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  1. £500 Morrisons vouchers monthly

Morrisons Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. Each phone number or unique receipt is eligible for one survey completion (or mail-in entry) and one entry per day.
  2. Customer survey sweepstakes starts from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.
  3. A maximum of one Daily Sweepstakes prize will be awarded per person per 90 days.
  4. You don 't need to purchase to enter or win, or complete the survey to enter.
  5. A purchase or completion of a survey will not increase the chance of winning.

Morrisons Customer Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 2 open questions, need receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 2 open questions, need enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Morrisons CustomerSurvey via smartphone, it may take more than 5 minutes to finish.

Morrisons Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Online. Customers who have a Morrisons receipt can visit Morrisons Customer Survey official website to take the survey.
  2. Mail. Hand-write the following sentence "Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one Daily Prize" on a sheet of paper on which you have hand-printed your first name, last name, home telephone number, full address (no PO Boxes accepted), email address, and the name of a participating client and mail it in a separate envelope with sufficient postage to: EMPATHICA DAILY SWEEPSTAKES, One Victoria Square, Birmingham, UK, B1 1DB.

Morrisons Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit Morrisons customer satisfaction survey official website
  2. Give ratings to your satisfaction with aspects like "Your overall shopping trip to Morrisons" based on your last shopping trip to this Morrisons store
  3. Select the date and time of day of your visit
  4. Select answer to the question "Which of these areas do you think was the best?" based on your visit
  5. Answer the open question about the area
  6. Select answer to the question "Which of these areas do you think was the poorest?"
  7. Answer the open question about this area
  8. Select answers to the questions like "On this visit, did you use a self-service check-out?"
  9. Select answers to the questions about yourself such as your gender, age
  10. Enter your email address
  11. Select answer to the question "Would you like to answer more questions?"
  12. Enter your personal contact information such as your name, telephone number etc and click "Send" to complete the survey

More Information About Morrisons
Morrisons is one of the the UK's largest food retailers. There are more than 400 stores serving people. You can find a store near you online easily. Morrisons ' business is mainly food and grocery. They offer a variety of useful services such as dry cleaning and photo printing, too. If a product bought at Morrisons fails to please they will always offer a refund or a replacement to the value of the product(s) originally purchased. Morrisons would love to know about more of your recent visit to one of its stores.

About Morrisons Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.morrisonsfeedback.co.uk - £500 Morrisons Customer Satisfaction Survey
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Survey Incentive: £500 Morrisons vouchers monthly
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594 comments on “www.morrisonsfeedback.co.uk - £500 Morrisons Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. John Badkin says:

    I visit your Cafe and shop regularly at your Seaburn Sunderland branch
    I would like to inform you of a member of staff that performs his duties excellently
    His name is Simon and is usually on the paying cash desk in the Café, he keeps a constant eye on all that is happening and helps out where ever necessary, ie responding to customers requests when there is a shortage of things, ie sugar, condiments, etc. We have seen him take a handicapped persons tray to a table. Have also seen him one the ordering desk. He is an asset to the Café and deserves some extra recognition

  2. Pam Keegan says:

    29th August 2017 19:00 Receipt 62003070130074
    I visit the Queensbury store weekly. The staff are extremely friendly,professional and helpful. They welcome customers with a cheery hello and will go out of there way to help. I visited today at 10:00 but normally visit on a Saturday late morning you get the same high standard of service whenever you shop.

  3. Claire Johnson says:

    Was served by Kerrie on the deli at Halfway Sheffield this week. Very helpful and served with a smile.

  4. denise murphy says:

    was served at Kidderminster branch by a lady called Sandra. very helpful and polite and everything in store is always fresh and well stocked 9/10

  5. michael field says:

    went to caernafon today and used cafe about 12.30 service was bad had to make 3 choices before getting 1 we like and had to wait nearly an hour the toilets were filthy sick all over floor messy toilet seat if it was up to the standard of blackpool we would be very happy caernafon no way points out 10 ZERO NOT EVEN 1 FOR EFFORT

  6. philip says:

    I visited the burntwood store every week since it opened and they have never opened a till up when there was 3 or more people in front of me in the queue. the till that is supposed to be for 10 items or less is always used by people with 30-40 items and the say nothing

  7. Sian Watkins says:

    Good customer service and very helpful staff.

