Target Survey to Win $1,500 Gift Card

www.informtarget.com - Target Survey to Win $1,500 Gift Card

Target Customer Survey PrizeTarget

  1. $1,500 Target Gift Card per month
  2. 300 $25 Target Gift Cards per month

Target Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not have to make any purchase to enter or win.
  2. Each person/address/email address is limited to only 1 entry in each Monthly Drawing regardless of method of entry.
  3. Each person/address/email address is limited to 1 prize for the entire Promotional Period.
  4. The winner is responsible for the expenses.

Target Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. For customers who have the register receipt, visit the Target customer survey official site and complete the survey online.
  2. Mail-in entry. To Enter Without Purchase, you need to hand print your complete name, address, daytime phone, email address (if available), and date of birth on a 3" x 5" card and mail your entry in a first-class stamped envelope to: Target February 2013-August 2013 Survey Sweepstakes Entry, P.O. Box 15125, Dept. H244166, White Bear Lake, MN 55115-0125.

Target Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Target customer survey official site
  2. Enter your user ID and password, select time of day of your visit then click the "next" button
  3. Follow the instructions and answer all the questions

More Information about Target
Target offers so many products, for instance, women's and men's clothing, accessories, shoes and so forth. Baby and kids ' stuff, homeware, patio, electronics and more. For more than a half century, Target stores, clinic, optical, pharmacy, photo, and portrait studio have been serving people with nice service and great goods.

Target offers many coupons. You can select the ones you like and print them. When you go shopping, take them with you, and you can save a great deal. What's more, Target provides REDcard. You can choose debit or credit. But no matter which one you choose, you can save an extra 5% off the already low prices, and you can enjoy free shipping at Target.com.

Enter your user ID and password found near the bottom of your receipt and you can start the survey. There are online instructions to help get survey finished.

About Target Customer Surveywww.informtarget.com - Target Survey to Win Target Customer Survey,500 Gift Card
Survey Website: www.informtarget.com
Survey Incentive: $5,000 Gift Card
Host Website: www.informtarget.com
Marketing Support: Target

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462 comments on “www.informtarget.com - Target Survey to Win $1,500 Gift Card

  1. polly d. says:

    Tried to do the survey as usual but always have a problem
    Store on Rochester Rd. in Rochester Hills has the friendliest cashiers
    Recently went to the store on Van Dyke in Shelby Township also friendly

  2. Brad says:

    Visited Milltown no store. Greeted by a disgusting smokers trash can ,disgusting dirty ,over full of butts.si in order to toss my empty coffee cup in the trash I had to endure that just NASTY!!!!!!
    THEN on the way out there is a 6x12 sign in the vestibule target is a smoke free environment? Huh?
    Merry christmas

  3. bart gear says:

    make easyer

  4. bart gear says:

    bad web sight

  5. Carol Wiles says:

    The target in Beaverton off 107th and Beaverton Hillsdale. The store is always awesome. ...A customer was being difficult to the cashier because she ask for his I.D. it was can air spray to use to clean your keyboard.He didn't understand why he had to show his I.D. then they had to call the supervisor and he argued with him too. I finally said look Just STOP giving target employees hard time they are just following policies...he finally left the merchandise behind and walked out......target people thanked me I said this is my target and they were everything right.....this been awhile back......I love my target store and employees . :)

  6. Cathie Taylor says:

    We had an excellent cashier today, pleasant and very efficient. I did not notice the young man's name unfortunately. We were there at 1:05 pm.

  7. TimmyfaF says:

    Hi HI

  8. Marsha Granville says:

    The store on 116th Street in Manhattan was poorly managed ever since I started to shop there. Always items out of stock, foods not avaiable at snack counter, carts full of assorted merchandise plocking the back of tghe store. Now I see you are renovating the store. I hope that displays a new respectj for the customers who shop there.

  9. Juanita says:

    Very reasonable prices. Target is a good department store. And has good discounts.

  10. jeremy wilczynski says:


  11. Lt. Gen. Dr.Daniel Omega Griffin, USAR/USAFNG says:


  12. Rebecca A. Rooney says:

    I like the clothes and accessories in the store, and the employees there are great to the customers.

  13. Ella Rhoden says:

    Awesome service but need greet people more but very respectful .

  14. Barbara Dildine says:

    Our tech, Isiah Clay at the Tech Center at Target 249/Louetta was patient, courteous and knowledgeable. He took great care of us today.
    Mark n Barbie Dildine

  15. Michael Eldesouki says:

    I enjoyed my shopping experience at the local Target store. The staff was ready to help if I needed it, and check out was done quickly.

