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  2. Answer all the questions by following the instructions of the website and complete the survey.
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If you have any problem or difficulty finishing the PetSmart Customer Feedback Survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

More Information about PetSmart
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PetSmart is a specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. PetSmart runs over 1,200 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. PetSmart does business online too. PetSmart is a leading online provider of pet supplies and pet care information. PetSmart provides a broad range of competitively priced pet food and pet supplies, and offers complete pet training and pet adoption services.

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Share with PetSmart about your recent visit experiences at www.petsmartfeedback.com.

About PetSmart Customer Feedback Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.petsmartfeedback.com
Survey Incentive: A validation code
Host Website: www.petsmartfeedback.com
Marketing Support: Service Management Group

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42 comments on “www.petsmartfeedback.com - PetSmart Customer Feedback Survey

  1. gene says:

    I have been looking to adopt a cat and was told that Petsmart has cat adoptions. However, I go on to Petsmart.com and do not see a good site to see what you have. Info I found was way off. Ie, rescues did not match mileage or towns. I click Corona and do not see any Petsmart cats. If I go to Petco they somehow link into Petfinder and I see all cats in the area.

    With all the stores you have it would seem you would make it easier for someone like me to view what you have.

    There is no "Contact us" on Petsmart.com so I went his route doubting you will get this message but thought I would try.

  2. Dana Lara says:

    The dog whistle that I bought was not what I thought it would be cause it was not quit cause I could still here it

  3. Mrs. D.Mary Avison says:

    After making an appointment to have my dog groomed, two months ahead of time, it was changed three or four times in the remaining few days before the promised date, eventually to the extent of all alternative dates cancelled and putting me on standby for the first cancellation available. I'm still waiting - now - three months later.
    The manager/s of the PetSmart branch in question - 13680-50th. st NW. Edmonton - appear to be unqualified and - in a court of law I would openly describe them as incompetent liars. This of course reflects on the executive of PetSmart.
    Take notice observers, PetSmart could well be a corrupt empire?

  4. james rickels says:

    your adds show holiday . Its not holiday Its Merry Christmas, only. I have 9 cats and 1 dog.We do buy some thing from you, as long you do not list Christmas as holiday I will buy else wear. Your company angers me. I do not buy from any store that leave Christmas out I guess you do not need my money.

  5. Faye says:

    I made at least 6 attempts to take the survey but the site would not let me. Therefore, I was not able to get the $3 off validation code. This site has never properly worked. I guess I'll have to call their technical number.

  6. Ruth Johnston says:

    I made a purchase and pursuant to the receipt I received I attempted to get my $3.00 refund but I was unable to get any validation #. Why?

  7. joni millhiser says:

    we always have had nothing but great quality, atmosphere, and very friendly staff that has always been there to advise us on what is the best care for our animals. it's just a great store and we love having our vet right there in the same place where we shop. great service and a great value fits our needs. thanks for being the store we have come to know.

  8. Nuvi says:

    We just love your store .
    Everyone there always has a smile as your enter the store

  9. kathy quimby says:

    Usually always have a pleasant time in your stores.

  10. Karen says:

    I am very satisfied with the prices and the help I receive at Pet Smart. It is nice to know I can receive coupons and discounts. I am recently retired, and savings of any kind is greatly appreciated.

  11. mary ann fletcher says:

    great store

  12. jacki gregory says:

    to many choices ,can't you just ask 1 question & click '

  13. Dianne Williams says:

    Visited store #1350 to purchase cat food. Store was clean, well stocked, and well organized. Workers were very helpful and knowledgeable. Prices were below those of the big box stores(i.e. Wal Mart, Target, etc.). Will return to this store in the future.

  14. gloria Bermingham says:

    Went to store # 1566 on 3-16-14 and the sales girl refused to sell me 4 mollies. She said my tank was too small. How did she know, I have 3 fish tanks. a 3 ga, a20ga and a 35 ga tank. She refused to sell me the fish I asked for and sold me a snail instead. Since when do your employees dictate the purchases of your customers. I had intended to buy a total of 12 fish that day, but left a little miffed at her. Im still miffed, so Im writing this letter of complaint.



