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Panera Bread Customer Survey Prizepanera bread

  1. $2,000 Grand Prize

Panera Bread Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not have to purchase to enter or win.
  2. The winner will be notified by mail, email or phone.
  3. Winner cannot redeem the prize for cash.
  4. All taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Panera Bread Customer Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question and a receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question and you need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the Panera Bread Customer Survey via your smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

Panera Bread Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Online Entry. Visit the Panera Bread customer survey official website and complete the survey.
  2. Phone Entry. Call toll-free number 1-877-573-0141 and follow the instructions to be entered.
  3. Mail-in Entry. Hand print (or type) your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, email address (if any), and age on a 3.5” x 5” piece of paper and mail it in a hand-addressed envelope to “Panera Bread and Paradise Cafes Customer Survey Sweepstakes, The Sweepstakes Center, P.O. Box 16349, Rochester, NY 14616.

Panera Bread Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the Panera Bread customer survey official website.
  2. Enter the Panera bakery-cafe number printed on the receipt and click the next button.
  3. Enter the 6-7 digit check number found on your receipt.
  4. Select date and time of your visit.
  5. Select answers to the questions like "How often have you visited this bakery-cafe in the last 30 days?" and so on.
  6. Select answers to the questions like "Overall, how satisfied were you with your most recent experience at this bakery-cafe?" and so on.
  7. Rate your satisfaction with this visit in the areas like "Greeting received upon arrival" and more. 
  8. Answer the open question "How Panera's team made a difference on your visit, including any names or descriptions of team members".
  9. Enter your personal contact information to finish the survey.

Panera Bread Customer Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish the Panera Bread online customer survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team.

More Information about Panera Bread
Panera Bread was established more than 30 years ago. Panera Bread has been growing quickly across North America. They run over 1,500 company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafes in 40 states and in Ontario, Canada, under the Panera Bread, Saint Louis Bread Co. and Paradise Bakery & Café names. Panera cards can be accepted in the US. The US Panera Card can be used at most Panera Bread and Saint Louis Bread Co. locations in the United States. Please know that there is no service fee. You can join MyPaneral. It's easy and free. There are no obligations and you 'll enjoy surprises and offers provided by Panera Bread.

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79 comments on “www.paneralistens.com - Panera Bread Customer Survey

  1. Jaylon says:

    Yo, that's what's up trytlfulhu.

  2. darrin bourret says:

    I love Panera bread and there is a employee name lisa young who works on state street in Chicago and always has a smile when i come in the morning to have my Oatmeal... Great job Lisa!!! Thank You!!!

  3. Al says:

    I frequent store 0801 in Kingston, NY, and have been very happy with everything, except, today.My wife who is temporally disabled, and I,had trouble getting into the store due to sidewalks not being shoveled, what looked like a kid made a small zig-zag path around the store.
    Not fair even to non handicap people, plus what about the liability?

  4. Steve Parrott says:

    I frequent the Midwest City Panera Bread every visit I am greeted with polite professional employees. The General Manager Lee has established an outstanding working relationship with his co-employees and it shows in there attitude.

  5. Mary Custer says:

    I visited a rather new Panera Store on Peach Street in Erie, PA. It must be the worst facility in which I have visited. I have eaten at many of your restaurants in many different states. Usually it is my restaurant of choice especially if I am in a hurry. Your newer store, in Erie, may be a wonderful store when it is 60 degrees but yesterday it was single digit and the only seats vacant were by the window. The windows were so drafty that we could not remove our coats while eating. It was an uncomfortable experience, I didn't enjoy my meal because of the cold and one I would not want to repeat. Thank you.

  6. Andrew Efthyvoulos says:

    Had a First Class experience lunchtime today..

  7. Anne Whittemore says:

    Cannot find the survey online pictured in the video. All it asks for is cafe #, how satisfied I was, and address, name and phone number. Not happy.

  8. karen motkin says:

    the last three times ive eaten at panera the was wrong! they do not listen my location is in west babylon ny 11704 my member# is 04454. do not if ill return again!

