Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.shell.co.uk/tellshell - Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey

Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey OfferShell

  1. £100 worth of Shell V-Power

Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. Each person is limited to 1 entry in each calendar month.
  2. The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
  3. Winners will be contacted by Shell within 21 days of closing time for the relevant prize draw by telephone or email.

Shell Customer Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. Less than 10 steps, 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question and a receipt is necessary.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. 1 open question and you need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphone but you can still finish the Shell customer satisfaction survey on your smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes.

Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey official website
  2. Please enter site ID, date, time and amount spent
  3. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Shell station
  4. Select answers to the questions like "what did you  purchase during this visit", "What service did you  use on this visit?", etc.
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction with statements like "The overall cleanliness and lighting", "How well everything worked", etc.
  6. Select the likelihood that you will recommend this Shell station to others
  7. Answer the open question about your positive or negative experience with Shell
  8. Select answers to a few more questions like "How often do you visit a fuel station, either for fuel or for other services such as the shop?", etc.
  9. Select answers to questions about yourself such as your gender, age, etc.
  10. Fill out your personal contact information such as your name, email address, etc.

Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you can 't submit your Shell survey online successfully, watching the video below made .

More Information about Shell
Did you know you can earn money off vouchers with Shell Drivers' Club? With money off vouchers as your reward option, you can get the most out of every liter of fuel you buy at Shell. And it is simple to join and just pick up a card at your local Shell Service Station. Register your details and then you can login to select your choice of reward in the personal details section.

As a Shell Drivers ' Club member, you will receive regular Bonus Points offers throughout the year worth hundreds of points. You can receive these offers with your quarterly statement or through special mailings or e-mail promotions. By taking advantage of these Bonus Points offers, you can boost your balance and move closer to your next reward.

So remember to swipe your Shell Driver's Club Card every time you buy fuel and enjoy your exclusive benefits.

Shell makes a major contribution to the UK, not just through providing products and services to customers, but also through employment, tax revenues and investment which boost the economy. We employ around 6,400 people directly in the UK. Shell is a key provider of the energy that millions of people use for heating and powering the UK. Shell Centre, on the south bank of the Thames in London, is the global headquarters for Shell's Downstream business and supporting functions. Shell Trading and Shipping, a global network of trading and shipping companies, are also based in London.

About Shell Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.shell.co.uk/tellshell - Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.shell.co.uk/tellshell
Survey Incentive: £100 worth of Shell V-Power
Host Website: tellshell.shell.com
Marketing Surpport: SMG

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56 comments on “www.shell.co.uk/tellshell - Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. vilma Teck says:

    Code 10058934

  2. vilma Teck says:

    Helpful friendly and satisfactory

  3. Jane Harris says:

    Store Code 10018953

    R Ahmed was extremely friendly and helpful.

  4. Donna Moore says:

    I always use the shell garage in upton site 804 Because the garage staff are very nice the main member of staff I see is Mike he always has a smile for all the customers and makes every customer feel valued he and all the staff are lovely polite and very helpful.

  5. John Battersby says:

    Visited store 2353 (Witney) this morning. Most pleasant reception from Lynn. Makes using the store a pleasure. Always try to visit there when ever I can.

  6. cameron dakers says:

    I use Todhill services at Carlisle 2 or 3 times a week the staff are always very helpful
    and its a very friendly atmosphere in and around the shop.
    Store number 10019590. Staff name Sharon.

  7. Lateisha says:

    Generally, colliding with a deer is a comprehensive insurance claim, filed with your insurance provider. If another vehicles collided with and propelled the deer into your vehicle, you may have a claim against their liability coverage-in my 20 years of experience, I have not seen this before. If you collected the other vel/rhesidrivecs insurance information, you could file a claim with them-there is no downside to this. I would not be optimistic with this panning out.

  8. Roberto says:

    You've captured this petclfrey. Thanks for taking the time!

