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More Information about Pizza Hut 
Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise, known for pizza and side dishes. No matter you like eating at Pizza Hut restaurant or deliver to your door, there are lots of choices like the Margherita Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, Farmhouse Ham slices and mushrooms, Hawaiian Ham slices and pineapple, Pepperoni Feast Double pepperoni, extra mozzarella cheese. Pizza Hut also has children's menu and kids eat free program.

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Rating: 3.2/5 (15 vote casts)

46 comments on “www.pizzahutlistens.ca - Pizza Hut Canada Guest Experience Survey

  1. carol says:

    the pizza was delicious ...very satisfying!

  2. Tharsini says:

    I'm very satisfied and happy with their service

  3. Ben says:

    i received a pick-up pizza but i was not given a receipt to properly fill out the survey to get the bonus offered. This inculdes store number, survey number, or an email which has been established with your company. my last purchase was dated 02 26 2017 16.69pm pacific time

  4. keethan says:


  5. Scott Dwyer says:

    I was very impressed with Roonie at store R32820 in Cambridge, he was very helpful and friendly there should be more like him in other stores.

  6. marvin gebauer says:

    we had a supreme at the Brandon Manitoba store ,R10901 DPS 21 , I think .We have been an exclusive pizza hut customer for many years and have always been satisfied . Until this last time . Service good but pizza very skimpy ! Like the ones from dominos etc. Will probably try again but if the same result , may have to try elsewhere.

  7. Fred Kovits says:

    Today I purchased two pizza's . The first was a hawaiin for $ 8.65 and the second was a four topping for $ 20.65 . According to your promotion the second was to get a 50% discount but I only received a discount of $ 8.64 ? Should I have received a discount of $ 10.32 or have I been
    mistaken ?? Please advise and thanks!!

  8. Leslie Lodewykx says:

    Your telephone service is terrible You should phone Panago and listen to them. There's is amazing. No up selling. Guy could barely speak English was like" tis that it lady" . When we got the pizza home it was wrong as to how I ordered it. Going back to Panago !!!It was the store in Langley BC on 200th.
    Leslie Lodewykx

  9. joan white says:

    best pizza best service i had!

  10. Rose says:

    Get service

  11. nhi tran says:

    SERVICE at langley is bad

  12. Shannyn Murray says:

    I just spent over 1/2 an hour (not exaggerating) trying to place an order, and redeem the $5 coupon if you spend $25 or more, by filling out the pizzahutlistens.ca survey. I must say, I find the name of this website quite ionic. As someone who orders from Pizza Hut on a very regular basis, I received the absolute worst treatment I ever have tonight, both from the call centre, and the store. I was transferred back and forth multiple times, as the store (apparently) does their own customer service, to an extent, YET NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONE. I was hung up on THREE TIMES by the call centre, intentionally! I was told my phone order had definitely been taken by the store, which was not true, as I was transferred to the store the second after it was placed to ask about the coupon (with no answer, of course), THEN I told there was NO order by the same woman in your call centre named 'Karen'. She refused to give me any other info, yelled at me, saying there was nothing she could do (like the other 3 people I spoke with), then... She HUNG UP. This is highly unprofessional, and unacceptable service. Please do something about it. It reflects so poorly on your company. Always a hassle of some sort. Either the store takes the orders, or the call centre does. Even a working website would suffice. This is just ridiculous, and you've officially lost a customer when it comes to this location, all online ordering, and phone orders.
    I ended up receiving an incorrect order, gave the coupon to the delivery driver and said to take it to the store and get his tip out of it, even though it was no fault of his own. That made me feel awful, but I have no other contact. I am sorry for the rant, as I do love your products, but the horrible way I often get treated is simply not worth it.

  13. Ray Kienast says:

    The pizza at pizza hut are very tasty, service is at it's best, the premises are very clean, will be back for more.

  14. Emad Salama says:

    Too many questions to fill the survey
    Store #R29646 06/03/2015 Order #115 Time 12:36
    by OMAR
    SERVICE Excellant
    STORE Very Clean
    PIZZA Delicious

    Many thanks

  15. Jack Ouwendyk says:

    Seems every time we go to order take out, after someone answers they put you on hold for a very long time, we hang up and call back or just order from some one else. Gives me the impression that my business isn't all that important.

  16. Andrea says:

    BAD experience. I went twice to Pizza Hut North Vancouver ( 906 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1R9) and my experience was BAD. SHAME ON THEM: I ordered online and piked up on store. Once I arrived home I was shocked because they only gave me half of my order and I paid full! SHAME ON ME: I ordered two squared pizzas and I got smaller rounded ones. They said that those were better because...bla,bla,bla. LESSON: Ask them what do THEY want YOU to eat before paying!

