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If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Jack in the Box online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Survebag editorial team. You can also find those questions and answers related to Jack in the Box customer survey in this article.

More information about Jack In The Box
Jack in the Box, based in San Diego, is a restaurant company that operates and franchises Jack in the Box restaurants, one of the nation's largest hamburger chains, with more than 2,200 restaurants in 21 states, and Qdoba Mexican Grill, a leader in fast-casual dining, with more than 600 restaurants in 44 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

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297 comments on “www.jacklistens.com - Jack In The Box Guest Satisfaction Survey

  1. George ponce says:

    Every person had gotten the wrong order and people were even asking for their money back

  2. Ivar McDonald says:

    Best Fast Food

  3. oscar wheeler says:

    my order was fast

  4. Don says:

    Why do you make it so difficult to sign in and get your site to answer your ? for the receipt? What happened to the easy way you had a year ago? Thnks

  5. Vickie Gaston says:

    I usually have great service and food from Jack's but this morning was not my day!!! I ordered a brunch burger add onions and a large Iced Cinna Coffee. Sorry no Iced Coffee!!! Ok then a large peach tea. Sorry we don't have sweet tea at the moment!!! ok then a large coke zero. Got a small!!! Then when I got to work my Brunch burger didn't have onions!!! I was also in the drive thru over 20 minutes. The guy at the window did apologize and offer me a cheese cake for my wait. I didn't take it but thanked him for the offer!!! Just not my day!!!

  6. charlene mottmontoya says:

    Great service, and food.

  7. charlene mottmontoya says:

    I like the 4 for & 4.00. Good customer service.

  8. Brian says:

    The 4 items for 4 dollars bothers me. I count 5 items for 4 dollars. 2 tacos, 1 burger, one fry and 1 drink = 5 for 4. TIME FOR REMEDIAL MATH FOR YOU STUPIDO!

  9. Vinny says:

    Stopped by Jack's at the Sparks (NV) Galleria this morning. As usual the crew was friendly and hustled non-stop. Although my server "Paulina" was new on the job, she was well-trained, cheerful and open to advice from her supervisor, who was also happy and professional despite the crowd of hungover New Years Eve revelers who came in earlier. My daughter and I go to this place 3 or 4 times per month and the service is always good and the orders are accurate. Thanks.

  10. Maria Garcia says:

    today i wasn't satisfied...the drive thru cashier "Terry" was being unkind person telling me that i couldn't get my free monster taco because Texans only made 1 touchdown and 1 goal kick off these were her words...the score was 20 to 21 Sunday 12/18/2016 Texans won 21

  11. Tara Dawkins says:

    I am really happy that this survey actually gets you the free food. I really like JackIn the Box food, but can't always afford on my budget so this survey reward is really good for me. Thanks Jack

  12. Bill Shipman says:

    Went to the Lebanon, OR Jack in the box 2 times over the last 6 months. First time it took over a half hour to get my order and customers waiting when I came in were still waiting when I left so I wasn't the only one with long waits. Today I went in for a platter w/Homestyle potatoes. Not only a long wait, but when I got home all I got was an omelet and 2 orders of potatoes, and the coffee was cold by that time. It will be awhile before I go to the Jack in the box again. Out of all the fast foods in Lebanon (5 total) it is the only one I have had this problem with, and I waited 6 months to go back because if the service the first time.

  13. Erika Espinoza says:

    I went in to jack in the box drive thru, I order a kids meal, spicy children and number 8, my order was wrong since the beginning, instead of a kids meal I had something with 2 tacos I told the lady that it was wrong she changed it, when I pay didn't get my receipt, I got home and my surprise (not really) I had my order wrong, I didn't get my curly fries or my number 8 the sirracha burger, instead I got a sandwich with grilled chicken some bacon and mayo witch am allergic to, I went back to the store the manager told me that if I don't have the receipt there is nothing she could do, I had to show her my bank statement (with the app) so she could believe me, this is the worst jack in the box ever.

