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  1. $5,000 Lowe's Gift Card

Lowe's IWRSurvey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. No purchase necessary to enter or win.
  2. All online survey entries must be made within 10-days of receipt date.
  3. All prizewinners shall be notified by telephone, email and/or overnight mail whichever is appropriate.
  4. Selected winners should respond to the notification within five business days of attempted notification date.
  5. Prizewinners cannot assign or transfer all or any portion of any prize to another person.
  6. Winners shall be responsible for all types of taxes resulting from acceptance of prize.

Lowe's IWRSurvey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Online. Customers with a cash register receipt can visit Lowe's customer satisfaction survey official website to complete the survey.
  2. Mail-in. Legibly hand print on a postcard, your complete name, street address (no P.O. Boxes please), city, state/province , postal code, daytime phone number, and email address (if available) and mail it to: Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse 2012/2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274 USA.

Lowe's IWRSurvey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the official website to enter
  2. Choose the country where you live and the language you prefer
  3. Enter your visit date, visit time, total spending amount and receipt ID number printed in the front of your receipt
  4. Answer the questions to complete the survey

More Information about Lowe's IWRSurvey
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About Lowes Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.lowes.iwrsurvey.com, $5,000 Lowe's IWRSurvey
Survey Website: www.lowes.com/survey
Survey Incentive: Quarterly $5,000 Lowe's Gift Card
Host Website: www.lowes.com/survey
Marketing Support: Lowe's

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207 comments on “www.lowes.iwrsurvey.com - $5,000 Lowe's IWRSurvey

  1. Nannette McIntosh says:

    My experience IN store#0604 was excellent. Getting the appliances delivered another story. Was told my appliances would be delivered late the next day. They didn't arrive, I called & was told the truck broke down. and they would deliver the next day.Called again when they didn't arrive.Was promised the next day.On arriving the driver said they wouldn't be able to get up the stairs w/just 2 men. I have a chair lift making it too narrow.They got the stove up,fridge was too wide.They arranged to send 4 people the next day.Truck arrived - 2 people! Called dispatch & 2 more guys showed up & I got my fridge. It took from Wed-Sat. I was w/out a fridge for 6 days! Your dispatch dept has serious communication problems. I was assured that they would take 10% off my bill. I'm waiting to see how that turns out.

  2. edgar tobie says:

    Love Lowes. Staff is professional and polite. I visit the Manahawkin N J store whenever I'm in need of tools or material for my home projects.
    Thank you Lowes

  3. Pat Gravett says:

    IMPOSSIBLE to participate in your survey sweepstakes. Very frustrating.

  4. Catherine Hardy says:

    Enjoy Garden Dept Helpful & always find the Best !

  5. paul sipe says:

    very helpful staff

  6. tommy wallace says:

    I find it very hard to take your survey for the chance to win. I spent 10 minutes and gave up.........to much other jargon to filter through....everyone is not a computer whiz. When I want to volunteer info I do not want all the other stuff.............

  7. Terry L Heim says:

    I have been shopping at Lowe's for over 16 years. I buy everything I need at Lowe's.
    Over 11 years ago I purchased a washer and dryer. Today I purchased another washer.
    I am always highly satisfied with how I am treated and the purchases I have made.
    I am truly a loyal customer and everyone is very helpful.

  8. william knapp says:

    bought a toilet on wed. July 29 to be installed salesman could not tell me when it would be installed called Friday was told they would call me nobody called call SATURDAY and was told nobody works in the installation dept on Saturday Tom the manager said someone will call me Monday what do you think do you want to make a bet

  9. Tony Moseley says:

    We were at Tyler, Tex Lowe's on 7/27/2014...had an enjoyable time..found some beautiful trees and flowers..went outside to load our car and a lady employee followed us out there and stated she needed an electric cart(Which we were both in a cart) for an elderly lady...could we hurry up and load our car so she could give her the cart..she asked my husband to hurry up and empty his cart so she could take it to the lady...in his hurry to oblige the employee; he put his tree in the car and broke a limb...while that may not seem a big thing, it was to us...we spent hard earned money in your store and the woman was insistent we hurry up..i ended up getting my cart emptied before my husband and gave the cart to the lady she buzzed on off with a breezy "thank you" and she was gone. we told her her he broke the tree and all she said was "sorry'....So thought you might need to know how some employees treat others...while she was being very kind to an older lady she was being rude to two other older customers...she needs to figure out haow to be kind to all...that's all I wanted to say.

    Thank you very much;

    Tony C. Moseley

  10. Darlean Hinson says:

    Every one was very professional

  11. cheryl hullinger says:

    I have been trying to enter the 5,000 dollar gift card for the last hour it will not let me do it ,I have my recipt from the purchase that I made today but every time I try it puts on home depot my id #IS3671 0255 191 I MADE MY PURCHASE TODAY ON JULY 10,THANK YOU VERY MUCH CHERYL HULLINGER

  12. marilyn ford says:

    We were at store 0552 in West Des Moines and 3 of the most helpful sales people in the garden center were Terri, Ryan and Staci. Spent time helping us. Then the next day we back for a umberalla and got Rayan again. He helped us also with a grill. These 3 sales people are wonderful and full of smiles.

