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More Information about Cracker Barrel
The first Cracker Barrel location opened on September 19, 1969. Now, there are more than 600 restaurants in 42 states. Our first interest is to make sure that everyone who walks in our front door gets a warm welcome. After that we work hard to provide our guests with a good meal at a fair price, an enjoyable browse through our country store, friendly guest service and a desire to treat all folks with dignity and respect. Visit our Newsroom to find out about recent service awards Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has received.

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168 comments on “www.crackerbarrel-survey.com - Cracker Barrel Customer Survey

  1. Diana Snider says:

    I am not happy with Cracker barrel selling the chocolate pecan pies last Thursday for the holiday. They refuse to give me refund back only exchange it. The pie was too dry and not good taste. From Belleville, Michigan Cracker Barrel area.

  2. James Blazier says:

    I have enjoyed the food and atmosphere at many Cracker Barrel locations across the country. I live in Knoxville TN and the location at the 407 exit on I-40 is very convenient when we go to Pigeon Forge or the baseball park. Thursday (12/21/17) we went to the light show at Smokies Park and decided to eat at the Cracker Barrel location that is adjacent to the Park.
    This was a big mistake! I had the chicken biscuit plate with baked apples and hash browns. The chicken was cooked to a crisp and hash browns were cold. At least the apples were good.
    My wife said her dumplings were nothing more than broth.
    We are used to being served good quality food at almost every location but I think this is the third time we have been disappointed at this location. But I will say that the server was very polite and helpful.
    Since it located next to the baseball park I will say three strikes and your out!


  3. Charles Turner says:

    Had breakfast on 12-04-17 and it was extremely good. Service was great by Keyeon B. Northing to complain about. We go often to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Round Rock, Tx.

  4. Charles M. Coonrod says:

    My wife and I ate our Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel and we were very satisfied the food we were served. It was as good as home cooking, I have a southeren wife and she is a very good cook. Our waitress took very good care of us.while we were there. Keep up the good work.

  5. Gidget L Ramsey says:

    our food was all cold, it took the waitress forever to come back to our table, she wouldn't even look in our direction to see if we needed anything. my husband and brother in law said the dressing tasted like saw dust and their food was also cold. we we're really let down this Thanksgiving.

  6. Shiela Tait says:


  7. Shiela Tait says:

    We stopped at Cracker Barrel on Nov. 3/17, for breakfast and ordered - received order of scrambled eggs (rubbery) and 3 pieces of bacon - no grits/potatoes. The breakfast was BLAH to say the least. There was no thought by the kitchen staff to make this meal appetizing. Neither did the server ask if we wanted potatoes or grits. At least the coffee was hot. In Canada the server always asks these questions and the meal is ALWAYS satisfying. We enjoy stopping at your store for meals and shopping (which is so great) but will not stop at Store #696 in Muncy, PA anymore and will not recommend this store to others.

  8. Tim Lee says:

    This morning at 6:18am, my wife and I went to store #492 as we drove into the parking area. I noticed a dozen cars parked near the front entrance. So I parked to the side of the building, but when I went to the dining area, there were only three tables being served. Back in the day, when I worked retail, the manager asked us to park to the rear of the parking area to let the patrons have parking near the entrance of the building. Hey, I always thought the customer pays the bills and wages.

  9. Bob Hollstein says:

    Last night my wife and I took my daughter and her family to dinner at Store #523. We have visited their before and always been satisfied with the service, and food. however last night was not a pleasurable experience the food took almost an hour to be served then the food was not up to the expectations nor past experiences at this same store. one dinner was not complete and also included overcooked and hard meat, another meal was short of fries, not even a hand full, and the fries where over cooked. extra pickles where also requested with the meal but that had to be re-requested more than once but we were informed that the kitchen could not find them. my sympathy to the waiters as they were trying hard to please. I left with a thought that this was my last visit.
    B. Hollstein

  10. Cheryl Kicklighter says:

    I have loved Cracker Barrel for years. It is my favorite place to eat. The food is simple country cooking and delicious. I have never had a bad meal. The Blackberry Cobbler is indescribably delicious. I love the Country Store too. Can't wait for every new season to see what beautiful décor is there. I will pass on 5 star gourmet every day to eat at Cracker Barrel.

