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La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey PrizeLa-Z-Boy

  1. $2,500 (US) in La-Z-Boy Furniture

La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey Sweepstakes Rules 

  1. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
  2. Limit one entry per person, per Entry Period – regardless of method of entry.

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  1. Online: Customers can take the survey online at the La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey Official Site: www.lzb-survey.com, www.lzb-store.com, or www.lzb-furniture.com.

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More Information About La-Z-Boy
La-Z-Boy is a furniture manufacturer based in Monroe, Michigan, US, which makes home furniture, including upholstered recliners, sofas, stationary chairs, and sleeper sofas.

La-Z-Boy furniture is sold in thousands of retail residential outlets in the United States and Canada and is manufactured and distributed under license in other countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey and South Africa.

About La-Z-Boy Delivery Surveywww.lzb-delivery.com - La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey
Survey Website: www.lzb-delivery.com
Survey Incentive: $2,500 (US) in La-Z-Boy Furniture
Host Website: www.lzb-delivery.com
Marketing Support: La-Z-Boy

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82 comments on “www.lzb-delivery.com - La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey

  1. David silver says:

    Kevin and Dan were terrific
    On time, explained everything well

  2. S Hall says:

    Delivery service was wonderful, called when they said they would, our delivery men Casey and Rob Spence. Spent no time setting up the chair. Well done fellows.

  3. Tally Stanowich says:

    Delivery service was great and very pleased with two delivery guys
    Curtis and Andrew.
    Set up the recliner rocker and had me try it out.

  4. Walter Leachman says:

    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Explained everything. Would definitely use again!

  5. Marlene Landers says:

    Our Lazy Boy reclining sofa and 2 rocker reclining chairs were delivered on Feb. 9,2018 by Slumberland in Mason City, Iowa. The men were very careful and considerate. They took their shoes off because of snow even though I had a cloth down. Very friendly and we were very satisfied.

  6. Joy Charter says:

    Our reclining Lazy Boy loveseat from Koerner furniture was delivered and set up by Michael and John today. They were careful and professional. They picked up our old one and set up our new one in minutes. We were very happy with their work.

  7. Isabelita Wheeler says:

    Delivery guys did a good job in setting up the furniture. They are friendly. Explained the platinum insurance.

  8. Deborah Benson says:

    Nate and Jacob did a wonderful job. They also assisted us with moving the older couch. We could have not been more pleased.

  9. Gary Muellenbach says:

    The delivery person was very prompt and friendly. He did a great job on the furniture setup.

  10. Kay Hall says:

    Delivery service driver was very good making sure we were happy where they placed our chairs and making sure to let us know where to place the back-up batteries.

  11. Richard Jones says:

    The delivery was fast and the people that delivered the chairs were nice and fast setting the chairs up

  12. Céline Doucet says:

    je voudrais bien participer a votre sondage mais je pense que vous avez oublié que vous avez des clients francais , il faudrait apporter quelques changements a votre site (francais et anglais) Merci de prendre ma demande au sérieux !

  13. Donna Armstrong says:

    Carlyle and Anton were very careful delivering our new chairs to the office as well as recliners to our home. They were professional, quick and courteous. They both were very patient with my questions and were through with their answers. It was very late on a Sunday evening when we were only available and they made it work with understanding.

  14. Bob Vavrick says:

    On time , polite and took the time to show adjustments on the recliner

  15. Leanne Hipskind says:

    Delivery by Dan and helper. Very polite and professional. Replaced old Lazy Boy recliner couch with new one. They also took old couch away. Very knowledgeable sales staff and not pushy. This is the 5th or 6th piece I have purchased from Lazy Boy over a 25 year period. In fact I just had an older recliner recovered because it was so comfortable and is no longer in their inventory.

  16. Richard C. Braun says:

    Delivery was as per phone call.Removed old chair and new one installed with time to spare.
    Great job with TIM and helper. One lazy boy to a brand new one. Good sales staff and delivery people. Would purchase from Lazyboy in the future.

  17. Marilyn Rau says:

    I bought my husband a lazboy recliner for a surprise. It is are 50th addiversary and he needed a new lazyboy chair because he has open heart surgery and needed something to be comfortable in to watch TV. I knew the quality would be good because over the years I have purchased at least four. He had a Hugh smile on his face when the delivery men came. He is one happy husband.

  18. Chris Wiley says:

    Delivery was on time and accomplished quickly. La-Z-Boy sales, delivery and service is always first class. This is our second La-Z-Boy living room purchase. We tried a different furniture outlet once but quickly found the quality and comfort of the furniture we bought to be notably inferior to La-Z-Boy. We're completely committed to the La-Z-Boy brand now.

