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JCPenney Customer Survey PrizeJ. C. Penney-Tag

  1. $500 JCPenney Gift Card Monthly

JCPenney Customer Survey Rules

  1. The Sweepstakes Period begins on the first day of every month and ends on the last day of every month.
  2. You do not need to make a purchase to enter or win.
  3. Access code is valid for 7 days beginning on the day it was received.
  4. Each household is limited to 1 entry per 7 days.
  5. Prizes are not transferable.
  6. There is no cash equivalent for Prize to be awarded.

JCPenney Customer Survey Entry

  1. You can visit the JCPenney survey official website and complete the survey.
  2. Mail-in Entry is another method. You need to print your first name, last name, address, phone number, email address and month/year of birth on a piece of paper and mail your entry in a stamped envelope to: jcpenney "Customer Satisfaction Survey" Sweepstakes Entry, P.O.Box 463, Lynbrook, NY 11563-0463.

JCPenney Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the JCPenney survey official website and enter the 22-digit access code on the front of your receipt and click the start button.
  2. Indicate your answers to all the questions regarding your visit  to JCPenney.
  3. Provide your contact information.

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Visit www.JCPenney.com/Survey to take the JCPenney survey online.

About JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.JCPenney.com/Survey - JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey website: www.JCPenney.com/Survey
Survey Incentive: $500 JCPenney Gift Card
Host website: www.smg.com
Marketing Support: SMG

How does the service help you?
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  • Very helpful
  • Somewhat helpful
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Rating: 3.2/5 (21 vote casts)

61 comments on “www.JCPenney.com/Survey - JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Tiwana Wade says:

    Lori P was very nice good attitude had a great experience with this young lady and she does a wonderful job

  2. Joanne m. Baker says:

    Beverly was of big help and had a very personality

  3. dedoria jefferson says:

    tried to do survey for 10% off coupon but failed on computer my access code 191014012171713264

  4. Lina says:

    This “youth pro refugees” element is interesting. Is it because all those Sri Lankans look rather “hot”?If they’re &#h161;8ot‣, it’s probably because they’re deyhydrating. The youth vote may just be the youth vote.

  5. Joseph Fassman says:

    Neelam was very helpful in locating the items we desired.
    She also processed our receipt and order in a professional manner.

  6. laurence r. rosecrans says:

    purchased a samsonite tote, boarding bag today and sales gal, Carla, (St. Pete, Florida) was extremely helpful

  7. willie Gerecke says:

    Grace at the Flint store was so helpful. We ordered curtains online and received wrong ones twice but with a phone call to her she found what we needed put it aside for us and did it with a wonderful smile.

  8. Saundra Stepovich says:

    My husband and I received great personal service from Ivonne in men's clothing. We are elderly and she did a lot of walking and searching for us. Super employee.

  9. virginia poeplau says:

    Nov. 29,2014 I needed help with an item I couldn't find in the J.C. Penney store in Vincennes, Indiana store. A young man by the name of Josh was fantastic. He searched until he had an answer for me. While checking me out he helped me with some super coupon discounts! The employees in this particular store are really wonderful!

  10. Jerry fiorito says:

    Purchased two watches from Kelly at Northgate store, on 10/18/14 .She was working alone and was having to deal with several customers at once, plus people asking direction to escalator,etc.I did not make it any easier by having her change links in my watches.She kept all of us under control by frequent quips to all of us that kept us all satisfied, and always a smile. I am thinking of another watch as I write this.
    She could be management material.

  11. Jerry fiorito says:

    Had a great experience with Jovi in the men's department at Northgate on10/16/14. A complicated situation with returns and new purchase.She handled it with aplomb and a continuous smile.We both parted grinning and contented. If it had been a store that accepted tips, she would have received a large one from me.Great little gal!

  12. jesus says:

    When I entered the front doors of jcpenny's in Burlington cascade mall,in Washington .I was greeted right away by a cashier, nice , politely and help me with some questions about my card. I would like to thank you for the great people you have in that store. The cashier went out of her way to help, so , in enclose I purchased items just for that. Her name was'' Thelda''
    Thank you !! I will be shopping more often, now.

  13. mr farnum says:


  14. Juanita Livingston says:

    I visited JC Penney today (June 6, 2014). The checkout assoc. was pleasant, and I was very pleased with my purchases.

  15. rebecca lovelady says:

    hard to find someone to help you when you need too.

  16. Gary W. Odesse says:

    I purchased a pocketbook for my wife yesterday, from Kristin B. at the Steeplegate Mall in nh. Kristan was very bubbly, made us laugh and couldn't be more helpful. awesome experience !...:)

  17. Shirley Curtis says:

    Purchased a watch yesterday. Salesperson was very helpful and fitted it to my wrist expertly.

