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More Information about Firestone Complete Auto Care
Firestone Complete Auto Care offers not only the best customer service, quality products and the right solutions for your auto care needs, but also initiatives that improve your community and the environment. Firestone Complete Auto Care is convenient. From check-in to check-out, their auto care advisors and technicians work to get your vehicle ready to go as quickly as possible. Firestone Complete Auto Care runs more than 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care store locations nationwide, finding one that's convenient to your home or work is easy, too. Most of their locations are open seven days a week, and open late to accommodate your busy schedule.

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70 comments on “www.firestonesurvey.com - Firestone Complete Auto Care Survey

  1. steve says:

    Great service in Austin MN

  2. Milton Burkett says:

    I just recently had my vehicle repair work done at store #022209. I want to recognize Technicians 09 Jeremy 77 Hunter and Brianca W who is a sales teammate. I was extremely proud of each of these individuals professionalism. I was treated with the upmost respect. Please pass along my thanks to these great Firestone employees and your company should be very proud of them as well. " May The Force Be With You" !!!

  3. Latchezar says:

    December 2 -2017 . I received excellent customer care at Firestone Auto Care located in Cincinnati Ohio 7800 Montgomery Rd. Extremely friendly and quick as well Brian Paulik solved the problem before I figured out that he started.I definitely will be back for future services!

  4. Benjamin Jones says:

    Laguna Hills Mall Store- 09 Michael fixed my flat tire- polite, professional and service- oriented.
    Value for fixing tire! Everyone at Customer Service professional, polite and up-front on time to do repairs. Would go back- Tom Glossup, Manager does a great job.

  5. Sandra Lauman says:

    I downloaded what the site asked me to...but I was unable to do survey? What kind of scam is this? Now I need to go into my computer and remove extension needed for survey!~!!!! Not happy at all now !

  6. R Harris says:

    out standing

  7. Sandra Robinson says:

    I received excellent customer care at the Firestone located at 1502 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas on Wednesday, July 5. My vehicle needed coolant top off and I was in and out in no time! You have an excellent employee in Rashad!! I will definitely use this location for further service.

  8. Duane Mitchell says:

    Really awesome team,From manager straight down.

  9. M. Aronowitz says:

    I really don't like these surveys and have never won your so-called prizes..

  10. sharon mosley says:

    ever one was very helpfull

  11. Francis Prah says:

    Ever thing was good

  12. Doug Elrod says:

    Ever thing went great, Very Very Happy with the Service Ireceived, Thank You, Doug

  13. Bobby Willis says:

    Can't find the location to do the auto service survey. Don't see a place to enter the 12-digit code anywhere on this webpage. Please help.

  14. Roy Jackson says:

    Great service tire rotation and oil change.

  15. Lisha Czerwinski says:

    Firestone did a great job with my oil change, etc. Cody greeted me and helped to make sure that everything was handled in a timely manner. He was professional and very knowledgeable with all of my questions. I would recommend him to anyone needing an oil change, etc.

  16. David Goldsberry says:

    store is very good

  17. Jan Hogan says:

    I have had this Firestone location do work for me for years and have always been very pleased with work and timeliness, however today was disappointing. I had an appointment to get my oil changed and it took an hour an half which is twice as long as normal. The folks working seemed to have a lot of discord amongst the team - not sure if they were short handed or it has evolved to that. Thought you might like to know.

  18. Starla Metayer says:

    I feel like a family member at the firestone at Colorado blvd. and 120th. Steve, Doug and Nate are friendly, funny and professional, there times are always accurate. Great service , its the only place I take my vehicles to. Highly recommend.

  19. gene Bell says:

    great service and quit on getting me out.

  20. Cheryl O'Connor says:

    Great job John Henrichs, Thank you so much for being so honest and explaining everything to me that really needed done. I will never take my car anywhere else except John H. at Firestone.
    Staff is great also.

    Cheryl O'Connor

  21. Honey Lou Malik says:

    I always have a wonderful service at Firestone and everyone are very nice respectful to me and been going to them for years now. They have never did give me any reason to switch companies to service our cars. God Bless Honey Lou & Bill Malik

  22. Gail Stump says:

    I was completely satisfied with the quick service I received on 6-5-16. I dropped my car off to have a tire checked for a leaking problem. When I got off work my tire was repaired & ready to be picked up. I really appreciated the fast service.
    Gail Stump

  23. Kristen Murray says:

    Really fast & Awesome thanks so much I am truly grateful

  24. alan kallio says:

    ordered tires and when I got to the store after an 1.5 they could only find one.had to come back the next weekend,was not very happy about that. when I returned the next weekend the tires I bought I was charged road hazard on tires that I got no warranty on,how does that work. store #026530. my invoice #166847.

  25. Wazi says:

    FIRESTONE COMPLETE AUTO CARE LEOMINSTER, MA I tried to complete/take your survey and after entering the correct invoice number 5 times, it still rejected me :(
    I wanted to give a shout out to MICHELLE~she is truly an asset to your store. Had an unpleasant experience on Saturday...was told to come in at 2 pm for a much needed oil change {taking my mother to hospital traveling 200 miles every few days for tests} called to make appt. at 1pm man on the phone said come in at 2pm...showed up and was BRUSHED OFF~Dominic came out and said no way we cant do that, we just had 8 oil changes walk in. I called specifically to respect Firestones time and schedule and was turned away. Very upset and disappointed. I went back and saw Michelle: she was beyond professional, kind and seemed to really care about the inconveinence. We had just decided to make this our "home" garage....newer to this area...Michelle has excellent customer service skills and friendly professional personality~really seems like she cares about customer satisfaction. So glad you have her in this store. She made everything right :) My family has three older cars that continue to need work ~ glad we will be able to continue with Firestone, Thanks to Michelle for taking the extra step in respect and caring. THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!

