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Pick 'n Save Customer Satisfaction Survey PrizePick                   'n Save

  1. A $50 Roundy's banner gift card

Pick 'n Save Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question and a receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question and you need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the Pick 'n Save Customer Satisfaction Survey via your smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

Pick 'n Save Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Pick 'n Save customer survey official website and enter the required information such as store number, transaction number, etc.
  2. Indicate your answers to questions or statements regarding your Pick 'n Save visit, such as departments you visited, satisfaction with the selection of products, etc.
  3. Answer the open question about the reason of ratings you give
  4. Provide your contact information such as your email address and phone number to finish the survey

Pick 'n Save Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty finishing the Pick 'n Save Survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

More Information About Pick 'n Save
Pick 'n Save is operated by Roundy's Supermarkets, which is a supermarket chain that has stores under the names of Pick 'n Save, Rainbow Foods, Copps Food Center and Metro Markets.

At Pick 'n Save, you will find a brand of their own: Roundy's. Roundy's can meet all your demands for quality, freshness, variety, and value. There are premium band, quality brand, Italian brand, organic brand, fresh brand, value brand under Roundy's. Baby brand and health and beauty brand, pharmacy are also available. So if you love to save money and live more healthily, choose Pick 'n Save and Roundy's.

Abou Pick 'n Save Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.picknsaveexperience.com - Pick    'n Save Customer Experience Survey
Survey Website: www.picknsaveexperience.com
Survey Incentive: $50 Roundy's banner gift card
Host Website: www.smg.com
Marketing Support: SMG

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Rating: 3.7/5 (21 vote casts)

192 comments on “www.picknsaveexperience.com - Pick 'n Save Customer Experience Survey

  1. michael eckert says:

    your new receipts do NOT match up with how to do survey. PLEASE FIX !!!!!!!

  2. Donna Mulqueen says:

    Love the helpfulness !!

  3. William C Loofboro says:

    I enjoy shopping at your store.

  4. kay huston says:

    Good place to shop always a bargain

  5. Wally Koepke says:

    Based on a visit to Pick 'N Save in Caledonia oin Saturday just before 4 p.m., my only comment is that you need more help at that store, the sooner the better. Everyone appeared to be working hard, but they all seemed rushed. This was noticed at the Check Out but also through out the store.

  6. Erica Struck says:

    The people were very friendly and helpful.

  7. leroy dolata says:


  8. william says:

    I shop at Woodsman's these days, because your prices are sky high / paying 3.89 for milk is ridiculous. I get it for 1.89 / I shop at your store for sale items only / Woodsman's has selection, vast parking, good roads & your sale prices are the everyday prices I pay at Woodsman's

  9. sharon says:

    i like the fact that I can download coupons to my pick n save card and my savings automatically come off.

  10. steven schmid says:

    get it all but i got the wrong size pans so i will go back and get the size i need

  11. Dorothy Berg says:

    We shop at the handy Marshfield Picknsave where all are very helpful. We would like to recommend Heidi C. as an outstanding helpful checker.

  12. Sylvia Wurster says:

    I do enjoy shopping at pick n save in Monroe Wi. I shop a lot at deli and Ronda always is so polite, always has a smile for you and goes out of her way to help you I think she is a great asset to your store!!Thank You Ronda.

  13. Marcy says:

    I have been very unhappy with shopping at the Weston Wis. store lately. I thought the idea of the eclips was great but the last 2 ties I was there I had to double check that I did indeed get the sale price. It happened again today with the buy 3 cereals and get 3.00 back. I think the service counter gal is getting tired of seeing me. Either this will have to be corrected or I will have to shop at my other local stores. Otherwise the personel are very friendly.

  14. Sandra McCarthy says:

    I shop every week at the Pick n Save in DeForest, Wis, always enjoyed my shopping here as the staff are exceptional, however, since all the changes you have deleted some of my favorite products, which makes me unhappy. Yesterday I was looking for Pledge Floor cleaner and Puffs Basic 180-2ply box, not in store. Do I need to shop elsewhere for the products I like and you no longer carry? You have made selections a lot smaller and what your putting in place of I don't know. Needless to say the changes in store are challenging enough without taking away products that are popular. Would appreciate some feedback to my survey. Thank you.

  15. Bob Connolly says:

    Mary Jo helped me out at the checkout counter. Very friendly as well as helpful even when a little problem jumped up. Thank you MaryJo for your great attitude! Look forward to next weeks shopping.

  16. Robert olson says:

    nice store for the area. It bothers us that nobody cleans up the dairy case There been broken eggs that dripped down below and it has been there two weeks.It sure is not good for your health, Somebody is not doing there job.

  17. Sharon Wambach says:

    Not a good experience this time

  18. Sarah Hoffman says:

    My day of shopping at the northland ave PicknSave was a happy day. The store has everything I need, plus the
    price of each item are reasonanle even the 2 for 1. Even if you cannot find the item, a very nice person will come
    around to help you. The atmosphere in the store is so clean and bright. The meats all look so fresh, so does the
    fresh soups smell so good. I notice the workers with very friendly smile sure make my shopping at this store a
    happy day. I wll be coming back. Soon

  19. Ken Uslabar says:

    Happy cheerful people at the Neenah PNS, of course it was 7:20 pm and they were lonely.

  20. Susan Krueger says:

    I was at Pick N Save in Green Bay at the Lime Kiln Rd on August 26. Kathy at the express lane register was very helpful and friendly

  21. Jeannette Mazur says:

    The PicknSave in Cudahy has music playing too loud and it is irritating when trying to ask a question at a counter.
    The one on Holt Avenue (6878) never has a small (12 oz) of 2% milk. I had to buy the 32 oz size just for coffee use because I'm lactose intolerant. Probably will have to dump most of it before it sours!
    Please alert the people who stock 2% milk to check the availability of smaller bottles.

