Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey PrizeShaws

  1. A $100 gift card

Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. It is not necessary for you to make a purchase to enter or win
  2. The winner is responsible for all taxes and all other costs associated with acceptance or use of the prize
  3. No transfer or substitution of any prize is allowed

Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 2 open questions and a receipt is necessary.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 2 open questions and you need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey via your smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry

  1. Consumers who make a purchase in one of its participating retail locations can participate in a confidential online customer survey by visiting Shaw's customer satisfaction survey official website.
  2. During the Promotion Period, the Sponsor may invite consumers who visit but do not make a purchase in one of its participating retail locations to participate in a confidential online customer satisfaction survey.
  3. For customers who want to enter without completing a survey, you need to hand print your complete name, complete address (no P.O. Boxes), city, state, zip code, telephone number and e-mail address (if you have one) on a 3” x 5” card and mail it in a number ten (#10) envelope to: Shaw's “Survey Sweepstakes”,  c/o ICCDS,  PO Box 1307, Little Falls, NJ 07424.

Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Shaw's customer satisfaction survey official website
  2. Select the location you visited
  3. Select the date of your visit
  4. Enter your email address, time of day of your visit, cashier/operator #
  5. Rate your overall experience at this store
  6. Rate the likelihood that you will return and recommend this store. Select departments you visited
  7. Rate your satisfaction with departments you visited, in areas such as quality, freshness, etc.
  8. Rate your satisfaction with the store in areas such as "Layout of the Store", "Speed of Checkout", etc.
  9. Select what you would like to see improved out of stock conditions
  10. Answer the open question about your suggestions, best part about shopping at this store
  11. Indicate your gender, age and so forth and enter your contact information such as your name, address, etc.

Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you can 't finish Shaw's survey online successfully, the video below made may help you.

More Information About Shaw's
Shaw's and Star Market are two American grocery store chains based in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, employing about 30,000 associates in 169 stores. 156 stores are operated under the Shaw's banner in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, while Star Market operates 13 stores in Massachusetts. Until 2010, Shaw's operated stores in all six New England states and as of 2011 Shaw's remained the only supermarket chain with stores in five of the six after it sold its Connecticut operations. The chain's largest competitors are Hannaford, Market Basket, and Stop & Shop. Star Market is a companion store to Shaw's, having purchased the competing chain in 2004.

Shaw's and Star Market are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Boise, Idaho–based Albertsons LLC. The combined chain has the largest base of stores that operate in New England, but is the third-largest behind Quincy, Massachusetts-based Stop & Shop and Scarborough, Maine-based Hannaford Bros. Co.; Hannaford operates stores in New York while Stop & Shop's operation extend into New Jersey, but Shaw's does business strictly in its core area.

About Shaw's Customer Satisfaction Survey www.shawssurvey.com - Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.shawssurvey.com
Survey Incentive: $100 gift card
Host Website: survey.iccds.com
Marketing Support: Shaw's

How does the service help you?
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  • Very helpful
  • Somewhat helpful
  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 3.4/5 (84 vote casts)

1,327 comments on “www.shawssurvey.com - Shaws Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Shannon Mason says:

    We have dealt with Travis 94F several times and he is absolutely amazing. Is the main reason we stick with Shaw. Also just dealt with Pascal(can't remember number) to activate the new PVR and even though there was a glitch on my end, he was very professional and managed to get things done!

  2. jean richardson says:

    I will try another time
    this is taking me longer than I have time for today.

  3. gael catalano says:

    Just got back from Marshfield store....Pam was at the register with a smile and happy new year to everyone. Karen was in the floral department cleaning--she keeps it immaculate with plenty of stock...a pleasure to buy there....

  4. Jody Gallant says:

    Hi I really like shopping at the Shaw's locations the people are very friendly and always willing to help you out.
    There are lots of people (too many to name) that are willing to go the extra mile and I do appreciate the fact that they will do that for me, since I have been shopping at Shaw's for probably 30 years or so.
    Doreen is very pleasant, Dennis is very helpful, Graham is helpful in the meat department, Harrison is always willing to find what I like for me if it's available to name a few sorry if I forgot some others.
    Thank you

  5. JIM says:


  6. gael catalano says:

    Pam is the nicest woman at the register--always pleasant!!