  16. phil canada says:

    Bought an on sale item that rang up wrong. When I brought my receipt back I was informed that I also needed the item to get the refunded amount that YOUR store over charged for. Another big company using false advertising to boost sales and when the customer complains it's their fault. You got my last dollar Target!

  17. Anita Arora Roy says:

    hi happy with target

  18. Santa says:

    ☠ in very much needed costomer-service..training

  19. shirley says:

    Having left the Target Store on Central I was set to receive the same "I don't really know as its about lunch time." I Didn't know what service I would receive. ENTER Ryan in Electronics of the Billings East Store.. I left the store with just what I wanted and all was explained so there was no doubt in my mind. It is a 15 mile trip one way to East Target Store. Be assured I will travel by the store on Central to go to the East Target Store. Ryan is an example of what other employees need to be.

  20. Francesco Martiradonna says:

    On 11/4/2016 I bought a plan for a cell phone. Chris was very experienced and helped me to do everything. I hope this plan will work good, I like Target and their service, a great store!

    • Carol Wiles says:

      My friend and I were walking to target.....notice something was smoking on the ground.....I called 911 and had the fire department come out smothered out the smokw on the ground.....this is my target alot of great people who works there.....It's my store and I don't want anything or anyone to get hurt......we all have to be caring......do you know how cars just passed by and just didn't care I waited to make the fire department showed up to put it out.......

  21. Nunzi Pritchett says:

    Please do NOT send me entry form for entry

  22. jahangir ahmed says:

    today araund 2 pm I want to shop in phasent lane Nashua but one of your associate complain to asm that stop him to buy 20 two liter soda and other 50 dollar stuff then icall manager tom mr tom send me home without any pechase he so pregidios and always dicreminate colords please stop sending me flyers which has no limit I walk out and shop same stuf same quantity I have recpt you shuld take action to these so called owners of target that's why your growsary is down please teach them costomer service and how to give respect to costomer from them they get sellries I will never shop again and I tell every one they have different yard stick iwill shop at Nashua but sorry to say illiterate manager tom and asm thank you

  23. Diane Fimognari says:

    Went to the checkout line, very busy, several people behind me mostly elderly. In front of me was a young pretty girl checking out. Justin took several minutes assisting her and bagging her items. Her credit card did not accept the purchase. He allowed her to go outside to her car and get another credit card. Process took another approx. 5 minutes while this line of people waited until she returned and paid for her purchases. I wonder if he would have done the same for the elderly women behind me? by the time I got through the line they were hanging on their carts. he told me this was a store policy to wait. 7369 9853 7992 was my user id from the purchase really bad policy if it is true

  24. Tomasa Rodriguez says:

    Good prices, good persons, close to my house everything beautiful

  25. Eileen Madis says:

    Great service!

  26. Andre Harris says:

    Double WOW

  27. carraston carver says:

    the service was excellent. the store is always in stock of what i need and the cleanliness of the store is hard to come by these days and this store is a big ten. They've always helped me out whenever i needed it.

  28. Patricia Pemberton says:

    I am hard of hearing and i like their behavior and i like clothes and they have lot people let their children play around pn their own without parent being watching them and they should have let them know that it not their problems if their kids been kidnapped.

  29. D. K. says:

    Unfortunately the last three trips to Target have been a comedy of errors. I have never had such a difficult time with coupons. Target needs to be consistent with all of their stores regarding coupon policy. Management would rather not allow a coupon than make a sale. Not sure what Economics classes they took but a sale is a sale.

  30. jesse de la garza says:

    great inventory on the things I need

  31. Linda Zang says:

    Clean store, things stay in the same place for the most making it easy to run in and out to pick up something. People are very helpful when asked a question.

  32. Kathryn Miller says:

    clothing aisles were narrow & hard to push cart through

  33. Terry Doran says:


  34. joel gutierrez says:

    excelent price and good service

  35. Efren Farfan says:

    Excelent service ..the target team was very helpfull and very considered with customers..They are very knowlegeable and always willing to help.

  36. Alice Meyers says:

    I purchased an item on Saturday and cannot enter your $1,500 gift card offer.
    It will not accept English language and will not accept enter.

  37. Balaji Kesavan says:

    Very much satisfied with Target Service

  38. nancy merrick says:

    Target has never been very consistent in its stock. There are times when I will go in 3-4 times in a two-week period for something and it is STILL off the shelves. Many times I will enjoy a product for years and then--boom, you no longer carry it. For example in your "granola" section, you have a couple of mueslis. Apparently the employees don't know the difference between granola and muesli. (They are ALL tagged "granola" on your store labels.) You are down to 2 or 3 now. Used to be there was a much bigger selection. Also, I can't begin to count the number of times that the Dannon Lignt and Fit yogurt (NOT GREEK) is not there. I eat that every day. I would say that it is gone more often than its there. Not much selection of non-GREEK yogurts. I typically have to go to Cub for that. Also, don't know if its the transporter or your staff, but I am really sick of paying almost $3 for a bag of Stacy's pita chips when full 1/2 of the bag is tiny pieces. I shop at Target regularly for groceries, but I am tiring of your limited selection.