  9. iwan rahmat says:

    Senin, 1 Septeber 2015, sy mengisi V Power di Pom Shell Cibubur 2, saran PERTAHANKAN GREETING and SMILE dari petugas yg melayani Costumer karena itu lah Jembatan Kekuatan dalam mempertahankan keBESARan Company. Shell is The Best.. Baik dalam Mutu dan Baik salam Pelayanan.. dan JADIkan itu keBESARan atas HUBUNGAN dgn Costumer. Karena bagaimana pun Costumer lah yang akan membuat Company menjadi BESAR dan lebih BAIK.

    TERUS dan PERTAHANKAN itu. Bravo to Shell.

  10. sue day says:

    I use the garage in Maidstone Rochester and the staff are really nice and polite i will always go to this garage not only is it because it is close to my home , but like i say the people are so friendly .
    store code number 12038571 name on card of your staff is Thomas and Keean

  11. Mrs.Buzzard says:

    I have only recently started using the Shell garage, but the Cannock sevices at Longford Island (10019159) is probably the friendliest station I have ever used. Every visit the staff are so polite and friendly. Even on a miserable monday morning, they are happy , politre,friendly,helpful and have a smile to offer! keep up the good team work. I hope Shell reward your service, as it is due to this that I now use their station.

  12. Julia Perkins says:

    i got served by Elisabeth and she was very friendly and polite, very warming attitude towards customers and i felt very welcome.

  13. Richard Scott says:

    I visited a shell garage in Rhyl and filled up with fuel on payment i was served by Kieron he was very polite nd helpful

  14. Dermot Murray says:

    the site number I omitted to say was 12038499.

  15. Dermot Murray says:

    Last week whilst traveling the A63 at Garforth I called at your service station to fill up with petrol, whilst in the shop paying for thee fuel I accidently dropped some money which |I had folded up in my wallet. The money wasn't mine but that of my son who has asked me to pay a workman he had employed. On returning home I discovered the money was missing, phoned the service station and spoke to Ahmed who advised me a lady had handed it in. It is good to know there are still some honest people about. I returned to collect the money, where Ahmed was very polite and helpful. I wish to thank both Ahmed and the lady who handed the money in . I am a pensioner and losing and having to replace someone else's money would have been difficult.
    Thank you .

  16. mrs shirley Howard says:

    I was very impressed and the staff were great and made you feel welcome.

  17. Colin Baxter says:

    I had excellent service as always at PURVIS of Galashiels in the Scottish Borders (10369163) , Their staff are always very polite and helpful (especially Dot who goes out her way to be so kind to the Emergency Services ) .

  18. Lateffah Md Noor says:

    I was both overwhelmed and satisfied with the service attended to me upon my 1st visit to this particular station.The attendant named Rasheed was so friendly and knowledgeable about the fuel he recomended me.It didn't stop there,i was gracefully welcomed by the cheerful cashier who treated me more than a host leaving me a very good impression for the entire day.I am very sure this will never be my 1st visit there as it is still vivid in my mind.And definitely i will spread to my families,friends and fellow colleague on the hospitality i experienced that evening.Keep up.

  19. febriansyah says:

    Saya pengguna shell,untuk pelayanan shell oke,untuk kwalitas shell gak ada dua nya... Tarikan motor langsam dan kencang.shell is the best.

  20. EFFENDI says:

    Mobil saya Suzuki Ertiga dari baru /pertama saya beli sekitar satu setengah tahun saya selalu memakai Shell super tarikannya enteng, pernah saya coba merek lain yg sudah ter kenal di Indonesia hanya beberapa kali eh kembali lagi ke Shell super, setelah saya mencoba V power eh ketagian ternyata tarikannya lebih enteng sekarang saya selalu memakai V power . Untuk pelayanan nya kepada konsumen begitu baik dan ramah semoga dipertahan kan. Terima kasih

  21. Frank Moniaga says:

    My visit on March 25, 2014 at your 10053655-site at pump 1&2 was as usual enjoyable; the young lady was friendly and informative. The site clean and orderly.

