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More Information about Food Basics
Food Basics is the discount banner of Metro Ontario. Food Basics ' community-based corporate stores offer competitive prices on a variety of top national brand products, international foods as well as Food Basics ' own high quality products- Selection and Irresistibles, in an easy to shop layout. Payment options are cash, debit or Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards and Visa, MasterCard and American Express prepaid bank gift cards.

About Food Basics Customer Feedback Surveywww.foodbasicsfeedback.com - Food Basics Feedback
Survey Website: www.foodbasicsfeedback.com
Survey Incentive: $1,000 CDN in Metro gift cards + $25CDN in Metro gift cards
Host Website: www.yourgroceryexperience.com
Marketing Support: Food Basics

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48 comments on “www.foodbasicsfeedback.com - Food Basics Feedback

  1. bENJAMIN sANTOS says:

    excellent service

  2. Joan Ridgers says:

    We were shopping in the Lindsay Food Basics and noticed at the end of an isle there was a display for VH sauces. Above them was a sign stating lockdown price of 99 Cents. I picked up 2 bottles and when I went through the cash the price came up $1.98 each. We told the cashier and she called someone to check the price. He went to a different location than the end of the isle where we saw the sign. We told him where we got them and said we should get them for the price on the sign. So she changed the price to 99 cents and my husband said actually if your sign is incorrect Loblaws gives it for free. The cashier turned to us and said, "Then go to Loblaws". We were shocked by this and thought you should know that this cashier was sending your customers away.
    I looked at her name tag and thought her name was Tessie. She was a young student I believe with brown hair worn in a ponytail and wore glasses.
    Thought Dave Darling the manager should be made aware.

  3. Pearl O'Dell says:

    Foodbasics staff are always friendly and helpful Great choice of product and good sales

  4. B. Colautti says:

    Being that Food Basics is in my neighbourhood, I visit pretty much every other day. The employees know my face, always greet me with a smile and a proper 'hi!' - going so far, recently, as to comment "I haven't seen you for a while. Have you been away?" (I had.) The Meat Manager (is that his title?) always tells me when things will be marked down (I'm a pensioner) and he even knows my favourite meats. There are tons of other food stores near me, one pretty huge, Oriental outfit but I like my Food Basics. You have specials on the things I use most, send me a flyer every week so I know what's what, and the fruits and veggies are as good (usually) as ones found elsewhere for more cost.

  5. Rita Joustra says:

    289402347 I was not asked to submit my number.

  6. Vince Basciano says:

    This is an ongoing, continuing problem, despite numerous complaints from myself and numerous customers; not only at Food Basics, but, other grocery chains - people with MORE than the allotted amt. of item at the EXPRESS? LINE; IN THIS CASE(at FOOD BASICS, where I shop the most - 8 items OR less; not 10, 12, 15, and I have seen nearing 20. The cashier sees the customer in line, or approaching the line, but, does not re-direct them. I've even mentioned something to a customer, who(1) tells me to mind my own business,(just short of an altercation on their part, because, they have been told and are embarrassed) to which I remark, that it is my business, as it is to the people behind me, who also have the 1 - 8 items; (2)When I point this out to the cashier, before(or after) the customer even starts to put their items on the belt, and sees this, he/she STILL does not say anything to the customer; and in many cases, the customer does know what they are doing, but simply does not have any respect or regard for other customers who may be in a hurt themselves, with only 1/2 items, let alone 8. I have seen customer in this situation who leave or literally throw their 1/2/3 items elsewhere out of anger, not to wait for the customers who think they have or give themselves the right to create their own laws. I've complained a couple of times and to no avail; it's still happening and always will.

  7. nicole bellingy says:

    prices are very reasonable....fresh fruits and vegetables...locations are within reach...

  8. Ruth Ann Humbach says:

    Very nice clean store and good prices.

  9. Dick Acheson says:

    prefer Food Basic to President Choice stores because I like their house products better. Their one minor weakness sometimes a little short on staff at cash or to search for a product.

  10. Jennifer Olaso says:

    Love to shop at Food Basics.

  11. ralph marshall says:

    It would be nice if the store in Goderich had a deli.

  12. Elizabeth Chrisp says:

    Choosing the online computer contact service I have selection sanitary napkin
    that on its sticky side had large yellow spots.
    I will in the Foodbasics on Saturday,July 12, 2013,and I will check the expiration dates.


