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  1. Better service from The Maids

MAIDS Feedback survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the MAIDS Feedback official website
  2. Enter the 5-digit code found on the invitation left in your home and click the next button
  3. Select the date when you received service
  4. Indicate your answers to questions or statements regarding The Maids service your received such as "Were you home throughout the cleaning?", etc.

More Information about MAIDS
The experts at The Maids deliver quality, trust, professionalism and attentiveness every day. The Maids is a quality leader among the many cleaning companies in the industry, with more than 160 franchise partners serving over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities. The Maids offices can be found in over 40 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces.

Based on the results or your feedback, your maids earn will be more or less. You can choose login if you are already a MAIDS client or sign up a new account. You will need to enter the 5-digit code printed on the invitation card to start the survey. Call 800-467-0047 if you do not find the survey code.

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Get the world class home cleaning service and share your feedback with MAIDS at www.maids.com/feedback.

About MAIDS Customer Feedback Surveywww.maids.com/feedback - MAIDS Feedback Customer Survey
Survey Website: www.maids.com/feedback
Survey Incentive: Help MAIDS improve
Host Website: www.mshare.net
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39 comments on “www.maids.com/feedback - MAIDS Feedback Customer Survey

  1. Den says:

    Hello! You can use our professional web design services to improve your online business and website conversions. 8+ years of successful work, reasonable pricing. Please, confirm the request to find out more.

  2. Lisa Rauch says:

    Had a crew come to clean 800 square foot guest house. Before they cam had estimate over the phone between $165 and $220. Guest house was all tile floor and very little furniture and relatively clean. They sent 5 women and told me they were there for an hour and a half. Charged me $210. Tried calling to question cost but no joy there. I feel they certainly overcharged for a small job and I Won't use them again.

  3. portia lagrasta says:

    I called for a price to clean my house when they told me how much they charge per hour I had never heard of such a price in my life i almost said to her are you cleaning the white house i will
    go back to the people i had who are just as qualified the girl i spoke to said we go by the book well you know what they can do with their book and she said the works come by car how else are they going to get there by bicycle.

  4. candy levine says:

    Please have this team return in two weeks. they were wonderful I am very pleased with the services. thank you. their code is 312.03

  5. margaret barrett says:

    The Maids are great!!! We love it when they come to clean and we walk into a great looking house!! Many thanks

  6. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE when the Maids come to my house!

  7. Betty Brown says:

    The maids under Maria did a good job as always.

  8. Betty Brown says:

    the Maids were here today. They did a wonderful job as always. The new time and day work much better for us. Thanks for doing this. Betty

  9. Judy Miller says:

    Minelly and her team (#27209) cleaned my home on Wednesday 8/31 and did a wonderful job, I welcome them into my home. Not only do they do a fantastic job, but are pleasant and efficient. Please thank the women for me, I look forward to their next visit. Thank you.

  10. Betty Brown says:

    They did a great job as always. I love the days they come, my house is so clean and smells so good. Betty Brown

  11. Lynne Hammes says:

    20107 - Barbara and her crew were great! Very thorough and professional.

  12. Gregory Wilson says:

    The Silver Team did a superb job cleaning my house yesterday (3/22/16). Floors, walls, ceiling.... bathrooms bedrooms, kitchen...They didn't miss anything. I am sooooo pleased to have them come.

    Keep up the good work, Team.

    Gregory Wilson

  13. Georgia says:

    The Maids have been cleaning service for two years. They consistently do a great job! Very professional and great attitudes! Can't say enough good things about them especially Ashley and Team 01.

  14. Bette Moore says:

    The Maids team (10903) came to my house today and again, they were very satisfactory. I appreciate their work. Always courteous, friendly and hard workers.

  15. lisa orr says:

    Thank you for taking care of my home I love your work! Extremely efficient and friendly !

  16. Karen Dwyer says:

    These ladies were terrific! In a very short time, they cleaned our entire house, top to bottom- it is now ready to put on the market to be sold. They were all professional, personable and didn't waste any time at all. So glad that we gave The Maids a try- will pass along the good word to our friends for sure! Thanks ladies!

  17. Gregory Wilson says:

    Another great cleaning job by the Blue Team on 12/1/15 code 162-02. Could not be more pleased.

  18. Linda says:

    The Yellow team did a fantastic job on the 2nd! They were very thorough - everything was dusted from ceilings to carpets. I was very impressed! I will definitely use "the Maids" service again and would highly recommend to others. Thank you.

  19. Melinee Latour says:

    Team #5 cleaned my house on the 15th and I was shocked to see that half of my coffee table was dusted and the other half you could write your name on. The shelf underneath wasn't dusted either. My house is usually pretty clean to start with so it's disappointing when something so obvious was missed. It makes me wonder about other areas. I don't want to have to go behind and inspect everything after a cleaning. I should be able to trust that they did a good job.

  20. Bill Schweitzer says:

    The usual good service, thorough cleaning by the Maroon team on 7-7-15, Code 16814.
    The kitchen & wood floor were well done as were the 2 bathrooms. Overall the house & carpets were well cleaned as was the remainder of the rooms.

  21. Michael says:

    the wood floors looked much better

    The wood on the stairwell was not dusted. It needs to be dusted every time.

