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More Information About Captain D's
Captain D's is famous for more than just their signature hand battered fish, there are breaded shrimp, crispy chicken tenders, fresh salads, grilled items, along with a variety of side options and desserts.

About Captain D's Customer Experience Surveywww.reviewcaptainds.com - Captain D's Customer Experience Survey
Survey Website: www.reviewcaptainds.com
Survey Incentive: A Coupon and $1,000 Daily Prize
Host Website: www.empathica.com
Marketing Support: Empathica

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69 comments on “www.reviewcaptainds.com - Captain D's Customer Experience Survey

  1. Mark Bruce says:

    I only went for my daddy.

  2. Jeri Holland says:

    I have been trying to contact Customer Service and only get a repeating menu/number. When pressing zero for operator still reverts to the menu # crap. Seems I have 2 accounts with 1 card.
    All I want is to combine the 2 and if that is not possible I choose to delete both. The account I want to keep but do not have a card for is #8409000014151849. The one I would like to combine or delete is #6000140910269407. IS THIS POSSIBLE??

  3. Rhonda says:

    no good 1-30-27

  4. terry says:

    the food we had was just not hot sorry

  5. Virginia Hershberger says:

    When trying to do the customer survey for a free piece of fish, the computer is telling me that the store number is not a valid number. It is most DEFINATELY IS a valid number. This is not the first time that this has happened. If you don't want me to complete the survey, then don't offer it to me. Have had some disappointing meals from Captain D's lately, maybe I need to go someplace other than Captain D's for my fish meals.

  6. Monica Burton says:

    The food was very good and the service was fast

  7. virginia schellenberg says:

    Our food was very good and very fast service.

  8. Shelton waters says:

    Not as good as it use to be. Portion must smaller size of country fired fish very small.

  9. jan says:


  10. brigette thomas says:

    Not sure what you are asking for

  11. JG Guthrie says:

    Captain D's a real con job. The food outstanding customer service Superior....However, the hidden costs are no less the modern day Robbery. I would think that the term meal would include a drink....But no sir Capt D's Charges a $ 1.99 for your drink (s m l.) My goodness, now you would think sides are standard oh no not at Capt D's only select items come with the meal ask for something that's not considered select you will be charged EXTRA!!!!! However, they have it written so small that
    it would take a bionic eye to read the fine print!!!!!
    I must say instead of greeting people to welcome to Captain
    D's they should be saying Welcome to Captains D'sand were gonna rip
    you off!!! Jax FL 103rd st

  12. Ron says:

    my comment is a bout your drive through window I place a order on2/19/16 it took a bout fifteen minute to get my order, when I pay for my order I still had to wait another five minute. this captain D need better service going to drive thru window,the bad part the business was slow.

  13. Frog Price says:

    Great staff! Efficient and extremely well in formed about the menu items. The food is always fresh and wonderful. I've been coming to this location for years. I brought many friends and family to it and will continue to do so.

  14. Dawn Marti says:

    We love the full meals with lots of veggies !!!

  15. Edward ross says:

    Really good job thy gave me my food real fast

  16. Torchy says:

    On 11/25/2015 @14:11 p.m., my husband and I Captain D's 3630 Captain D's. Edna took our order. She was excellent.

    She is the most professional, pleasant person. She always greets us with the biggest smile ever.
    She always says "Thank you for coming to Captain D's after she hands us our order through the drive up. Our order is accurate and she just makes the entire experience very pleasant. It's her personality, smile and her pleasant attitude that brings us back to Captain D's. She's the best!
    Torchy & Jerry Massie
    981 Brookdale Ave
    Elba, Al 36323

  17. JB says:

    Enjoyed Cleveland Tn

  18. Ricky says:

    Very good Cleveland Tn

  19. a key says:

    good food

  20. a key says:

    I love eating there one time a month it is always fresh. thank you

  21. Turner Reid says:

    Service at Arnold, MO is very good.

  22. jimmy r. phillips says:

    thur, oct 22, at captain's in troy ala 36081 your store # 36992-ordered fish and shrimp.

    started to eat the shrimp----they were not luke warm.

