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ODEON Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish the ODEON online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team.

More Information about ODEON
Do you know ODEON Premiere Club? If you are a film fan, you must join in the club because there are so many benefits and you can 't miss them. You can collect ODEON Points to spend on film tickets, soft drinks and snacks. What's more, members can get exclusive discount when booking tickets online, all day every day. Besides, all members will receive 100 extra ODEON points when booking a ticket for the British Film of the Month.

Founded in 1930 by Oscar Deutsch, ODEON was acquired in 1941 by J Arthur Rank who had interests in film production and distribution. ODEON remained a part of The Rank Organisation for a further 58 years.

More recently, private equity firm Terra Firma acquired ODEON in September 2004, and United Cinemas International in October 2004. As a result, ODEON is looking forward to an exciting period of development during which it will continue to build on its unique position as the UK's number one cinema chain.

About ODEON Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.feedback.odeon.co.uk - ODEON Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.feedback.odeon.co.uk
Survey Incentive: £1,000 daily
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361 comments on “www.feedback.odeon.co.uk - ODEON Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Les Dorey says:

    My wife and I went to the Odeon at East Kilbride whilst on holiday. It was a new cinema and it certainly had the wow factor, we wish all cinema's could be like this one. What made it even more special and enjoyable was the excellent service, help and advice from two members of the staff, Josh and Gillian. Although I seem to be in the wrong place, if given the chance I would rate them both at 10 out of 10. They both made an enjoyable evening that little more special. Highly recommended. Please give a big thank you to them both.

  2. noreen nasir says:

    went to see the war of the planet of the apes, had excellent customer service from Karen, Marcelle and Joe from the Costa coffee place at Rochdale Odeon cinema. overall very happy with the experience we received. thanks guys!!!!!

  3. Debbie ashford says:

    Took my granddaughter to see kumo but experience spoilt by child crying, no ones fault but even so quite distracting

  4. Sue Curran says:

    Should have said in my previous comment it was the Gallery at Liverpool 1 Cinema

  5. Sue Curran says:

    Went to see Jungle book on 25/04/16 in the Gallery excellent service from Anna and Bex they are a credit to your company.

  6. akm.sayeedur r bhuiyan says:


  7. shirley young says:

    Went to Odeon Kettering to see if they had any SpongeBob posters for my Greatgrandsons 4th birthday party as spongebob is the theme for his party. A young chap whos name was Cameron was very helpful, they didn't have any left but has offered me the one he has. It is a pleasure to know that this pleasant young man is so thoughtful. Once again Thank you. 8.5.2015

  8. alison woolley says:

    went to the west bromwich odeon the staff was very friendly and helpful nice clean cimema well worth the visit shall be going again

  9. Astrid Janzen-Rejding says:

    We booked today tickets at Odeon Marble Arch to treat our godchildren together with their parents and us the coming Saturday. When booking the gentleman behind the terminal asked us if we have the Odeon Premiere Club Card. When we said no, because we just moved to London and had no time to inform us more, he told us about all the benefits of having an Odeon Premiere Club card. Same time he helped us finding the best seats for the movie and explained the various seating categories. We were really impressed as he just listed up again all benefits and how to redeem points. We enjoyed this even more as he was informative but not pushy at all. Which is real rare nowadays. The gentleman's name is Meddy. We are already looking forward to our first Odeon experience. People like him make it fun to be an expat.

  10. Mr & Mrs Franklin says:

    We saw Vatican Museums on 18th November at Southampton. Robert who served us was very helpful, although he did not warn us about the volume level. All through the future film trailers the sound was horrific. The Vatican Museums was somewhat better although still louder than I would have expected. For instance the sound of a hammer hitting a Sculpture should not make you jump out of your skin. The experience of this evening has put us off films for a very long time as we both experienced ear problems over the next couple of days.

  11. gareth says:

    odeon service is always professional and helpful...

  12. Glynis Corcoran says:

    The staff at Bromborough are without doubt the most pleasant, friendly, helpful bunch of people. Their customer care skills are honed to perfection, nothing is too much trouble for them, they make every visit to the cinema a special occasion!