  26. Keziah Desplan says:

    I have been a customer, for several years, and always brought my previous vehicle, there, for servicing as well. Had my new vehicle serviced on 3/5/16, at the Pompano Beach location(Store # 015962), and needed to have my right front door mirror replaced. Service Advisor Mr. Travis Tilley was very helpful and patiently answered all of my questions, although he was super busy. Technician Mr. Juan Santos was quick, efficient, and professional.....Please request them, when needing some work done, on your vehicle.

  27. Nancy Fairchild says:

    Chris Mizell and his staff are always respectful, helpful by explaining what they are repairing and why. They do their best to get the work done in a timely manner. I have been counting on them for about 2 years since working in Mt Juliet.

  28. tina coleman says:

    The store manager of the rolling road firestone store is very respectful honest and professional.

  29. John Anderson says:

    I had a nail in a tire, & so I thought that I would go to Firestone Complete Auto Care center for an alignment (I bought a lifetime alignment in 2000), so I thought that I would make an appointment for both. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment just after I got off work. I was 10 minutes late (due to traffic), but no one at the store had a problem with that. With in 3 minutes Tina P. had my vehicle on the rack to fix the tire w/ the nail in it. I had a problem with the tire that Tiana P. recommended I get fixed, I opted not to get it fixed at this time. Mike Kiter then pulled my Jeep in for the wheel alignment. Noted that I had a part that was starting to wear out; but did not need replacing at that time. I was so impressed with professionalism of Tina P. and Mike Kiter. Thanks Firestone this kind of service is what will make me recommend your store to others & keep me coming back!

  30. Albert J Evans Jr says:

    Excellent service.

  31. Joseph Albrecht says:

    I wanted to let Ryan Townsend and his mechanics are the best. He is the manager at your Manchester, MO store. They have really taken care of our cars and are very polite. I hope this gets back to him. I recommend their location to people all the time.
    Thank You
    Joe Albrecht

  32. David Wanjahi says:

    I had a good service experience at Revere store 000736-64965 , especially the store Manager Jay , he is very professional and helpful .

  33. Stanley Vitue Jr says:

    The best people to deal with, always there when you need them and the coupons are great. Will always be with Firestone. Thank You for the best care for are cars. Stanley and Miriam Virtue Jr. Keep up the good work.

  34. melissa parsons says:

    emily from the firestone in jackson, tn was very helpful. she went above and beyond her job duties to help us. when our car broke down she took all day to find the parts we needed and even drove us to a motel for us to stay the night! She even came the next day on her day off to pick my family and i up to take us back to the shop on her own time! I can't express how much that meant to us in our time of need. The way that Emily helped us is how customer service should be! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  35. Shane Johnson says:

    I have traveled all over the US working for Hobby Lobby Construction and have been using Firestone on my vehicles for over 15 years. This weekend I called the Firestone at Overton Ridge in Fort Worth and asked if I could make and appointment to get my oil changed and my front end aligned. They were not able to get the work done in the time given on the front end and continued to work on it. Justin the mechanic discovered a bearing loose on one side of my front end. Then I remembered that when drove at high speeds I could hear the bearing noise. I am glad he took the time to find it. Me being a skeptic I just imagined they always look for extra work to charge for. Wrong.
    I asked about the otherside and he said it was fine. So of course I wanted it fixed and he found that the steering gear box was full of water and replace it under warranty. Then he was finally able to line the front end to his satisfaction and said it will now drive like a cadillac. I asked about brakes having a slow response and another mechanic checked it and said the master cylinder was bad and it had never been replaced. So they replaced it and he and Justin were not satisfied with it so they replaced it again. The 3 days it took them to resolve the problem's were worth it to me. Money and time well spent. Justin was right.
    My truck now drives like a cadillac and stops like a new truck. I want to especially thank Barbara for her kindness and courtesy over the phone and when I was in the shop. She assured me that my 99 Chevy truck, that I was obviously proud of the fact the I was pushing 400k, was in good hands and not to worry. Steve the manager apologized for taking so long and pitched in to help on the second Master Cylinder as well. My hat is off to the staff at Firestone at Overton Ridge in Fort Worth, TX.

  36. GREGG HAZLE says:


  37. cecil lindsey says:

    I Beleive highly in firestone tires . i need a set but cannot afford any right now Keep up the excellent work..

  38. anna says:

    Justin excellent customer service. Friars Rd San Diego 92108

  39. Ariston l. Fernandez says:

    I had a good service experience today. The manager Rene and tech 1 really pointed out the needed repairs to ensure safety on the road.

  40. Laura says:

    I called and spoke with a Jacob, at the Wiregrass Mall Firestone in Dothan, Alabama, who was so kind to apologize for the wait. I told him that I needed to get my oil change and wanted to know if I could get it down in a timely manner. I explained to him that I was at work and I could come on my lunch break. When I arrived he met me at the door and took they and told me to start the paperwork with the person at the counter. My car was finish in a timely manner and I was able to make it back to work before my lunch break was over. Again Thanks Jacob.


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