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  1. $500 Gymboree Gift Card

Gymboree Listens Customer Survey Rules

  1. You do not have to purchase to enter or win.
  2. All expenses and taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  3. No cash equivalent for the prize.

Gymboree Listens Customer Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question. You need a receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Gymboree Listens Customer Survey via smartphone, and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

Gymboree Listens Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the Gymboree Listens customer survey official website
  2. Choose the language that you would like to take this survey.
  3. Select the store type, state/province where your Gymboree store is located and the store you recently visited.
  4. Enter the transaction number from your receipt and click the button.
  5. Select answers to the questions like  "What brought you into the store or online today?" based on your experience.
  6. Leave your feedback on people, products, and how we can improve your shopping experience.
  7. Enter your email address.
  8. Enter your name and phone number and click "Submit Survey" to finish the survey.

Gymboree Listens Customer Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Gymboree online customer survey at www.GymboreeListens.com, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Gymboree customer survey in this article.

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33 comments on “www.GymboreeListens.com - Gymboree Listens Customer Survey

  1. Lizabeth warner says:

    I visited 3 Gymboree stores recently and was shocked in the difference in customer service. In one of the stores the clerk appeared to be hate customers. She was not helpful and appeared to not enjoy working with the public but when I visited volusia mall on 3/10/2017 my experience was totally different. The clerk asked me if there was something I was looking for and did not find. She got on line and found the three items I was interested in. Although the items she found for me were only $30 more in sales her action left me with a positive attitude regarding Gymboree. I feel that Angie's service and attitude should be recognized by Gymboree. Angie is an excellent employee that is a plus to customer satisfaction and to Gymboree.

  2. Sue says:

    I am a long time shopper with Gymboree in Charlottesville Va. I feel that the new Manger Stacey has a position she can not uphold she is not very professional by staying on a phone and not trying to help her customers . I sure miss the old Manager April and the girls they where always very helpful and pleasant , I know there always changes in retail but Gymboree needs to be more selective who they hire for Management . Karen would have been a much better choice. I am done being a customer after thousands of dollars later time to move on.

  3. Sandy says:

    Hi I shop at Birkdale and like this store over the other Gymboree stores because it clean and organized. Stacey who said she was the manager on duty comes across as rude and not professional.
    I have been there when she is just talking on the phone when customers are there in the store. i visit this store many times to buy clothes for my daughter and son, not once have Stacy been pleasant or helpful. I just think If she is a manager she should set an example.

    Maybe she is not aware of this, everyone else seem pleasant .

  4. Lucinda Shenberger says:

    Christina and the other associates at the Gymboree store in York, PA are wonderful to me. They have patience and always give me as much time as needed to make decisions. They give helpful suggestions, look for sizes when needed and respond as quickly as possible even on Gymbuck redemptions days. Thank you!!

  5. Mary Louise Boyne says:

    My experiences at Gymboree in Woodland Hills Mall, Tulsa, OK have been very good. Their items are displayed very well with a good selection of sizes. My only problem is that I don't know when to stop buying. There are so many cute items to choose from. Deanna the store manager and James are very helpful. They make sure you are aware of all the discounts and coupons that you can take advantage of. This type of friendliness keeps me going back.

  6. Beverly Fleming says:

    The store in Zanesville Ohio is so very nice. Beautiful children s clothing and the lady their Lori is always welcoming as you inter and so very helpful.Was shopping today for Great Granddaughters Easter outfit and the outfit I liked was not in the size I needed no problem she said can order it and she did.Love Shopping their and will be their a lot.Wish their was a store in Newark ohio we need one here.

  7. Gardy Reid says:

    I want to give special thanks to Aline at the palisades mall location. She took her time to explain all the benefits
    I received since making a beg purchase. It was a pleasure being taken care of by her. Will definitely return.

  8. Billie Ann Moser says:

    My grandson, Luke age 4, was shopping with me on Nov 20th at Gymboree at the Aurora Outlets in Ohio. Store 5152
    Laurie waited on us. She was taken by Luke and asked him some questions which he replied too. She helped us find some socks so we could get another $25.00 in gym bucks. Luke wanted to ride the coin operated horse outside the store. Laurie gave us change for a $1.00 to do that. She was awesome.

