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More Information about Hertz
Hertz "World on Wheels" product offers low cost car hire in the UK, Europe and all major holiday destinations around the world for rentals from a weekend to a forthnight or longer. Not only are their great value rates guaranteed in your local currency, but you can also enjoy rewards from Hertz loyalty partners such as Marriott, Lufthansa, Nectar and many others. Please know that the renter must have a full driving license to rent a car with Hertz. A provisional driving license is not accepted.

Your feedback will be kept confidential and will be used to help Hertz provide you with the best Hertz Rental Experience possible. Go to www.hertzsurvey.eu to tell them your thoughts.

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224 comments on “www.hertzsurvey.eu - Hertz EU Customer Survey

  1. Patricia Vosen says:

    Alles zu unserer besten Zufriedenheit! :-))

  2. Svein T.Andresen says:

    I have discovered that you have taken too much to rent a car with you. On their bill is an amount of EUR 333.01, but you have deducted EUR 408.73.

    With regards
    Svein Andrsen

  3. Tina Prudente says:

    Hello Italia! I had a very positive experience at Rome Fiumicino Hertz car rental desk, with Roberto assisting me in getting the auto I needed..on Christmas morning, when there were no cars available. He provided me with a better car than I expected, for almost the same economy price... He was seated by a co-worker named Henry, and between the two of them helping, I had good, professional, english speaking assistance, in good spirits on a Holiday, that convinced me, Hertz is the best car rental in Rome Airport. My Fiat car was Clean, fun and very italian! Tanti auguri x tutti ! Numero Contatto di noleggio 348854380
    Mille grazie, thank you very much, tina prudente

  4. Kunst, Achim says:

    Everything was easy. Friendly team member at the pickup and also at return.
    Both guys “Nomi” and “Ionel” at Birmingham Airport are courteously.
    Keep it up!

  5. Kukuck Michael says:

    es hat alles super geklappt.
    Ein sehr guter Preis, ein sauberes Auto ( Sprinter ) mit sehr gut Ausstattung
    Sehr freundliche Mitarbeiter , die schon teilweise sehr lange bei Hertz sind.
    Ich finde es sehr gut, das Hertz nicht mit Schnäppchen Preisen lockt und nicht hält , wie bei anderen Autovermietern, sondern dort sind die Preise sehr gut.
    Ich kann Hertz nur weiterempfehlen. !!

  6. Patrik Hertel says:

    Always good spirirt when dealing with you!

  7. Alain & Fatima Martinet says:

    CONTRATO 782229626
    Codigo PGOPO50
    Excelent service, much appreciated. RICARDO was excellent, very good. Very very very........ Satisfeito.Obrigado for tudo. 10/10 note

  8. Bridget Maguire says:

    I frequently travel between Derry and Glasgow, and find the Glasgow Airport Hertz team to be a pleasure to work with. They are professional and supportive and are a credit to the company. My last experience with team member Janie, was exceptional thoughtful and supportive. Look forward to my next visit. Rental No 24/1192641 code UKGLASO

  9. giuseppe amato says:

    Ringrazio Debora10 per il supporto datomi durante ritiro auto a ITNaP50

  10. DOMENICO says:

    i migliori, professionalità, cortesia e ... prezzi ottimi

  11. chukwuka maduekeh says:

    Good service, much appreciated. Dave the driver was excellent, very helpful.

  12. Lorenzo Gabriel Llanos Perez says:

    Excelent service, we were happy when she spoked español. Leonor was excelente person.

  13. Clare Courtney says:

    Great services.

  14. tim bunch says:

    Timothy Bunch
    10 Market Place

    Invoice Ref No: 80/5254483

    Dear Customer Services,

    I am writing to express my disappointment in the service you provided me on Saturday evening at Terminal 1 Dublin Airport.

    Firstly the hire vehicle was at terminal 2 instead of terminal 1 because they did not know which terminal we were coming in to, so our group had to walk from one terminal to the other. Your representative did say he had tried ringing my business line that is manned from 6.30 to 5pm but did not get a reply ..

    Secondly I was offered “super cover” that would reduce my liability from three thousand euros to zero which I excepted, then I was offered to look at a some thumbnail pictures of the vehicle to “Check it” to which I replied “I had zero liability” so I was covered. I was then told by your representative that Wheels and wheel covers were not included in the “super cover” I was sold zero liability not zero liability with some exceptions. No exceptions were explained before selling me the cover.

    I had already given your representative my bank card to pay the cover prior to this discussion which he failed to return to me only ringing my mobile twenty minutes into our journey and some thirty minutes after leaving the desk. Consequently this caused problems for me all weekend

    On returning the vehicle I was given a print out with miscellaneous charges of £5 for debit card fee on it, at no point was I told about these charges and should have been offered the option to pay with cash.