    Elizabeth Chrisp
    15 Gale Cr. #1203
    St. Catharines, Ontario
    L2R 7G3

  13. Joe Cerminara says:

    trying to enter your online survey. rules say it is over end of April. can't find proper link for current contest, just has me going in circles. can't be bothered anymore. store is good, website is absolutely terrible.

  14. Ethel Clark says:

    l find Food Basic , employes to be very helpfull from the teller to the people stocking shelves, allso like the variety of products and the fair pricing!

  15. adel rasca says:

    As i am concern the cashier who did for me shes so good. shes very convenient to ask question.I am not sure with price i want to bus but when i ask her shes very patience to communicate with me. i"m glad.

  16. Janice Davis says:

    It's great having our local Food Basics just down the street with a great selection of fresh produce and any other products a person would need for making a meal or cleaning up after a meal or cleaning in general.

  17. Donna McCullough says:

    What happened? I did not realize that my previous message would simply be placed on an "opinions page". Please assure me that it will be read by someone in your corporate, decision-making office.

  18. Donna McCullough says:

    Gentlemen and/or Ladies:

    I live along #3 Highway between Fort Erie and Port Colborne, Ontario. My friends and I are big fans of Food Basics and I we are hereby pleading with you to open a store in Fort Erie. As it is, I must drive 8 miles to Port Colborne, or 15 miles to McLeod Rd. in Niagara Falls, or about 18 miles to the store on Montrose Rd. and Thorold Stone Rd.

    There is a location in Fort Erie that is empty right now. Commisso's food store was located there some years ago and for some reason they left us and we were all sorry to see them go. It is in a strip plaza next to PharmaPlus drug store and directly across from McDonald's. Parking is excellent. A very grateful work force would be available since the Liberal Party has made Fort Erie the armpit of Ontario. And I'm sure the area population would appreciate your conscientious, customer-friendly policies. Sincerely, Donna McCullough

  19. Elizabeth Loveday says:

    I shop at Food Basics at least once a week and find everything I want. The store is always clean and bright. Very inviting and present to shop in. The employees are alway willing to help you with anything you want. The cashiers are fast and friendly

  20. san bisenti says:

    excellent specials the week of Dec. 13 to Dec.20 2013

  21. Sam Rubino says:

    I enjoy the specials on weekly basis and the workers

  22. bonnie says:

    is good i go allthe time

  23. flora calivarra says:

    the staff are very accomodating,near to our house,low prices,and always with fresh vegetables and friuts..we always shopped at Food Basic really it's very convenient.

    • flora calivarra says:

      staffs are good,they're very accomodating,low prices,vegetables and fruits are always fresh and lots of things that you can buy..I really love to shopped at FOOD Basics..

  24. Linda Elliott says:

    The staff at our Food Basics are quite nice, they help us find products if we can't find them and they are always more than willing to help.

  25. Bev Sage says:

    there are always good specials on everyday things

  26. Barb Beatty says:

    I find the store very clean and organized. The staff are very friendly.

  27. Julia says:

    This survey site needs to be a little more user friendly. I have clicked on a few of the links to complete a one and each on leads me to different web pages/sites. They web pages and or survey's are not clearly labeled as survey for Food Basics so I will not waste any more time on this.

  28. maher rizkalla says:

    most of my food shopping done in foodbasics

  29. Helena Cote says:

    Prices are good but store could be cleaner.

  30. Ellapyke says:

    I live about 20 minutes away fromthe store Im in there at least three times a week I love
    the product and the prices.

  31. HAROLD BOLTON says:


  32. Shirley Morrison says:

    The price of the food is excellent, and the quality is, too. The service is very good and whenever we can't fine something, we always get polite and good service.We enjoy shopping at Food Basics.

  33. Edward Moore says:

    I shop often at my food basics s always good speciales and they have given me good service

  34. ellenice rodrigues says:

    exclelent price and quality

  35. susan ferreira says:

    Very good prices and wide selections.store is clean well lit and assistance is readily available

  36. tom says:

    just try to fill out youre dumb ass survey.comments how many under 18 and wont accept to finish survey?who is in charge of this ,youre fired.

  37. Mona bazzi says:

    Food basic is my best store to shop. It is the cheapest with best qualities.

  38. soheyla says:

    because of the food-basics reasonable prices and full range of varieties it is my first choice.

  39. dale oliver says:

    we are retired and on a fixed income.my wife and i have been shopping at food basics every week for as long as i can remember.after comparing prices at competitors stores we calculated that food basics are the best.we get more groceries for our money and there is always everything we need.honestly the prices charged at other grocery stores are outrageous.we really cant afford to shop there.


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