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Harris Teeter Guest Survey PrizeHarris Teeter

  1. $500 in Harris Teeter Gift Card

Harris Teeter Guest Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not need to make purchase to enter or win in the sweepstakes.
  2. Each person is limited to 1 entry per day, regardless of method of entry.
  3. The winner is responsible for all federal, state and local taxes.

Harris Teeter Guest Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Customers can visit Harris Teeter guest survey official site and complete the survey online.
  2. Customers can participate in the sweepstakes by mail. You need to hand print your name, address, city, state, zip code, age, phone number and email address (optional) on a 3" x 5" paper and mailing it to: "Harris Teeter Guest Satisfaction Sweepstakes", 701 Crestdale Rd., Matthews, NC 28105.

Harris Teeter Guest Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Harris Teeter guest survey official site.
  2.  Enter the 16-digit code number on the survey invitation and click the "start survey" button.
  3. Indicate your answers to questions regarding your visit at Harris Teeter to finish the survey

More Information about Harris Teeter
Harris Teeter has many promotions. The first is Weekly Specials. This online Weekly Specials program allows customers to build their shopping list from items that are in Harris Teeter's ad each week. The second is Gift Card. Each week, Harris Teeter is giving away at least $100 in FREE groceries to a lucky e-VIC member. The third is VIC Card. With this card, you can enjoy automatic savings, automatic entry into VIC sweepstakes and special promotions, and a display of your VIC savings on the bottom of your register receipt.

About Harris Teeter Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.htsurvey.com - 0 Harris Teeter Guest Survey
Survey Website: www.htsurvey.com
Survey Incentive: $500 Harris Teeter gift card
Host Website: www.htsurvey.com
Marketing Support: Harris Teeter

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949 comments on “www.htsurvey.com - $500 Harris Teeter Guest Survey

  1. Cynthia Chasten says:

    I had a great afternoon at Harris Teeters, with the customer services by Felishe Jones. She was so very helpful with the items I purchased and telling me what was on sale. Thanks to her and the good choices that she help me make. Thanks

  2. Regina Julien says:

    Good morning, I had a wonderful experience this morning at Harris Teeters. The customer services is on point as early as 7:00 am. That really helped to start my day before going into work. This is not the only time I have visited the store. I feed 20 homeless family every month and Ichoose HT to do my shopping because, its very convenient and the spectacular deal offered. Customer services has always been offered and given. I thank you for putting HT in my neighborhood. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working. Have a Bless and prosperous wrek.

  3. Shoichiro Honda says:

    LEG QTR 4.49T (on receit) is wrong. Correct price $2.25 (expressed on the Tag).
    I was disappointed

  4. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  5. darlene k hodges says:

    Always enjoy shopping at Harris Teeter, the Wards corner store in Norfolk Va is great, customer service is always wonderful and if I can't find something they are always willing to help, love their specials and there produce.

  6. Marsha Perry says:

    I love their fresh cut meats and always a friendly environment. I would gladly let my family and friends to shop there.

  7. Joan Rodgers says:

    I just finished a survey that I had gotten today when I picked up groceries. It did not ask any questions about the pricing errors that I received so I am going to tell you. When I was ordering the groceries, the following items were listed on sale but I got charged the regular prices. The chobani flip yogurt was listed as $1.25 but I got charged $1.67, the HT honey was listed as $1.49 but I got charged $2.99, the baby ruth candy bars were listed as $.49 but since they were out of stock as usual, I just subed them for snickers which was $.99. There is a total difference of $2.42, which does not seem like much but to me it is a lot especially since I am on Social Security and every penny counts. With the baby ruth bars, seems like they are always out of stock especially when they are listed on sale as $.49. This has happened several times before but they are NEVER SUBSTITUED at the price that they are listed. It is only 50 cents difference but if they are no longer available, they should not be on the computer list for ordering groceries. My VIC # is 40991822041. It would be nice if that amount was deducted on my next grocery order. I shop at the store in Providence Commons which is #45. I plan to shop again on Monday 27th of November.

  8. Katrina Wyder says:

    Harris Teeter is my favorite place and especially the variety of items. Ms. Francine the cashier is excellent at what she does I enjoy that smile in the am, keep up the GOOD work, kudos to her. Survey code:6070-2483-3018-7311

  9. KISSIE BATTLE says:

    I enjoy shopping at Harris Teeter. I love their sales and excellent customer service. The people are great!!!

  10. nettie council says:

    I like my Harris Teeter.Can't do without my Harris Teeter.It is the Best!!!!!!1

  11. Cathryne Spragg says:

    Harris Teeter is my favorite place to shop. They have great sales and customer service. Seafood is always fresh and their display of it is wonderful.
    Sherry was my checkout clerk today and she is a sweetie.

    my Survey Entry Code is 6100-2766-5639-8001

  12. Glora N. M Davis says:

    Good quality food. It is a little more expensive than food lion,etc; however, the double coupons make up for that.

  13. Kathy Caroline Razz says:

    Everyone is very kind and helpful. I come in with my 4 year old son all the time and he always has a lot of fun, especially with the Harris Teeter Dragon for a penny. As a parent I really appreciate that

  14. PatDuker says:

    enjoy shopping at HT, fish always good.