  9. M. Frey says:

    Love the broccoli-cheese soup + baquette.

  10. Al Derosier says:

    She's done it again!! That Heidi girl in store #3554 has outdone herself again. When I ordered a mac n cheese with a bagette she offered to toast the bagette and butter it for me which she did. She is awesome!! She always finds a way to make customers feel special.

  11. Al says:

    I must say that I am always treated very well at your cafe's. There are, however just some people out there who stand out and they should be recognized. This morning at Hanover I was waited on by Heidi and Shawna, and they do a marvelous job. They are always ready with a smile and a happy greeting, and go out of their way to make all their customers feel at home.

  12. ann furlanetto says:

    I go to café 0896 in the mornings and the lady that works there is very rude and should not be dealing with customers with her attitude. I know everyone has an off day, but I seem to be hitting hers all the time. She should work in the back where she has no dealing with customers. I think her name is Lori.
    Will not be going back anytime soon.

  13. Walt Nied says:

    Took the survey but there was no place to enter the drawing? What gives?

  14. Isabel H. says:

    Today I went to the store #1649 located at Brier Creek in Raleigh, NC. I had a very bad experience. The place was So DIRTY! Trash and food on the floor and under the tables. I had to change places 3 times because the tables were dirty. When we went to the bathroom There were not paper towels to dry my hands. When I went to get some napkins they were gone. I complain to the manager and it took them about 10 min so I decided to clean it myself. Then I noticed they were using the same rag for cleaning all the tables to clean the top of the trash can. I was so upset I decided to leave the place.

  15. Patricia Rose says:

    Usually I'm very satisfied with my Panera bread service, except for the last time I purchased a loaf of bread. I requested an extra large sourdough loaf sliced thin (my usual weekly order) and paid for the bread. When the clerk handed me the sliced loaf, I questioned whether it was the extra large loaf, because it looked smaller than my usual purchase. The clerk assured me that it was an extra large loaf, but I don't think it was; I feel I was overcharged for a regular sourdough loaf. Very disappointed with the counter person.

  16. Connie Martin` says:

    Great new store. Love Panera's

  17. Leon Drew says:

    At store #3723 you have one of the most cheerful, helpful employees
    (Jenniffer) that I've had the pleasure to meet. She is an asset to this

  18. Danny says:

    All I want to enter your survey.

  19. linda sharrow says:

    got our order wrong and told the cashier they reoder it and it still was wrong we just ate it then they told us that our reward card was not activated which at the same store the manger activated it 3 month ago for us still don't work we lost all those rewards points

  20. J. Clinton says:

    We do not like all the frosting on the bear claws and miss the cinnamon chip scones.
    Also, do not like the survey when you want to talk to a real person.
    Seems like there are a lot of young people working and some of them are not very prompt or do they make the sandwiches as good as they used to. The managers do not have any badges on them and they are also young people.


    My experience was WONDERFUL! The food was wonderful along with the service. There is one particular employee that was most kind and helpful. Her name is Christina Rapolla. I made sure to ask her full name so that she too will be recognized for her helpfulness. My first visit to Panera Bread in the downtown location I believe Cafe #4291 was THEE BEST! Thank you Panera Bread for great food but above all, Thank you Christina Rapolla for you helpfulness and kindness. I sure hope that you see this. From one satisfied customer, Juanita Salazar.

  22. Kathy says:

    St Robert, Missouri Panera bread is an excellent store, the friendliest staff, and always happy to help. A special thanks to britany Starr for going above and beyond to make sure my order was correct. Thank you.

  23. Vern says:

    In reference to your worker britany Starr it was at the st Roberts Missouri Panera bread, 2895.

  24. Vern says:

    Britany Starr is one of the most delightful workers I have ever dealt with. Always full of energy, polite and good spirited. A big plus for your team.

