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More Information about Bob Evans
Bob Evans Farms, Inc. owns and runs more than 700 full-service restaurants and a complete line of retail food products under the Bob Evans and Owens names. For more than half a century, Bob Evans tries to offer people with high-quality food and excellent hospitality. Bob Evans distributes a wide variety of refrigerated and frozen grocery products in 49 states and parts of Canada. The Bob Evans brand is a category leader in fresh sausage, refrigerated mashed potatoes and side dishes, and frozen breakfast.

Bob Evans offers gift card. "Your best wishes can be made more special." Bob Evans ' simple, safe and secure ordering system makes it easy to buy for everyone on your gift list. For every $500 in gift cards (or more) that you purchase, Bob Evans will reward you with a $50.00 bonus.

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  1. Judy says:

    I am trying to do the survy to get the $4 off put it would not let me do survy to get the code to put on my receipt. Need the link to get that. Thanks and we love bob evans.

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  3. Wanda Lyons says:

    We just the Erie, PA Bob Evans on upper Peach Street. We usually go there a couple of times a month but after today it is doubtful that we will go back anytime soon. My husband ordered the meatloaf meal with a side of Mac and cheese. I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie with banana bread. The meatloaf was BLACK, the banana bread was dried out or something because it was hard. The pot pie was so salty it was barely edible. We were both so cold we had to eat with our coats on. We were given a receipt but not the slip with the validation code or the address to fill out a satisfaction survey. After searching, I did find this site. I hope this gets to someone who can make some changes at this location.

  4. Brenda Doerfer says:

    My husband and I had lunch at the Bob Evans in Athens Ohio today and our service was horrible. We waited 10 minutes to get seated and another 42 minutes before our food was served. We had to ask for our bread and my husband's meal came with a dessert we had to ask for it. They were not busy at the time. So no reason for such a long wait.

  5. Robert says:

    I received a receipt with a survey to get $4.00 off my next visit, however I can not get a Validation code . Is this a scam? Thank you Robert E. Lee

  6. Barbara Slagle says:

    Today, I received a receipt with a survey. Once survey is completed, I would get a validation code for $4 off next purchase of $20 or more at Bob Evans. I have tried to do this many times and continually get a survey for improving their carryout!! Not what I wanted!! Is there a glitch that perhaps you can help me with?!

  7. ScottCrots says:


  8. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    We bought the Thanksgiving Meal from your Franklin Indiana store...picked it up...upon getting home realize they hadn't put in the stuffing or the mac and cheese. The honey they sent was in an opened bottle that had been used and the biscuits were not fit to eat. After spending $130.00 including a tip I thought we would have at least received the items we had ordered. Not very happy with what we had gotten. :(

  10. Sheryl Hawk says:

    Went to Bob Evans in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, hungry for a baked potato with my grilled chicken breast and was told that baked potatoes had been taken off the menu. What restaraunt takes baked potatoes off the menu. Very disgusted with Bob Evans.

  11. Doug Ford says:

    My wife and I went to Bob Evans today for breakfast @ 11:00. The waitress (Amanda) was pleasant and efficient with regard to customer service. The food was very good. The problem is that we were unable to have a conversation because of the chaos at the table next to us.

    The customers were allowed to bring in their own "birthday" cake which was unsanitary. The volume of their conversation was so loud that we could not hear each other speak. The MANAGER (male) came over and we thought, "Good, now we can have a peaceful breakfast." Instead, the manager's participation increased the volume which was unprofessional. It didn't help that he was also complaining about extra work that he had to do last Friday. When I expressed my concern to the manager, he replied, "I understand." However, he and the assistant manager, along with the table of guests continued their obnoxiously loud party which presented as poor customer service.

    We, usually, enjoy our visits to the Bob Evans restaurant in Marion, Ohio. We will return to this one, but may not stay if the same manager acts in the same unprofessional manner.

  12. tim says:

    had to recover web page 5 times , whats up with that!! anyhow, my son and I ate at restaurant #0577 in Altoona, service seemed to be a lot different since we ate there previously,and when our meals showed up,they were completely missing parts of our meals . not just on my meal,but my sons also. I mean how do you forget your signature sausage gravy on a "sausage gravy bowl"?? no drinks were brought also. I hope this email finds someone to hold persons responsible after hearing of the high standards bob evans supposedly has,i am extremely disappointed.

