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More Information about Perkins
Perkins is the leading operator and franchisor of more than 440 full-service family dining restaurants located primarily in the Midwest, Florida and Pennsylvania.
Founded in 1958, Perkins restaurants offer consumers in 34 states and five Canadian provinces a full menu of over 90 assorted breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert items at competitive prices. Perkins signature menu items include omelettes, secret recipe buttermilk pancakes, Mammoth Muffins, salads and Melt sandwiches. Breakfast items are available at any time of day.
Fifty years after its beginning as a single pancake house in Ohio, Perkins continues to offer guests personalized service and high quality food at a great value.

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62 comments on “www.perkinsfeedback.com - Perkins Guest Experience Survey

  1. Ronald Gorchels says:

    New menu,BAD, confusing. We ordered a simple waffle and received a waffle platter instead. We had to wait a long time for our food because the order was forgot so we had to remind the hostess about our order. When we received our order it was incomplete. We had to re ask for for the accompanying sides. Also the menu said any side with the 55 plus orders, I had chose the mac and cheese and was told that that would be one dollar more. Now I will say that the staff was courteous but the whole experience was not good. Hope that you can improve that.

  2. Margo Gordon says:

    Perkins is the place, we mostly go out to eat at, love the atmosphere, as well as the service and the food is great never had a complaint

  3. fred matthews says:

    tried giving a comment about eating at perkins n. ft. myers fl. === paid cash about 7pm on
    7-24-16 === did not get a receipt , your web sites needs that === other sites to general & I do not want to win a prize === I think you would want return customers & good reports to friends ???
    === service waitress super great ( tried covering up for poor quality of food )
    === your adds & food pictures look great === what a customer gets is far different !!!! ( bad ) +

  4. Catherine Cook says:

    Our waitress named Kathleen was very sweet and very helpful. We had a 2 year old with us and she treated her and us also with respect and was very nice, polite and helpful. I think she went above and beyond to help us and was always smiling and very polite. She took care of all of our needs quickly. We have always had very good servers at any Perkins Restaurant we have been to.

  5. Thomas Whaling says:

    I had a very unpleasant experience at Perkins inAvon, Ohio... When I went to pay my bill , The Ohio Farm Bureau coupon of 10% off was NOT honored. It had a July 4, 2016 expiration date, but the manager told me that is was not a real coupon.... I was so angry that I did not get the Manager's name... But I frequent the restaurant about twice a week, but the way I was treated, I highly doubt that I will go back anytime soon. I guess individual customers do not matter to Perkins... Yes, I plan to boycott Perkins unless I get some kind of official apology.... There are plenty of other options in the neighborhood.... Thank you for letting me vent!!!
    Thomas Whaling...

  6. Darlene says:

    Always enjoy my visits to Perkins staff is always very friendly abd helpful. and food is always very good .

  7. Randall Confer says:


  8. JeAanne Lutgen says:

    I had a very bad experience at your Perkins in Chanhassen, Mi. My meal was so-so. My granddaughter ordered an omelet and it was a pile of scrambled eggs, hash browns with cheese. no cheese but we were charged for it, they took it back put cheese on them and put them in the
    micro and they tasted like crap, her cherry coke was a root beer, so they gave her a piece of pie for having such a mess of her order the cherry pie she ordered was berry. I have eaten at Perkins all over Iowa and had never had such a mess.

  9. Darrell Hinz says:

    Very good food

  10. DEB says:


  11. Vicky Bell says:

    address -Kenaston

  12. Vicky Bell says:

    Very good tasting meal- and good variety. Would have like to have seen no mistakes with order- one person of our party received chicken order instead of salmon - no compensation offered by staff so their order arrived when rest of us were finished meal-luckily young child was patient . Staff did apologize. Very friendly staff and clean restaurant.

  13. jacquie mcivor says:


  14. Judith Jones says:

    My experience at the Henderson Hwy location was very nice. We had the seniors menu which was priced just right. Thank you for a great dining experience

  15. Linda Seveneant says:

    We love Perkins. Our favorite waitress in Anetta.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Excellent service ... Food served fresh and hot .... Affordable !!!

  17. Patricia A. Magee says:

    I wanted to do the survey but did not have the check number. We went to the Perkins in Asbury Park, NJ. Our server was Johnny who was the best. He was polite, attentive and seemed to be a very hard worker! Also, the food is always great.

  18. NANCY says:

    Help and food is always good!

  19. NANCY says:

    Food and help is always good!