  22. mike says:

    good shopping experience

  23. bobbie martin says:

    My shopping has been good I will shop again

  24. jenny steilen says:

    August 4, 2016 Pick & Save on Capital in Pewaukee is a friendly store to shop. They always bag the groceries and ask if I need help. Wish they would stock more Klements products and less Johnsonville products. The Johnsonville sausage have more grease and the flavor is not as good as Klements or Usingers sausage. The prices are getting better and more competitive since Kroger took over. I buy less and less each week at Walmart. I love the fresh fruits and vegetables and the meat. The butcher is always there to answer any questions.

  25. ronald penson says:

    My experience at pick'n save is all ways a good one. Each time I shop there, I manage to save money. I do shop at Walmart, but primarily for clothing and house hold necessities. I consider pick'n save my main store for my food items,the service is great and the employee's are a-number one. Glad to have you around. Ronald Penson

  26. Clara Jaeck says:

    Hi I shop at pick and save 1 to 2x a week. The clerks are polite and work hard to satisfy the
    customer even the manage ment. wonderful clean store. I do have a comment it is my receipt
    It is never right There is always an error every week from cents to dollars This last week was 3.00 Every week this happens. I know it is not your cashiers making the errors it has to be the people who enter the pricing. Clara Jaeck Other grocerys store receipt are always correct.
    Racine wi 53406

  27. Allan Foeckler says:

    Checked out of Pick N Save Oak Creek at 10:39am. Was purchasing the $5 off deal items and told that this store did not carry the twin pack draft singles advertised in your flyer. Clausen pickles was another item in that $5 off section. Had to pick what I really didn't want because the pickle section was EMPTY with only a couple jars in the case. Came to find out that in loading coupons from your coupon list onto the pick n save card that if loading a coupon and on double coupon days it only gave single money off. If that is the case it would be better to print the coupons, as they are all manufacture coupons, present the printed coupon and then I would get the double the money coupon value.

    Getting upset with Pick N Save and may just go elsewhere.

  28. Elaine says:

    My cashier, Emily, at the pick n save in Cudahy, wi on Packard avenue was extremely helpful. She asked If I got the extra bonus we got with the peanut butter and went out of her way to make sure I got it. Also very helpful in another item I had a problem with the other day. Thank you Emily for your assistance. It was a pleasure having you wait on me.

  29. Barbara Frenz says:

    We were at pick n save on 76 and Rawson On July 3 around 1:20 pm. We were at the deli wanting to order chicken. We waited over 5 minutes. We counted at least 4 workers, and there were few customers. At one point another employee came over and rang a bell for us, but still no one came. The workers seemed to be busy putting labels on food and even looked at us, but did not stop to wait on us. Poor service .

  30. Marsha Everson says:

    I was in Store #6308 yesterday. I had to pick up some groceries and items I needed for prep for a medical procedure. When I got home, I realized I had forgotten my instructions somewhere. I called the store and Jacey answered. Two phone calls later and a trip to all cart corals, she located my notes (which I needed to start today). I just want to mention what an awesome customer service experience this was. Jacey surveyed the entire parking lot attempting to find my notes (which I had left at the register). Picked up my notes today so I can start my prep. Shout out to Jacey at the Sunset Drive Pick n Save in Waukesha!

  31. Audrey Firkus-Gnoza says:

    One thing I don't like now is that the service desk hours. Should be a whole lot earlier like it was before. Some of us like to do things early.

  32. Audrey Firkus-Gnoza says:

    Pam was my cashier. You did a great job. and I also had great help with finding some of my items so good job to all that help. thanks. Pick N Save my main shopping store.

  33. David Czarnowski says:

    Great shopping in this store .

  34. Kathe says:

    Waterford, WI Pick and Save
    I think P&S is very lucky to have Brian running your bakery dept. You can tell he enjoys his work as everything always looks very nicely displayed, clean and orderly. He is more than helpful and friendly and customers always come first with him.

  35. peter woloszczuk says:

    I like the store as it is clean, has a pleasant atmosphere and is at a nice location. Forgot to mention that the employee's are friendly. Am in town once a week and always stop there.

  36. Shane Casey says:

    Debbie K. was awesome at the deli department today.We always get great service from the kind folks at the Oak Creek Pick N Save!!!

  37. Chris Ewald says:

    Cashier Dionna was extremely pleasant which I don't encounter too much these days.
    Dionna also went out of her way to save me more on my food bill by utilizing coupons from booklet which
    I didn't receive in my Wed paper. Wish more people would be like Dionna !!
    shop @ Mayfair Rd in Wauwatosa.

  38. jackie mann says:

    I always enjoy the friendly folks at pick n save.

  39. Christina Hill says:

    I wish to commend the cashier, Cleo R. Not only today, but every week she's courteous, helpful, thorough, and makes it a joy to shop at Pick n' Save. No matter the time of day, busy or not, she continually makes me feel as if I'm the most important customer in the store. And she does all of this and more with a smile and funny, witty story. She's the Pick n' Save cashier for me!

  40. Glenn Podlewski says:

    I always shop pick n save. When I had knee surgery a bagger was getting carts outside seen I was
    having problems putting grocerys in my car and stopped what he was doing and came over by me
    and said I got this and put all my stuff in my car. I tried to give him a couple of bucks and he would not accept it. This is what is missing in this world these days because not an even an hour earlier I was at Walmart just across the parking lot from pick n save and bought a new tv and a worker for Walmart that was collecting carts seen I was having a problem putting the tv in my car
    and walked right by me. The same pick n save guy that help me with my groceries seen that and ran over and put the tv in my car. Thanks Pick n Save for hiring workers that will go that extra mile to help.
    Thank You
    Glenn Podlewski


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