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16 comments on “www.sportsauthorityfeedback.com - Sports Authority Customer Feedback

  1. Russell Stansell says:

    On 12-26-16 I purchase 2 dozen Tommy Armour 845 Tour Distance golf balls from the Conyers, GA location. On Friday, 2-12-16 I used them for the first time. From 1 sleeve of 3 balls everyball quickly developed hairline cracks and one ball was so bad that I could peel the cover as if it were an orange.
    I'm extremely disappointed because I had bought the same golf balls from your former Augusta GA location and never had a problem. I only spent 20.00 for the two dozen because they were BOGOF for 20.00. However I thought Sports Authority should be aware of this issue
    The sku for both is 36790614 Model TA-27
    The sleeve that I had problems with came from box 02/2014-24777
    The other box was 01/2015-24777.

  2. JON ADAMS says:

    I was so impressed with a sales person names Suge today, January 31st 2016 at the Natomas store. She reminded me of the quality of service to a customer is all about effort with a smile. I was initially brushed off by a manager rather rudely, but then Suge stepped in and I thought went above and beyond to try and help me with my questions and order. We all have bad days, and some can't handle a rush of customers, like the Mgr., but what a pleasant experience it turned out to be and all because of Suge. Thank you again Suge.

  3. Maria L says:

    last Saturday I bought a sweatpants for my husband, but the following Sunday my husband and I went back to the store to exchange it for another size, the cashier refused to make an exchange, she said it could only make a return and give my money back to my credit card. since my husband wanted to buy another stuff he ended up paying for his birthday gift, because the cashier didn't know how to cancel a transaction and not even how to make an exchange.

  4. Cynthia Bell says:

    I would like to personally recommend Kasenet as the employee of the month and in the New Year from the Fort Lauderdale Store 1901 N. Federal Highway, as this young man is a keeper!
    Kasenet is knowledgeable, caring and was very understanding of my need for supportive shoes. He select a few pair and educated me on each. I was amazed and asked how he knew so much and Kasenet proceeded to mention that he studied the shoes on the web. I was quite impressed that this young man would take the time to learn about shoes, an employee who cares, going above what is expected to provide exceptional service. I'm in the hospitality business and know that most customers will typically take their time to communicate their not so happy experience and needless to say, this young man is an exception to the rule. Kasenet is a manager in training and knows how to take care of your customers. Thank you Kasenet for assisting me and educating me on the appropriate support I needed as I'm just recovering from back surgery and I thank you personally for taking the time and giving the education I needed for the appropriate shoe selection. Kindest regards, C. Bell

  5. Yuksel Sagirlioglu,CTC says:

    I wanted to apply your reward offer program but clerk insisted I have to give my e mail address. I gave to some companies and now I am getting about 200 spams everyday.
    If a person does not have e mail address , which some people do not use computers cannot enroll to get rewards?
    This is discrimination.
    I purchased two shoes and could not get any reward.

  6. Russ Fruchey says:

    Gilroy, CA store has only once offered us the warranty you apparently can purchase on products. We have shopped at the Gilroy, CA store since it opened buying baseball and golf equipment among other things. We NEVER knew there was a warranty you could buy on the products that do not have a lifetime warranty. Up until last month, October 2015, we NEVER had an employee either on the floor or at the register tell us about this warranty program you have. Last month when we brought in a pair of batting gloves that were 2 weeks old and had torn, did any employee at the register tell us about the warranty we could buy. That employee was surprised we did not know and said he would speak to the manager about discussing this with all employees. Today my husband went to buy a sports backpack for baseball. He did not think about that warranty we could buy since it is so new to us. Not one employee spoke to him about getting a warranty!!!!! But wait, we have been told that every employee whether on the floor or at the register tells every customer about the warranty plan they can purchase!!! When he gets home I call the Gilroy, CA store. The girl verifies what we bought is eligible for the warranty plan. When I ask her why nobody talked about it she said, maybe it was busy, or the employee just forgot, or we asked and your husband declined. Really????? So I then spoke to the manager. He was NOT real concerned as he apologized and told us we could come back in and they would re-ring the product up and give us the warranty. Really, I live all the way across town! His remark was that there was no hurry in doing it, we could just stop by the next time we were over there. What I really want is for the employees to do the job they are supposed to do and for management to care that they do not do their job! And please do not try and tell me this was a one time incident at this store because the one time incident was an employee who actually told us about the warranty we could purchase.