  20. chet seran says:

    There is some of us guys who meet every tuesday morning at your everhard road store in canton ohio. We have been doing this for about two years setting in your back room where we have peace and quiet so we can talk and enough room we have been doing this for about two years sitting in the same area every tuesday early morning excepy today august5th. The manager made us move stating our place was reserved for other people when she was tpld along time ago we would be there every tuesday and she is the one that moved us to these tables to begin with plus she was very rude when we told her this was our regular area. Some of the guys stated we can always leave and go elsewhere if Perkins dont want our business, this is not the first time that she has not been polite with us guys. We really have a good waitress and want to keep her. After two years of coming to your restaurant we will be deciding whether to go some where else. There is about 12 of us that meet there

  21. Herman Lieb says:

    still very good

  22. Nancy J. Bennett says:

    Love the Perkins in Titusville, Pa.

  23. Patricia Sterling says:

    I always enjoy my visit to Perkins. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

  24. Donald Tilton says:

    I have always enjoyed the attention and prompt service I receive from Perkins.

  25. Herman Lieb says:

    it's always enjoyable

  26. janet shave says:

    Well where would you like for me to begin?
    it was our server's four day
    My husband had Beef Medal/Shrimp, he asked for French fries and to have the stake medium well.
    this is not what he got! no fries stake was way over cooked
    Now for mine?
    I order the liver and onions and what I got was really bad! burnt liver
    I have to say for the price we payed for this so called meal< it sure was not worth it
    I make liver myself and my cooking of Liver is by far way better then what I got

    $ 37.82

  27. Norma Simmons says:

    The bakery items are very well displayed and are delicious....Excellent .......

  28. Herman Lieb says:

    Never have a complaint

  29. Susan Bennett says:

    Perkins has great food at a great price. I love their bakery! The Manager at the Greenville, PA store, is very friendly and personable. I think that is name is Shawn. Also my waitress Sarah, was very friendly and attentive.

  30. Vivian Buckel says:


  31. Herman Lieb says:

    the food & service are great

  32. Gerry says:

    We took our company from Ocala, FL for dinner. We were greeted immediately and seated. Our server
    was very helpful. We had delicious porkchops, turkey & dressings and 2 meatloaf dinners. We were completely satisfied with the price. We will advise us friends to go to Perkins. All the waitress are great at
    Grove City, PA

  33. George & Gail Black says:

    We find the staff and Management very pleasant and helpful

  34. terry says:

    Our first visit to Perkins. The meal was excellent and the price reasonable. We will return.

  35. Diana L. Schulzkump says:

    On 5/6/14 around 6:15 pm at the Perkins in Norfolk, NE, the hostess said table or booth? I said doesn't matter, just don't walk to far. She then took us to the back of the building. I said to my husband So she takes us all the way to the back?? The hostess laughed & said it's not ALL the way, It was 2 booths from the furthest wall from the door!!! There were several empty places towards the front! I have bad knees & limp.(Also qualify for Handicap parking.) I was so mad. Please teach your people if the customer has trouble walking or even just is elderly seat them towards the front. It's only common courtesy. I work everyday with the public & I would never treat anyone like that

  36. Diana L. Schulzkump says:

    On 5/6/14 around 6:15 pm at the Norfolk, NE Perkins. the hostess asked table or booth? I said doesn't matter, just don't walk to far. She then took us all the way to the back, I said to my husband. So she takes us all the way to the back?? She laughed & said It's not ALL the way, & It was 2 Booths from the furthest wall!! There were plenty of places empty close to the front. I have bad knees & limp. I was really mad. Please teach your people if the customer is limping, or even just elderly seat them close to the door. That's only common courtesy. I work with the public everyday & I would never be that thoughtless.

  37. Ross Wilcox says:

    Will never go there again.

  38. Ross Wilcox says:

    I was in the Perkins at Southdale Centre in Winnipeg, MB on Saturday May 3rd, Our waitress interrupted me three times while I was trying to order. The food was not as we had asked for and not very warm either. She came back once and asked if we needed anything, we asked for ketchup pepper, and \HP sauce. She never returned. I eventually went to the hostess stand and asked for it myself. Someone brought a bottle of HP that had more sauce on the outside and the cap than in the bottle, disgustingl . When we went to pay our bill the hostess asked if everything was alright & when I said no she just carried on as if I had said nothing. Gave us the survey but no receipt.

  39. Rose says:

    Went to Perkins in Superior, Wisconsin on 4-14-2014. The place and worker's were great, and the food was good although I was missing the tomatoes on my BLT. It took maybe 15 minutes to get them. I would go back.. maybe

  40. kathy says:

    very good


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