  13. Dorothy Bonner says:

    No matter what department I'm looking in, I can always find some knowledgeable employee if and when I need help.

  14. Rick Jackson says:

    Your 59th ave. & Northern store is absolutely the worst store i have ever used! I have been there three times now to purchase a new water filter! The first was a piece work; could not install without it leaking!! i up graded to a nicer one (pur) and it does not have the adapters in it!! Not a happy camper with that store so I will get my money back hopefully and go to home depot!! I think you are very lackluster with your customer relations in that store, as this is not cool because the travel i have to make back and forth!! i hope that someone in company gives a rats ---!!!

    Rick have been aloyal customer til no jackson

  15. Roberto G. Martinez says:

    I think that all of you workers are well informed with what products they sell. Excellent job.

  16. Margaret Campbell says:

    we went to the Lowes on 12189 Apple Valley rd to get tiles for our bathroom. A young man , Daniel, helped us with everything. He was just awesome !!! He helped picking colors., styles, mortar, grout and also how much everything was going to cost near to what it was without the cash register. The young man deserves to be recognized for his dedication.
    Daviv and Margaret Campbell. 1-760-947-4038. 18061 Redding St., Hesperia, Ca. 2345

  17. Patricia URRACA says:

    I love lowe's

  18. Rickey R. Moore says:

    Lowes employees are very helpful and kind. They explain how to do something if u don't know how to. also they make sure u understand.

  19. harold lynette says:

    your survey site is too hard to navigate. will, not participate

  20. Blaine Roberts says:

    Thank you for all the help that was given in the store. We were shopping for a pressure washer and the information that was given by not one but two of the workers helped us make up our minds. It is being used outside as I am typing this out. Thank you to Lowe's for the great prices you have on a daily basis. This store rocks.

  21. Gloria G. Garcia says:

    garden center very appealing and well stocked.

  22. mary Duck says:

    I really enjoy lowe's they are so helpful

  23. mary Duck says:

    when I go to lowe's they are always helpful

  24. monty laurent says:

    The person that assist my wife and I was Chelsea. We were looking to buy a stove, and she was very helpful in explaining the difference between different ranges. I ask any special offers, she explain the discount and we charge the additional discount. That was on 4-16-14. My wife call her yesterday twice ask questions and she took the time to answered them. Again she was very helpful. My wife and I went back to store today, and Chelsea was there. We told her what stove my wife wanted, check if in stock. Was in stock, check when it would be delivered. She said any problem give her a call. I had to give very great compliment. Told we went to another store in the area and they was not very helpful and the selection was very poor.

  25. Prisilla says:

    associate was helpful & took time to help us.

  26. David Reisner says:

    Not pleased with the after sale service, namely the installation service. purchased a kitchen faucet, with installation. was told that i would receive a phone confirmation to set up the installation. No call, i finally called my lowe's store and was told they would call the installer, and they would call me back.......no call back. If I don't receive a call by this afternoon i'm bringing my purchase back for a full refund. then I'll try HOME DEPOT, maybe they will at least call me back........

  27. williejames says:


  28. john dickinson says:

    bought a storage cubbord at lowes, got home to put it together,and someone had taken the directions outta the box,so i got to drive 56 miles round trip back to lowes, and they took them outta the next storage cubbord, so the next guys gonna have the same problem, j.d

  29. Demetrice walker says:

    well I come in the store all the time because I have 4 rental houses and you guys do help me all the time if I don't see a store worker I press the help butt and they will come right to me no other store have not done that. that is one of the reason I love coming there. I just love you guys.

  30. Heikki Riivald says:

    I enjoyed my shopping very much today. Lowes enabled me to build my motherinlaw a complete addition to my home and it looks as if it has been there for years.

  31. kenneth burdick says:

    very pleased with the store

  32. stanley maxey says:

    Service is great but I wish you would carry more USA products

  33. Mary says:

    The service I received during my last visit to Lowe's was fast and efficient. The cashier was friendly and quick. I watched his service to the customer ahead of me and he was friendly and spoke clearly with the customer. For what Cole did not know he immediately contacted his manager and found out and explained the answer to the customer.

  34. BARBARA SAXON says:

    nice employees very knowledgeable

  35. andrew jablonecki says:

    Why do you have a survey on your receipt that you can not complete?

  36. april parker says:

    GREAT! Employees seem very helpful.

  37. vernon alford says:

    Great inventory. Friendly and helpful employees.

  38. Billy Smith says:

    I have always had good service at lowes


    went out there way us


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