  16. pete says:

    no comment



  18. Brenda Wellwood says:

    Very helpful at Petsmart in Fredericton, helping with types of puppy food to get, very friendly and willing to help , and answer questions.

    Thank you

  19. Richard Locke says:

    I've noticed your recent ads on TV for Holliday specials. 90% of the people you use the word Christmas. After all why is the Holliday celebrated if not for the birth of Christ? This country is going down the tube because we have removed Jesus from everything. But everyone wants a Christmas Holliday, a Christmas bonus, and a Christmas present, yet, you just call it a Holliday.
    Richard Locke
    7221 Alphaba Rd.
    Coldwater, Ms.38618

  20. Kim Walker says:

    everytime i go in to petsmart always greeted by the workers and even when im looking for something there always someone to help u when cashing out the casher always is friendly and asks did i find everything i was looking for i will always go out of my way to go to petsmart very happy to shop there

  21. Pam Railey says:

    Always helpful and everything you need for your special friend

  22. nathan wallace says:

    like using for shoping and grooming

  23. gallagher says:

    I love Pet Smart stores . There is no place like it . My dog Willie is so at ease that when he visits the store he goes straight to the isle of Kong toys as thats his favorite place

  24. Jackie Sanders says:

    I took the survey and never received validation code.

  25. c.chirhart says:

    We adopted a young dog from phoenix in may & feel like we've had her forever. She's a really special family member. During the whole process & now , Petsmart has been so helpful & genuinely interested in this dog having a good home.

  26. Troy Kilburn says:

    Is a nice store, could use more employees though. Had to look for someone to help us two times.

  27. anna cook says:


  28. Helen M Rule says:

    Nice that Petsmart is offering a survey that gives back to the patron.Thank You.

  29. George Wilman says:

    Very helpfull employees

  30. j.l. j.l.mccluskey says:

    Went to PetSmart on 4-18-13 and could not find Pedigree Fit and Trim.
    Purchased another Pedigree brand.
    pin # 0418 1532 2301 0751
    looking for validation code.
    I do not feel that your survey is user friendly and is confusing.
    Jim McCluskey

  31. Rose andres says:

    I found it difficult to find where you want me to go for this feed back, not good!

  32. Christine Heath says:

    I am very happy with Petsmart because my 18 years old Miniature Pinscher was refusing to eat until I switched to Blue Buffalo. Now she eats 3-4 cans daily. The employees recommended that food for small dogs Lamb & Rice Homestyle. My dog Shania is doing really well because she's eating well and has alot more energy. She is barking and looking forward to eating again. lI searched for a dog food to help my dog strive and be happy for as long as she has. Petsmart is the only store who had this food in stock. The employees are nice and very helpful and do really care about helping customers.

  33. Patricia says:

    I came to LA for a brief visit and was taken to your store as I was looking for stuff for my Dogs. I was amazed at the size of the store and pleased with the service. I got exactly what I wanted, because Rebecca was extremely helpful at store 12741 Townes Center Dr Cerritos. CA.

  34. elissa hanshew says:

    me and my dog love petsnart

  35. elissaelissa hanshew says:

    petsmart is the perfect store for me @ my pet

  36. David Chargin says:

    I would like to thank the cashier at Pet Smart Store #1812. Her cashier number is
    436492. I'm disabled, and I had a problem getting out the store, after I purshed some items. She dropped what she was doing, came over and helped me out to my car, when the other cashier did nothing. Please note there were no lines that day. She is a asset, to P/smart.
    I later found out, a few of my elder friends here at the home told me, they call ahead just to make sure, she is there, incase they need her help. I will do the same.

  37. Robert Cahouette says:

    I Enjoyed my Visit at the petsmart on 117st and 1st ave, everybody was so helpful with me buying bed's for my 2 dog's and getting food for them, I will be buying all my pet's need's from there. thank's again for all your help. your's MR Cahouette.


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