    Finally having gone back to the desk to collect my bank card we realised one of the party had left there glasses in the door bin of the rear sliding door so asked them to ring down to retrieve them, we were then told that there was three VW Caddy and that they had checked two but could not find them. We arranged for someone to collect them the following day but have heard nothing from the desk.

    Poor service, miss-selling and hidden charges should not be practises associated with a reputable Company like Hertz, I would request that you check the CCTV above your desk at Terminal 1 to collaborate my complaint and feel that on this occasion you have not achieved the standard of service I would have expected
    Tim Bunch
    [email protected]


  15. Marco Basile says:

    Contract 34/6696954 the team in Caselle is fantastic and lovely. it is a pleasure to rent a car in this office, i feel like my private home.

  16. Jörg Seiler says:

    habe Fahrzeug kurzfristig angemietet. Zuvorkommendes Filiale-Personal. Freundlich, kommpotennt, jede Frage zufriedenstellen beantwortet. Sehr hilfsbereit. Kurz ! Bin begeistert. "
    " Einmal HERTZ immer HERTZ "
    Betrifft GE LUE60

  17. Peter McFadden says:

    I hired a Duster diesel from Hertz at Dublin airport , was very happy with the outcome .

    Got the SUV I asked for . Ref. no. 80/5059570.

    Thanks again . PMF.

  18. Dan Ogner says:

    Trying to contact Hertz at Gatwick Airport to see what charges will be paid for the car I hit. Line is always busy. Please have them contact me ASAP.

  19. Giampaolo Dalle Vedove says:

    With reference to contract n. 556884064 the car was driven by Mr Augusto Verzè, the second contracting party. Since I'm the credit card holder, I'd be grateful if you would send every communication or service about relevant facts within the contractual time to my address: Giampaolo Dalle Vedove, Via Vittorio Bottego, 12, I-37138 Verona, Italy.
    The car was returned on the 29th of August in Bordeaux (FR).
    Giampaolo Dalle Vedove

  20. Horacio Rolando RONCHI says:

    Invoice Ref. Nº 24/9334186 17 8 2017
    Please sent to me foto of damage
    Dear Sirs
    HERTZ Gatwick South Fax Nº 0044 189 561 19623
    On 17/8/2017 I left a Renault Kadjar in your company.
    A small damage in the left front wheel was detected by the lady in charge.
    She took a picture with her laptop and I signed on it.
    The reference is the invoice Nº 24/9334186 of 88,44GBP in addendum (already
    paid with American Express).
    She said a copy was going to be send to me.
    I have a total coverage insurance by RentalCar and I need a copy of the picture
    with my signature.
    Please send a copy of the foto with the damage to this fax or by mail to:
    [email protected]
    Best Regards
    Horacio Ronchi

  21. Grace Neill says:

    I had a rental which I picked up in Manchester and delivered to Edinburgh on the 4/08/17. I have had 2 charges on my credit card on the 20th August NZ $75.97 I have no idea of what they are for can you please explain. Invoice Ref number 24/8740166.

  22. Stedie says:

    Mrs. Leist T. was very helpfull when we realized that the booking was not done correctly done by the agend in T&T

  23. Jordi Elvir says:

    Hello I should RECEIVe MONEY back from your car rental service,

    i didnt get the money jet back paid on my credit card so i wonder what happend?
    THe Rental Agreement Nr. 34/2968371
    Weinberglistrasse 41
    Luzern 6005
    Voucher Nr. 7315535

    Plz can you help me somehow?

  24. Giuseppe maglio says:

    Star 5 of 5. Very good

  25. jvd says:

    HOW do I pay Dart-charges for my RENTAL car in LONDON- this was NOT explained to me by HERTZ: a fellow traveler told me about it at the HEATHROW Airport the DAY AFTER I returned my car . . . sorry - but I find this disrespectful to allow a person that "HIRED a HERTZ Vehicle open to penalties and fees by ignoring this important detail; If anyone reads this and can help me - PLEASE RESPOND - Hertz has BEEN - "NO HELP"

  26. GUITTET jean marie says:

    I rented a car FORD Focus 20 RP 09 at Rua Santa Catarina in PORTO under The number : H-36-52-27-25-84
    In that car I forgot my GPS in the box between the two front seats

    Could you check for me


    GUITTET Jm 06 03 59 84 21 02 97 45 00 35 FRANCE

  27. John says:

    Rental no:246973952
    Mokka DY17NDV
    I have previously emailed as follows
    Hi during our recent visit to the UK we hired veh DY17NDV. On drop off at Edinburgh Airport a small scratch was discovered on the r/h/frt alloy wheel. I was charged 85GBP for this. I am not disputing the matter but can claim this amount back from Rental cars. In order to process this they have requested the following.
    1.A copy of the supplier accident report form
    2.A copy of your vehicle check out documents which clearly show the new damage being charged for.
    3.Evidence of payments deducted on your credit card
    4.Any other documents relating to the damage
    5.Final Invoice for the damage
    I would be grateful if you could please email me copies of any/all of the above in order to facilitate my claim.
    Regards John O'Dowd..
    As yet I have received no reply to my request.

