Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.cabelas.ca/retailsurvey - Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey

Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey PrizeCabela's

  1. $500 Cabela's gift card monthly

Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. You do not need to make a purchase to enter or win.
  2. All taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of winners.
  3. The prize is not transferable.

Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1.  PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 10 minutes to finish, 1 open question, need receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Cabela's Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, it may take more than 10 minutes to finish.

Cabela's Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit official Cabela's Canada customer Satisfaction Survey official website
  2. Select answer to the question “Did you make a purchase at this store?”
  3. Enter the transaction ID underneath the bar code and enter the purchase date located above the prices which  can be found on your receipt
  4. Select answers to the questions or statements regarding your Cabela's visit like  “What was your primary purpose in coming to the Cabela's store?”, ” What product categories were you looking at?”
  5. Leave your other comments, compliments, concerns or any other feedback if you have any
  6. Select answer to the question “Would you like to sign up for the sweepstakes?”
  7. Enter your contact information for the sweepstakes like your name, phone, email to complete the survey.

Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty finishing the Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

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About Cabela's Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.cabelas.ca/retailsurvey - Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey website: www.cabelas.ca/retailsurvey
Survey incentive: $500 Cabela's gift card monthly
Host Website: reporting.qualtrics.com
Marketing Support: CFI Group

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Rating: 3.5/5 (37 vote casts)

117 comments on “www.cabelas.ca/retailsurvey - Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. C schultz says:

    I was at the cabala's store in winnipeg recently and found the girl in the front of the store by the fudge department ( Danielle) very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I had about where to find items I needed in other parts of the store

  2. denis campbell says:

    you have at lest 7 surveys here none that say to get 20.00 off on 150 I phone the number on the bill the guy said thank you nothing about the coupon ?????????? thank you Denis Campbell 990002403881172603

  3. Ginette Fouasse says:

    Staff were excellent and I had not realized that there were so many items there for kids and teenagers...had a great shopping spree at your store...thanks!

  4. Ken Urquhart says:

    Great store great selection to choose from. The staff were helpful. Can't wait to go back.

    Thank you.

  5. michel laplante says:

    great shopping ya ou to Ottawa

  6. carrie ford says:

    Unfortunately I can't find my receipt, but the last week of June I purchased a fishing rod, and various fishing supplies. at your Regina store. I explained to Terry the gentleman helping me I had not fished in years. He got me the proper size rod, fishing lures for the area I was going to fish in and spooled line on my rod. Great experience will definitely go back again.

  7. Jay Sorenson says:

    Great Shopping experience! Seems to have every outdoor solution available.

  8. Malcolm Thomson says:

    Sales clerk was helpful and tried to find a scope mount that would work for my application, but Cabela's did not have what I was looking for this time

  9. Wes says:

    Went looking for a new muzzle loader, seen what I wanted on line. Went to Cabelas new store in Edmonton. Mark was the salesman that waited on me. He was new and was very courteous knew what he was doing. Not as fast with the paperwork and till as others and was very apologetic for it but then who is in a hurry in cabelas there is always something to see. I would have mark wait on me in the future.

  10. Malcolm Thomson says:

    The sales clerk was extreamly helpful and had a great sense of humor.

  11. roland says:

    Great customer service

  12. Veronique Veilleux says:

    I was there with my husband to by a riflr and the clerck was alone and had to be everywhere. When he got time to answer my question he was very helpfull.

  13. Terry Lee says:

    Melanie B helped me out and it was a very positive experience. I hope to see her again when I return.

  14. Warren Fortier says:

    The Cabelas outlet in Nanaimo was an excellent experience for me; I was greeted at the door and there were helpful informed employees throughout the various departments that I visited.

    I really appreciated the friendly, helpful, and pleasant experience; with the help I was able to quickly locate everything that I needed to buy and then some!

    I happily would recommend Cabelas to any of my friends; I have been in the PG store as well and it was an equally excellent experience.

    Kind regards,

    Warren. :))

  15. david campbell says:

    mathew mcmurry waited on me @ store i was checking out rangefinders he knows range finders very well . answered my questions very well

  16. Donna West says:

    The only thing that disappoints us about the store. Is they donot stock enough fishing paraphynalia for the west coast...

  17. Rachelle maillet says:


  18. Rachelle maillet says:


  19. Linda says:

    Great customer service

  20. carol mccahon says:

    Injoy your store. Lots to chose .