  22. ethel west says:

    the crew that did the cleaning did a fair job for the time they were here they were pleasant but I would not pay $400.00 for the cleaning that was done I am glad it was a gift voucher

  23. Drewry says:

    Cleaning itself is satisfactory. However furniture, items are often not replaced - spent about 15 min. today putting things back where they belong. For what we pay this is unacceptable.

  24. Stefanie says:

    Very impressed with the attention to detail and quality of service. I highly recommend this company! Team#7 did a great job and I will definitely use them again in the future.

  25. Lowel Hicks says:

    Words aren't enough to describe how efficient, detailed and professional team seven of the Maids are. Also the smiles from each team member is so great.

  26. Vicki Smith says:

    I am happy with my service but I did not receive a "#" and subsequently cannot complete the feedback form. I called the number identified on the first page of the form and all circuits were busy. It should not be this hard to submit a feedback form.

  27. Sylvia Hoffman says:

    The Purple team continues to do a great job and we appreciate them. DO NOT send me any emails or I will not leave any more comments.

  28. Marsha Gerber says:

    I must admit that most weeks I am simply too busy to call and complain about the clean that I have received. When I do call, it will improve, and then gradually return to a very low standard. Yesterday, some of the more outstanding items that caught my attention:
    Glass-top living room tables were not cleaned with glass cleaner. It appears that they were wiped with a greasy cloth, since I can actually write my name on one of them! These tables have become worse and worse as the weeks go by. I also have a large glass-top table in my bedroom, which is rarely cleaned well.
    This week, they forgot to vacuum the staircase. Also the landing, which is hardwood, shows definite dirty smears.
    Master bathtub has not been cleaned well for at least 3 cleans. No items, such as shampoo bottles, have been moved to wipe under, and the inside of the tub also has soap scum around the sides. I have to clean the tub myself.
    As far as the toilets go, they have never cleaned under the rims. I have to do this myself.

    The first couple of cleans from "The Maids" was so superior to other area companies that I thought the higher cost was well worth it, but now I am beginning to wonder. Or maybe, they always just send their worst employees to my house.

  29. linda jeffers says:

    I am so impressed by my team led by Michelle as she is a most competent team leader and conducted herself in a professional friendly manner. My house has never been cleaned this thoroughly. Each member did their job in an expeditious way and very serious about their occupation. I will get them back again.
    My thanks to Michelle, Barbara, Fanny and Natalie.

  30. Marga Dice says:

    My house is too small to have an army of 4 maids coming to clean! I do not wish to continue your services especially since I was not satisfied with the work done. The dusting job was unsatisfactory.
    For example, I noticed my 4 pewter ducks sitting on the living room floor, had neither been moved nor dusted. The wooden bucket next to the ducks still has a thick layer of dust on the rim. Though the top of the coffee table was cleaned, the shelf underneath with photo albums on it, was untouched, as were most things 'above eye level,' like bedroom closet tops.
    At $38 per person per hour, I feel I did not get my money's ($266) worth.

  31. Carol Reilly says:

    Alba and the Silver team visited Thursday and left my home very clean. They dusted and wiped and cleaned the floors and made everything so very nice. I appreciate the hard work that Alba, Hileidy and Crystal did to make my home feel so liveable.

  32. Suzanne Meador says:

    What a treat is always is to have The Maids come and clean my house. I love a clean house but we have had my daughter and her family living with us temporarily until their house was finished being built. They gave me a house cleaning for mother's day and wow what a blessing. Angelique and her team did an amazing job. Their attention to detail is so impressive. I honestly couldn't find anything that they missed. It is so nice to have my floors and baseboards sparkle. It has been a week since they were here and everything still looks great. Thanks again!

  33. Brenda Perkins says:

    I want the "purple team" - Roxana, Lana, Silvia, Xilvia every single time!!!! They are excellent, professional and they cleaned every single inch of my home to perfection. They are wonderful and I would not want anyone else. Individually and also as a team they work well and organized. My husband and I both love the cleaning done. I am very, very happy :)

  34. Peggy Keen says:

    I have made several attempts to send in my survey but thus far have been unsuccessful. I don't want to miss the chance to rave about Martha and her team. They do an excellent job every single time that they come. I particularly appreciate the care that they take on my wood floors, the bathrooms and the kitchen. Much of that I can no longer do and it make me happy when my house sparkles at the end of each visit. Thank you so much.

  35. Naomi Lochner says:

    A big thanks to the Green team who did such a great job in my house on Friday, May 2, and a special thank you to whoever the Angel was that took the time to help separate my jewelry that was a tangled mess on my dresser!! Since I am paralyzed in one arm, you were a Godsend!! What a sweet surprise especially at the end of what I'm sure was a long week and a long rainy Friday.

  36. Gretchen Bueter says:

    I need to be sure to list all the super members of Sandy's team: Ariel, Denise, and Ana!

  37. Gretchen Bueter says:

    Sandy and her crew were wonderful. They made our new home feel new;and they left a smile in my heart. Can't wait until they return again!
    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Bueter

  38. Don Martin says:

    When I call for service this morning I was told that the service would be at the same price as previously, which was about $ 140. The bill presented to us was $177.31. Please explain.

  39. Tsering C. Yuthok says:

    Anabel and her team were fabulous, as always. I'm so glad to have the team working for me again. I've missed them.

    Thank you, Anabel and team!


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