  8. Kate Mackintosh says:

    I visited the glasgow store near bridgeton. I was looking for flowers suitable for a teen who had lost her mother, Janey's advice was invaluable

  9. john Robson says:

    Please do something about the staff levels at Eastbourne store, the current staff are brilliant but there are not sufficient numbers of them, so parts of the store fail because of this.I regularly have to wait for assistance at unattended parts of the store or go and find someone to serve me.Also a year ago i complained to the then manager about the state of the cutlery in the cafe, bad enough to put you off eating there, which was sorted out at the time,but has now gone back to the awful state it was in before.Also the state of the whole cafe proves there is not enough staff,I would like someone from head office to see what i have seen,I am sure things would change rapidly as the amount of business being lost must be very high.These faults ruin what is otherwise a brilliant shop

  10. mrs mckeown says:

    I always go shopping at your 472 store Mansfield woodhouse and have been served a few times by Helen but even when im not she is always happy and jolly with a smile and she gives off very good vibes if your not in the best of moods very well done Helen you always make my day and my friends always go to you when your working don't matter were she is the kiosk, petrol or running the back I never mind asking a question with her some of the others I wont ask

  11. j bradbury says:

    i happen to be in morrisons filling station in pembrokeshire and my fuel pipe burst on my motorbike then a young lad came out and seen what was going on little did i now he is a biker himself and he walked off and i thought negative of him and he came back with tools and him and i managed to fix my bike and got it back on the road again he had a name badge and said paul in haverfordwest so great work to that young man hope this reaches the store as i tried getting email for head office and the store but no joy

  12. Carol Walker says:

    I have been a morrisons shopper for a number of years now and buy many own brand goods ,however I have a complaint about the quality of Even Softer Toilet Tissues , they don't seem to be that soft anymore and the perforations are a joke ,we are forever trying to get the two layers so that its soft side up , I thought maybe we had just got a bad batch but unfortunately this seem to be the norm for this product now and I will be buying an alternative in future .

  13. Mrs L. Cotton says:

    We find all of the Morrisons Stores we visit in Bransholme, Goole, Beverley and Ecclesfield to be of a good standard with a wide choice of goods and competitive prices. Can usually get a wider selection of biscuits for cheese and continental meats from all stores, which is not the case at Asda or Tesco. Also all the Cafes at Beverley and Ecclesfield are very good and excellent value with a wide choice to suit all age groups. Also the staff are very helpful and the Cafes are clean and tidy.

  14. STEPHEN WOOD says:

    I am annoyed (again) with Morrisons Huddersfield. Once more billing is incorrect with regard to offers. This week its meat. The 3 for £10 offer was not coded correctly and I was charged £12. After queing at Customer Service it was put right. Clerical error I was told. Last week childrens sweets at 32p each or 4 for £1. Charged full price. Didn't spot that one. Three weeks earlier it was Kenco coffee. £5.99 full price, offer price £4. Charged the full price. Either Morrisons have got a terrible computer system or they are trying it on with their customers. I am rapidly of the opinion its that latter. Patience wearing thin now, despite their new pricing policy.


    The staff are very heipful, and I like your fresh bread and your bakery

  16. joanna stachowicz says:

    very helpful

  17. john radburyb says:

    I have been been shopping at morrisons at stavley since it opened I have always had good service there, good help from lynsey 027

  18. Susan Gibson says:

    I am writing to express my thanks to the excellent service I received from Cath in the Flower section of Morrisons at Portobello Road. I was reading the Evening News I discovered that an old friend had died. The funeral was the following day at 9.30am. I thought I would never be able to get a flower at such short notice. I called Morrisons at 8am to see if they did flowers for funerals. I was put through to Cath in the flower section and I explained my dilemma. She told me not to worry that she would make me something up and I could collect it at 8.45. I was delighted with the result and could not believe that she had managed to make me such a beautiful arrangement in such a short space of time. Everyone I have told this story to is very impressed with the service I received. Cath you are a lovey person and an asset to Morrisons. Thank You.

  19. Lilian Starbuck says:

    Up to now I have made ten dozen mince pies. With the first two dozen I bought four different makes of mincemeat and did a blind tasting test with family and friends. Everyone chose Morrisons own Signature boozy brandy and port as by far the best beating a luxury brand costing double the price. Needless to say the remainder of the pies have been made with your own brand mincemeat wonderful value and quality.