  21. rita pawluk says:

    I was at your Regina store and found your staff very helpful and they answered all my questions without hesitation

  22. LEO HACHE says:

    Very nice store and friendly atmosphere

  23. Lise Perron says:

    Beau magasin ,bon service ,jai acheter des vetements de chasse ,des article de peche etc je m attend bien y retourner

  24. Lise Perron says:

    Tres beau magasin ,beaucoup de produit ,,et tres plaisant de magasiner ont se pense en pleine nature ,et que dire des employer il sont tous tres serviable ,jai vraiment aimer ma journee chez vous ,cest sure je vais y retournee

  25. Bryan Jones says:

    I met a very friendly and knowlegable saleman who is Bruce at the Cabelas on the Anthondy Drive in Edmonton. I was purchasing a 10/22 firearm .022 caliber. The service was outstanding as Bruce was able to explain the features of the gun that I wanted to purchase as well as some of the other firearms that were available. I will visit Cabalas shorty to puchase a scope and and a trigger assemby soon. The experience was very positive with regard to the understanding that Bruce had with regard to firarms as well as his friendly dimenar. I can sincerly say as a customer that I would like to visit this store again.


  26. ken metke says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell my experience shopping for fishing equipment at your Barrie Ont store. It was a busy day and as bob was busy with another customer he took the time to acknowledge me and to let know I was his next customer. Bob was very proficient in showing me and finding what I needed. He put all the rods together and installed the line and extra equipment taking his time to put everything all together. He picked out different lures and never rushed through the process. What a wonderful uplifting feeling I had to have this service THE SERVICE WAS SECOND TO NONE. Thanks again this made my day.

  27. Kevin Harper says:

    The store in Moncton is a great store,was very surprised by all the wildlile displays I don't know if you allow people to take pictures of the displays but sure you like too.The staff was very helpful.
    I will be going there again.

  28. Trevor Darrach says:

    I really enjoyed the Cabelas store opening in Moncton. However I was quite disappointed in the flyfishing section of the store. The selection of flies was not up to expectation. I also could not buy a bamboo fly basket. Hopefully on our next trip from Prince Edward Island to Moncton will have a better selection of things wanted. Congrats on your store opener and all the best in future

  29. stefano amodeo says:

    good product and exc.service

  30. David Mac Donald says:

    very nice experience at the Moncton store. A salesman went out of his way to help me . Very friendly and polite. Definetly enjoyed meeting Troy Landry maybe next time bring along Liz and Glenn.

  31. Roger says:

    Moncton store is a very nice store however the floor space was overcrowded with racks, very close to each other and hard to comfortably shop around

  32. Danette says:

    Love the Moncton, NB store....very friendly staff.

  33. howard Estrin says:

    The staff person that worked with me was informed and very helpful to my needs of the situation I was working with. Mike researched things that were not clear by the manufacturer and was able to answer my questions. I was there for a long period of time and was able to see him dealing with other customers while we waited for phone calls from suppliers. He is to be recommended for his expertise with customers and knowledge. He was not pushy and did not force recommendations. I did purchase through his suggestions after much research. Thanks again for employing such a great staff member who was a great help. I would shop again at Cabelas in Barrie even though it is far from me.

  34. Gale P says:

    Went to the south side location in Edmonton for the first time to purchase a sausage maker. Have never been to this store before. Had a very helpful sale's associate by the name of Lance help us choose the product for us. Defiantly will go back there for all of our smoker needs.

  35. Robert Douglas says:

    Great service!

  36. Evan McClean says:

    I went to Cabelas in West Edmonton and had a great experience. I needed my bow sighted in and received great service from a gentleman by the name of Britt Woodruff. He repositioned my peep sight, adjusted my optic sights, measured my draw length, sold me some srrows as well as a trigger and let me use the short range to sight my bow in. He spent time with me even after the store closed, to ensure I was satisfied with everything. This is the 3rd great experience I have had at Cabelas. All retail business can take a page out of the Cabelas handbook and learn how to treat customers. I am in the customer service industry so I know how important it is, and Cabelas is doing it right! I also previously had my 12 year old outfitted with a bow by your staff and that of course was also a great experience. Cabelas is the only place I shop for my outdoor needs. Great job and keep that great staff on board. It is apparent Cabelas hire attitude, which is the most important factor. Thank you.

  37. sharon says:

    Staff in footwear Dept. helpful with a return of item. Sent to front desk, customer service, help
    given to return & receive new item very friendly & informative. Given survey card for chance to
    win a gift card.

  38. Robert Campbell says:

    Clerks very helpful in store

  39. john willson says:

    no comment

  40. Neil Morrison says:

    Service was good and the store is awesome and always enjoy shopping there....


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