  22. eko supriatna says:

    saya pengguna shell v-power selama saya memakai shell v-power,tarikan motor saya jadi enteng
    dan service pelayanannya pun memuaskan ....tetap dipertahankan ya service ke customer pengguna shell......shell is the best..

  23. ratna says:

    good service, kind employee but when there is a promo there please make sure the promo can be used...because when i went there, there is a promo to pay with card for get the lego for free but the employee said the machine cant detected it so i didnt get the lego promo :(

  24. luluk says:

    Pelayanan good ,pake shell menjaga performa mesin tetep baik ,motor dipake juga enak .Cuman masalahnya di daerah tempat tinggal aq di Surabaya Utara blm ada counter yg jual jd klo mau beli hrs di tempat lain yg lebih jauh.Klo bisa di tiap daerah disediain deh counternya cause nich product bagus bgt .

  25. Mrs C Scott says:

    I have just visited the shell service station site 644 at Willerby and was so pleased with the help from a young man who asked if he could fill the petrol for me to save my hands getting dirty. Yes I do use this station each time I fill up.

  26. D. Orr says:

    Problem at Willerby Shell Station.Filling up the stop on the pump did not operate correctly and there was a fuel overflow. I was unable to put more fuel in the tank but the fuel gauge showed there was space for 1 to 2 gallons. Told the till operator but got no reaction.
    Not had this problem previously even at Willerby.

  27. komarudin says:

    kualitas bbm,pelayanan,kenyamanan,ketertiban dan keramahan bagus dan memuaskan,,namun saya pernah lewat bandung tidak ada shell saran saya sebagai masukan di kota-kota kecil agar tersedia,tksh.

  28. dwi says:

    in bahasa indonesia, please

  29. Joe says:

    Clean service station and very friendly staff. Will call again.

  30. jarwita says:

    saya sangat puas dengan BBM shell... sayang BBM shell hanya tersedia / di ketemukan d kota besar.. saya berharap shell mau menambah kounter d beberapa tempat lagi.. minimal tiap karisidenan bahkan tiap kabupaten tersedia satu kounter...

  31. Keith Russell says:

    Regularly use the Shell station in Wickham, Hampshire. Natalie is always efficient and always has a smile despite being under a lot of pressure at times. She always has time for a friendly word. She's excellent!

  32. Rob scaife says:

    Feral was very polite and the cash transaction went smoothly on Site number 10019325. Very satisfied.

  33. mustofa says:

    setelah menggunakan v power bedanya langsung seketika, tarikan gas yg kadang nyendat langsung hilang. .....mantab

  34. deborah vinnicombe says:

    i use the burton-on-trent shell garage on derby road site no 12038477 because Frances is always so helpful and cheery, she never gets flustered, even when its busy , and always finds the time to have a little conversation to make you feel welcome not just a number, i will always go out of my way to get to this garage.

  35. gary wightman says:

    open 24 hours very handy in borders area

    site no 10369163

  36. gary wightman says:

    hi very good helpful service station keep it up
    regards gary

  37. mr french says:

    I filled up with shell 2day I was given a bit of paper,which said WIN £100 OF SHELL FUEL
    as I started 2 fill the form in it asked for the site id and dates THERE IS NOTHING ON THE BIT OF PAPER STATEING THIS,How the hell can customers will £100 of fuel if shell cant give the details 2 enter

  38. mark rice says:

    I make a point of getting my diesel from shell when I am in Clevedon or Bristol cribbs causeway as I realise I get quality fuel and the service is excellent. I never used the nitro fuel before but one of the staff who had a motorbike said how good it was,we got talking and I decided that as I was off to Falmouth that weekend I'd give it a go.The mileage I gained in my 4x4 was amazing and I have'nt stopped using it since.So thanks to that member of staff and
    keep giving out good advice.

  39. I Hammond says:

    Always get excellent service every time I fill up. Friendly and nothing too much trouble for staff and I feel I am a valued customer.


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