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If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Wetherspoon online customer satisfaction survey at www.mypubfeedback.com, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to the Wetherspoon customer survey in this article.

More Information About Wetherspoon
Tim Martin set up J D Wetherspoon in 1979. Why ‘J D Wetherspoon'? Because ‘J D' form the initials of Sheriff JD Hogg, from ‘The Dukes of Hazzard' TV series, of course, while Mr Wetherspoon was one of Tim's teachers in New Zealand!

In addition to pubs, Wetherspoon also runs Lloyds No.1 bars – the same great standards and value, but with music.

They have Wetherspoon hotels – quality accommodation, at great prices.

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168 comments on “www.mypubfeedback.com - Wetherspoon Customer Survey

  1. davebell says:

    we are frequent users of Wetherspoons and are normally quite happy,but this evening we had a first.Having first had, sorry to say a mediocre rump steak I ordered a carrot cake desert,having been told everything on the menu is available the waiter arrived with a cheesecake sorry he says we 've run out of carrot .cake you will have to have a cheesecake instead.As I do not eat cheesecake I refused and said I will have my money back instead, ok says he I'll see to it.15 mins later I had to go to the bar to ask for my money back as the waiter hadn't bothered to inform the bar staff who had to deal with it.What has happened to the good manners of informing the diner first that there is a problem with the order and would another desert be acceptable.Just plain rude

  2. ANTHONY HUNT says:

    as always I have just had a plesent sunday dinner at my local wetherspoon the lord denman
    the staff are excellent and friendly polite and the mananger is supperb I will always
    recommend toh outhers even though rthere is a brewers fare across the road from me
    I always look foreward at going there

  3. Mr Arthur Seaman says:

    Meals were very good and the staff were very freindly. You couldnt have a better venue near our home,

  4. mrs sue moulden says:

    i paid a visit to your hotel the Berkeley in Bristol to-day with three friends.
    We all ordered Sunday lunch,and was very disappointed as all the food was cold.
    We complained when the waitress came to ask if every thing was o.k. and asked her to tell the kitchen about the cold food.I and my companions sat and finished our drinks in that time a family of four sat adjacent to us.
    We noticed when their food arrived they also had Sunday lunch and low and behold they also complained of cold food so therefor no complaint went back to the kitchen.
    On leaving I made a complaint to the female deputy manager,who assured me the kitchen would be informed.I am a frequent visitor to wetherspoons at my local the cabot w.s.m and to any place I might be visiting and this is the first time I have found the need too complain.
    My acc no 6890 till 4 Siobhan

  5. d fowler says:

    very disapointed with wetherspoons, doing what i would call a tesco trick (we know where that has got tesco).. the granddaughter & her boyfriend went into the John Fielding in cwmbran with their student money off vouchers which supposedly gave them the curry club for £4.99. but at the bar were told there was allready a deal on the curry club so you can not use the vouchers, so price is £6.99 .. if i had been there i would off told them this was no special deal as its £5.49 in my newport pubs, being embarresed as it was they just accepted it, (((one pub i will stay out of)).

  6. T J Williams says:

    I have been given a validation code 38175. What does this refer to?

  7. georgina beagan says:

    went for a pub lunch on sat 5th July at the crystal palace in Jamaica street in Glasgow had to clear the table as the plates and glasses were left from the people before us and was given a paper towel to clean the table soon our order arrived and the mixed grill and bbq chick melt we had orderd was cold and chips hard told staff and was told that they were sorry and then walked away did not eat meal and will not be back would have been better going to mcdonalds at these it would have been warm.

  8. sandy wright says:

    we have enjoyed our meals at Weatherspoons in Wilmslow, and all 3 in manchester, Usually very rowdy, but food is excellent value for money. Usually in a brilliant old place.

  9. susan marshall says:

    The meals at The Moon and Bell in Loughborough, have always been very good, and the service good too.

  10. Irene Heath says:

    I cannot complete your survey as it will not accept the phone number (0208 298 2590) for The Furze Wren at Bexleyheath. Is this a deliberate ploy?

    I wanted to tell you that my visit yesterday was spoilt by the chips being lukewarm.

