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  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. It takes less than 5 minutes to finish with 1 open question. You need no receipt.
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Quest Diagnostics Patient Satisfaction Survey Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit Quest Diagnostics patient satisfaction survey official website.
  2. Choose the language you prefer to take the survey.
  3. Select whether you visited a Quest Patient Service Center or Physician's Office.
  4. Select the state and city Site Code Address of your visit.
  5. Select date and time of your visit and whether you schedule an appointment prior to visiting this location.
  6. Select answers to questions like "How long did you wait before being taken back to the draw room? ""How often do you typically visit this location", etc..
  7. Answer the open question about your comments on this location, its service, etc..
  8. Tate this location on areas like "Ease of locating""Cleanliness and appearance".
  9. Rate the employees that assisted you on areas like "Speaking to you in a courteous manner""Happy to be of service", etc..
  10. Select answers to questions about yourself such as your gender, age group, etc..

Quest Diagnostics Patient Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Quest Diagnostics online patient satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Quest Diagnostics patient survey in this article.

More information about Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is a corporation based in the United States that provides clinical laboratory services. It runs operations in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico and a laboratory in India and also has collaborative agreements internationally with various hospitals and clinics. It is a member of the Fortune 500 and the S&P 500, with corporate headquarters located in Madison, New Jersey. The company has approximately 43,000 employees. The company has over $7.5 billion dollars in revenue and offers access to diagnostic testing services for cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease and neurological disorders.

The company has been listed on Fortune Magazine's "World's Most Admired Companies" since 2008. In addition, the company has been named listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and North America Index and is consistently recognized as among the nation's healthiest employers. The company's products have been recognized by the Edison Institute for Leadership in Diagnostic Innovation. The company's "Quest Diagnostics Health Trends" reports identify and track trends in disease and wellness. They are made available as a public service to inform patients, health professionals and policy-makers about the current status of the nation's health. The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index, published twice each year, is a comprehensive source of information on workplace drug use.

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212 comments on “www.questdiagnosticsfeedback.com - Quest Diagnostics Patient Satisfaction Survey

  1. Josephine Stanforde says:

    Useful blog post . Just to add my thoughts if you are wanting a Leave of abscence portland state pdx form , my friend used a blank document here http://goo.gl/2x2PHo

  2. Sherrie L. Crabtree says:

    I had blood work done at the Sonora Quest Laboratories on San Francisco St. in Flagstaff, Az. I had my blood draw from Rachel was very professional, polite and very courteous. This review is for her!!!! She was Awesome!!!

  3. Laura Mazzadra says:

    I visited the Quest office in Stratford, CT on Main Street. The person who drew my blood was Marion. She was excellent. My veins are not visible at all and she was able to get the vein the first time and I could barely feel the prick of the needle. Site code SFS.

  4. brian Toothill says:

    my visit was quick, polite, simple and clean thx BT

  5. Mike Steinmetz says:

    l went to Mountain View Hospital in Mesa AZ to have my blood work Friday May 20, 2016. I am 68 and only have 1 or 2 visible veins. Gloria the phlebotomist was so good I did not even feel the needle prick. I will always ask for her in the future. I also was in and out in 15 minutes. Her supervisor needs to acknowledge her. Superior skills. Usually I have deep bruises and sometimes painful needle pricks.

  6. teresa VanDam says:

    Dawn was great !She was very efficient and compassionate I have to remember her name for the next time a need my blood drawn Thanx

  7. michael e maher says:

    to whom it may concern i went to the quest diagnostics office in St.Francis Hospital today the 24 of March i arrived at 10 AM i was out of there by 10:15 vey quick and easy the Girl with the Red hair took care of me . The girl with the Red hair was very good at finding a vain ,sometimes they have to poke around to get Blood she's Fantastic Thank you

  8. Leslie says:

    Jackie (At Naylor's Court, Pikesville) is a great technician (competent and warm). I always hope she is working on the day in which I have an appointment. Kudos to her and Thank you!

  9. Cynthia Brown says:

    Tinya is the best! You hardly feel the needle going in at all! She makes you feel so comfortable!

  10. vivian lee says:

    Suzette did a superb job with me today. She was courteous, professional, quick and performed the blood work on me comfortably. Thanks Suzette!!!