  18. Paula Schneider says:

    Purchased makeup yesterday and was served by Sylvie at Sephora. She was knowledgeable and fun to work with. if my budget allowed I'd have bought everything she showed me. She is manager material.

  19. Betty A McConnell says:

    I purchased Drapes at J.C.Penny's on March at Monroe La. The clerk Kimberly H. was very very helpful,kind sweet and I enjoyed having her help me. Will ask for her every time .

  20. Yvonne mark says:

    pleasant interaction with associate linda. She was very helpful, assisted me well and provided service with a smile.

  21. lou lacy says:

    i was @ the JCP store in Brighton mi looking for some bath towels i met this nice lady name Barb so i got them she was very helpful and she said she got these towels and really like them, and she is right i like them as well i like to think Barb for her help

  22. Elizabeth Priest says:

    The young lady that help me was extremely helpful providing the good old fashion Customer Service. Good job training your employees.

  23. Mary Brantley says:

    Sharion was very friendly and polite. She handled my transaction very efficiently.

  24. Linda says:

    Maria Elena at the JC Penney Hanford, Ca. store was very helpful and processed my return very quickly. She was friendly and made this a pleasurable experience. I would rate her a 10!

  25. mpingala says:

    The sales person at register was Peggy Shultz (Mokena Il) was very friendly and I have been at her register in the past.

  26. Lucille A. Shifton says:

    I returned a recent purchase and the clerk - Mark was very courteous and helpful/

  27. Georgie Arkwright says:

    I shop in Boardman Ohio and Monica at that store was so helpful and sweet..a 5 i would say

  28. Ernestina Rojas says:

    Una excelente tienda y muy satisfecha con la atención tanto como las personas de piso , como las cajeras, gracias por su comprensión y colaboración.

  29. Gayle Fessenden says:

    Your associates at the Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids, MI, are the best around! After working in customer service for many years, I am VERY aware of the importance of treating your customers well. I can choose to spend my money anywhere, but I haven chosen to spend it at JCPenney!

  30. phyllis schmidt says:

    Longmont,colorado store--angie,evelyn and norma were extremely helpful, pleasant and courteous. It was a joyful shopping experience. We have lost one of our department stores and it would be devastating if we also lost JCPenny. Please do not leave Longmont, Co

  31. Gerald Bone says:

    Jerianne was very nice and helpful with my purchase today at your store. Thank Her for me....

  32. Vera says:

    Sheba Highly was very helpfull person. She helped me to finde some product from Sephora store in Manhatan. She satisfyes customers.

  33. Ms.L Nova says:

    Linda Clark-3rd Floor Customer Service JCPennys store #1572 310) 390-8966 located at 6000 S. Hanum Ave.Culver City, Ca 90230 was great I explained that I did not have a printer at home and did not own a smartphone (as nowadays the economy is in a downturn), stores need not discriminate against customers who don't own printers or smartphones we need the sale coupon too! just as much as customers who own smartphones and printers, she helped me obtain the current coupon on Friday 12/27/13. Customer service has all but disappeared especially when clerks at a counters nowadays dismiss you by telling you to go look for something on the internet. Linda is the epitome of great old fashion Customer Service and most certainly deserves to be recognized. :)

  34. Diane Ruger says:

    Too few cashiers and associates; need a road map to find the department and merchandise...poor signage and poor organization! Because of these issues, it took me way too long to shop for what I wanted! Whomever it was that designed/redesigned store doesn't have a clue about (how especially woman),like to shop! Prices at Macy's for same stuff much lower than JCP. Many people complaining about store (same issues)! I left frustrated enough that I may not shop at JCP any more!

  35. Gladys Gonzalez says:

    Gary went above and beyond the call of duty.
    Thanks so much Gary!!

  36. Cecil G. Linton says:

    Beverly was extremely helpful

  37. michelle mikovsky says:

    I had just a short amount of time when I ran in to pick up my online order immediately found a clerk who was exremely helpful and kind. I had my order in less than 5 minutes

  38. Frances A. Day says:

    I purchased an electric blanket at Store #2990-0 and I failed to give my feedback to a very deserving person. I wanted you to pass the word along, even though it is late. Her name is Mary Jane and was a cashier in the back of the store around the kitchen products. She was able to help me with some certificates that I had and did not know exactly how to use them. Sounds dumb on my part but is true. Please tell her that I appreciated her help and she deserves more than a pat on the back. Thank you very much.

  39. Guidlin Pierre Louis says:

    JCP is not only the name but the service

  40. Diane Ruger says:

    I totally agree with this posting. I believe that JC Penney's stores will be putting themselves out of business. First redesign- failed! Second redesign- train wreck! Merchandise selection-poor, prices too high, Sorry, I can't think of anything that is positive about shopping JCP!


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