  11. Joe Harper says:

    Visited the Van dyke forum in Fishponds, Bristol at the weekend and had the worst chips I've ever known! They were so overcooked they were nuked! This seems to be a common failing at Wetherspoons pubs but these were by far the worst ever - and the replacement were only slightly better. How can they have been allowed to leave the kitchen like that I'll never know?!
    Wetherspoons also have a problem with serving a decent hot cappuccino - I've lost count of the times we've had to take them back to get replacements.
    It's a sad state of affairs if they can't get the basics of chips & coffee right!

  12. Mrs Lyn Awcock says:

    Visited The Six Gold Martlet in Burgess Hill today having been recommended by friends. Unfortunately it did not live up to our expectations. We ordered a burger and it was only just warm when it came there was also an unidentified hard lump in the ham and chips that was ordered.
    We then ordered 2 cappuccinos and 1 decaf cappuccino only to be told that they had no decaf coffee but we could have a weak ordinary one instead and the 2 other cappuccinos were only half full with about 1 inch of froth on the top.

    Although these seem small problems it will make us think deciding whether to visit again.

  13. Mike and Hazel Webb says:

    I am sorry to say the experience yesterday in Ilfracombe was not impressive, although the young lady serving us was . I realise it was a newly opened facility but like terminal 5 some of the failings surprised me especially from a company that I recommended to a group of five. I stood in a queue for ages to order and the resultant food was primitive...a cheese and ham toastie with a lick of cheese and the thinnest of ham and it was unbelievably dry. My wife had a chicken Caesar salad and it was also so dry she didn`t finish it herself. The wait was long but not half as long as my brother, wife and friend and you may see this if he complains. She had a pasta dish which was not as ordered and was more like a dish of pasta and tomato in appearance. He didn`t say too much about his prawn dish but his face told a tale. All in all a family visit was marred by this and we were bothered about the time the meal took ate into our schedule for returning home. I am not seeking a reward for this but feel you should have been more prepared and the bill would have been justified but £14.00 for what my wife and me had was certainly not, I am sorry to say.

  14. tony barnard says:

    we visited your sittingbourne pub on sun 25th may ,the pub was not very busy but a few tables needed clearing ,our order was kaken and repeated back to us at the bar ,no mention of any delays and no comment was made to our enjoyment of the food and no inclination to order anything else.the worst thing you did was to let unruley children back into the pub im sure others agree with me after our visit today

  15. Peter Salamo says:

    Sat 03/05/14 we ordered a meal at The Green Ginger, Torquay at 18.03, after waiting for 45 mins for our meal we asked how long it would be, we were then told it would be an hour. We replied that we have a show to go to that starts at 7.30 & need to have eaten before then. We were not told, when we ordered, that there would be any delay. We were then told that we would have to wait another 7-10 mins. We finally had our food at 6.50 but had to rush to eat it & get to the Princess theatre in time for the show.

  16. E Reeder says:

    Went to Wetherspoon High Street Sunday, purchased two latte coffees, one was perfect one was half full of coffee, the rest was froth, at £1.45 a cup not good

  17. Edna Stein says:

    Quick Friendly service, will recommend. I visit wethespoons often and take my friends and family for a meal,

  18. Linda Gould says:

    Good quick service, Good food,Friendly People. Will visit again and recomend

  19. Linda Gould says:

    Good food Good company very friendly service

  20. chris says:

    Liked the pub will be using it in future just what we need in Knaresborough,but you need to sort out how u get served! some banks use the method of a line of customers and the next one gets served by the next avialable staff member, I had to tell a chap to day" i was before u" it would help the staff too, i have also come across the same situation in your harrogate pub.its not a pleasent task to have to do this!!! I have also seen it cause trouble in skipton.

  21. James Robb says:

    The new Oban Corrievrechan Wetherspoons is quite pleasant and in a good setting.
    Unfortunately three out of the four meals we have ordered there have not been properly heated and yesterday I had to send back my meal. A lady at the next table also had to send back her chicken which she described as " frozen in the middle".
    The Lasagna which I first ordered was tepid and yesterday's baked potato with chillie con carne was cold in the middle.
    I have noticed a few complaints about food not being hot enough, possibly as a result of management policy to try to get increased throughput.
    This seems to me to be a health hazard which might result in another kind of "increased throughput".
    Toilet maintenance is also surprisingly poor in a new installation.
    There are plenty other restaurants in Oban which we will use in future.