  13. Laura says:

    I really enjoyed my visit to Odeon today and is the second time in the space of a week that my family has visited your cinema.
    The staff are really helpful and go out of their way to help carry our popcorn etc that we purchase whenever we visit.
    A really great cinema and an excellent experience on each visit.

  14. LESLEY says:

    Matt was very helpful and happy to serve great service great film dawn of the planet of the apes

  15. Andrew Stenson says:

    I would like to say that Natalya and Esme from the Costa Coffee section of Uxbridge Odeon were very helpful and friendly when I wanted a hot drink, as they told me what was on offer, and which drink was right for me, and they both gave me lovely smiles which made me feel happy.

  16. Dr Prasanna de Silva says:

    good film, the Apes

  17. joshua hall says:

    tarzan was a enjoyable movie for all ages i loved the graphics and it made it come alive

  18. joshua hall says:

    i loved this movie and was a great recreation of the original movie

  19. Mr lee says:

    A good service, helpful staff

  20. Roderick MacDonald says:

    Had a fantastic evening watching the live transmission of the final Monty Pythons Flying Circus show. Staff were all very friendly and helpful. It was my 70th birthday treat so a great AND memorable way to celebrate this milestone occasion. Am a HUGE Python fan!!!

  21. Mrs Stephanie James says:

    love Andover cinema so convenient easy parking and the staff are friendly,
    we go nearly every week, great collecting points with my Odean Premiere card I even have a free ticket this week! becoming a bit of a film buff, thank you Andover Odean.

  22. Georgina norris says:

    All staff are very helpful,the odeon was very clean.

  23. Roger Graham says:

    The Odeon Online Booking website is unworkable. My recent unsatisfactory experience went like this:
    Enter site - try to book seats - message "your software is incompatible - you must download Google Chrome" - I do this - message is repeated - I download again - message repeated - and again......! Your site will NOT let make a reservation using my Premium a/c. Your 'improved' website is a waste of your IT resources and time. Your previous site was fine - why change something that ain't broke ? Message to Odeon senior general management - "Get a Grip of Your IT Department. They are having a laugh at your expense ".

  24. Mrs Suzanne La Roche says:

    I purchased 2 Senior Cinema Premier seats for Monday evening at 2040 to see Mrs Brown's Boys Da film. It was very funny and I enjoyed the film. Booking Ref: 9352553210.
    However, I tried to use my Premier Club card to book in to see this film ( No: 1568000023916) strangely it was not accepted?
    I decided to go ahead and book as this was our only free evening to watch this film.
    As senior citizens we treated ourselves to the premier seats as we rarely go to the cinema and wanted to be comfortable. Please can you amend my points on this card.

  25. PATRICK KWADWO says:

    went with the whole of my family to watch how to train your dragon at Streatham today, 13/07/14 my kids didn't enjoy the show because of the too long Que to buy pop cone and water for thr kinds and when we got to to the show, there was so many advert of the new moves of which make the whole day boring. Children didn't enjoy it at all.

  26. patrick Kwadwo says:

    i want to odeom cinema in streatham to day at 15;30 to watch how to train your dragon, my children did love the movie but they didn't enjoy the whole show because there was so many advert ( advert about new movie)before the show did it which was boring, so if you can reduce number of advert you do before the start of the show, also the ques to buy ticket was to long to wait. invitation code is 169401107018

  27. stacie says:

    Last night I went to watch Transformers in W-S-M Odeon my experience was very pleasant, both staff Donna and Carlee were very polite and helpful. They also informed me all about the Odeon points card, which I will be perusing. I would usually prefer larger cinemas however I will now be visiting the Odeon more often.

  28. mrs l spencer says:

    was not told about charge of £1.99 to update customer card status & would not have had the card if I had known I would be charged I was served by No 9951193

  29. conor white says:

    I am 13 years old and I have never been to portlaoise cinema before. I went with my friends today to see mrs browns boys and we were absoulutly raging at the price to get in. it cost us €18,45 each to get in €8,70 to get In and €9,75 for popcorn and a drink!!!! I was furious with these "mad prices" and and we will be assuring we will never go to the portlaoise cinema again. I will also tell my whole year about this discrace. odeon youd better think about lowering your prices or youll loose a lot of your customers!!!!