  11. Harry Rodgers says:

    Shermada was very patient, considerate and professional as well. The procedure was a complete pleasant experience over all. Thanks to Shermada she is the best.

  12. Peter Lavin says:

    OK, nice looking page to get instructions on how to take the survey ... Hello, it is just a survey. After going to the links four times looking for how to get to the survey and watching a YOUTube video on how to take the survey, I never found a link or button to click and take the survey. I guess the fine job and skill of Neek (Site Code YU) will never be known. Such a sad story for something that was remarkably great.

  13. Mary Hankerson says:

    Sheneil did a superb job with me today. She was polite, courteous, efficient, pleasant, the girl got the job done !!!! Usually I'm a hard nut to crack (SMILE ) I have veins that move, you know (small). She was so patient with me. I pray that all of your phlebotomist are just like her.

  14. steve mentzel says:

    Denise did a great job drawing my blood.I am hard to do and she got it the first time.
    She gets a 5 out of 5

  15. Sandra Bloecker says:

    Re: Diana S. @ United Healthcare, Charleston office, Las Vegas, NV. Diana was the greatest yesterday. She made a painful experience quite delightful. I hardly felt the needle go in then I had to have 8 tubes filled & I barely felt any discomfort while she changed & filled the tubes. Shes got a wonderful, pleasant personality with humor. It was a pleasure to meet Diana S. (Site code RF9) Quest is fortunate to have her as an employee.

  16. E T Galante says:

    Why did it delete all my comments? 200 Hospital drive quest facility sucks.

  17. Dave Stubblefield says:

    On my last visit, Betsy, was superb by painlessly drawing my sample and bandaging it up afterwards. She is always professional, quick and respectful. I enjoy visiting with her during the process.

  18. Sharon Bartlett says:

    I went today, and Ashley waited on me. She was awesome... I had a pleasant visit...

  19. Zachia Middlechild says:

    Hello Quest Diagnostics people,

    I recently had a test done at your Bellingham location and was disappointed with the cold and sterile atmosphere The receptionist/tester was warm and professional and very nice! However, the beautiful plant that had been in the reception room the last time I visited (about a year ago) was gone. The walls were bare and it took all the warmth out of the place! It was just as clean and neat as it had been a year ago, but the lack of decor was surprising. Every hospital I have ever been in has had multiple plants and paintings on the walls. Why was the human decor removed? We are not robots...we are human beings! Our emotional health is part of our well being. Please bring back the plants and wall decor!!!!!

    Thank you!

    Zachia Middlechild

  20. Katherine K says:

    Site Code: CPI
    This is the 2nd time I have had to use Quest in the Camp Hill, PA area. I find that all of the staff are very friendly and personable. They don't mess around and get the job done with a smile on their face. They also like to see the patients/clients smile as well but they do understand that most are not in the condition to smile. Thank you Amanda and Travis for providing such great customer and medical service. Hopefully, you will be highly commended in some honorable way.

  21. Olga Gomez says:

    Wanted to report on how rude and unprofessional some of your employees are in the Hialeah Quest front desk. My appt. Was for 9:30am. I got there at 8:25 a.am. Although I know I was very early, I knew I had to wait since the line in front of the door was long. Time is running and I'm looking at a almost 11:15 a.m. Now they told the lady before me in the line the wait was about 2 hrs. Cuz she feels sick and haven't eaten. I need to report to my employer and when I ask the front desk the women approx. When will they see my son for blood work. Her answer with an attitude was ' when they call you,' Goodness it's early in the morning why be so discusting with patients who are helping you have a job. I don't ever want to go to this establishment again! If I find another lab, I will drive farther and have a smile on my face getting there. It's ridiculous!! I will not recommend this establishment and will tell my doctor what a bad choice she made sending me there. Unhappy, made my day! Olga

  22. Nina says:

    Site Code HUG

    Darline was very professional and sweet. She drew my blood form the first draw and was very helpful. I would highly recommend her and quest diagnostics.

