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  1. 10% Off Coupons

Kohl's In-Store Survey Offer Rules

  1. Coupon cannot be used together with any other coupon or discount offer.
  2. Coupon cannot be changed to cash.
  3. Coupon can only be used once.

Kohl's In-Store Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 5 minutes to finish, no open question, need a receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 1/5. No mobile page for Tablet. You can not access to Kohl's In-Store Survey official site via tablets.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 1/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can not access to Kohl's In-Store Survey via smartphones.

Kohl's In-Store Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Kohl's In-Store survey official site.
  2. Choose the language between English and Spanish that you would like to use to continue the survey.
  3. Enter the store number and survey code from your receipt and click on the "start survey" button.
  4. Rate your satisfaction with aspects such as the overall cleanliness of the store, the availability of the item(s) you wanted etc.
  5. Select answers to questions like "Did you return any previously purchased item(s) during your visit?" based on your visit.
  6. Select answers to the questions about yourself like your gender and age and click on "Submit Survey" to finish the survey.

Kohl's In-Store Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Kohl's online survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those questions and answers related to Kohl's customer survey in this article.

More Information about Kohl's
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Go to www.kohls.com/survey to start Kohl's in-store survey to get a 10% off Kohl's coupon.

About Kohl's In-Store Survey Customer Survey www.kohls.com/survey - Kohl's In-Store Survey
Survey Website: www.kohls.com/survey
Survey Incentive: 10% Off Coupons
Host Website: www.periscopeiq.com
Marketing Support: PeriscopeIQ

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97 comments on “www.kohls.com/survey - Kohl's In-Store Survey

  1. Pait says:

    OMG, Aura is adorable. You guys both look like yo2&8#u17;re doing great. Take some photos with funny props and it’ll make you a lot less focused on you and more focused on fun. Helps around here.

  2. YVONNE says:

    the reason you are losing sales along with Macy's is that why should we pay your name high prices when we can buy the same cheap china and over sea's clothes at walmart and other cheap stores. They all last just as long maybe 3 or 4 washing if your lucky. They do not know how to make clothes for AMERICAN people they don't fit right and fall apart right away.. Go AMERICAN MADE AND SEE IF YOUR BUSINESS PICKS UP AND ADVERTIZE WHERE THEY COME FROM TO.

  3. vilma gonzalez says:

    La atenccoin que tuve de parte de Orlaanddo fue muy buena ledoy un 5 por u tencion.

  4. MaryAnn Horne says:

    I shop in your Danvers store and always find the employees very helpful.
    Yesterday which was Veterans day was extreemly busy and they were still as nice and helpful as usual.

  5. lynn apgar says:

    Please clean up the Quakertown store. FIRE THE BUYERS!!!! Get dumpsters and start dumping. It is a beautiful new renavated store filled with junk. I heard the stock room is a horror pit. get your act together or get out of town. Go to Boscov's and see the beautiful stock they have. Now in Quakertown we have two duds....BonTon , now Kohl's.

  6. MaryLeonardi says:

    I love Kohls,and today the cashier Melanie at store 0722 was a sweetheart, she was so helpful, and cheerey, she was truly friendly, I deal with the public all day, she was so concerned that everything was ok with our order, she truly made my whole shopping experience a great one, she should get a little bonus or something extra, she certainly went the extra mile for my daughter and I, we will be back.

  7. kathleen freitas says:

    this was my first visit to Kohl's and I was pleased with the service and what the store had to offer

  8. kathleen freitas says:

    The staff was very helpful and welcoming into the store. Let me know I was important and all my needs were being met.

  9. Diane Vida says:

    My first bad experience in your store began when I could not get any of the "several" floor help for help. Every employee seemed to look, see me and walk away by going down another isle. When I was finally able to approach someone, they had no idea where to look. This is the second time. Someone had to be paged twice for the checkout which had no line and the gal in jewelry saw me clearly. So did several others while I was in line. All I wanted was a new Brita 10cup water filtering pitcher. Really? I looked and looked.
    The store # is 1041 and the access code on my receipt is 8899-3607-0372-4700.
    I doubt I will be back anytime soon. Just had enough this day of 4/17/15 and the Kohl's experience.
    You may contact me @ vida.diane@yahoo.com however, I doubt I would hear from you as I can't think of you seeing a need.
    Please have a great day and maybe inform and educate your employees about eye contact and it's really not so bad.


    D. Vida

  10. Fran Garrity says:

    I am a very frequent customer in the Kohl's Store in Springfield/Morton, Pa. This past Monday I was in the store looking for all weather boots when a young man whose name I believe is Isaiah asked if I needed help. He was friendly, pleasant and very helpful even going in the back storage room to look for the boots I wanted. He remained close by to be sure I was satisfied. At checkout I had a young man named Jason and he too was pleasant, patient and friendly. I have always thought Kohl's customer service was wonderful, but it was so nice to have come upon two young men, probably seasonal help, who were so pleasant and helpful. Good job guys and the store as well for great customer training. BTW, I deal with the public every day so I can appreciate good help.

