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Opinion Sears Canada Survey PrizeSears

  1. $1,000 cash

Opinion Sears Canada Survey Rules

  1. You do not have to purchase to enter or win.
  2. Selected entrants will be required to respond to the e-mail to acknowledge receipt of notification of eligibility for prize.
  3. Prizes must be accepted as awards, no substitutions.

Sears Outlet Feedback Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 7 minutes to finish, one open question, do not need a receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. One open question, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Sears Canada survey via smartphone, and it may take you about 9 minutes to finish.

Opinion Sears Canada Survey Entry

  1. Online Entry. Visit the Opinion Sears Canada survey official website and complete the survey.
  2. Mail-in Entry. Write down your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper and submitting same by pre-paid mail to: Lemon Tree Customer Feedback Sweepstakes, Lemon Tree Opinions, 1670 Bayview, Avenue, Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M4G 3C2.

Opinion Sears Canada Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Opinion Sears Canada survey official website.
  2. Click on the "Start Feedback" button to continue.
  3. Answer the questions like "Did you visit Sears in the last 8 weeks?", and "How would you compare your shopping experience at Sears to that of other retailers?".
  4. Answer all the questions to complete the survey.

More Information about Sears
Sears has more sites to collect customer survey than you can image. The goal is very simple as it clarified online "Please provide as little or as much feedback as you like. We are all ears! Your answers will remain strictly confidential and will be used for research purposes only".

You can easily find a store near you with online store locator. Or you may choose to shop online. There are a broad variety of merchandise available and discounts are always available too. If you would like to join Sears Canada. Please search open opportunities online and apply one.

Just visit www.searsopinion.ca to win the $1,000 prize.

About Sears Canada Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.OpinionSears.ca - Opinion Sears Canada Survey
Survey Website: www.searsopinion.ca or www.OpinionSears.ca
Survey Incentive: $1,000 Cash or Sears Gift Card
Host Website: www.lemontreeopinions.com
Marketing Support: Lemon Tree Opinions

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263 comments on “www.OpinionSears.ca - Opinion Sears Canada Survey

  1. mary says:

    Shiela and Michelle gave me great service today

  2. Infinity says:

    Kjenfepime bilder, synes ikke puten var stygg, den passet jo helt inn sammen med de andre! Grenen var knallkul! Lurer på om man kan få tak i disse noen plass?Klem Ovedia

  3. carol leclair says:

    I really enjoy shopping at sears every weekend theres something new to look at and buy the service is great they are very helpful

  4. Maria says:

    My husband and I were visiting Edmonton when we decided to shop at the largest mall we have ever been in. When we noticed Sears was having a sale in the mens' department we thought there was some good bargains. The cashier was very kind and I thought she seemed very thorough checking every tag closely. Once I got back to the hotel room I checked my receipts and we paid $60.00 for pants that were clearly marked two pairs for $50.00. We were leaving Edmonton early the next morning so we couldn't drive all the way back to the mall. This was quite disappointing.

  5. léonard says:

    J,aime Sears car ils ont de très bon outils et avec une très bonne garantie. Je trouve qu'il est très difficile de trouver un(e) commis pour se faire répondre et pour avoir des renseignements.

  6. douglasdenise@shaw.ca says:

    sunday march 6 I`m shopping for men`s suits at sears Langley bc. your team member Sandra #4633587 was so good in helping me get the right suit for myself . I will be back later in march for more men`s clothing and I will request for Sandra`s help thank you sears and Sandra

  7. Brenda Kreutzer says:

    Very pleasant experience. Great buy on comforter. The trip from Dawson Creek to Grande Prairie was worth it.

  8. vera capirchio says:

    On our Sears visit today the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. Our cashier Zana was excellent also.

  9. Simonne Martyna says:

    The staff was helpful, polite and treated me with respect. Very pleasant experience. Love the bargain I got on my new coat.

  10. LaRon Woolley says:

    Sears staff are always pleasant and helpful. And you can't beat Sears' sales!

  11. Pat McGrath says:

    Linda was very helpful, cheerful and very personable

  12. ruth says:

    On a été vraiment bien accueilli, le magasin est bien ranger par partie, propre, comphortable car selon sa température chaud ou froid dehors, on est bien accueil et les employé sont anatife.

  13. Sharon Smith says:

    Today I was in the Sears store in Brockville, Ontario, and my mother who is 86 was looking for a certain kind of underwear. This very young, and cheerful lady named Rachael was simply wonderful with my mother. She searched for the product and was able to find the article we were looking for. She presented herself in a very patient and kind manner. We told her we appreciated her help but I wanted to let you know. Very impressive !

