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More Information about USPS
The U.S. Postal Service mission is to connect every American, every door and every business through the simple act of delivering mail. Even in an increasingly digital world, the Postal Service remains part of the bedrock infrastructure of the American economy, serving its people and businesses, and binding the nation together. The core function of the Postal Service is the physical delivery of mail and packages, provided reliably, safely, affordable and universally to every address in America. The U.S. Postal Service's online service is available now. You may get things done more conveniently with this service.

Share your feedback with USPS at www.postalexperience.com.

About USPS Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.postalexperience.com - USPS Customer Survey
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156 comments on “www.postalexperience.com - USPS Customer Survey

  1. pollack says:

    Service at both Bailey Ave. and Transit Road , Amherst NY facilities is fantastic.

  2. Mark Wissing says:

    Post Master General,

    I live in a small town, Geneva, IL 60134 and have always gotten great service when using the post office. I felt the need to send this e-mail because Jenn (clerk 5) works efficiently and is joyful in her work. The holiday seasons are stressful on the body humanity but Jenn always makes me feel welcome and thanks me when I have completed my business.

  3. MAtthew says:

    Don't know why you ask for feedback and then make it so difficult to access the survey website? So I just gave up.

  4. Edith Olson says:

    I always have a good experience at the post office .Everyone is always nice and helpful

  5. Erick Marcelin says:

    I need status on an envelop sent and I never receive it

  6. Mark F Wurzbacher says:

    I was going to complete your survey, but your survey web site wanted me to download something and add extensions, all before even seeing the survey, which made me wonder whether the survey was "legit," that is, part of a scam to try and get into my computer. You want me to complete a survey, send me a survey, and I'll complete it, just as I have done in the past when you've sent me hard copies of surveys via snail-mail. But I'm now going to download programs and such and add extensions just so I can finally get to survey to complete in electronically.

  7. J Teixeira says:

    Wanted to report my positive experience with zip code 02809 Post Office, but your survey website was anything but clear or helpful, cannot report and will not waste my time in the future...

  8. Connie Narucki says:

    The San Gabriel Valley Water told me that they never received the check that I mailed to them for my water bill for last month. I had to issue a stop payment check and deliver another check personally to them. This creates a LOT of inconvenience for me since I do not have time to hand-deliver checks. I personally hand-carried this check, along with others to the post office in South El Monte on Rush Street. How could this check have gotten lost?

    Thank you

  9. Margie Axelsen says:

    I had no problems this morning...which is like always. They are very friendly and helpful. Quick and fast with the service too.

  10. elaine becker says:

    I had a good experience at the post office.

  11. Annie Harrison says:

    Clerk 13 is very professional, Keep a smile on her face, help us in anyway she can, and know the customers name.

    Thank you,

    Annie Harrison

  12. Brynell says:

    Taking the ovweeivr, this post hits the spot

  13. Rita Montes Martin says:

    I left a comment about my bad experience with the post office in Davis, CAlif. I think management in Wash. DC. needs to be more aware of whst is going on with the post officeses. First NOT everyone uses a comput to communicate. Many I know do nOT have computers so I write. Also I write many business letter and send through USPO because I KNOW my business contact gets the letter and had something to re read-
    In and service has gone down hill over the years. our residential population is a little over 6000 BUT we have 20,000. students from the university so I don't think management in Wash. D.C takes that into consideration when they want to. leave us with only one small office and usully only two clerks. Also the post master in Dais, Ca. does not replace clerks who retire.
    Many times I want to buy post cards and they are OUT of material-
    I have used post offices from LA to Riverside and Chico and Davis Calif. Rita Montes Martin

  14. John L Rodriguez says:

    I am a satisfied customer of the postal service in the ocean view station. The reps. seem helpful to meet your needs.

  15. Sharon says:

    Just returned from the post office where I was asked to take a survey when I got home. I am not great on the computer, but thought I would try. I could not find the survey and do not want to download anything to my computer, so am e-mailing you. I always have a good experience when I go to the post office. (One on Sunset, across from airport.) Everyone is friendly and helpful. They also try to keep the line moving so very seldom do I have a long wait.