  9. Cindy Bernard says:

    Staff greeted us at door to tell of special sale and helped pick out matching outfits and called other stores to find right sizes

  10. Cindy Bernard says:

    Staff member outstanding and went out of her way to help

  11. warndeen curtis says:


  12. jessie hodge says:

    great shopping experience

  13. SUE SMITH says:


  14. Riju says:

    I visited my local Gymboree store in Market Fair Princeton NJ yesterday to redeem my gym bucks.
    Unfortunately the person at the register was very rude. Her name is Joanne. My transaction # is
    15*2*181551. Not sure if she was covering up for another employee from next door store. She was rude in helping me, later when my stuff was short $5 I wanted to go back to look again, I asked her if she wants she can void my transaction and take other customers if they come(since the store was empty) I left. i then heard her making a rude comment to her fellow workers that I was looking around for stuff to use few coupons which didnt make sense to her (if she calculated) she claimed herself to be good at math many times to the other workers. I thought that was extremely rude of her. I ended up getting more stuff for my gym bucks after of course I calculated on my own. Please don't keep rude employees at your store. It doesn't help any one. I bought my stuff kept my peace and now I want to give my feedback. I am usually not annoyed by others but this lady was very rude. I got back to the register with my shopping and made sure to inform her that I did hear her comment about me. Well. Please help.
    Mrs. Kaisth

  15. Betty B. Robertson says:

    Destinee at the Saddle Creek Store in Germantown, TN was a very helpful, polite, neatly dressed and pleasant associate with which to work. I had Gymbucks to spend and she was most helpful in finding things in the size and type I needed. She's a plus for your company!

  16. francisco paredes says:

    Lo atinde mui bien i amable

  17. Debbie Moore says:

    Starr,was very helpful, she got my son a number of different pants to try on with out me asking
    Which I thought was great.

  18. Sue says:

    Leah was very helpful at the checkout register. This store was at the
    Northgate Mall, Seattle, WA. This transaction was on 3-12-13 and the trans. # is
    313 2 174081.

  19. Janine Dreyfus says:

    I returned to the store in coconut creek, Florida after two weeks.
    The same item previously cost 15.oo now I had to pay $23.oo
    That is not right.
    814 397-7006

  20. kim anderson says:

    Just wanted to comment on the excellent service I received at the Rapid City store on 2/19/13. Kellie waited on me and was most helpful. I always look for her when I go into the store since I have 5 grandchildren to shop for. What a joy to see her smiling face. Thanks, Kellie.

  21. Barabash Irina says:

    I love shoping at gymboree for my kids.I alweys had great servis there and greate clothes.It have warm athmosfere that always welcome you back.I love absolutle evrething at gymboree.

  22. joann volpe says:

    ordered on Jan17,13 and your on line had the wrong address listed we changed this and sent out order tracked it and shipped to wrong addreee and I called and again corrected address. They would ship it out when it was received, it is now Feb feb.16 and my son still has not received it. ery upset over this not first time ordering, what casn be done. HELP

  23. Clesta Ash Roberts says:

    HI, Jen:
    Gymboree located Tanger-Gonzales, LA was the most pleasent person and so helpful, friendly: Shopping for infant and toddlers (girls') is always fun, Jen took the experience to an all time high. We are women who know a valuable employee. Jen is one of the very best. Clesta Ash, Aleen Ash and Miss Carolyn Baker give her *****+ Keep this woman happy!!!!!

  24. Mariana says:

    I love shopping at Gymboree store for my daughter. All her clothes are from here :). Veronica, from store 674 at Promenade in Bolingbrook, was so nice and friendly, ready to help every time i go there. Thank you girls for all your work.

  25. cathy spencer says:

    very good clothes for kids

  26. SILVIA OLIVO says:


  27. donna dorton says:

    I stopped at the Gymboree in Terrel Tx.The sales people were very helpful.I always buy Gymboree for my two Granddaughters and the outlet store was wonderful. Great prices and very helpful people...The selection was also very good...I will be back to shop there again...Also shop in the Tyler Tx store...

  28. mckaylah allen says:

    Tiffany at Gymboree helped me at the outlet mall in Lincoln City, Oregon. she helped me find exactly what i needed, and she is always nice to her customers. she is a great help

  29. leah says:

    Recently was shopping at the Pentagon City Gymboree store. Christopher was helpful and courteous. I certainly will return to this store.

    A shopping grandmother

  30. ariel kaspar says:

    I want to compliment the girls' at Gymboree in Geneva, il/ Tammy, Michelle and Anna Marie are the best! They always know just what i need for my 11 grandkids. I just redeemed my Gymbucks, and they were so helpful. I worked until Feb. of this year for the Gymboree Store in
    St Charles- for 9 yrs. I loved my job! I guess, my manager, Stephanie, did not feel i was qualifies any more. I was one of her most loyal and availavble employees. I really feel it was age descrimination. I know I miss my job. But, now I am on the other side of the counter, and Geneva has my business.

  31. Bertha says:

    Cute,cute .love this place:)

  32. olga iglesias says:

    cute and save


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