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If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Church's Chicken online guest satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Church's Chicken customer survey in this article.

More Information About Church's Chicken
Church's Chicken is a highly recognized brand name in the Quick Service Restaurant sector and is one of the largest quick-service chicken concepts in the World. Church's Chicken serves freshly prepared, high quality, flavorful chicken both Original and Spicier Spicy and tenders with classic sides and hand-made from scratch biscuits. Church's differentiates from its competitors in care and attention given in preparation of food, and is positioned as the value leader in the Chicken QSR category. The Church's system consists of more than 1700 locations in 23 countries and system-wide sales of $1.2 billion.

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46 comments on “www.churchschickenfeedback.com - Church's Chicken Guest Satisfaction Survey

  1. Stacy knopf says:

    Love churchs chicken would love coupons

  2. Freddy Parker says:

    I love The chicken.

  3. MrHENIT2WINIT says:

    Churches Chicken is my all time favorite. It's way better than Popeyes, Kentucky, or Lee's. I'm digging the 8 piece for 5 bucks on Wednesday. I usually get a pepper pack a few biscuits, a apple pie, and I'm cool for the rest of the evening.

  4. Lisa Lopez says:


  5. Angel Jones says:

    I love church's biscuits

  6. Tameka Hughes says:

    I love church chicken.

  7. Ulene Morris says:

    My children and my visitor from USA love this chicken the best and i think that the fries are very lovely rite now because its flavor chips and the chicken is taste

  8. Ulene Morris says:

    My family love Churchs chicken

  9. wanda says:

    my husband loves the chicken and the gravy and mac and cheese

  10. wanda says:

    I like the chicken always fresh.

  11. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    it very great I love your food

  12. Cindy Jay says:

    Your location at 8545 Research Blvd, Austin, Texas 78758 is in need of serious help. I went to the drive-thru and ordered corn on the cob and a small mashed potatoe. After waiting behind 3 other vehicles, I get to the window only to be informed that they just found out they were out of corn on the cob. Sorry, but I don't buy that especially not at 7:30PM, right smack in the middle of dinner time. I left as that was the only reason I went to Church's was for the corn. On my way home, my next door neighbor called me and when I told her what happened, I found out that her husband had been there less than an hour before me and their corn was FROZEN and that there was no gravy for the mashed potatoes. Does this place have a manager that understands the food industry and what should and should not be stocked at all times??? Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened at this location and the employees are usually rude about it anyway like it should not be their problem that they are out of food. If not them, then who???

    Please do not send me coupons or anything else as I will NEVER EVER EVER go to this location again. It is filthy and trashy inside and out and as I stated, most of the employees are RUDE. I just thought someone should know so you might want to take some action on their behalf. I have checked and not found ANY positive reviews for this location.

  13. Carlos W. Zachery says:

    On 11/09/2014 I was wrongly accused by a manager at Church's Chicken Restaurant #450 of using foul language while addressing him. He then call the Police and repeated his claims to them. 2 Officers arrived in separate cars, one a (Hispanic male) park immediate in back of my van, the second Officer a (Caucasian male) park 2 parking spaces to my left in front of the Church's Chicken store.

    I was approached by the Caucasian Officer and a very large pit bulldog. I asked the officer if the dog was with him. but, he did not answer. The officer then entered the store and then immediately turn and instructed me to follow him north toward the drive through. the officer asked me what was going on. I then explained to him what had happened. " My niece and I had left church and decided to get chicken before we went home, we visit this Church's Chicken at least 2 time a week. My niece went in placed an order of a 15 piece (chicken only) with gravy and 5 Jalapeno's. The cashier (Jesus) took the order, but misunderstood my niece request. As he read it back to her as a ten piece, she corrected him and restated a 15 piece. He apologized and then asked the manager for help in changing what he had put into the cash register. The manager turn and screamed out " I'm tired of the stupid, rude customer... can't make up their mind" My niece was caught of guard by what he said and responded " rude! I'm not being rude or stupid, I'm just asking for a 15 piece instead of a ten piece". the manager gasp (in discuss loudly) and began to fix the order (all the time saying how rude we Midlander are) my niece responded " If you so mad, why are you working this job" he grunted at her and went back toward the fryers. The cashier then finished her order and gave her the chicken... I then approached the counter to request to speak to the manager, he then turned and screamed "I'm the manager and we don't have to put up with this sh-- stuff" I asked him what stuff? he the said " all you Midlander think because you have so much money that you can demand stuff" I said "what are you talking about" He then went on a long tirade about "you people" "you people" and then he said that my niece had came in the store and cussed everyone out. He then asked a customer and the customer shook his head no. He then said "you can ask all my employees, it my word against hers" "us against that Asian girl and you" I said "oh I got it... Hispanics against Blacks and Asians. He then said "oh you can't take it there... because my best friend is black" I said "your the one that
    brought up race" he then said if she doesn't leave all call the police and he called...I waited outside for the Police to arrive.

    The officers then went into the store but, the big dog kept walking around us and sniffing and growled. I then instructed my niece to get into my van, we both set there until the officer came back out, and said the manger informing him that both my niece and I had came in and cursed him and his employees out. I again asked the Officers if the large Dog was with them. but, again they refused to answer. The police then informed us that we must immediately leave or be arrested for trespassing. He also stated that if we ever came back we would be arrested.

