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  1. A Panda Express Validation Code

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  1. Visit the Panda Express survey official site.
  2. Enter the 4 digit store number located at the top of your receipt and click the next button.
  3. Answer all the questions and finish the survey.

Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish the Panda Express online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Survebag editorial team.

More Information About Panda Express
Panda Express offers chicken entrees, beef entrees, shrimp entrees, sides, appetizers, desserts and drinks. You may purchase a Panda Express gift card and check your gift card balance online. Panda Express Gift Cards cannot be used at some airport, casino, stadium, supermarket, theme park, and university locations.

Visit www.PandaExpress.com/Survey and take the online survey to help Panda Express serve better fast food for you.

About Panda Express Surveywww.PandaExpress.com/Survey - Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.PandaExpress.com/Survey
Survey Incentive: Panda Express validation code
Host Website: survey.medallia.com/pandaexpresssurvey
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41 comments on “www.PandaExpress.com/Survey - Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Angelina Shelton says:

    No redemption code...

  2. Angelina Shelton says:

    Visited store #2398 very fast service , love the pacific chili shrimp...they are always busy but whenever I see the drive thru line short I will always frequent your store.... Thanks...

  3. Angelina Shelton says:

    Love Panda Express

  4. Kathy Olson says:

    Waited all day for a plumber to leave, so we could have Panda Express, arrived at 9:18 pm, the lobby was closed, the drive through was open, placed an order for a plate of walnut shrimp x2 and veggies, 2 bowls of orange chicken and noodles and a medium box of teriyaki chicken. Only to be told it would take 12 minutes for the walnut shrimp, we were willing to wait- then got to the window to pay and were told the kitchen was closed and they would not make it for us.
    Wasilla, AK location does not stand up to my expectations. Lye to me and loose my business forever!!

  5. Roxie says:

    Hi, i read your blog ocoscianally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam feedback? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any help is very much appreciated.

  6. Mark says:

    love the chow main ....

  7. Greg Wilkes says:

    I didn't receive my redemption code

  8. brandie houston-brown says:

    the food was very satisfying

  9. Gary Davis says:

    Stale and food that was cold at supper time is not acceptable

  10. Sarah Smith says:

    Visited the Panda Express #0942 in Roy, Utah. It was very clean and well kept. The food was hot and the portions were large. The staff was friendly and fast. They cook the vegetables fresh, right when you order them . That was nice as they were hot and cooked perfectly. I will be going there again, especially since I can get a free third entrée item with the code I just acquired from the survey site. Thank you, Panda Express !!

  11. jaunice cathcart says:

    I think Panda Express has more nerve charging extra for certain entree's and then giving such small portions.

  12. Veronica says:

    I was in Panda Express Store #1524 on Wednesday 4/15/15, The waiter took my order, I asked for Steam Rice and Orange Chicken I told the waiter that I would wait on some fresh Orange Chicken, she said Okay, 7 Minutes later two people came in as I was waiting on my Orange Chicken the waiter that took my order took their order as well and they wanted Orange Chicken also, the Orange Chicken came up the waiter put some Orange Chicken on their plates first walked away and left mines sitting under the light so the cashier came over and put the Orange Chicken on my plate. I thought that was very rude considering I work for the State /Cook County

  13. Frank Vergara says:

    I bought a medium order of a la carte mushroom chicken and beef with broccoli at the Canoga Park Vux panda store on 4/12/15. The receipt did not print a store number and it was issued by Von's. HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED: I politely requested server (Esteban Ochoa) to put in more beef instead of 65% broccoli in the box. He said that he did. I tried to refute his point by having him take the food on the box to prove a point but he stated they don't do that. I ended up canceling the order. He said that he could not dump the contents back the food in the tray but that was what he exactly did. I told Esteban that I was not happy with his behavior and all he can say was he respected my opinion. The snotty comment prompted me to get his name and asked for a number that I could call to report his behavior. He gave me a menu and stated that there was a number to call. I took the menu and dialed the number and it went back to him. Aha! He never thought that I'd call. Esteban did nothing to address my grievance instead continued to say 'Thank you' each time I make a statement as if to piss me off. Well, he did a great job. I have been a loyal Panda Express customer and now have second thoughts of going back especially to the Canoga Park Vux where Esteban works. I did nothing to deserve such a shabby treatment. All I did was request for a little more beef than 70% broccoli. Is that too much to ask for a paying customer? I guess Esteban did not care and that customer service is a forgotten art.