  7. Josephine Odiorne says:

    I purchased a jacket for my grandson at your store#055 last night & received excellent service from the clerk Andres. He was very helpful. I will recommend your store to friends & family for the great display of products & inventory you have on hand.

  8. Walter James says:

    I registered a complaint on 10/20. i have yet to have a response from Sports Authority! Obviously they don't need or care about my business. The feeling is mutual!

  9. Walter James says:

    I visited your store in La Habra Ca to purchase a tube of "Shoe Goo". An item i have purchased there for years. I asked a clerk whose name i believe is "Andrew' and asked him where i Could find the item. He said he never heard of it and pointed me toward the shoe section. I searched the area for at least 20 minutes with out luck. I went back to the front of the store and informed Andrew of my lack of success. He advised me that they no longer handled the product. The cashier overheard the conversation and advised she had recently sold a tube to another customer. Andrew then said we were out of stock. I told him I wanted him to find out and get in touch with someone who knew. He got on the phone and came back with the product. His attitude to me was surly.I had just shopped at Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond and the clerks there went out of their way to ask me if I needed any help and accompanied me to the products I was searching for. I left feeling very cool toward Sports Authority.

  10. irene sardanis says:

    Just a note of commendation for your employee Gian and the Manager, Roberto at Sports Authority on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland.
    Gian was patient and helpful in finding the right swim goggles I need for a class I'm starting tomorrow.
    He helped me try them on to make sure they fit properly.
    I'll definitely return to this store for the good service I received.
    Oakland Ca

  11. Lisa Henderson says:

    I bought 3 Under Armour tee shirts and when I got home I noticed they were damaged from the security tag that was removed. I went back and talked to the manager and he laughed about it saying theres nothing he can do. Your selling damaged items for to[p dollar- I will return them and buy them from Dunhams- I will no longer shop Sports Authority.

  12. Donna says:

    I was extremely pleased with my experience at Sports Authority in Columbia, Maryland due to the excellent service I received from Josh Bright. I needed insoles for all of my shoes due to an injury with my ankles. He was knowlegable about the Foot Balance insoles and explained how and why they would help me. He was very easy to work with and I felt confident when I left that my purchase was what I needed to help me. It was evident that he cared about the result I would get.

    I went back the following week to see Josh again to purchase a second pair of insoles. His manager Josie Paln was also extremely helpful and knowlegable about the product and went out of her way to help find the size that I needed.

    If you continue to employ people like Josh and Josie, not only will I continue coming back, but your sales will soar with happy customers.

    Keep up the good work.

    Donna W.

  13. Kathy Kennedy says:

    I am disappointed and frustrated by my experience at Sports Authority. During my visit today at the store in Springfield NJ, I attempted to use a 15% off a single item coupon. The coupon was embedded within the Mid-Summer Sale email blast I received today. The coupon highlights that it includes "Select fitness & golf equipment, boats, bikes & basketball systems priced $250.00 or more". The exclusions in the fine print of the coupon are explicit in regards to clearance items and specific brands including Under Armour, UGG, and North Face.

    The sales associate would not let me apply the coupon to the sneakers I was purchasing. She indicated the coupon did not include sneakers, only the big ticket items listed on the coupon. (I am unable to copy the coupon onto this site). I clarified that "Includes" does not mean "Only" and she insisted it did.

    When I asked her to clarify, she again insisted that "includes" meant only the items advertised. I did not have the time in which to call over a manager and raise this concern at a higher level. I am shocked at the lack of understanding by the sales associate as well as by the manner in which she spoke to me. A staff member who does not understand the meaning of common words makes me suspect of their ability to operate the cash register appropriately or provide reasonable customer service.

    With a Dick's Sporting Goods store less than 1/4 mile down the road, Sports Authority cannot afford to treat loyal customers in this manner. I am disappointed and frustrated and will hesitate before going back to this store again.