  22. Robert Stevens says:

    Had one of your chicken tikamasala curreys this evening at the corinationhall Surbiton it was not the usual colour to dry no sauce hot and flaverless not at all your usual quality totaly unenjoyable and could not recomend this currey deals to anyone any more total wast of money

  23. D.Rendle says:

    When we are away from home we always look for a Wetherspoons because we know it will be good food,good value,served to us in a good reasonable time (even when busy).
    With friendly helpful service.

    Thanks Wetherspoons long my you continue.

  24. c. buckton says:

    very good

  25. c. buckton says:

    very good and cheerful service. will come again.

  26. Frances Barratt says:

    I recently visited Willow Walk SW1V 1LW on the 5th March with my daughter for lunch. It was the worst meal that I've had in a Wetherspoons in a long time. The food was cold, my daughters meal was returned and when asked the waiter where it was they informed us that a colleague had given her meal to another customer. We had to wait a further 15mins for her meal. We were given a complimentary drink, which was watered down (Coke and Diet Coke, worst ever). Would not recommend going to that particular Wetherspoons again. However, we regularly eat and drink at your Stockley branch, The Whitehouse, which is very good and the staff are very helpful and pleasant.

  27. sheila.hearn says:

    great value staff very obliging food good but could be hotter will go again soon

  28. cynthia says:

    The survey will nit accept my receipt. The phone number slot is not big enough.

  29. mrs moore says:

    i was at your pub in Stone Staffordshire ,yesterday, enjoyed our meal there.
    it was my husbands 82ND,Birthday we had great service, keep the good work
    ub Carmel Moore.

  30. raymond hill says:

    very good value for money

  31. keithive says:

    can not send survey emails !!!!!!!!

  32. keithive says:

    no longer able to send suvey emails?!!!!

  33. B QUINTRELL says:

    first time at this venue have used your other outlets before and ewe liked this one as it was so very fresh

  34. William Clements says:

    I have noticed that the sachets of sauces have been replaced with bottled sauce. This is definitely a backward step. The bottles are not hygienic and can be tampered with by the other customers and therefore putting the customers health at risk. Please change back to sachets in the interest of public health.

    • William Clements says:

      I have noticed that the sachets of sauces have been replaced with bottled sauce. This is definitely a backward step. The bottles are not hygienic and can be tampered with by the other customers and therefore putting the customers health at risk. Please change back to sachets in the interest of public health.

  35. jean hunt says:

    We always look for a wetherspoon put when we are out and about anywhere in the country as the food and service are very good.

  36. miss clare gardner says:

    me and my family have been 3 times to have a meal and each time it has not been very hot

  37. susan ann gaffney says:

    date 14/1/2014 11.30 ish aprox time ,we visited the black stream public house in Broadstone we ordered a large mix grill and a chic teka curry after my 1st mouthfull again to eat my second and found a hair in the curry ,my hair is reddish brown short my son took it to the waitress and pulled it out of the food ,as the assistant said O its only fluff,NO apology from her or the manager Lack of concern, Would never eat there again

  38. clare warren says:

    Sorry to say that our christmas day was ruined by lack of communication on the bosses part!! We were booked in as a party of 6 ,however when we arrived this was not the case!! Therefore we were shoved into a corner on someone elses table, next to a large party and my mother felt unwell as a consequence of this,as she suffers from anxiety and claustrophobia!!Having managed to get her to come out with us I had hoped for a much better day!!My mother couldnt eat her lunch ,which has ended up in the bin!! what a waste of her £30!! Our day ended up spoilt and my mother blamed herself for all the upset... I spent the rest of the day calming her and reassuring her that it was not any fault of hers.To top it all after complaining to the staff we were not offered coffees or mince pies as it states on the menu also 2 of us had to complain that our sweets were wrong!! Overall what a big dissapointment!!We will not be booking up here in future!!


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