  25. Janine Glass says:

    The broccoli cheddar soup with French roll was delicious

  26. M A Rasbury says:

    After a very unpleasant visit to your Panera store, Cafe 0873, in Woodhaven, MI, I have been trying to get to your customers listen site and have been going in circles. Not only was the service BAD, your website is no better.

  27. Beverly manfre says:

    I had pasta and greek salad for lunch today and cashier did not take off my 3.00 coupon and I complained to the manager and HE said it was expired and on my reciept it says 6/22/13, I was so mad at this guy seeing as I buy 50.00 cards at a time and there trying to cheat me out of a coupon, unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on feedback have this guy get his act togeather, they just gave me this copy from last week,to begin with how could it have expired so fast....

  28. Kenneth Dollmeyer says:

    enjoyed my chicken sandwich and onion soup--I will be back for more----------thanks KenD

  29. Greg Pelzel says:

    Today's chicken noodle soup served too brothy, not enough noodles etc. cafe3204 1:55 pm

  30. ann harrison says:

    for five minutes I have been searching for the website to answer the survey on my receipt.
    NO SUCCESS. This process is a big failure for me.

  31. Dale Kirby says:

    i visited panera ,holly mead shopping center,virginia. i was helped by SARA CASHIER,SHE WAS MOST
    KIND AND DID A WONDERFULL JOB. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dale Kirby

  32. sontino romeo says:

    I been coming to Panera Café #1219 since it open in Venice Fl. Your company has the BEST STAFF in the country. Gen.Manager Kelly Dininus, Manager Deb,Brian,Stef and your employees. My group of friends (10-12) are here every day.Its not the food its the staff that brings us back every day. Keep up the good work.
    Sontino Romeo
    1258 Barbara Dr. #102
    Venice Fl. 34285
    941-223-0595 or 941-716-0143

  33. RAYRAY Dubois says:

    I made a vsit to your store in Venice FLA, cafe #1219 4/4/13 at 518.56 pm I orderd the Rstc Pne Blgnse meal..I ordered a large. to go. i live 15 miles from your store an . when I got home i found a very sm order not enought to feed one .neavermind 2 people as my intent was...an i didnt get a piece of Bag/Roll which is on my reciept. im very upset this is not like your company.your co. has a good rep ...but Iam not so sure now. it was a togo order #167 my cashier was carolina my name on reciept was rayray. you can track it down for sure im not going back to your store im very upset I have over 400 custermes in Englewood fl. i will tell them not to go for lunch at that store for sure.. thanx for listening RAYRAY.S HOME REPAIR in Englewood Fl.

  34. myron buchanan says:

    I just wanted to take he time out to give a quick thanks you to a great employee erica. My business meeting ran over an lasted longer than i expected, so i decided to get some food at the last minute an she was more than happy to take my order with a smile. Store 0977 in st louis mo 63108 great job i was staving.

  35. Corliss Lewis says:

    Would like more vegetarian and lower sodium sandwiches

  36. Deborah Marcellino says:

    I was very displeased with counter service today Bagel and toast were toasted only on one side no attempt was made to redo. The toaster used is not working correctly and no attemp by staff to speak with manager was offerred or that they would tell manager
    staff just seemed bothered poor customer service

  37. Linda Whitcomb says:

    Tim, the manager of the Panera's hingham shipyard, Mass. Certainly has the right job. Loves people, always a smile even when doing 3things at once, plus his help are always ready to help in any way they can. The best run Panera's that I have been too. Thank you TIM!!!!!!! Always clean and just a comfortable dining experience whether it be a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner.

  38. Patricia Heil says:

    Love the atmosphere, warmand comfortable. The cashiers, servers are very helpful and pleasant. Love the food, always something different to try. My one complaint is that the soup is never hot when its served. It's warm and tasty, but I would like it to be hot! So hot that I have to "blow" on my spoonful. This is the second time this has happened to me. What is the answer?

  39. mike lyons says:

    Great experience in Gainesville, Ga. location. Always great service and great coffee, sandwiches, bread and pastries. Management is always making sure we as customers are completely satisfied. Keep up the great work.


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