  14. jim bowen says:

    food was great and hot

  15. DRS says:

    Panda Express .com/survey is a joke. waste of time.

  16. Bob OBrien says:

    We eat at store 1602. have for years. The store manager now tells you one thing and next time its different.We were in a few days ago and she told us we could not get two entrees had to be checked out separately.We eat our meal first and than went to get the noodles for our kids to go .She would not let us do this.We went in and eat again Friday night and than done what she had said a few days earlier for our to go free entrees. they did not ring it up seperatly. We was getting for years like it says a free entrée with a 2 item meal. Well we got it the container was so small this time not our trouble to fill,out survey. my wife tried to tell the young manager this was not the container we always have gotten in the past but she would not listen. The container said 8 on the bottom. If this is the kind of business panda has started we will not return for the good food. I would like a response from some one from the main office not your manager from store 1602. Thank you Bob.

  17. Norm Kerr says:

    very good

  18. Tommy Williams says:

    good service and food

  19. Betty Kresser says:

    Visited your restaurant on Tuesday 11/25/2014 and the employees are helpful friendly. I however, wish to recognize one young woman who is and has always been exceptional in her service to the cliental continually her name is Ana Lillia P at store # 0848 in South Jordan Utah.

  20. George Morris says:

    Great meal. Good service.

  21. Richard Campbell says:

    Excellent food. Frienly staff.

  22. alex corpus says:

    friendly staff. clean and very nice place to eat with the family and friends.

  23. Mike England says:

    One of your newer stores, #2194 of Abilene, TX has been great nearly every time. When I visited to get a 3-entree plate on Dec 23rd, they did not have enough of the entree I wanted so apologized and asking me to wait a few minutes. Due to this, they offered/gave me a free drink to my surprise. Then it was only a couple minutes that the entree was ready and my meal given to me. This is a really impressive gesture that most stores won't even think about doing.

  24. victor Pinero says:

    Porque las encuestas, sino se crrigue el problema.

  25. ping says:

    hot food

  26. HJames says:

    I always eat at store #1808...nice, clean and courteous! Good food and they cook fresh food if I don't like the way the food that is out looks.

  27. Mikaela says:

    First time to eat here. Food was so delicious. The staffs prima and leizel are very nice and friendly. I would love to come back again at store #0268 in kaahumanu store.

  28. Maggie T says:

    I visited Store #0481in HONOLULU, HAWAII...........LOVED IT. Employee's were AWESOME, food was prepared well and everything tasted good. I go to Panda's at least 5 times a month for lunch and dinner and I always am very satisfied. Mahalo & Aloha Panda.

  29. Thomas D Lovell says:

    Visit Panda Express at least once a month. The people at Store #0539, in St. George, Utah are always so friendly and the trays of food look so inviting. My favorites are the Rice and Chowmein, with Bejing Beef at plenty of Orange Chicken. One of my favorite foods; Thank You

  30. Froilan Micor says:

    Great customer service and taste good all the food

  31. Maria Navarro says:

    Delicious food and great customer service.

  32. antonio thomas says:

    Very good service.

  33. Nolan Franklin says:

    This store was located 7200 NW expressway oKCoklahoma. I did not receive my whole order. Should have check, did nots, trusted things would be right. To far to drive brace. I feel like I have been rob.

  34. NINA says:

    I just had your shrimp and chicken at Store #0465. The food is great. I will come back again.

  35. vcook says:

    great service and taste.

  36. Harvellee Sannella says:

    We just had your orange chicken and mushroom with chicken at store #1428. Both dinners were by far the best we have ever had. Not only do we love the drive thru there, but the cook did a great job on our dinner. We just wanted to thank you for the great service and excellent dinners. Thank you so much from the Sannella Family

  37. Carol English says:

    Just had your Tangey Jumbo Shrimp. It is another great choice. Panda Express, store#0992 is the best!

  38. angela says:

    I really like Panda Express, the food is great . I like to eat lunch here and watch the cooks in the back, man they are crazy fast. Its a good amount of food for a great deal.
    I will be returning soon.

  39. Alicia de Guzman says:

    Too many branch of Panda Express but this store#1138 , for me is the best, and I'm talking about in general, the place is neat and bright, the food server, the cashier ofcourse the cook that's why good food, i will come back there again and again even bring visitors and tell my friends and relatives, thank you Panda Express...more power...


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