  13. Jamie Hughes says:

    #0509 Tampa, Florida; I will never eat at a Bob Evans again and here is why-my sons broccoli was not cooked; my husbands eggs had been fried to a crispy crunch; he ordered double hashbrowns and got a single order. I asked for sausage gravy instead of country gravy, they just poured the brown gravy over top of the white gravy (or at least I hope that was white gravy) and all the food was barely warm. We did not want to make the cook do it over, so we ate what we could, without drinks. The waiter, as he was serving the food, had asked if we wanted more coffee (our cups were empty) and we said yes. He stood at the far end of the restaurant looking at a computer screen the whole time we ate, and as we were walking out, he comes running with the coffee pot. When I told the waitress how awful it was, she says "I am sorry". When I told her my husband said the eggs would have been good if he was in a war torn country, such as Beruit, she giggles and says "oh, wow, sorry to hear that", like I was talking to her to be friendly. No, I was telling her about the horrible meal we just had. Maybe they are trained to weed out people that want to eat for free, but I paid in full for the meal, and the only thing she offered me was a coffee to go. I told her I had a coffee in the car from a gas station and did not need a coffee to go. Now, I understand that things happen when a restaurant is busy, but there were maybe 8 other tables, at the most. Don't want coupon's or even a free meal; it's not worth my time to go and try to eat there again.

  14. DENISE says:

    Irene did a great job Bringing my lunch for my associates. They Love Bob Evans it is a great treat. And a wonderful meal. We can't every go wrong.

    Thank you Irene from the Brunswick Bob Evans for following up and making our meal special. Happy Holidays. We will call you again

  15. jean taylor/hagerstown md says:

    being a customer of bob evans / dual highway/ Hagerstown md .. for a good many years .. when did you people start charging for the dinner rolls?? I have from time to time .. went in for carry out for soup and bread .. and usually they would put a roll or two in the bag .. at no charge .. today they charged me 2.00 a piece for the rolls (or 1.99) .. I told the waitress to take them back .. I wasn't paying 4.00 for the rolls .. when you eat in ... they don't charge you for the rolls / it is part of the meal .. so why do you charge for carry out?? I don't think this is a good way of keeping your faithful customers .. I will go elsewhere ..

  16. Jeffrey Metz says:

    I was at the Bob Evans, 4076 Medina Road, Akron, OH Restaurant # 0039 on 9-30-2015. I would like to say how clean the restaurant is and the staff is very friendly. It's really nice to see that managers are working along the cooks in preparing food and getting it to the waitress/waiters quickly. I think that there needs to be more of a dessert selection because there is not of a selection on the current dessert menu. I don't even get asked by my waitress if I want any dessert after the main course. My overall experience at this location was excellent! I would recommended everyone go to this restaurant because you will have an excellent dining experience.

  17. Mary Lou Payne says:

    My husband went to Bob Evans Store 254 to get two pot pies to bring home. They had only one pot pie left and the pot pie which was nothing but dried dough and no vegetables. Since only having one pot pie, he also ordered a salad and the chicken tasted burnt and cooked on a dirty grill. VERY UPSETTING.

  18. James L.Leasure says:

    Love Bob Evans Restuarants

  19. jenny says:

    trying to do survey website not found

  20. mary r says:

    We were at Bob Evans in Big Rapids, MI on 3AUG2015, we ate in and enjoyed our lunch. I am trying to do the online survey but this site is not working properly. We have ate at Bob Evans before and have always enjoyed our meal. It would be nice if they offered an active duty and retired military discount for our armed forces. Thank you.

  21. Dr. Bob says:

    This is in reference to the Bob Evans/Store #293. My wife and I have always enjoyed and come to rely upon the quality service/food we receive when dining at Bob Evans. We have become increasingly distressed with the degradation of both service and quality of food at the above mentioned location. It appears there is a 'leadership' problem that is not following through with appropriate training and customer interaction. The past few visits it is now NOT unusual that the server forgets to bring silverware, forgets items that were ordered or confuses our order with that of another customer. Cleanliness is also becoming a noticeable item that appears to be increasingly overlooked. The quality of the food remains excellent. Again, from our estimation through observation the oversight and leadership input is dramatically lacking. We will continue to be loyal Bob Evans customers, however, we will probably find a different location.
    Thank you....

  22. janice says:

    Bread delicious!! The portions were big. Flavor wonderful, and excellent service.

  23. Vicky nelson says:

    Good Evening, Sunday morning and Tuesday morning we was at your location on Hwy 27 in Claremont, Florida. The breakfast was not what we are use to. We have ate at many of your locations especially up North which we travel around. My husband did not eat any of his and l only ate a few bites. I paid the full Bill on Sunday and today for 1 breakfast and 2 drinks. We was so disappointed in your service that l am not sure if we will ever stop at one of your other locations. I hold the management responsible for what comes out from the kitchen and to train the waitress to look at it before it's served. Thank you for hearing me out.