  16. Arlene Gwynn says:

    Chardon OH post office is consistently efficient, courteous and always helpful. The employees are always pleasant and friendly. We prefer to go to the Chardon facility rather than any of the others in the area.

  17. R. Larry Ingram says:

    Yes, I haven't had very good luck at the Corpriate hills post office. I have had better luck at the other two post offices, the one on So. Hydraulic and So. Elizabeth , in Wichita, Kans.

  18. dennis gameros says:

    on 2 24 16 I called usps 1 800 275 8777 to inquire about tracking a pkg. this was at 12 30 pm. they were too busy so I left my phone for call back. at 1 20 pm I got the callback from a man who just hung up on me before I could get my tracking number. the line just went silent, and I waited and after a few minutes I hung up and called back . after waiting 30minutes, a lady came on the phone and had no log info as to who had hung up on my with such rude service. I would like an apology or this rude employee fired. is this the way you do business now. employees just hang up on customers waiting over an hour for service?

  19. Aaron Taylor says:

    My complaint.a lack of interest on the part of the mail carrier. Over the past few months my mail is making the rounds but to my mail box. My sister gives great gifts, she had mailed to me a day planner with a gift card hidden within the pages, it never made it's destination, and sad to say you can't trust the honesty of others to at the least place "return to sender" or return the item to the post office to give them the chance to correct themselves. This last week I placed mail in my box as out going and since the carrier was in sight I was going to wait, to my surprise, the mail carrier placed an item of mail in my box and went along to place mail in the box of the vacant apt next to mine.(No one has lived their for 2months)and I've found my mail in this box, and tonight was no different. A small package with my name on it from the Trans-Kidney/Liver Transplant Institute (a application) would not have made it to me if I hadn't looked in that box. It seems that some don't appreciate a job when jobs are so hard to find. On that same note, inside the postal station(located@the corner of Randol Mill Rd / Oak Wood ,Arlington Tx 76012) the clerks are pretty cool people.

  20. Mark H King says:


  21. odinga lawrence maddox says:

    Postal Service:

    Each time I am asked to participate in an employee affectedness survey there is too much confusion in trying to determine which site to send a survey. Why can't the survey be simple and when you click on the site you see Employee Survey.

    Mr. Maddox

  22. Jean Brinkmeier says:

    Forreston, Ill post office employees, and carrier, are super and caring people. They strive to give excellent customer service. The are most helpful in weighing my mail 2-3x a week, as I am associated w/Soldiers Angels and sent numerous letters and cards to our military personnel as well as packages at Christmas time. They also care about each individual person and when they know one of their customers has been ill, often ask after their welfare. May God bless the Forreston Post Office personnel above and beyond all of their expectations.

  23. herman gragert says:

    I have shipped several packages this month & had very good service with our postmaster Kent Cruise. Several times he would stop what he was doing & took care of customers right away. I must compliment him on service, friendliness, well groomed, no vulgarity, & above all a clean post office. The postal service needs more like him. Thank You

  24. Kay Kennedy says:

    Apparently their is a new postmaster at the post office in Rogers AR on 8th St. He is now running the office like a "german labor camp" and all the employees who used to be so very friendly and helpful have been given a list of do's and don'ts in relation to customers (I saw it). They all want to quit and can't wait for their retirement to come! The customers are to be "herded through" as quickly as possible...there are a lot of older people who live here and have questions but they feel like they can't even communicate anymore. He stands around "leering" at the employees and
    "times" their time spent with each customer. HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED SO DO IT !!!!!!!!!!

  25. Abel Ojo says:

    Isent a total of 7 parcels from the clemmons office NC.on the 21st of Jan.2016.All by first classs.
    One was sent to Husonvile MI and was received.
    The second to Washington ,DC expected delivery day was 01/23/2016 with track #9505 5124 6648 6021 2074 87 not received.
    Third to Rutland VI was received.
    Fourth to Alpharetta,GA. with tracking #9500 1124 6648 6021 2705 45 not received.
    Fifth to Durham,NC with tracking # 9500 1124 6648 6021 2705 21 envelope delivered content stolen.
    sixth to Greensboro,NC---delivered.
    Seventh to Orlando,FL tracking # 9500 1124 6648 6021 2705 14....not delivered.
    Kindly help out and check what happened.