  14. Donna Semkiw says:

    01818 007 8142 empl#4634257 RHONDA 1/14/16 time 12;28
    Excellent Service, please give her a raise.

  15. Wayne Begrie says:

    Aftab Sheikh. Best service I have ever had at Sears.

    Wayne Begrie

  16. Omer says:

    Je suis convaincu maintenant que le meilleur magasin pour toute ma famille est Sears , services impeccable, qualité et beaucoup de choix, ainsi que des rabais incroyable. merci à Sears, nous sommes très satisfaifs.

  17. David J. Gray says:

    I always enjoy shopping at Sears , located in the Cataraqui Center in the Mall in Kingston Ontario. The store is always so clean and always well organized. Almost all of the staff is very well experienced in their departments. The elevators are very convenient to shop both floors. It is also to have an elevator and Rest Rooms on the top floor.

  18. monique martineau says:

    bon service conseillère Carine

  19. St-Cyr says:

    Il y avait 4 employés 2 qui se démenaient car les 2 autres discutaient entre eux et il y avait beaucoup de clients ... ça bien été quand même ....

  20. M says:


  21. Keith Hennessey says:

    very helpful rep.

  22. Mary K. says:

    Very helpful sales reps.

  23. Marion Fuessel says:

    I use Sears catalogue the most at Christmas time.

  24. Lise Fournier says:

    très satisfaite

  25. Judy Fourney says:

    I deal with Lisa at the Lancôme counter, in the Kitchener Store and have always had the friendliest, most helpful service!

  26. Doreen Bushey says:

    Excellent service

  27. Martine Mauger says:

    Très bien accueilli! Le service à la clientèle est très efficace.

  28. Birgitte Monteith says:

    Faith in the furniture dept. in Sarnia was very helpful to us.
    Thanks Faith

  29. Paul Rawn says:

    Brenda was very helpful and friendly.

  30. Lise Fortier says:

    A laurier quebec,la caissiereFrancine a été tres serviable.J'ai bénificiée des rabais des jours Sears et en plus j'ai eu acces aux avantages de la carte avantage par ses informations pertinentes.Merci pour le bon service.

  31. Andrew Barrett says:

    So I'm standing at the cash with my Mastercard in my hand, holding it up. The clerk looks me in the eye and asks me "will that be on your sears card today". I had her repeat the question while "waving" my Mastercard. She would not be satisfied until i said NO, twice.
    This is both pushy and insulting. She saw my BMO Mastercard but refused to acknowledge it until i said no, and then asked me if I new the Sears card was free..


  32. Alain Defoy says:

    le service a été tres bien...mais les prix étaient assé élevé....

  33. ronald leger says:

    very satisfied served by France in sherbrooke p.q.

  34. james r clapp says:


    My wife and I are regular customers at Sear here in Victoria.

    On Saturday, the 19th of September, we shopped in men's wear, purchasing a jacket for me.

    Our sales person, Maria, was extremely helpful in so many ways, and made our shopping extra special.

    She did a terrific job of representing Sears, very intelligent and can recommend her as a high quality member of your staff.

    Appreciate your company and especially Maria - - - she is a gem!!

    Best regards, Jim Clapp

  35. Anna May Bourgeois says:

    I have shopped at Sears since 1964 and have always liked what I purchased. Returning is easy and I have always bought my appliances from Sears. The only thing I dislike is the fact that I have to go out of my way to get to a Sears. They have closed so many stores that you have to travel to get to one. The same can be said for getting the catalogues. You have to pick them up which means going out of your way again. It isn't convenient anymore.

  36. Manfred Bachmann says:

    I like sears stores. We buy in sears for many years.
    I think my Shirts, Suits and Apliance are all from sears
    and what belongs to the House. Sears is a great Store,
    if You don`t liket You bring it back,nno problem.
    I never send anything back.
    Thanks Yours truly Ma. Bachmann

  37. j d houle says:

    I spoke with sherry in the phillpines about parts not available I thourably enjoyed talking with
    her also spoke with gene little in London both of these people are a credit to your
    organization very nice people


    when I bought the article in sears, I forgot completely to give my opinion. I bought it in Mail Champlain and the told me that I can win a gift card of 100$. I guess is too late.

  39. A. says:

    Penny-Jo in the jewelry department of Sears, Nanaimo, was extremely friendly, pleasant, and helpful to me today. She listened to my requests, and thoroughly searched the merchandise with patience and expertise, saving me a lot of time, and showing me some items that I likely would have missed. Her customer service was excellent, and very much appreciated.

  40. Donna Connell says:

    Shopped at Sears Home store in Newmarket. Kien Tran looked after us, answering our questions
    and coming to a solution to meet our refrigerator needs. Thanks for your help!


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