  28. Luis Calderon says:

    Please, sent me the invoice of the contract 55/4141206, because I have a claim with DESPEGAR according to the total amount invoiced. The address in the ticket is wrong, My address is Avenida San Isidro 4356 - (1429) Buenos Aires - Argentina. Or better, send to my email address.

  29. virgilio says:

    volevo ringraziare l'ottimo CREW della Stazione Hertz di FIRENZE Borgognissanti per la sempre contiua disponibilità e professionalità nel risolvere i problemi. Grazie siete tutti fantastici!!!

  30. Salvatore ossino says:

    Ho noleggiato un auto a fiumicino, volevo complimentarmi per l'ottimo servizio ed i consigli della signora Federica. Una dipendente cosi' e' la migliore pubblicita'
    IT ROM50

  31. Robert Jack says:

    i had a hire car from 20 June to the 22 from Gatwick airport and returned to Heathrow airport i have bean charged 85 pounds and 41 pence my rental record no is 247892105 could some one please enplane why

  32. molteni elena says:

    concerne: fattura del 05.05.17 IT CAG50
    La fattura che ho ricevuto e pagato non corrisponde alla nota di chiusura du Hertz !!!!

  33. giovanni de bartolo says:

    personale ottimo tutti gentilissimi

  34. Terry Connolly says:

    Extra charges after the fact.I thought I had paid up front only to find that the cost was almost double.They should have told me this before I got my destination after a long trip.I will never use again

  35. Reijo Majamäki says:

    I made the booking via Rentalcars.com, Fiat Punto all inclusive. The high way fees, too. When picking up the car at Hertz in Sondrio, Italy, they tried to give me the smallest Fiat but I did not accept. After a long discussion they found a Fiat 500L which was satisfactory. But it was dirty inside and outside. The water tank of the windscreen wiper was empty. I was also told that I possibly has to pay some extra when returning the car because the price I paid to Rentalcars.com does not cover all the costs. And finally on the high way we realized that the high way fee has to be paid. I can not understand why Hertz cooperate with Rentalcars.com who do not tell all the cost you have to pay but gives too low a price to make you to make a deal with Rentalcars.com.
    Something positive: Valentina at Hertz Malpensa is number one. Thank you.

  36. Gierling Helmut says:

    Sehr geehrtes Hertz- Team,
    meine letzte Erfahrung mit Ihnen war leider sehr enttäuschend!
    Ich hatte 6 Wochen im voraus für den 25.05.2017 in Israel am Ben Gurion Flughafen bei Ihnen ein Fahrzeug nach meinen Bedürfnissen ausgesucht und bestellt. Die Bestätigung kam auch umgehend. Als ich jedoch mit meinen Begleitern an diesem Tag das Fahrzeug abholen wollte, stand eine sehr lange Warteschlange vor ihrem Schalter. Ohne Information oder Angabe von Gründen, mussten wir 3 Stunden unseres Urlaubes 19:00-22:30 Uhr in der Schlange vor ihrem Schalter verbringen um dann ein Fahrzeug zu bekommen, das nicht unseren Anforderungen entsprach und zu klein war. Auf ein passendes Fahrzeug hätten wir noch 2 Stunden länger warten müssen.
    Auf unserer Reise hatten wir wegen dem zu kleinen Kofferraum immer einen Koffer auf der Rücksitzbank zwischen uns. Unsere Tochter die wir besuchten und die uns auf unseren Ausflügen begleiten wollte, musste mit dem Bus oder der Bahn hinterher fahren.
    Das alles war äußerst ärgerlich, hat wertvolle Urlaubszeit und eine beträchtliche Summe Geld gekostet.
    Von einem renommierten Unternehmen wie Hertz hatte ich mehr erwartet!
    Sorry das war sehr schwach!
    Helmut Gierling

  37. FERAY says:

    Je ne suis pas satisfaite du tout car j'ai loué un véhicule par le site rentalcars et j'ai été débitée deux fois, une fois par rentalcars le 12/02/17 lors de la réservation et une fois en rendant la voiture à Hertz le 14/05/2017. Merci de me rembourser.
    I have paid twice on my credit card, once during the reservation in rentalcars and once during the return of the car in hertz. Thank you for paying off me



  39. Jim Bell says:

    I have written already to Hertz and to Auto Europe about a VERY unsatisfactory vehicle I rented from Belfast City Airport starting April 6, 2017 and returning April 26. An automatic Renault. It had 90,000 miles on it, was badly dinged and damaged, had stains and rips in the interior, had a broken windscreen wiper on the left side etc - I have contacted Hertz and received NO reply. Bad customer service

    Jim Bell

  40. William Dalton says:

    Thanks to Robert at shannon this morning!! Really helpful and went far above expectations assisting me with a left behind phone.
    Brilliant Thanks again


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