  26. Shirley Hodgson says:

    My mail is not delivered until 4-6:30pm on a regular basis. The mail person will ride past my house 2-3 times a day and not stop and delivers my mail late in the evening. It used to be delivered between 11 am and 1pm. Someone needs to refigure the route. Also, I sent a bill from my mailbox and it took it 2 weeks for delivery..........where was it?

  27. Eric Tooke says:

    Clerk at the Fountain post office 80817. does not greet the customer, no real friendly atmosphere.
    retirred letter carrier, and the post office needs all the warm fuzzies it can get.

  28. William Baldwin says:

    the post office in Cody Wy is so nice to go to even at Christmas time. Good job o all of you!!

  29. Wanda Ayers-Slate says:

    The Stuart, Va. USPS should be proud to have Nancy Plasters as a clerk at their Post Office. She is very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable . She makes your postal experience very quick and very accurate Every thing moves smoothly with her assistance. I highly recommend Nancy. Wanda Ayers- Slate of Wanda's Estate and Custom Jewelry. 12-10-15.

  30. Caroline Malde says:

    Harold E. Malde Photograph no longer exists. Please discontinue mailings.

  31. Sandy Briggs says:

    Your customer service is LOUSY. I could not reach a live human to get details of why my package took one week to go from Brevard, NC to Morrisville, NC (a 5 hour drive!) I mailed the package to my grand-daughter for her birthday on Monday, Nov. 16 by priority mail and insured. The delivery date was to be Wednesday, Nov. 18.

    The package did not arrive for my grand-daughter's birthday on Sunday, Nov. 22, so I called the number given on my postal receipt. Of course I got a robot and got nowhere other than the package was delayed. DUH! That was already obvious. I went on-line and got a copy of the tracking information and for a package to take over 24 hours from Brevard, NC to Greenville, SC, a drive of maybe one hour was absurd.

    The package languished in the Greenville post office for 24 hours before being shipped to Greensboro, NC, arriving there 22 hours later. On Nov. 21 it arrived back at the Greenville postoffice and 12 hours later arrived back in Greensboro, NC. The package was delivered to my grand-daughter yesterday, Monday, Nov. 23.

    The USPS tracking number was: 9505 5111 5158 5320 3447 22 if you care to give any sort of customer service and find out what happened. If this is what the mailing public can expect for Christmas packages that are mailed, you won't be handling mine. I'm using someone else or will deliver them myself - even to Virginia and south Florida - as they will arrive much faster.


    Sandy Briggs

  32. James & Glenna Reynolds says:

    We have absolutely no complaints about our local postal service in Ralls, TX 79357. The staff is small, very courteous, pleasant and helpful.

  33. Cleila Fonteyn says:

    Great help @ PO today! very very helpful

  34. Jean Miller says:


  35. john sellers says:

    this one is a complaint.My letter was to get to Maywood Illinois on the 9 11 205 as of 09 12 it has not been delivered... So I will not be giving you praise. So who gets my complaint this time?

  36. Millie Smith says:

    I've been using the Mims, Florida post office since 1957 when we moved here. I know the people and they're helpful, friendly and efficient.

  37. Andrea Lingenfelter says:

    Alden, NY 14004 Post Office:

    Employee: Cylon very helpful and responded to questions.

    Postmaster James McMillan was rude, would not answer reasonable questions about comparative shipping prices. Was observed waving his hands while venting to another worker in the back about my having inquiries. Then when waited on by a nice person, Cylon I asked who to complain about McMillan. "He's the boss, isn't he? So I'll have to complain to him about himself"
    McMillan was heard still complaining about my asking questions in the back room. He came out
    saying "I don't know how much more customer service you want!!!" McMillan exaggerated how many times I had been at the window (2nd time, he said 3 x).

    I had questions about international shipping prices and ability to track packages.



  38. Mary Lou Fogarty says:

    Just a note to say that the people working at the Courthouse Post Office in Gloucester,VA are always friendly and helpful. Number 12 asked me to do the survey but am in a rush...I get him a lot and he is such a nice guy. Thank you to all the workers. MLF

  39. diane dedman says:

    very professional and courteous

  40. cheryl says:

    very helpful and gave me good info!!!!!v


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