Limited online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those questions and answers related to Loblaw Companies Limited customer survey in this article.

More Information about Loblaw Companies Limited
If you have purchased from one of the following stores: Superstore, valu-mart, Extra Foods, SaveEasy, provigo, maxi, zehrs, nofrills, Loblaws and FORTINOS, you will be able to take the survey online. If you have a store receipt with an invitation to participate in this survey, please have it with you for reference before you begin. If you have multiple receipts, please refer to the one from the most recent visit to take the survey at www.storeopinion.com.

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About Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Surveywww.storeopinion.ca - Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Survey
Survey Website: www.storeopinion.ca
Survey Incentive:  $2,000+$500 + $100
Host Website: www.storeopinion.com
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52 comments on “www.storeopinion.ca - Loblaw Companies Limited Feedback Survey

  1. David Tafel says:

    I came to Orleans in 2001 and have used the Orleans Garden YIG store / pharmacy since then. I know them & they know me. The service is always good. I'm very satistified with it. There are always little glitches in a relationship but we smooth them out! The only unresolved problem is that they haven't sold me a winning 6/49 ticket yet ???

  2. larry says:

    Don't want extra down load stuff from doctopdf! KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Have a normal site!! Replying to "how did we do today" from Crawford's No Frills. Slip@ 102700. Code#? 06024901574 Lean ground beef 750g pkg. After proportioning 6 pkg's I averaged 720g per pkg. Seems that who ever does the packaging for Loblaws includes the tray liner and wrapping, etc. into the net weight! That would be GROSS weight! Didapointed

  3. mikenewton says:

    Too many steps to enter. Other sites have a questionnaire and all is needed is to enter who I am and FYI I use my PC Plus when I shop.

  4. L.D. Klassen says:

    For as long as I can remember, we have been using Liptons OXO, first in cubes, then in little envelope packets.

    Then the name was changed to Knorr. Thsi also was OK>

    This morning, my wife purchased 2-eight packs of Knorr "Beef Flavoured Bouillon Cubes. (2 packs for $1.49 each)

    These were cubes, not the powder packets we have become used to.

    Because she was making a pot of stew, my wife was complaining the the cubes looked crumbly and stale. I looked over the packages, and I came across something I found very unnerving. The package said "UNILEVER CANADA,Toronto, Ontario M4W3R2" Made in Egypt.


    Since when does a store calling itself "Real Canadian Superstore" stoop to importing groceries from Egypt?

    The, on the front, I noticed an icon, looking vaguely like a bull, with some foreign-looking setters and then in English "HALAL".

    I don't pretend to be the smartest person in Canada, but I have rad in more places than one, that the HALAL tag isn't inspected by Canadians or up to the standards of a Canadian product.

    I intend to take the balance of this product back to the store and demand my money back.

    More so, we intend to let all of our family and all our friends know about this. My wife, a lifelong shipper of the "Real Canadian Superstore" has vowed never to cross your thresh hold again.

  5. Isobel Gill says:

    I am completely satisfied with the products and service on Canadian Superstores that I have visited.

  6. A. Trudel says:

    Your price signs have driven me to shop elsewhere whenever I can. The little flashing numbers are VERY difficult to read and flash too quickly to figure out whether it's the price for one item or the discount price for more-than-one item. Impossible to read without glasses. Furthermore, those miniscule signs on lower shelves require that a person squat or get down on knees to read them. Did you realize that there are now more people in Canada over the age of 65 than there are youngsters? Get with the program and provide signs shoppers can read, understand clearly and that match what is programmed into the check-out till. Until then, the only shopping I expect to do at Superstore will be for items Wal-Mart doesn't have. Pity. I would have preferred to buy Canadian.

  7. jean fields says:

    bought a small salad $6.22 and a box of wing maple pcs $10.00
    dinner $16.22 plus tax plus using oven.. it was awful one small tomatoe cut in 2pcs
    all lettuce and a cheap cheese.. I could have gone out to dinner served. and incl a drink
    for less... also not getting points because of not putting the items in my computer
    not shopping anymore at Loblaws...your always conning the public.