  30. h lord says:

    the film was great but staff didnt help me when i had probs getting through to home to arrange a lift home
    they staff dont ensure always that folk with disabilities have all the help they need always
    they didnt even rem letting me borrow the phone when my mother phoned to see where i was staff didnt have a clue but id not been able to reach home
    they also dont explain that i can use points to pay for drinks etc

  31. Tammy Abrahams says:

    Very unhappy with odean went yesterday to see mrs browns boys asked for an end seat was told I had an end seat but when I got to the seats it was not I was I was in the middle of row j seat numbers 14, and 15 ,
    also I was over charged and the popcorn was hard tasted stale definitely not made that day more like at least 2 days old this went in the bin
    i feel let down by odean and the sevice I was given
    card number 1568000015089

  32. susan smith says:

    Odeon new st Birmingham 12.50pm showing of mrs browns boys Screen totally blank until 1.20 no explanation from staff we all sat there like lemons. A lady from the audience went down to see what was happening she came back with young lady who said sorry for delay there will be no trailors we will go straight to main film in 5 mins. 10 mins later she came back said problem with projector but will start in another 10 mins. Film finally came on at 1.40 50 mins late. I and others saw the manageress after and said it was very bad customer relations she said there was nothing she could do as the management did not know there was a problem until lady went down to tell them? no refund or voucher for anyone as she said "you have seen the film haven't you " I visit the Odeon regularly and have had no complaints before but this was ridiculous. I await your comments.

  33. Steve abbott says:

    Blackpool odeon have now adopted the 1 queue for everythinh approach and I really dont appreciate being made to wait for tickets while gangs of children are buying this that and the other. You need to brimg back a dedicated ticket queue as my visit yesterday was ruined within 15 minutes because of the queueing system now in place . I know youre probably trying to cut down on staffing costs but this has come at the expense of customer satisfaction, believe me . I also wasnt asked where i would like to sit . Is this a new thing too because if so i think my cinema visits will become fewer and fewer. Generally to sum up id say the alterations youve made to your operation at customer level have been awful . Thanks for a crap day yesterday .

  34. Naomi Tylor says:

    We visit the Huddersfield odeon regularly & the staff are always extremely friendly & helpful. My sister is a wheelchair user and they are very accommodating & help us to access our preferred seating at the back of the theatre.

  35. Mervyn Gilbert says:

    This is a well-run cinema, with friendly and attentive staff who are only too willing to help, not just with normal ticket sales and purchase of food, but also with loyalty cards.

    I have one major criticism, and this is not directed at the staff, more the sound quality of the films.

    On more than one occasion I have had problems in hearing the dialogue – and no, although I am 71, I am not a patient of the audiology department at Whipps X Hospital. It was particularly bad when we watched Belle this week and really spoilt our enjoyment of what was an excexcellent film.


    IIsn't there a wy you can improve the volume?

  36. Mrs Marie Cox says:

    My cousin and I have been visiting the Odeon cinema each week for about 12 months, the staff are all young and friendly and ready for a laugh, I am inclined to be a bit of a joker I'm afraid, but they never mind, we really enjoy the commeradary. My cousin and I are both quite ancient lol I can 'just' manage the stairs at the moment so will continue visiting the Odeon in Worcester for as long as possible.

  37. \trevor fairhurst says:

    hi, we purchased a Trafford centre into gift card at xmass for the purpose of using it at the odeon cinema at the Trafford centre,the last two times I have tried to use it the card has been rejected,i went to customer services, they informed me that there was enough money on the card to pay for the tickets,this seems as thou they don't know what they are doing at the ticket counter,needless to say we will not be buying any more gift cards from the Trafford centre,thanks, T Fairhurst

  38. Celia Fothergill says:

    First time visit to Blackpool, reception by Chris Cassidy was most helpful and informative, great help with initial booking and signed us for Premier Club.


  39. zina vasileviciute says:

    Every time it gets better and better... Love Odeon!

  40. Ciara Caldwell says:

    Friendly staff, fast service, cleanliness over all excellent rating in Cavan Cinema.I was served by Dalia today.


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