    In conclusion, I would like to state that at no time did I raise my voice or curse at the manager Church's Chicken store #450. I have been a faithful customer at this store for over 20 years. I'n that 20 years I have never witness any manager or employee act so unprofessional, racist or (simply) crazy...

  14. Alfred Johnson says:

    Dear Church's,

    I am sadly writing this email to you. For years and years I have been a loyal Church's Chicken customer however, this relationship is coming to an end. Why you ask; the quality of the chicken is not what it once was. Church's served the best chicken in the world at one time! Chicken's Chicken could go head to head with any chicken on the market but that is no more. This is what I have found in my travels; stores are not changing the grease as they should, the size of of the chicken parts are smaller, the chicken is over cooked causing it to be dry and darker in color, and for some reason the taste is not the same. It is as if the seasonings have not been added or deceased however, the taste could be affected by the over used oil and over cooking.

    You may be asking how I know these things. For one I cook and two I don't eat a meal I dine when I have a meal. I would hope the quality chicken Church's has become known for returns soon. One bright note; the Texas Chicken is a hit! It should be in your stores more often. Thank you for listening and have a great day.

    Very respectfully,

    Alfred Johnson

    Columbus, GA locations

  15. Oralia R Rodriguez says:

    I just want to let you know that yesterday, my daughter and I had a FIVE STAR MEAL at CHURCH'S FRIED CHICKEN, the chicken was beautifully fried, the corn was delicious, the okra was fried just right, and those biscuits look, so good. My daughter had a biscuit with her meal and I just had a sandwich. I drop my daughter at her apartment and I went right back to CHURCH'S and had to get some chicken and the sides and biscuits with my coupon. Never had it so good.

    Thank You CHURCH'S for a 5 STAR MEAL and the girls were so nice and sweet. Resturant #565 11623 West Ave. San Antonio, Texas 210-342-7172

  16. claudia says:

    like churchschicken. :)

  17. travis willis says:

    chicken the best keep short and sweet

  18. laurie davis says:

    the drive thru service was very prompt, and courteous

  19. Herman Lopez says:

    Today was the worst, slow waiting on people, getting orders wrong, order not filled right, out of 2-side orders but charged same price with 2-side orders. Long waits as spicy chicken not ready next paid for tea and there is no ice & everyone too busy to put ice in box. The tables were not cleaned I had to clean my table to sit there. They were also out of ketchu. This place need better managers to get things done right & not have people walking out as I should of done but needed to eat.

  20. OVIDEA ROWLAND says:

    i was not happy when i went to churchs in flour bluff in corpus chrisiti, tx 78418
    people were rude and by asking move so the other person get the food first the you so no i was satified at
    all one i was ask to move i had to wait 20.mins so not happy at all

  21. Nita Dixon says:

    Sometimes one of the managers have a bad attitude and the staff talks their personal business they should have staff meetings on professionalism

  22. rebecca baxter says:

    we love it



  24. Elmer Fernandez says:

    I like to go church chiken store and enjoy their food.

  25. B Willis says:

    Your store on 6234 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando #10182 has very bad service. I visit this restaurant often and the result is still the same, very rude service.

  26. Robert Munoz says:

    I would like to tell you I liked the service at you Rest. 696 at 4925 walzem. San Antionio Texas. it was very good chicken.. and Have to drive from my side of town to Walzem for good chicken.. Javier is the Cook and Cashier was Franoise..

  27. yhmena says:

    me gusta mucho

  28. Necie says:

    The Best Chicken In Town

  29. Necie says:

    Enjoy your chicken because it is juicy and crunchy.

  30. Necie says:

    I have none

  31. Gloria Bell says:

    I used to love going to Church's before you were NO.1;but now that I try to eat your product, it makes me gag. The breading for the chicken is of poor quality and the employees at 2656 Culebra in San Antonio are very unfriendly. Very minimal communication with recommendations. I bought a Big Tex CFS sandwich, the chicken was very dry and it was not even fresh. Seem like it was sitting there for quite a while. The bread for the sandwich was very hard. POOR QUALITY

  32. thomas wahlert says:

    service was good & food also

  33. Patrice Crawford says:

    Store #1212 is the location I go to when I want fresh hot chicken and lets not forget the fried okra......Service is always good considering how busy it can be sometimes. Keep up the good work and PLEEEZ bring back the lemon pies!!! :)

  34. Dedrick chambers says:

    They didn't have hardly no side items ready service was slow and employees was not answering questions.

  35. larry hall says:

    i like the service hel i love it nd the food was ggood

  36. IMELDA Jackson says:

    i was very happy with the casher at restaurant

  37. TONY SERNA says:

    purchased the chk tenders meal which was very good, I also favor the mac & cheese. Thank You.

  38. Cynthia Evans says:

    Store 1023 has the worst managers and crew that I have EVER experienced. Their customer service skills are that of an eight year old. The preparation of the food had an hour wait, by then, my okra was cold. I initially had a ten min wait on the biscuits. My wait turned into an hour and therefore, I don't care to visit there anytime in the near future.

  39. Kewanna hill says:

    very good and hot enjoyed every minute of it


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