  8. violet Kurtz says:

    I buy Tena underware at your store when they are on sale for $14.99
    I find this is very costly , I use 8 packages per month.
    Couldn't you please put the price down to at least &11.99 or $12.99 a package.
    Thank you I hope to hear back from you.
    I sure love my store.
    Violet Kurtz

  9. Shannon says:

    Today was great ! Not long along wait to ring out. However one of your coupons in store was no longer valid. I even brought my own bags. I love the app.

  10. Lyn says:

    I love shopping here because they have what i need.
    The store is also nice and clean.

  11. Lyn says:

    I love shopping here because they have everything we need.

  12. brenda McCormick says:

    Just wanting to say a Big Thank You to Kaya the seafood manager at Superstore Kingsway Avenue Edmonton for her customer service and going out of her way to make sure we had the very best shopping experience!! Thank You Kaya!!!!

  13. dean robilliard says:

    why do you keep changing pharmacist as a customer i do not like this you just get comfortable dealing with and talking with them and build a trust and they are gone
    this a poor customer service in my view i realize the new pharmacist is competent etc but the built up trust and bonding is gone and you have to start all over
    we are a small community and i have spoken with others who feel as i do
    your pharmacy is #39972

  14. Esther Dowell says:

    I went to your store tonight and was very disgusted.This same thing happened to me once before, so I checked the pricing carefully this time. In the flyer you had 24 wet swifters for 2 for $16.00, Found them, but no sign saying 2 for $16.00, the only price sign was on the shelf $8.00. I said to my husband that if they are $8.00 then I will not buy 2, I will only buy 1.When I got home and looked at my slip I was charged $10.49.As far as I can see this is misrepresentation. They were on the bottom shelf and it clearly said $8.00. At 74 and 76 years of age we cannot get down on our hands and knees to inspect any small print. I believe that I may give up trying to shop at your store, not happy at all. Other stores also will charge the sale price for 1 item when something is on for 2 for a certain price. Save On Foods would only have charged me the $8.00. I mentioned your policy re Rain Checks to the manager at Ind Grocer and he agreed with me. Other stores give Rain Checks, how come you do not? It is difficult to run to your store every day to get one item. Codts more in gas than the item costs.

  15. Bibi Sanchez says:

    not very friendly the page, I wanted to do the survey and I cant find it

  16. Ray W Mahar says:

    My Family all shop at the Charlottetown PEI Superstore.
    Recently while shopping. I "Ray" had a serious incident of Meniere's disease .
    I could not stand up. And was very embarrist as My wife and staff had to assist me to my auto.
    (My wife was driving). I want to thank Staff for their kind assistance. This example impressed me,
    because for all they knew I was hammered, Yet they rushed to help me and my wife. We will always shop at Loblaw stores wherever we live or vacation.

  17. mal mackeigan says:

    I want Loblaws own suite,

  18. mal mackeigan says:

    this site is #####

  19. Brenda says:

    At the St. Albert store, we experienced difficulty releasing a shopping cart. As a result our shopping cart fob was also broken. I approached James in customer service and he was absolutely first class! He quickly came outside with me to try and solve the problem and also provided us with a new shopping cart fob. He was pleasant, prompt and seemed genuinely interested in helping us. Thank you James!

  20. helen says:

    always shop at the division st. store in Kingston ont. love the people who work there, the pharmacy people are fantastic thank you no frills

  21. carol babkirk says:

    I much preferred the old way to collect pc points.. seems like it takes for ever now to grow enough to use, as the products linked to the big points are normally not things I would purchase...

  22. James Johnson says:

    I cannot locate a place to add points to PC card #1153575767092 636832
    Did not have card at the store 11/29/14 $85.45 store 01565 slip 480400 ref #487001001056 auth 029971 I could have earned 850 points ??