  7. gael catalano says:

    I buy flowers weekly for the Marshfield Senior Center and Karen, the store manager, is a rock star....She gets me anything I request and is pleasant and very accommodating. The few weeks she was gone left the floral department in a disaster...I'm glad she is back, always with a smile, wink and good word. She cannot be replaced.

  8. kyle smith says:

    found what I needed
    Michelle was kind

  9. miriam marifa says:

    Rochelle was a great help...
    Ecellent SERVICE..

  10. Cathy Niles says:

    Mike the produce manager was so helpful today. My Uncle passed away and I wanted to get a bouquet of flowers for the nursing staff at the nursing home and he helped get what I wanted together. He was friendly and funny.
    Thanks again Mike

  11. maryburke says:


  12. Robert Moore says:

    I Shop at Store # 7491 in Newburyport Ma. And Bill the Meat cutter has always special cut meats on request .Great Guy and always pleasant.Got 4 big steaks cut this Morning for my Friends and Myself for the Football game ! And also Linda is my favorite cashier,no matter how many in line I always go to her. always Friendly and pleasant to speak with .

  13. Joseph, Donnelly says:

    I enjoy going shopping at store 7557 the Associates always go above and beyond to help the customers , always have a smile on thier faces 😉 i see it every time when i shop there . Hats off too Joyce!!! as well!! thank you!!!

  14. Bruce Brockett says:

    Regarding flower shop in Shaws Newport, NH: My experience with this flower and plant outlet has been a 10 out of 10. Good displays quality products sans bugs or flying insects, very pleasing displays and friendly staff. Well done, keep up the good work. Lose the beer!!!

  15. Linda Massarelli says:

    I am new to Shaws but really like it. The prices are better especially at the deli

  16. Kevin McKearney says:

    I shop at both of your stores at Lancaster and Littleton, NH. The problem I have is being charged the wrong prices for the product purchased. This is the only store I use that does this. It is a real pain to have to check the sales receipt to make sure the pricing is correct. It would appear that by doing this, you make more money and don't have to report the money to the IRS. If Walmart can put a price on its product and ring that price up at the register, I don't see why you can't do the same. I think you are out to screw the public. I give your store a very bad rating and would not recommend it to anybody.

  17. Bonnie Colby says:

    Cashier Nicole Alexander from store 7609 was extremely rude to me and my husband on 2 occasions. She even made a comment to another associate. I thought customer service was a priority. I will not be going into her lane again. I am disappointed that nothing was said to her about her attitude after my first complaint and even though CSM agreed to ring me herself today another associate laughed about my complaint.

  18. Bonnie Colby says:

    Cashier Nicole Alexander. Was extremely rude to me and my husband on 2 separate occasions. She even made a comment to another associate. I thought customer service was priority . I will not be going into her lane again.

  19. carol friedman says:

    I love this store.Ican find everything.

  20. Concerned says:

    A full sized dog was in Shaws as I grocery shopped. The owner was rude and the dog bumped into me 3 times while getting produce. I asked a cashier why there was a big dog in the store and he said they were allowed. I was horrified! It is not sanitary to have dogs in the grocery store with food! Shaws needs to address this immediately. Store #7628 Brunswick Maine

  21. Romeo Belanger says:

    I want to bring to your attention Kelsey, and Claudette from your store 7628. My wife lost her purse at this store and these ladies went out of their way to locate her in order to return her purse. They were courteous, friendly, and very helpful. They represent your company in the most favorable light. With people like these two, I am more likely to shop in your establishment and make it my first choice when shopping. Thanks Kelsey, Thanks Claudette, I hope that your employers appreciate your loyal service to the company. Well done, Romeo Belanger

  22. Mary says:

    Pam, a cashier at Store 7594, is always friendly and courteous. Best customer service. I always wait in line for her.

  23. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  24. Rosemarie Contrada says:

    Keith helped me so much, I needed maple walnut ice cream, couldn't find it and when I did couldn't reach it. Keith was busy unloading a large cart but stopped and kindly helped me. As I was leaving I saw him helping another customer,he deserves recognition.