  11. ralph boldt says:

    I want you to know how lucky you are to have [GAIL] as an employee, She was so helpful & pleasant to me. Employees like Gail need to be rewarded for there extra effort. I was at store #0060. I filled out a survey BUT it did NOT ask for any comments regarding employees! [WHY IS THAT?]

  12. Frances D. Weeks says:


  13. Julie Delucchi says:

    Store 1003 Alisha in customer service very friendly and helpful . I now have a Kohls card. Brandon helped me to my car with my things also very friendly and helpful.

  14. Linda Hanson says:

    The manager I store 1440 is awesome!

  15. Linda Hanson says:

    Employees were very helpful

  16. Sydney says:

    I love the sales at kohls when I get a week of allowance ($20) I love to go to kohls and spend that money with my mom my friends etc...

  17. rebecca lovelady says:

    it was hard to find someone to help me. After walking around the store for 12 minutes I gave up trying to find someone.

  18. BOB WALKER says:


  19. Pat Homes says:

    I wear petite sizes and Kohl's has a great petite department also the return policy is easy and quick. So glad we have access to your store.

  20. Tom Drabick says:

    Carrie Blair really helped me out when I was checkin out. She explained to me the discounts that I would recieve if I signed up for a Kohls credit card. I work in customer service and have got to say that she is a true asset to your store.

  21. nettie hill says:

    Great in ladies attire at affordable prices,

  22. Shakhawa hussain says:

    Store 0675 code 9826221927743726 she's extent very very good

  23. Laura Rivera says:

    Kohls is great! They really save the consumer money and make shopping easy and fun. I love getting Kohls cash. The staff seem very happy working there. They have such beautiful and useful things in the store with great prices even before the discounts. Thank -you so much! I am a happy customer.

  24. miguel espindola says:

    I enjoyed my experience with the friendly staff at Kohl's store1400 keep up the good work the floors are always so clean acess code is 9835270024984603

  25. Becky Roberts says:

    I was completely satisfied yesterday (2/26/14) with service I received. Store 1438.
    Very nice employee. Very helpful.
    His access codes is 9843-4715-0471-4104

  26. Christine Poff says:

    Had very good sales prices on clothing, and even some shoes. Marking 70-85% off. However a lot of other items such as housewares, hair products, and other things were grossly over priced. I ended up buying such things as decor throw pillows at Tuesday Mornings. (Right near my local Kohls.)

  27. Elida says:

    Para mi es muy excelente

  28. Neva Smith says:

    I really love the quality, variety, and prices of products numerous products at Kohls! The fashions from Jennifer Lopez! Stylish blouses and skirts! Everyday wear! The Capris!!! And the jewelry and perfumes! Heck, in my book, Kohls is even better than Wal-Mart :) lol

  29. kathy ware says:

    the store needs more mangers like this at there stores

  30. kathy ware says:

    I would like to say "THANK YOU " Larry at the store in Southaven,ms..he was very helpful and very nice about a problem I had in the store today

  31. Lidia Macías says:

    Me gusto muchos la atención de la cajera lisa y las promocione

  32. Joan McMahan says:

    I found the clerk (at store 0130) Ft Wayne, In one of the most helpful gals I have run across in some time. She went out of her way to help me try to find an item not only in her store but two other stores in our town. She was very busy but took the time to help me out and I walked out of the store with the item as they sold me the model that was on display. At this time of year to find a helpful clerk it is impossible, but to find a NICE helpful clerk is almost unheard of and i found not one but two ladies in the houseware dept. that are top notch! I rarely write to any company, however I do try to tell the manager when I get EXTRA service such as this was. Thanks for making my shopping a pleasure at this hectic time of the year.

  33. Terry says:

    I did have a nice experience in the store on the 22nd of Dec. When checking out it was good to see the cashier take the picture frame and wrap it in the towels I had purchase to protect it. Most cashiers would have just thrown it in the bag. Again it was nice to see the cashier take his time and really know what he was doing. Thank You Kohl's hang onto this employee. Store 0386

  34. a. coulter says:

    store 0424 my wife abd i shopped at the above store on 19 dec, it was excellent experience/ all the check out counters were manned. recd a lot of help from the lady working in the ladies shoe dept. check out lady was very pleasant, thanh you.

  35. Jack tatay says:

    My wife loves your store in Kenosha Wisconsin, she makes me shop with her there. I hate shopping however I must say your store employees and your store is first class. We purchased a really nice jacket for me on our last trip to this store.

  36. chuck sturgis says:

    great in store deals , friendly service staff

  37. Carolyn Eyerman says:

    Nice clean store. The employees are there to help you.It makes shopping fun.

  38. Lavern Yutzy says:

    friendly service

  39. carl mcpherson says:

    Dana was an excellent employee.


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