  20. angie diamond says:

    i love morrisons! the staff are really helpful and also very friendly, the smile i get is always a real smile and not just a token effort. i also love the cafe because who wants to go home, peel potatos, cook and wash up after a big shop? the food is always fresh and they will customise meals if they can. also, why don't all cafe's put some crisps and a little bit of salad with their sandwiches? genius!!!! thanks :-)

  21. Jacqui Akers says:

    When we visit your store in Glastonbury it is like a breath of fresh air, you walk in the door and the lady who is in charge of the veg and fruit section always greets you with a hello you two how are you and is always smiling, the ladies on the deli counter always have a laugh and joke with us and Dave on the butchers counter is one of the nicest person we have ever met, very efficient but amusing, when you see little children in prams wave to him and say hello Dave is something we have not seen in other supermarkets. The only thing I can say is that they all look as though they all need new uniforms, which is not there fault.

  22. mrs alma bolton says:

    i dont go out shopping very often but have recently used morrisons and find the staff very helpful i also went in the canteen and really enjoyed my experience with your store

  23. Elizabeth Reid says:

    Always shop at Morrison's great service

  24. david moran says:

    tried following the links but nowhere to put receipt number 62000030110071

  25. saima anser says:

    Morrison s is all in all a good shop. It provides the food, utensils and entertainments you need. However, the lack of trolleys are not helpful especially during a busy day such as Sunday. Apart from that, the quality of Morrisons is excellent.
    Keep up the good work!!

  26. Mr chriks Good says:

    Still use Moeeisons but i will admitt Aldi is where the bulk of our shopping is carried iut, veg better quality,meat has inproved a great deal and cost ha become the major thing . A shop a Aldi on average will cost around £35.00 against a simular shop ay Morrisons will come in at around £50.00 or more . Even the wine department sa es us moey and the quality again is excellent. Need i say more i dont think so.

  27. Mrs Carole Franks says:

    I always shop at Morrison when I shopped on 24/10/14 the lady asked if I would like any help with my packing even though I am only 56 I said yes please as I have recently had a Kidney Transplant and found it a bit to much at the moment even shopping so packing would have been a bid deal for me as explained to the lady, you go and sit down whilst I pack you shopping and I will call you when its all done she could not have been helpful if she tried well done and thank you very much for all your help and consideration now I know why I shop at Morrisons

  28. charlotte shelley says:

    I shop at morrisons because I like the butchers section

  29. charlotte shelley says:

    I shop at Morrisons because I especially like that they have a trained butches

  30. mrs fox says:

    shopping in Scunthorpe .checking my till receipt I find the offer on mr kiplings fruit pies buy 1 get 1 free was not deducted
    no mixed dried fruit available
    no morrisons cream crackers.

  31. Christine Field says:

    Always find the staff very friendly and helpful in the tiverton storehj

  32. Mrs Alice Flanagan says:

    All your staff has always been most helpful to me. The supermarket is our favourite.

  33. julie garratt says:

    we always shop at morrisons the store is always clean ,we have shopped here ever since it opened the staff are always ready to help ( barrow-in furness)

  34. julie garratt says:

    while shopping today I found the staff very helpful and friendly.

  35. florence reddy says:

    I first shopped in Letchworth whilst on holiday and was so happy to find we got a store in Dundee I have shopped there ever since, the place is so friendly and clean, does,nt seem to any problem the staff cant fi,x well done morrisons

  36. ritafraser says:

    abeautiful bright shop with very helpful staffwho help in every possible way,great selection of fruit and veg and prices very fair

  37. david marsden says:

    i use a supermarket comparison site for current prices of items. on the last three visits to morrisons (lawley telford) whisky has been on offer. first offer was bells whisky at £15 per ltr
    when i went to the store none was available and was told it "may come in later" in the last week white and mckay whisky has been advertised at £17 per ltr. i have visited the store twice and again none in stock .i questioned two members of staff ,both of them had no idea as to the offer,where it should be or when it would be available.so i am afraid i have paid my last visit to morrisons.

  38. elvis lobo says:

    service was good both on shop floor and the till will be back for some more , 10x better than tesco's !


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