  14. Maria says:

    I went to the drive-thru at 5:36pm when my order was taken on Oct.20th. I ordered a #12 plus jalapeños. It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes to get my order and was told to pull around to the front for fresh food. I noticed my order was wrong it didn't have cheese or bacon so I decided to go back to get my money's worth. I went to the drive thru window and the cashier hands me yellow cheese and bacon in a box. So I went back around to ask for the right cheese and if they could my remake my chicken sandwich(I had already taken a bite when I noticed my sandwich was not made right). My chicken sandwich was remade wrong again this time without jalapeños . I didn't want to go back around again so I left . When I took a bite of my second sandwich something was wrong with the chicken it was not soft when I bit into it, it wasn't raw chicken but it's texture was awful and undercooked. The sandwich was so unsatisfying I just thru it away. The only thing positive was the drive thru cashier, she was nice.

  15. Arnold says:

    Years ago I was a manger of a Wendy’s. We had certain things that we did with the customers and the store. I visited the Jack in the box store $154. Going through the drive through the young lady that took my order was stern and used no pleasantry… Jack in the box, what is your order?... That instead of Good morning, welcome to Jack in the box, what wou you like to order?... This continued further when I asked for a large coffee, ultimate breakfast sandwich and a orange juice. The lady on the speaker sounded like I was a distraction from her day. I repeated my order and was told “go to the first window”…. Again, this instead of “thank you for your order, please pull to the window”… Once at the window the lady that took my credit card by just reaching out for it, and I was let down again as she took another order and then handed me out my card and the orange juice (pleasantries at this time help the customer enjoy their visit). As I watched the lady kept reaching down and wetting small rags and took apart the slide where they put the finished product in. There was a large amount of food particles and she would brush off the crumbs and continued. When my food came up she didn’t wash her hands, she just grabbed my order and handed it to me and said “there”.

    This is poor customer service and sadly is prevalent in the industry.

    I know that the lady probably is not happy in her job.. but it is her job. The thing that I remember back to my fast food days, treat the customer with respect. Being pleasant is brings in more business. It makes the company more money, and those that shine get promoted. Going to fast food any more is a $8-$10 cost per customer. When you employees go out for a dinner, they should expect to have an enjoyable experience. Clean table, no trash cans that are over flowing, the floors no greasy and swept or mopped. When looking back through the kitchen the ducts need to be cleaned and again the floors picked up. Employees need to know that talking loud and playing grab ass does not present the image that the company want to project.

    I am undecided as to whether go to Jack in the box again, but I will definitely will not go to Store 154.

  16. Jametta C. White says:

    Went to Jack in the box on Monday,the 19th of September, it was JIB#883; El Paso, Tx, I went in the bathroom to wash something I spilt on myself, the worker came out of the bathroom stall straight out the door without washing her hands, I threw my burger away and will not go their again, when I called the restaurant later the person in charge said, they have a place in the cooking area to wash their hands, that should not matter, you wash your hands after using the bathroom! That's hygiene 101! I am done with Jack!

  17. glenn says:

    i tried jacklistens.com,, and it s bullchit,, their is no site for the survey code,,many other turd sites for jacks BS, stick it @!

  18. Susan Thompson says:

    JIB#8473 is the worst. 3 times in a row our order has been wrong, items missing, fries are always cold. This is the last time we will visit JIB.
    Date of service 8/12/16 code:654 175 432 93

  19. Al says:

    I was at the location at 1601 E. Van Buran St. In Phoenix this morning at around 5:30 am. There was a customer at the drive thru window giving the worker a hard time about store hours. If you are going to post your hours of operation for the dining area to open at 5 am then you should open the doors at 5 am, if not change the time for dining room hours. It's that simple. The work should not have to be subjected to harassment from a customer because you are to lazy to change the times. This could place your employee in harms way?

  20. Sherry says:

    I tried your survey but it would not work. It's too bad because I wanted to give honest feedback on the food and service.

  21. patricia teabo says:

    Good service, polite, and great fresh food

  22. Julia Stockton says:

    I thought the sourdough burger was a little bit bland. I had not had one in he past so I was not ready for that burger. I should have gotten something else.

  23. tishie says:

    Ordered 2 buttery jacks the cheddary onion had no sauteed onion, which they corrected by adding a few raw onion slivered pieces, burger was over done, 1 thin slice of cheese was melted into the burger, bun was over toasted.

    We took the 2nd burger home and found it with the same disappointments.

    The 2 breakfast burritos were big & tasty, but the ingredients were not distributed evenly i.e., eggs clumped on one end, meats clumped in another. Had to open it up and look for what was supposed to be in them.