  19. Edward Kloo says:

    Recd delvy of custom ordered electric reclining sofa on 7/19/17. Pleased with the delvy crew and sofa was functioning well. Approx 2 to 3 hours after delvy the left side reclining mechanism began to malfunction and didn't completely close properly. Placed service call at that time. service call was AM 7/22/17. Employee from Wilkes Barre very polite and explained to me that the left side was hanging up on our carpet and this would cause a release on the mechanism to open up,thus preventing a full close as if a childs toy or object prevented the full close. He said thick rugs or objects would do this, elevated the height of sofa in front,told us how to gently push the foot rest in until you hear a faint click in the mechanism and to also put risers in the front to add more height to assure the sofa has sufficient clearance from the rug. All done as told, everything worked fine for hr or so before left side acted up and still not working properly. Placing another service call and this is not sitting well we me at the moment. I hope for Lazy Boys' sake we can get problem resolved before you loose my business. Sofa looks terrific but looks aren't everything.

  20. Edward Kloo says:

    We had to be the first delvy of the day. The sofa looks, feels and fits perfectly where it was placed. Very professional, courteous and friendly delvy crew. All our previous Lazy Boy purchases still look and operate great after many years. We've gone elsewhere once or twice in the past-----BUT NEVER AGAIN .

  21. liz sibert says:

    We were so pleased with the delivery. The delivery men were very personable, and knowledgeable.
    They explained how the chair went together. He told us about the high quality leather used on our chairs.
    He told us how to condition chair, and how to adjust the wing nuts if needed .

    They were excellent representatives of Lazy Boy.

    Often delivery people just deliver.

    Today, they did much more. Scale of one to ten ......definite ten

    Keep these employees, good ones are very hard to find.

    Liz Sibert

  22. Debbie says:

    My delivery was perfect (early!) this morning. Great guys on Team Simpson. Very careful and polite and professional.

  23. Richard Peterson says:

    We picked up our two leather chairs last Friday, June 16th and brought them home. After more examining we found some flaws and have to say we are disappointed in the crafting and upholstery work. We paid a lot of money and feel we should have received work that should show it. Probably will not purchase from Lazy Boy in the future.

  24. Richard Peterson says:

    We picked up our

  25. Laura Pacetti says:

    Our delivery was perfect. Carlos and Lupe were the delivery crew. They were professional, informative, on time and a pleasure to deal with. I would like them recognized for their efforts.

  26. Edwin Leinberger says:

    Delivery was on time and quick. They checked out the product before leaving

  27. Wayne F Lacombe says:

    Very professional delivery crew that took extra time in explaining all the features of our lazy boy sofa set with recliners and made sure we were satisfied with location and set up.

  28. shirleydouglas says:

    I would recommend this furniture to anyone contemplating buying good quality furniture.

  29. shirleydouglas says:

    very satisfied with my purchase.very good delivery service . This is our third set of Lazy Boy
    Furniture in sixty years.

  30. Karen Layman says:

    Delivery men called and said they were on their. They were here promptly. They removed their shoes. They showed me how to operate item. They asked if there were any questions and the were gone. They were very polite.

  31. Phil chapman says:

    The delivery personnel were professional, courteous, so very friendly. I was very pleased.

  32. Leah-Rae Silva says:

    The delivery man Tony was very helpful in helping me learn how to use my new power recliner chair. It made sure that I could work the controls the right way. He had me do it a couple of times with his help than I did it by myself with him watching me do it. You need lots of people like Tony on your team for delivery service.

    Tony called me at 9:30 and said he would be here by 10:15 a.m. He arrived at 10:00 a.m.
    I always shop at La-Z-Boy store for my needs. I highly recommend La-Z-Boy to everyone I talk to about coming to see you first when they are looking for furniture.

  33. Mary Zeldin says:

    I love my new sofa! Very good construction and quality. I was given a delivery time frame and
    notified that they were running late...everything went well! I highly recommend Lazy Boy.

  34. Monica Impellizzeri says:

    We love Lazy Boy! The recliners are wonderful! The fabric is better than I expected and the chairs fit us perfectly. Can't wait to go shop for our love seat next!

  35. Merle Norcross says:

    Just received the recliner and am happy with how it fits.

  36. bob wallhausen says:

    I like the two swivel recliners we bought, however I was a little disappointed how noisy they are when either reclining or returning to the upright position. I don't remember them being that noisy in the store when we were shopping for them

  37. John Peck says:

    We love our recliner. We have anther one that we have had for years.still looks like new.


    Excellent serve from sales representatives to deliverymen!! Deliverymen were most helpfully they even took my old chairs to the garage for me.

  39. Rita Figlenski says:

    Webster Furniture in Brewster, WA is great; perfect delivery; made sure the recliner was positioned just where I wanted it; they even took away the Ekornes chair I was replacing. Hurrah!

  40. Joseph H. Cook says:

    Tyler was very kind, cooperative and expedient. Handed me a brochure and a 20% coupon for our next purchase. Enjoyed the service rendered by the delivery personnel. The Sofa looks beautiful. Thank you very much.


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