  24. Lester says:

    I was very disappointed with the carry out meal I got on Thanksgiving Day. I got 4-6 thin slices of turkey breast that was to be for 4 people. A tray full of stuffing (too much) not enough turkey. The rest of the meal was fine.

  25. Bonny McConnell says:

    My husband and I ate at your resturant we had Sirloin dinner and chicken pot Coffee and tea at Bluefield W.V. store number 530 I have to say it was the best we have ever had at Bob Ever the store was clean the employees neatly dress the server Lori H. did a great job The food was well prepared the cook did a great too and we will tell other about our experience tell the manager to keep up the the good work.

  26. connie says:

    While going into your restroom in East Peoria, IL restaurant, an employee was exiting a cube and left the restroom without washing her hands. When returning to my seat, she was behind the counter dishing out food. THIS WAS SICKENING. Need to remind the employees to washing their hands. E-COLI

  27. Dianne Chargo says:

    I entered the survey at the bottom of my receipt, expecting to get a code for a free drink, the
    next time we eat at Bob Evans. I did not receive a code at all. Please advise why the code was not given. Thank you. One more thing--please bring back the sirloin tips over noodles meal you
    served a couple of years ago.

  28. Charlie&Peg Firth says:

    could not get on to feedback survey site

  29. A regular says:

    They do strive hard to serve well and majority of servers are very good.
    Host is always very accommodating.

  30. Steven Heller says:

    I did not have a survey code so could not provide feedback.
    We go every Sunday to the local (Solon Som Center Rd.)Bob Evans and they are improving service (both speed and friendliness is better). Today I brought home 3 breakfasts for family, the bacon was so fatty we ate 1 1/2 of 4 strips. (We ordered a side order of bacon and had 1 slice that came with the kids breakfast. Yes, I know bacon has fat but there was 1 slice that should have been discarded not served to customers. Quality signature of Bob Evans always needs to be on their minds.

  31. mary mckinney says:

    I'm not really a big fan of pumpkin pie, but finally at my husband's persistence I tried a piece. I loved it!! Could I possibly have the recipe? Thank you.

  32. robert mucker says:

    visited bob evans #0399. on 8-28-13, 12:10 p.m. order # 304348 receved over cooked sausage paties and way overcooked american fries (black) employees didnt seem to care just said " oh realy "

  33. Thomas Brotsch says:

    Anna was very friendly and helpful.

  34. joanne duhaime says:

    always happy with bob evans dining experience.

  35. George W. Smiley says:

    Who designs your websites,Donald duck ? A customer should be able to go IMMEDIATLY to the correct page to fill out your stupid survay. Bob evans.com/feedback,open site and you should be there and not have to make a dozen selections and open numerous pages till you arrive at the jackpot and do the survay and win the cheapass cup of coffee. Your food is allright but you sure as hell knothing about customer relations. Please send your quivvering lip reply. GWS

  36. deep fat fryer says:

    I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They're very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very quick for novices. May just you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  37. richard kaufman says:

    LOOK< yourweb sites constantly change, so contacting to apply survey code 107403113 is unable to enter! What gives, more YUM Corp. confusion?

  38. Smoonaesore says:


  39. Charles C. Strode says:

    At your Bob Evans store #489 We a party of six were dining on sunday on 1/27/2013
    We had a server named Reba M. This lady was as good as I have ever seen,she waited on us hand and foot. She was a true champion at knowing what was good and delivered it to our table as fast the cook had prepared it She is a A+.

  40. Jack Lowery says:

    This is the second bad experience we had at your restaurant#419,Pikeville,Ky. We travel a lot on I-75 and US23 between NC and Ohio, we always try to stop nat a Bob Evans, we especially like the mush. We were in Columbus over Thanksgiving and stopped agian at Unit# 419 hoping for a better experience. We sat at the counter at 1220pm, no one said anything to us, at 1230pm we asked the hostess to get soeone to wait on us, she said everyone was very busy and left. We saw thr manager pass us several times and it looked like there was a staff of 6 to 10 people.No one asked if we wanted a drink, said they would be with us shortly or even acknowledged we were there. We left at 1240pm without ever being approached for service.This is not our normal experience at a Bob Evans. The last time we were at this location, it was not clean. We do not want you to send us a coupon or any special discount. This is merely to let you know of your problem at this facility. We will continue to visit Bob Evans on our route to and from Ohio as well as while in Toledo and Columbus, wherre we always get great service and food.

    Jack & Judy Lowery
    Franklin, NC


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