  23. Mihai Scripcaru says:

    FOR Many times label with discounts are not matched by price paid!!!!. This morning 7 am - bought Minute Maid ad for $1.99 - but on invoice found I was charged for 4.19 (transaction record # 5355649 - store 01010)

  24. Pat Peterson says:

    Great service today. Always shoppe with my PC Card !!!!

  25. Barry Harris says:

    In the past 3 months I have shopped at Super store approx. 10 times, and presented my points card. The balance has never changed?

  26. annie says:

    1 cashier(express 1-12 items) at Superstore was dealing with customer and no other customers so I was going to that cashier but she spoke loudly, 'I AM NOT OPEN' so I turned myself to self-serve and waited. I didn't see any sign that she was closed. At that time each self-serve machine was used by customers. Few seconds later, I saw a woman carrying her items going to that cashier and then another two customers was doing the same. I didn't hear she told those three customers 'I AM NOT OPEN.' I am very upset and angry, being treated unfairly.

  27. Kendra Parlane says:

    I was at No Frills and can usually find what I need. I like how things are laid out.

  28. lynda hill says:

    always have a positive experience, helpful staff

  29. mitchelle monteith says:

    You provide a good service I like the one in North Vancouver but I moved now I go to yor
    Sechelt store

  30. Margaret E. Sweigard -Kerslake says:

    Hoe do you enter the contest and take the survey? Would like to see a screen marked "ENTER" Thank You.

  31. maynard grove says:

    good store, handy location, clean open areas, friendly and helpful staff.

  32. judy parsons says:

    love shopping at dominion. they have really good specials each week .very good compared to the other supermarkets.

  33. Kari says:

    Let me ask you, if some one bought 15 bottles of ketchup, 15 bottles of mustard, 15 bottles of relish, 15 bags of hotdog buns, 15 bags of hotdogs, 15 bags of chips, 15 chocolate bars, 15 cases of pop, 15 cans of soup, 15 boxes of granola bars, 15 blocks of cheese, 15 cartons of milk, 15 bags of carrots, 15 jars of peanut butter, and 15 jars of mayo. Do you think the person behind them in the "express" line would consider this 15 items or 225? I think 15 ketchup bottles are 15 items, and although this probably shouldn't been a problem, I think the manager did more than enough.

  34. Doug Sawyer says:

    Re: No Frills, Angus,Ontario. This store had Chapmans ice cream on sale !Merchandized in a dump bin freezer. Said ice cream was Squishy almost liquid This is a very poor way to sell ice cream. The freezer should have doors and keep the product at 0 degrees F

  35. Marion Wintzer says:

    I shop at the Super Store, I normally find what I want, the staff is very friendly and helpful, thank you to all

  36. sara says:

    Today i picked up 15 bottles of ketchup at the SuperStore beside the Scarborough Town centre and lined up at the express line (1~12 items) but the casher told me the 15 bottles ketchup were counted as 15 items because they do not sell ketchup in cases and sent me to the regular line while she had nobody else to serve at that time. I asked the assistant manager Aziz if the ketchup should be counted as 15 items there. He tried to offer $10 discount as the answer whick i politely rejected with a comment: I will never come to your store and just want to let you know how you loose your business. Now i know why that location is always empty. Do you think 15 bottles of ketchup should be counted as 15 items in your store?

  37. Jean Haffenden says:

    There was a special price for pumpkins of 88 cents each, Oct. 18 - 20th.
    On the last three day special the 88 cents price had been jacked up to over $2.00,
    which was not at all honourable, there were several pumpkins available, although your
    Linda's No Frills, at Lakeshore/Elizabeth Street, caused a real upset and we certainly
    did not buy any pumpkins at the higher price, which was disappointing. A store should
    honour what the flyer indicates.

  38. Blanche Young says:

    clean and friendly!! Always a fun place with Super Staff!!!!

  39. tammy dunning says:

    I enjoyed shopping at the Superstore because of the great variety. The staff are wonderful as well.

  40. Rahim says:

    I always shop at Loblaw's because the grocery is fresh and the prices are reasonable


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