  15. Arthur W. Leuang says:

    Shopping at Harris Teeter is always nice! Employees are always will to help me!!!!!!!! They always smile! If I go to another cashier that I haven't gone to before, the next time I'm in they will playfully ask why I didn't go to them I will say. I am a equal check out opportunist! They laugh and I tell them next time is their turn!!
    I always even enjoy checkout!

  16. Chuck Snell says:

    We really like our store, very friendly service.

  17. Brenda D. James says:

    Just love the super double and senior's discount. However , sale items are not available a
    lot of the times on senior's day. Thanks anyway!

  18. Mary Leidner says:

    Harris Teeter is one of the best grocery stores I have ever shopped. It is definitely the best in our present area. We are never treated like a number. The help is always friendly and goes out of their way to be of service. The Deli is delightful, even when they are very busy, they always take their time to be sure I am satisfied with my purchase. Produce is excellent and always presented in an orderly fashion. Every time I have been there , I have seen a produce person working right in the department rearranging the produce and removing any that is not at its best. The online shopping is excellent, if they can't fill my order exactly they call and offer me other options. I tell all my friends about the wonderful friendly service we receive.

  19. Arthur Alt says:

    I shop at HT at least twice a week. I am a very satisfied customer. My store carries everything I need. The service is outstanding

  20. Patricia R. Watson says:

    I love Harris Teeter. I have shopped at the Ashburn Commons HT since it opened. I find everything I need and more. I look forward to shopping there each week.

    Customer service is great. The checkout folks are amazing. They bag my groceries
    to my liking. When I get home, all my cold items are bagged separately to make it easier
    for me to put my items away.

    I don't shop any place but Harris Teeter.

  21. Charlotte Zarouba says:

    We are very pleased to go shopping at HT, and look forward to do so on a weekly basis. The store is immaculate, every member of the staff very helpful, friendly, ready to assist at a moments notice.

  22. Arlene Stephenson says:

    I love Harris Teeter. I began shopping there approximately 7 years ago when the store opened in Fulton MD. Then I moved to Carolina Beach NC sought out a local store. I now shop in Wilmington NC. I am always happy with the selection, the very helpful staff and I love the online shopping option. I have food allergies and I feel the online option helps me with choices. It is also helpful with price comparisons and knowing all sales items. I plan to continue shopping with Harris Teeter and look forward to the opening of your store in Carolina Beach!

  23. GARY FOGLE says:

    I just picked up an invitation to fill out a survey with HT and was unable because I had no number on my receipt. I spent 46.99 and had no code . I don't understand this. Why not??

  24. patsy murray says:

    I have always shopped at Harris Teeter for the pass 49 years.

  25. Linda Walsh says:

    On my survey I believe I mismarked the very first entry. I always enjoy shopping at Harris Teeter because of the variety, the quality and service. I am very satisfied with your store. Actually, my own little trivia I shopped in your store for the first time on my honeymoon 18 years ago in Tennessee for picnic items. I liked the store then and still like it today. As a matter of fact, when I came home to S.C. we didn't have a Harris Teeter store to use my value card and I was so disappointed. Keep up the good works and great stores !!

  26. Virginia Snow Stikeleather says:

    Always have great service at this location. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful.

  27. freda fisher says:

    this harris teeter store has the best management and employees I have seen. all the check out employees are so friendly and helpful, I especially like michelle. The manager is very friendly and helpful also.

  28. rick irby says:

    What is this?

  29. Pamela Garrison says:

    Shopped at Harris Teeter in GSO checked out by Cassandra D very helpful and since I had heavy items had a young man help me put the groceries in my car. Prices were good and had a very large selection including local fruits and vegetables. Thanks, Pam

  30. Jane Cole says:

    Harris Teeter keeps the store spotless; the employees are so nice and helpful. The meat department is our favorite. Harris Teeter is the grocery store that the cube steak never has any grizzle or fat...it is Always perfect Honestly, I like each section in the store!

  31. rebecca ferrell says:

    I have always enjoyed shopping at HT, the senior day means a lot to people on a fixed income such as myself. The stores are always very clean, the employee are very helpful they will go out of their way to help you.

    Thank you
    Rebecca Ferrell

  32. heather kessler says:

    Online shopping is the best!

  33. john schweitzer says:

    all staff members are very helpful , makes shopping at h t a wonderful experience

  34. Liz says:

    Love HT

  35. Debbie Clamon says:


  36. Manuel Gabriel Aidao Miandica says:

    I LIKE SHOPPING AT H T theyve got everything i need and the attention for quality and fresh products and good custormer care

  37. William Peper says:

    Always have a great experience at HT. There are exceptional specials in their advertisement each week.

  38. evelyn farris says:

    nice people to work with

  39. louise stewart says:

    Love Harris Teeter , Celina W. is the Sweetest person , always smiling and so very helpful. Give All your cashiers a RAISE , they are Great .

  40. irving bramlett says:

    only place I shop for the best fruits & veggies in new bern N. C.


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