  23. A says:

    I went to Captain Ds at 11am on 9/8/15. There was only 1 customer in from of me.We waited at least 10min while the cashier just stood there. I finally placed my order at 11:21am for 2pc fish tenders, 6pc butterfly shrimp,baked potato, & side salad. My order came to $6.12. I was very disappointed in my food. The fish was cold; so was the shrimp & it looked like it had been sitting for a while. My side salad had brown lettuce in it; the hushpuppies were also cold. Plus the shrimp wasnt any bigger than the popcorn shrimp. The only thing good was the baked potato(at least it was hot & fresh). I had this happen before; so I have decided I will not be going back to Captain Ds: instead I will go to Long John Silvers if I want fish or shrimp.I have always gone to Captain Ds but no more. I have never been so disappointed in a meal this much especially for $6.12. Except for the baked potato which was very good; it was more like a nasty SNACK (it was so small)

  24. wright says:


  25. M Russo says:

    I am a repeat customer for Captain D's, but recently I went thru the drive thru and placed an order. I read the board wrong and thought I was going to get a baked potato for 99 cents along with my meal. When I got to the pick up window I was charged $2.68 for the potato. The girl at the window explained that it was 99 cents if you ordered a full entree and I had ordered a 2 pc fish. She was very polite and asked if I wanted to change it out for something else. Since I felt it was my mistake I told her I would just take the item. Never again...the potato was the worst ever and definitely not worth the $2.68 plus tax...The cheese and toppings was so hard I threw it out.

    I was very disappointed but now know DO NOT ORDER the loaded baked potatoe!.

    Thanks for taking this comment.

  26. chris says:

    I was craving fish today, so after work I went thru drive thru to buy one piece for $1.59 (with tax $1.77). I was shocked to see how skinny the piece was. I had to measure it....1 inch wide and about 7 inches long.
    Don't get me wrong, the fish was hot, fresh and tasted great! It would have satisfied my craving if there was MORE of it.
    So now that I see a picture of your fish on the web site, its skinny too. I haven't eaten at Captain D's in a while, but I guess you changed the portion size.
    For comparison sake, I drove thru Long John Silver to buy a piece of fish to compare the two, but left the drive thru when cashier said my total would be $2.39 ( for one piece of fish)
    any way, I just wanted to give you some feed back on my experience.
    Love the fish, I'm still craving it, so I think I will run thru drive thru again tomorrow after work.

  27. Randy and Rachel Cowling says:

    Always enjoy the food from Captain D's. Freshly prepared, tasty and good portions.

  28. lois winn says:

    Nice place and friendly staff to serve public.

  29. walker says:

    Love the FOOD

  30. Darryl Evans says:


  31. Sharlene Taylor says:

    They are always prompt and courteous

  32. Bonnie Helmandollar says:

    For the first time ever I have been disappointed with the meals I purchased today 06/02/14 at the Bluefield,W.Va. store. I purchased the 2 piece fish and chicken and the fish was not what I was used to getting.Peices the size of my little finger and it was awful. It seemed to be a pre frozen product and was not tasty at all. I also purchased a crispy flounder meal and again it seemed to be a pre frozen product and not tasty.I understand that they were 4.99 meals but I will not buy them again. You should not cut the taste of a product or change a product to save money. That will hurt your business.

  33. Karen says:

    Sat in drive through line for 25 minutes for a 3 pc. Fish Dinner!!! If there are others waiting on food to cook such as the broiled menu...They need to be asked to park in order to not hold up the line...this was on a Saturday evening April 25 around 6:30...DINNER time! Service times should have been better than that!

  34. Nancy Butler says:

    my husband and I have enjoyed captain D's for a while now. But our last visit on 4-26-15, left us wondering who tampered with the Mac& cheese. It was obviously WATERED down.That left the taste less than desirable. If you must stretch , or thin the mac & cheese . The taste and texture would be less compromised by using Milk instead water. Just thought you should know.

  35. r h parsons says:

    had a very good experience as always at capt d's. food was great and service was speedy.

  36. Elizabeth Green says:

    I have requested Lionel Ross Area Director to return my call since Wednesday April 15th and have not received a call from him. I would like to discuss the poor and unacceptable service we have been receiving from the Conyers Captain D's. The new Crispy Flounder is awful. They need to go back to the original three piece flounder. It is much better. My telephone number is 770 483 4026 or cell 770 356 2044. I will be very surprised if I get a return call.

  37. Beverly Mullins says:

    Store #6105 Tried the lemon pepper fish, delicious! Enjoy all Captain Ds food even though we have to drive about 25 miles to get to one!

  38. THERESA MACK says:

    They done excellent, clean, smiling, dress pretty,come by 2 time a month

  39. Fred R. Gillespie says:

    We make arrangements to visit Captain, s at least 3 time a month. Food good, workers clean, building clean.

  40. beverly says:



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