  11. Phillip Rudd says:

    My wife & I enjoyed breakfast at your restraurant 5275 in Mayfield Kentucky on 10/25/17, the food was great as it always is at Cracker Barrell, but the thing that really stood out was our server. We were overwhelmed at the service we received from server Diana H. # 1685445. The only place I have ever received better service was a high dollar restraurant where the server was assigned to our table only & stood beside our table while we were eating. I know we would all be better off if there were more Diana H's in our lives.

  12. Carol Nystrom says:

    My husband and I had lunch at your restaurant #52 in Savannah, GA. The service was good, but the food was sub-standard. We have eaten at Cracker Barrel every time we traveled back east and I looked forward to eating there again. My husband ordered chicken and dumplings. The dumplings were not fluffy and were so doughy he couldn't eat them. I had fried chicken tenders with country green beans. The chicken was okay, but the green beans tasted like canned green beans which I do not like. I was disappointed. We did talk to the Manager who was very nice and we told him about the meal. He did not offer us a refund. I doubt that we will ever eat at Cracker Barrel again.

  13. GENE LEWIS says:

    My wife, Martha and I, always enjoy dining at your facilities! Whether we are on the road or locally. The food is consistently the same and very good. WE ARE BIG FANS OF CRACKER BARREL!!!

  14. Teresa Shippers says:

    I LOVE the Sunday chicken special

  15. Don Sweeney says:

    Stopped in to treat myself to breakfast after leaving early. Got in right away, restaurant was about 25% full. Waited five minutes before I ordered coffee and my breakfast. Waited another five minutes before I got my coffee. But this was a short wait when compared to the wait for my food. I guess they wanted to make sure my eggs and hash browns were cold before serving me. I guess the reason for this was so I would not notice how tough my sugar ham was. I did order a substitutes of bread instead of a biscuit which was correct. Did not realize I purchased the whole loaf of bread as the toast cost me an additional $2.00. The cashier was kind enough to inform me after my comments that she would inform the manager. A lot of good this would do me. This meal will rank right up there with one of my worst meals, the only other one was when I got food poisoning.

  16. Sue says:

    This was store #497 ~ Wrentham, MA.

  17. Sue says:

    Stopped for breakfast & were seated right away. Donna came over fairly quickly to see if we wanted coffee, and when she brought it back, took our order. Breakfast was served nice and hot and just the way we ordered. Donna checked back a few times to see if we needed anything else, and brought the check quickly when we were done. Overall a very pleasant meal. Thanks Donna!!

  18. arnold wilson says:

    my wife stopped at the shillingers rd. airport bld. location in mobile al. and no only was the service terrible but the food was cold she had to send her baked potato back because it was cold and after the second one was also cold the waitress said they did not have any more that response has caused her to say never again so you lost that bussiness

  19. GLEN DAVIS-SWAN says:

    very cool

  20. Ron Wagner says:

    My family and I drove the 8 miles to eat at Cracker Barrel (store #208 Roseville, MI) on labor day for evening meal. It was four minutes after being seated before we were acknowledged. We never received any water to drink. 32 minutes passed before we received our meal. We ordered bread which only came after more than 25 minutes into meal. Refills on drinks came to our table as we finished our meal. We heard the man at the next table ask why service was so slow & were they understaffed. We are not going back because that is the same type of lack of service we received the last time we were there but that was on a Sunday afternoon. The food was delicious.

  21. Jack Lundy says:

    At about 2:20 pm Sept 01 2017, while traveling through. Store#599 I saw A woman change a small baby's diaper on the dinner table. Did the staff see this? What would the health department say?

  22. Vicki Miller says:

    When we travel we always stop at Cracker Barrel to eat either breakfast or dinner. My mom would of loved this restaurant. I love the gift shop. I have found birthday gifts for my family. Love the little girls selection. First grand-daughter. Kind co-workers.

  23. Helen Ann Pudney says:

    code 299-238-854-012

  24. Samuel Buckles says:

    My wife and I visited Store #705 in Crawfordsville, IN on Aug 20. Our server was Jessica S. We were pleasantly surprised to find both our food and service to be exceptionally good. This restaurant is relatively new and received some bad reports on Facebook by some locals, so my wife and I were skeptical.
    This experience met and exceeded our expectations; as we always seek out Cracker Barrel restaurants when we travel because of their reputation of both great service and good food.