    I've loved Jack in the Box for years, but this was horrible!

    AND there was no running water in the ladies room. Wonder if hands were clean?

  24. gary says:

    I ordered a ssg croissant no egg and a hashbrown... pretty simple order... I got a croissant with a thin slice of ham and bacon and cheese that wasn't melted.... the thing looked and tasted as if it had been sitting for a while and they threw it my bag to get rid of it. Not the first time this has happened. Should have learned my lesson?... try the phone #(253)839-3592 that's on the receipt and you get a # that has been disconnected... ?... this store is at 312th and pac highway in federal way wa.... don't go there!

  25. Ana Maria Moreno Ortiz says:

    vs5 donot comentario

  26. Brad says:

    I do not like the new added deal of having to sign at the location I use when trying to use the convenience of my debit card, its redundant and quite inconvenient.

    Please change this policy back to the way it should be, only when using credit not debit !!!

    Yours truly, a concerned, dissatisfied regular customer.

  27. D Bonforti says:

    JOB #6491

    Not a pretty sight. Went to Jack in the box on Sullivan 99216. A woman was cleaning the soda machine as a lunch group started coming in. She went in the back and started handling food without washing hands. The drain bucket was overflowed and was going into the main walkway in front of the counter. The woman came back out and pulled the bucket out, She put the bucket filled with overflowed fluid from the soda machine on the main countertop. I opened the side door for her so she could bring the bucket in the back. She came back out and started handling food again..... 064 495 108 015 92 9/6/2015

  28. Gajendra says:

    Short, sweet, to the point, FRt-cexaEEly as information should be!

  29. doug phillips says:

    great service

  30. Harold says:

    i have bean going to this jack in the box for a couple of years. And every time i go there thay make me fill like family.

  31. Dale says:

    I went into the jack in the box at Ray and Power in Mesa, AZ about 8am 8/21/15. I waited for awhile ( I heard 2 different songs play on your system) and had not seen anyone. There was also no drive through activity. Finally a women came out from the back speaking excitedly on a phone in Spanish. She looked at me but didnt even acknowledge me and walked away towards the back of the restaurant out of sight. I waited about another minute before walking out. Apparently I didn't matter as a customer.

  32. marvin smith says:

    excellent customer service and products

  33. MODEAN YATES says:


  34. mike danciu says:

    you're reseat says to take the questionnaire but it is an obstacle course and is impossible to get to on line sorry to see this bs

  35. Ray says:

    That was Troy, Mo 63379. JIB# 4125

  36. Ray says:

    Trapped in a line at Troy, Mo 66379 JIB for 10 minutes before I could order then another 25 minutes in line only to get to window and asked to pull to side because fries weren't ready. Done with the poor service I receive there. Will not be returning to JIB again. You just lost a customer.

  37. Dennis Schneider says:

    They keep getting my orders wrong!! I just drove through & ordered 4 taco's & fries. Had to remind them to give me my fries & then when I get home only 3 tacos. Day before 6 tacos & only meat. WTF

  38. Diego Del Monte says:

    To get to the survey on your receipt, type out the entire address http://www.JackListens.com
    in the address bar. Do not use the search bar and pick from a menu OR let the address bar autocomplete and give several selections below. This is Spam misdirecting you to outside surveys and is not Jacks fault. Don't be lazy, use the address bar. If the first and only boxes on the first page is language selection, you found the correct survey.

  39. Vanessa Watson says:

    To whom this may concern: I went to the JACK IN THE BOX in our neighborhood on 06/10/2015 after 9:00pm so we can get the munchies special and once we got our order and went home everything was cold and the stacker burger was horrible and it only had one patty on it was disgusted all the years I have eaten at JACKINTHEBOX have never experience this night mare I try calling know didn't answer so, I decide to write a comment about my experience and this isn't the first time it has happen either and yesterday was the last draw. I just one some one to know about what is going on in the restaurant. I was not please usely the food is good and it's still hot when we get home. All I have to tell who this may concern is that the food is nasty and cold.

    Thank You

    Vanessa Watson - customer

  40. Chris Christensen says:

    This Survey is difficult to use. It keeps trying to redirect me to other sites promoting other
    things. NOT COOL.


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