  17. John says:

    I went there today for dine in, good job n good food. All team is good especially Vipul

  18. Carol says:

    Ordered a pick-up of 1 PPP pan Hawaiian plus 1 small pan pepperoni mushroom green pepper. Was not offered a choice of crust (I was unaware I had a choice until I saw the menu after placing my order). Was told the wait time was 15 minutes...the actual wait time was 25-30 minutes. I thought the price for the above-mentioned small pizza was $12.99 per the menu, but once home I noticed the charge was $14.99 (could be my mistake). The toppings were extremely sparse; in fact there was one thin pepperoni round per slice (similarly to the ham in the Hawaiian). The pizza dough was very good though.

  19. Marie says:

    Don't order for a delivery when they have a special going on - it will arrive LATE & COLD

  20. Cindy says:

    this is bull. I did the survey, got a validation code for $5 off next order. Go to use the code and everything I try to order is apparently not what I can use the coupon for. Is this just a total scam? I have now wasted 15 minutes of my valuable time trying to figure out what the coupon is good for.

  21. Jane Lamondin says:

    I always go to our Pizza Hut in Parry Sound, Ontario. The food is always fresh and the way I want it. The staff are very pleasant and always are very accommodating.

  22. Marion says:

    The best pizza ever thanks

  23. Farida Gulamhusein says:

    I buy Pizza Hut special small veggie pizza, but I would like to express that a lot of times the pizza cheese is not melted as advertised. This time, I purchased one on 30th Dec, 2014, and I had to take it back to show them that the cheese has not been melted, the associate did offer me a new pizza, but unfortunately, the second pizza was quite burnt at the edges. Maybe something need to make a change in melting the cheese as per your advertisement on the walls of the pizza hut.
    Thank you,

  24. Melissa Levesque says:

    We visited the Pizza Hut located in Hanmer Ontario on Tuesday, December 23, 2014. The restaurant was not busy we waited over an hour for our food. We also witnessed other customers complaining, waiting for service, etc... the tables that had left prior to us arriving were not cleared off and remained that way until we left. The waitress did apologize for the slow service but said it was due to them getting busy but there were only 3/4 other tables of customers 2/3 people per table and we did not see anyone coming in for pick-up orders. We were not offered any sort of discount or coupons or anything to make up for the ridiculous wait time. Needless to say I will never visit that restaurant again!!!!!

  25. Yaroslav Senyshyn says:

    Excellent service always with our Pizza Hut on Hastings and Gilmore Streets, Burnaby, BC. Outstanding staff!

  26. Eddy Bawol says:

    ooooops store # was R30411

  27. Eddy Bawol says:

    food is ok but the wings are a complete rip-off. will not go back unless prices drop. I go to a lounge for Monday night football and their wings are twice the size for 25 cents a wing.

  28. Judy McAllister says:

    We had issues with an order and were very unhappy with our experience. But after posting my issues I received a call from the manager at our local Pizza Hut and he apologized and explained what had happened. Then he offered us a credit so that we could try again. So overall I am satisfied that my complaints were dealt with in a professional and friendly manner.

  29. Cindy Cheung says:

    very delicious, better than another pizza stores.

  30. Lillian says:

    Ordered in using on line order system. Order was completed as ordered, service was courteous and on time. Overall very enjoyable meal as always will continue to be a patron.

  31. G. Ross says:

    Love the PIZZA. Never once have we been disappointed. Great service, and always great pizza...Love it !!! Would never go anywhere else...

  32. Farshid Rastegarrazi says:

    Perfect. Taste and Preparing time

  33. Jill says:

    The service at Pizza Hut in Fort Saskatchewan is always friendly & helpful the staff always have a big smile on.


    i like pizza hut PIZZA Pizza doe very good I check after one week when warn up the pizza you feel just like fresh and tasty you feel the same taste like fresh since I am in this country I prefer to eat pizza hut PIZZA I try different companies of PIZZA But no other companies Pizza beat the taste and freshness of the PIZZA HUT pizza.

  35. Sadi says:

    I love Pizza Hut

  36. eugene bunka says:

    the 5 doller off your next pizza shows up no where here??

  37. eugene bunka says:

    your web sight is terrible hard to use could not place order had to phone in( store experience excellent) I have a new computer with windows 8.1 your menu should end with a easy order form directed to the store of my choice simple ( the specials and coupons should be prior to the order form) or prior to the menu

  38. Lam nguyen says:

    Good service ,good pizza good price!


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