  14. Adrienne Harris says:

    I had my best experience with a sales person in the Chicago North Suburbs Edens Plaza Location. A gal named Marvetta took care of me twice, and made me feel special and a high degree of service. It is the first time I felt personally attended to in a Sports Authority Store, and I will gout of my way to have her take care of me. You need more concerned help like her.
    Thank You,
    Adrienne Harris

  15. Vincent Gomez says:

    Today I went to the Rockwall location to get my feet checked for insoles.
    Being that I am 44 and extremely flat footed.
    My wife sent me there, telling me about a console or device that could show the spots on my feet that were in need of support.
    I was kindly greeted as I walked in. Then another staff member asked if I needed assistance.
    After telling him what I was looking for,he sent me to shoe's and said Josh would soon be with me. I hope that is his name. The young man in charge of handling shoes.
    Anyway,this young man came over and found me.
    Asked what I was looking for.
    Then took the time to listen to my needs!
    Listen to the reasons for my needs!
    Comfortably and effortlessly, made suggestions and walked me through the department in effort to make sure that I was happy.
    Again I'm 44 and almost never has anyone shown such a concern for my (NEEDS) not trying to push an item on me,but genuinely trying to make my life a little more comfortable.
    With what he is given.
    I've been in the Hospitality/ service industry for over 25 years. This is how I make a living. Be it mgmnt. Owner employee, it doesn't matter.
    I told the manager on duty how pleased I was with this young man. Now I'm telling you guys.
    You almost never hear the good,only the bad.
    Well .... You have an asset there in Rockwall.
    This young mans model for workmanship and caring and overall great attitude,is nothing short of stellar.
    I spent 236.31 today!
    I was going in for insoles at the most.
    I wasn't tricked,duped,misled..... I was taken care of!!!!!!!
    Please please watch this young man, he has a great future.
    As for your manager on duty. She must be doing something right as well.
    Like I said, I was greeted ,given direction and led to water.
    Great day for Sports Authority Rockwall!!!
    P.s. Going back tomorrow for more insoles and socks!

  16. Steven Burmeister says:

    Tim the manager at Roseville greeted us and helped us in the shoe dept. He was very personable
    We appreciated the customer service he provided and told the cashier how great he was. He's
    an awesome store manager

  17. Chuck Flahive says:

    On April 5th I visited the Salem NH store on South Broadway to buy some exercise equipment for my wife.

    The store was pretty much empty (Easter Sunday) and I was looking for assistance in getting an exercise ball down off a high shelf so I could see if it was what my wife wanted. I went over to the check out and the manager and a cashier were there talking. I asked about getting the ball down and was told someone would be right over. I was in eye sight of these two employees so they obviously saw that NO ONE had come to help me as I was standing there by the display. I eventually just choose a ball and went to the checkout. Neither of these employees inquired about whether someone had helped me, instead the cashier cashed me out and the manager left to go speak to another employee who didn't have his name tag on who was walking up to the front of the store. Not impressed.

    Also FYI the website to send feed back that is on the back of my receipt does not exist. "informsportsauthority.com".

  18. John Millhone says:

    I want to commend Tyson at your Roseville store on Fairway Dr. He was very helpful in helping me find the right pair of running shoes. He took his time, was patient and informative and I think he is a great asset to your company and this store. Also DJ from the same store was helpful in the shoe department as well. And finally, Lynelle, at the customer counter who was very bright and enthusiastic and made me feel like I had spent my money at the right place. All 3 of these people are giving Sports Authority in Roseville an enhanced reputation and I hope you will pass this message on to the management, especially regional management. thank you

  19. Barbara D says:

    Ashton Bristol was the first associate that ever came over to help me Usually the sales help don't bother and just hang out and talk to each other. I have been shopping at sports authority for many years and have purchased many things. It was a pleasure this time

  20. Chris A. says:

    Ordered a Denver Broncos jacket for my stepdad's anniversary and received the jacket in a timely manner and before the anniversary date. He loves the jacket and I am satisfied with Sports Authority. Shipping was top-notch. Thank you!

  21. EDDIE says:


  22. lisa ely says:

    I love the Collierville sports authority because Cynthia is always so friendly and eager to help. I encourage all my teachers to shop here for the best deals and the hard to find items. I used to work in retail many years ago and understand that its not always easy to please the public but I have to say Cynthia goes out of her way to make you highly satisfied...she by far is the best at her job! Thanks sports authority for the family like atmosphere.

  23. Amanda Trass says:

    Went into the Orange Outlets store with my two little boys and a buggy with two flat tyres. Chad immediately came to my aid, doing his best to repair my punctures - this was the second day of our Disney holiday and the buggy was crucial to our trip. He was awesome, thanks so much....went way beyond his remit and saved the day :-)

  24. melissa Samek says:

    Brandi was helpful and very sweet and we thank you for being so good to us

  25. Agustin Juarez says:


  26. james g. casper says:

    another good day at saving on reduced items.

  27. Kenya says:

    Thank you for the objects.


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