  25. Susan Blanchette says:

    great experience
    cherries last week very sweet and yummy
    price 1.77 a pound can not beat it
    I bought more cherries this week hope that they taste amazing
    strawberries looked good too so I bought some of them too
    Susan Blanchette

  26. rosemarri roth says:

    On Sat. June 24th I had a 50th anniversary planned for dear friends. Someone else was to bring the specially required cake. 2 hours before the planned surprise party I was called and told she couldn't bring he cake. What to do. I didn't panic. I called the manager at my local Shaws in Walpole NH, Doug.. As always he was quick to help and find a solution. He got Michelle the cake decorator to jump in and stay late to help me out. WHAT A JOB SHE DID!!!!!! She took a 4 inch white frosted cake from the freezer and an 8 inch one and scooped off the limited frosting and started her magic. Unbelieveable!!!!! In 15 minutes I had the most beautiful 50th wedding cake anyone had ever seen. The smaller cake on top of the larger one, gorgeous yellow gold flowers, cascading down the sides, Happy 50th Anniversary across the rim, an exceptional professional masterpiece. I hope you (whoever you are!!!) get to see the picture that she took, AMAZING!!!! I enjoy shopping at my Walpole Shaws not because you have all the products I need for my life's pleasure (That is, I love to cook.), but rather because Doug the manager goes above and beyond to see that I am always a satisfied customer. I am a difficult customer to please at times (I admit it) but he always resolves my issues. I could go to Market Basket in Keene and save more money, perhaps, but it is the personal customer service I get at my Walpole Shaws that keeps me coming back. KUDOS to DOUG and certainly KUDOS to MICHELLE. They keep me your forever customer. Rosemarri Roth [email protected]. 802 463 1929

  27. Karen Kurz says:

    Store #7490. Alexis was my cashier. I did my weekly shopping on Saturday. I spent $206.00. As I was cashing out, the cashier, Alexis, informed me that I would not get the sale price for coke unless I purchased five of them (12 can packs). I was going to purchase two. Alexis further explained that by buying five I would actually be paying for only two. I would like to commend her for helping out the customer. If she had not brought that to my attention, I would not have received the extra three packs for the price of two. She is a valued employee because her thoughtfulness in pointing them out helps ensure that I continue to be a customer of Shaws.

  28. tori says:

    Great service ,,,thanks!!!,,,,,,,,Sally and Fred are a super team!!!!

  29. Marcia Ouellette says:

    Nicole is one of the best cashiers ever!

  30. james santom says:

    Always get survive at shaws with a smile

  31. M. and A.W.J. Freeman says:

    Just completed on line survey re satisfaction with Shaw and it said to turn page to give shipping address for a watch I selected.....but lost the page and couldn't complete it. Probably my own fault.

  32. Diane M. Hibbert says:

    Just finished shopping at Shaws for the hectic holiday weekend, Memorial Day and found everything that was needed on my list. The clerks were very polite and helpful
    even though the store was full of tourists being on Cape Cod.

  33. Roz says:

    Just came in from the Shaw's in East Boston and thought I needed to comment!
    First, the ladies at the bakery are totally awesome and all I wanted was a slice of carrot cake. Oh, by the way Shaw's East Boston sell the best carrot cake across the tunnel.
    The ladies were so very pleasant and we engaged in a little small talk and laughed with each other.
    I headed to check out and the cashier, Roberta was so very personable and again we exchanged words about the weather.
    You see I am not from that city but go there occasionally and it's always a pleasure to go to Shaw's East Boston.

  34. Peter Bradley says:

    I shop weekly at the Shaw's in Springfield, VT. I just wanted to comment on the excellent service I receive there. In particular. the manager in the fish dept is very helpful. He knows a lot about the fish he sells does a great job presenting his products.

  35. jean lavers says:

    was at the shaw's in wakefield, mass.. the meat manager there , his name was Jack. went over and above to give us good customer service. . truthfully I usually shop at market basket. but because of Jack I would reconsider that

  36. Eddie Tavares Jr. says:

    Cyndi is in the Seafood Department is friendly polite and smiled as I was their ordering my 3lbs of Cod Fish Fillet a great personality. She is the best i will be shopping again at Shaw's thanks to Cyndi. :)

  37. Colleen Stokes says:

    Very nice casher Linda in Bristol

  38. Kevin Aldred says:

    nice and courteous, everyone was nice and had a nice smile.


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