  23. Gisela Nickel says:

    Site Code ITC - Lisa was a very sweet/down to earth type of person who has obviously been drawing blood for some time - couldn't even feel it. She also assisted me with a coding problem that my doctor had "overlooked". It would have been very easy for her to shrug her shoulders and send me back to the doctor. We need more people like her in the world. Thanks Lisa.

  24. Patricia Andrews says:

    The site code is EFI. I am always satisfied with the treatment I get and Jan does a wonderful job of drawing my blood with the least amount of pain and gets it the first time every time. Not to mention she has such a pleasant personality. I don't dread going for blood work now.

  25. Patricia Andrews says:

    Site Code EFI
    Jan drew my blood again and I hope I always have her. She is the best!!!!!

  26. Phil Reese says:

    Your address of 1389 Galleria, Henderson, NV is not in your list of addresses on the feedback survey.


  27. Larry Bolton says:

    Had blood drawn today at the Davenport, Fl office. LaTricha waited on me and she was the best! Very quick, professional and friendly.

  28. Carolyn Wilt says:

    I have my blood drawn by Tess in Topeka,ks. She is very professional and makes you fill at ease. I have gone to Quest for years and have found Tess a comfort and support for my needs.

  29. Joseph Kleter says:

    At JNF we have an angel - her name is Agnes. I have taking my blood from me more times then I want to mention, or some one will believe. This statement I can sign in my own blood - nobody better than Agnes. Thank you, Agnes, and may God bless you!

  30. hazel Loosier says:

    I was diect to blood lab work&thsi really nice lady was very sweet&kind&took my blood&chat to me thru the whol ethings,which keept me confortable, her name was Katie chambers,in stephenvilel texas at clincic u nee dot keep her cuz I am 85 years old ,I adoe katie

  31. robert amaral says:

    I tried the survey 3 times and all three tries I couldn't get past the first page. the second page wouldn't load. I do have a couple of comments to make to someone and it seems that you're the one. The prices are outrageous. I lost my medical insurance because I got laid off work and I can't afford to pay for rent, food, gas for the car, and health insurance. there is just not enough money to pay foe the necessities of life and health insurance too. oh wait a minute! Now that I'm struggling to make ends meet on unemployment (while it lasts) but I am going to get dinged at income tax time because I can't afford the affordable health insurance. second is that I can't see the test results that I paid $377.00 for when they are completed. Why not? They are my blood test results! I paid for them! I have to see them after my doctor does. I want to see the results of my blood test that is my blood out of my body that I paid an outrageous price for! on the positive side the receptionist and person who drew my blood samples were very polite and professional. thank you for your time. I feel a little bit better being to write this down somewhere other than a journal.

  32. Michael says:

    Great Service

  33. Joseph Kleter says:

    My blood work was done at JNF by Agnes. I visited this office regularly, and when doctor ordered, Agnes does it. I never got a reason to complain, she does excellent job

  34. David DeSandro says:

    My blood was drawn by Susan at the at the North Florida Ave site; Tampa, FL site code FEF and she was very good and quick.

  35. Joyce Stricklen says:

    Marcie F of San Antonio, TX has drawn my blood on several occasions. And recently I was in the hospital for one week and had to have blood drawn every day. I can say without reservations, I would pray to have her follow me around and when I need to have blood drawn, please God let it be her.

  36. Jack Stone says:

    Pat the Tech. at Springdale, Ar. Site Code1B9 did an awesome job pulling blood with little to no pain involved. Very pleasant and courteous.

  37. Scott H. says:

    I was very impressed by the efficeicy of Julie at the Peach Tree Clinic in Marysville CA. Getting my blood drawn was quick and painless.

  38. Lisa says:

    Disgraceful how you understaff your facilities in SW Florida.
    Patients, that require blood work urgently are forced to wait for hours to be seen.
    Your employees are under extreme stress trying to service the plethora of
    Patients here to have blood work done.

    I don't know how Quest corporate and stockholders can look themselves in the mirror
    Knowing how inhumane you treat your clients and employees.

    Dare you to post this Quest.

  39. Lois Jordan says:

    Aylin is very professional, friendly and quick. I was in and out within 15minutes.

  40. Kathy Heinz says:

    Alex was kind, thoughtful and professional. She did the job right up/ no fooling around. Got it right the first time.


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