  25. Kathy Rose says:

    /We had a party of 5 at your Store # 23 on Stewarts Ferry Pike in Nashville. Service by Kristen A was excellent. We had several odd requests. She was very accommodating and pleasant even after several trips back to the kitchen. Almost everyone in a Cracker Barrel apron greeted us, thanked us and wished us a great day. I spoke with the manager who was also extremely pleasant. AWESOME BREAKFAST EXPERIENCE for a very busy location. Definitely know what /they are doing!! 7/9/17

  26. James Dick says:

    My wife and myself have been customers at various Cracker Barrel restaurants for several years and the food is still delicious.But, with the recent cost rise on your meals with a decrease in the size of sides portions is disappointing.It's a matter of getting less for more.With customers who are retired and on a fixed income,as we are, it begins to stress the pocket book.

  27. Shirley Adkins says:

    My husband and I have eaten at store #522 many times. One of my favorite meals is the Friday fish fry. However, I don't know if I can say that after our visit on Friday, 6/2/17. We both had the fried cod and it had been way overcooked. We had "hard" fried fish. My husband ate very little of his, but I crunched through about half. He mentioned the overcooking to the waitress, who was very friendly, and she didn't charge him for his meal. I've heard a few people say that location has "gone downhill" lately, so maybe we'll try a different one next time.

  28. Marie Sprinkel says:

    My husband and I have been regular customers of your #281 location. We have always been fairly satisfied with service until 5/9/17. Our order consisted of Uncle Hershel. We did boT get eggs and had to ask for the grits and gravy. We felt the wait time for the food was too long.
    We may not waste our time for this type of service again.

  29. John r. Keller Sr. says:

    access code 439-102-251-234

  30. John r. Keller Sr. says:

    love to have breakfast there in winter with the fireplace going.

  31. John r. Keller Sr. says:

    a very good place to eat .good food nice people,nice prices.plus love looking around in the store brings back a lot of found old memories as I was growing up in the 50s & 60s.

  32. Tom McFarland says:

    Why do you put onions in your gravy? Not everyone likes onions.

  33. Sarah Robinson says:

    My Mother and I love Cracker Barrel. The closest location is Fenton, MO. We dine here at least twice a month if not more. The homemade, home cooked taste...the ambiance and the amazing products being sold in the gift shop/store are very quaint. Its an all around great experience. The staff are friendly and inviting. See you soon!!!

  34. Doyle Holder says:

    We did not have the usual good service at your Columbia, SC restaurant (#448). It took quite a while to place our orders and then a while to get our beverages. The orders were not brought out all at one time but piece by piece. My son ordered a baked sweet potato and it was not done so he asked the waitress to return it. She came back several minutes later with the same potato that they had put under the broiler (she gave that information). It still was not done and he had to wait for her again to let him know that there were no other potatoes ready. We had to ask for refills on our beverages every time. We had to wait on ketchup and salad dressing. This simply is not what we have become accustomed to for your good restaurant. We eat at your restaurants often. As a matter of fact, Cracker Barrel is our favorite place to eat. I know things can go wrong sometimes and hopefully this is what happened this time, but I felt it needed your attention brought to the matter. Thank you.

  35. d. tessitore says:

    we love the meals, especially the chicken pot pies, just wish they would plan to make more, because it is a guessing game when we get there if they will have any left. Although I was told we could call ahead of time to have them hold some for our party!

  36. Otis Hinton says:

    Great Food

  37. jack russell says:

    I have dined at store #251 lots of times always received good service and food tbl 312/1 8768 feb 18 2017 was seated at a dirty table had to ask for someone to clean it up when she did she left it wet my wife had to dry it off with her napkin then had to ask for a clean napkin. when we where ready to go asked for a to go box never did receive it. I have gift cards may use them but will not return after

  38. Patricia Vaughan says:

    Have eaten at the new Mayfield Crackerbarrel a couple of times now. First time was so busy and crowded that could not really enjoy anything . Food was good. This second time... we were served almost immediately and by a delightful server who happened to be a high school senior. The service was very good and he was a pleasant delight. Keep up the good work.

  39. Marvin Goff says:

    I have ate at a lot of Cracker Barrel's, I recently ate a Austintown Ohio was surprised at the new menu and was approached by a customer and commented on the new double cheese burger witch I had ordered said it was great, I was also surprised when he ask if I was a Veteran I said yes he said great and just show your ID and you get a discount and they did give me one but the store I eat at least 4 times a month does not give Veteran one (#510) why does not all of your stores I could name a dozen other Restarent that do Please Look into this. Thank You


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