  39. Ellie says:

    I had a great experience with Joe from electronic today he was awesome I give him a 10 star rating he is very kind n helpful n conversational person I was there when he came back from lunch at one pm


After getting a receipt with a survey invitation or a survey invitation card, you have a chance to take an online survey to give your feedback based on your shopping experience. Here are some useful tips for you to complete a survey and win big prizes.

1. Take care of your store receipt.

Many store surveys require receipt information, so you need to keep it safe after shopping or dining. The details about your purchase are presented on the receipt, such as the date and time of your visit, store number, survey code and so forth. The information is very important if you decide to take this survey. In addition, a coupon or validation code is sometimes offered as a thank-you gift for your feedback at the end of a survey. And you need to write it down on your receipt for the offer on your next visit.

2. Check the survey URL.

Prior to inputting the survey URL printed on your receipt into the required field of a browser or a search engine, please check it carefully as it sometimes may be long and complex. An incorrect survey URL will not bring you to the survey page.

3. Give honest feedback.

Companies roll out surveys to collect you customers’ feedback so that they can provide better products and services. Your candid evaluation will help them do better. Read questions carefully and answer the questions based on your own experience to give useful suggestions.

4. Read sweepstakes terms and rules.

Usually, as an encouragement for you to express opinions, you can be entered into a sweepstakes at the end of a survey. You are highly suggested to read the sweepstakes rules carefully to make sure you are doing the right thing. The rules will show you eligibility requirements, survey expiration date, guidance about how to get a prize and more. In short, many details in the Terms and Rules deserve your attention. One thing to note is that the link to the rules is not in an obvious position and you always can find it in the bottom of the survey page.

5. Provide correct contact information.

Some surveys require you to offer your personal information such as your full name, email address, phone number, etc. The contact details will be used to notify you once you have won the sweepstakes prize. Your information will be kept confidentially. If you still have concerns, please read the privacy policy before taking each survey.

6. Keep contacted with stores.

Some surveys will ask you whether you would like to be contacted to receive the latest promotional information and surveys. You are suggested to choose to keep in touch with the merchants because they will send you some useful information on promotions, coupons and new surveys. With these information, you can save more and get more chances to win big prizes.


Are you encountering troubles during taking a survey? Don’t get annoyed and Surveycab.com FAQ can help you out. Look through all answers below to target the one you are looking for.

1.Why can’t I log on to the survey website?

1) Your computer or mobile device is not connected to the Internet. Make sure your device is connected prior to getting started.

2) You input an incorrect survey URL. Check it carefully and try one more time.

3) The survey is closed. Head for Surveycab.com to get detailed information on it or other surveys under the same brand.

2. Why the information printed on my receipt used to take the survey is not valid?

1) You input the required information incorrectly. Check it carefully and try one more time.

2) You didn’t take the survey within the required time and your receipt has expired. Head for Surveycab.com to get useful tips to avoid the issue.

3. Why can’t I continue during my taking a survey?

1) Your device may lose access to the Internet. Check the Internet.

2) There may be a time limit for you to finish the survey and start the survey again. Sometimes, the information printed on your receipt used to take the survey is only one-time and it won’t be valid when you try again. If this happens, contact the customer service to get the problem solved.

3) Always, you are stopped to continue if you are a minor, an employee or a family member of an employee of the company that launches the survey.

4. How to go back to the previous survey page?

1)You can go back by clicking the corresponding button like “Previous” or the Return Arrow in the top left corner of the broswer you are using. Please note that the latter option may sometimes cause your survey page unavailable.

5. How to participate in the sweepstakes?

1) Provide your contact information like your name, email address, phone number and so forth during the survey process for prize notification. Your personal details will be kept confidentially. Learn more by viewing the Survey Sweepstakes Privacy Policy. At the end of the survey, you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

2) Sometimes, mail-in entry to the sweepstakes is available. Hand print the required information on a sheet of paper and mail it to an address offered in the Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules.

6. Why can’t I win a prize?

1) Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible participants. You can get more chances to win by participating in the Survey sweepstakes as often as possible within the allowable range. For more details, view the Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules.

2) The sweepstakes is not valid in the area you live in. Read the Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules for specific information.

7. How to redeem a prize?

1) If you get a coupon or validation code at the end of a survey, print out the coupon or write down the code on your receipt to redeem for an offer on your next visit.

2) If the prize is cash or merchandise, the merchant will notify you by phone or by email.