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BJ's Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit BJ's Customer Satisfaction Survey official site to get started
  2. If you have your shopping receipt, please fill in the Club #, Register #, Transaction #, Cashier # and date of your visit
  3. Rate your most recent shopping experience at BJ's, such as clear signage in aisles, club cleanliness, product quality
  4. Answer a few more questions based on your own experience
  5. If you would like to be considered in the Monthly Sweepstakes for a $500 BJ's Wholesale Club Gift Card, please enter your contact info, including your full name, address, city, state, Zip, phone and email address

More Information about BJ's
Headquartered in Westborough, MA, BJ's Wholesale Club, is a leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States. The company currently operates 206 Clubs in 15 states from Maine to Florida and employs more than 25,000 Team Members.

About BJ's Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.bjs.com/feedback - BJ's Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.bjs.com/feedback
Survey Incentive: a $500 BJ's gift card
Host Website: www.bjs.com/feedback
Marketing Support: BJ's

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62 comments on “www.bjs.com/feedback - BJ's Customer Satisfaction Survey


    My visit to BJ's was awesome! The selection of items at the Valley Stream, NY location as always are outstanding. The staff is friendly and helpful, the shelves are well stocked and organized, and the aisles are neat and clean. During my last visit I purchased primarily fresh produce, cleaning supplies , toiletries and canned items. There was an extensive variety, and I was able to find everything which I had on my shopping list. I even gave into temptation and got a few items which I could not resist buying. I also enjoy the fact that I was able to save a few extra bucks by using the manufacture coupons from my BJ's booklet. All in all, shopping at BJ's is truly a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

  2. Wendy Jungermann says:

    I always have a good experience at the Islandia BJ'S
    there is an older women that works the door , that is such a wonderful women friendly , hardworking and just beautiful.. I acutally live in the same town as her, and I see her dedication as she actually works to work . I have offered her a ride, and she just says,,, No , IM okay.

    wonder ful asset to my local BJ's

  3. Kathy Morgan says:

    The service in the meat department in the Merritt Island BJ's is outstanding. Everyone is polite and more than happy to accomodate my needs. I have no complaints

  4. Leo Miller says:

    The service in the Pittsfield,Massachusetts is fantastic. My only complaint is that I am not receiving my cupon book in the mail. the store told me that many others had the same complaint. Thanks. Leo Miller 311 Partridge Road Pittsfield Ma.

  5. virginia zangari says:

    Love the Brooklyn store. Good service at check-out, just wish there were more employees on the floor so you can request help when needed.

  6. john j. stefano says:

    Always good service at Columbia, MD store

  7. ray tashman says:

    BJ's in West Boca Raton, Florida.....Service is getting worse....The deli area is manned by OLD PROS who know how to screw the customers....Example...Ask for deli SLICED THIN...they offer a slice to see or taste....It is sliced the way requested....but, the customer cannot see over the counter, and when slicing, the deli person simply turns the guage to a larger number and what is given, and sealed in the package, is a MUCH THICKER sliced product....and you do otn find out until you get home and start to unpack....YES, it makes the clerks job a bit easier, and he/she still sells product....But, the result is just what is happening with my account...I am returning to another store to purchase deli......You lost my business.....

    Another thing about the deli people...they stack up cheese so that when using at home, it sticks together, and does not come off the package in slices...it comes off in clumps because the cheese sticks together...Not nice....Not customer friendly....

    Finally, re the same store...it seems there is rarely people (workers) around to ask a question...and service at the membership desk either do not know what to do, or what membership deals are at the time of the request....

    More, but that is enough for now....

    R. Tashman

  8. joseph peters says:

    We have been members of BJ's for many years.

    We are disappointed that many of the items we purchase on a regular basis are either out of stock or discontinued at the Williamsville NY Transit Road.

    Not having Tide Liquid in the original non HE packaging for over 30 days is unacceptable.

    No notice that Joy Liquid Detergent, Neutrogena Hand Lotion, Breathe Right Strips are no longer stocked simply sends our family elsewhere to shop for our commonly purchased items.

    Thank you.


  9. Paul & Carol Bradford says:

    Good morning:

    We always sign up, not for the membership, but to shop around once during a 2-month period. We appreciate many of the products you have and we do appreciate them. When I ran out of your B.Jensen Dinner Napkins I was distraught!!! I cut them in half, so that I have a super abundance of napkins. I love the 10 lb. sugar because I hate going to the supermarkets so often to replace things like this.

    But the price of $40 or $50 for yearly membership we simply cannot afford.

    Our only desire is that we request a $20.00 membership yearly so that we can visit B.J.'s more often. I love y our Rib-Eye steaks, and cans of Mushrooms and many other items. If you can change the membership fee for folks over 65 years of age, that would be just wonderful!
    Thanks for reading this.

  10. Ernest Roe says:

    I love shopping at our B J's club

  11. Howard J. Bowder says:

    BJ's is better equipped to serve my shopping needs than is Sam's Club. You get great value for your dollar.

  12. Lillian Ward says:

    I love bjs it saves so much money and the people that work there are excellent, thank you bjs!!!!

  13. Edward Malone says:

    I really like BJ's i do shop there often. However I am 73 years old and do forget my coupon book 9 Hate to say it) often. Customer service Very often does NOT have these books to extend to the customers. That's probably the only comment I can make.

  14. Linda Gadberry says:

    To whom this may concern: I am furious, I made a special trip to BJ'S on my lunchtime, purchased 2 laundry products. When I went to the cashier I told her I had $20.00 in rewards. When I paid with my BJ'S MasterCard it didn't give her the option to take the $20.00 rewards off my purchase. Had to go to the service desk and had 4 different people try to help me. I had to return back to work without an answer. This is the second time I have been told there is no rewards when as you can see I have $60.00. My payments are up to date and I am returning the products after work since I did not get the $20.00 taken off my purchase, which is an inconvenience for me and I will think twice before becoming a member again if this is how it is going to be when I need to redeem my rewards. It is more a hassle than a reward....

  15. marilyn g says:

    Please install more bottle return machines at your College Point location.

    thank you

  16. Victor D Hinton says:

    Flat tire repair/service...

  17. Lola Sandra Shue says:

    Love the warehouse people are super friendly, great variety in clothes and other products.

  18. Bobby says:

    Hi, I would like you to carry Honey Roasted peanuts in a separate 1lb or larger container. Brand name wouldn't matter. I know you have other types of peanuts, but not the Honey roasted unless you buy the variety pack. Bob D.

  19. robert cook says:

    Just found out were the Charlotte BJ'S Club is now and happy I did get there and have a very nice shopping time , the people there very nice and did help me out when I needed help finding some things . PS there are a lot of people I have talk with that do not know were the Charlotte Club is and they live in Charlotte ???

  20. Joilee C. Mulhern says:

    400 Jat Scutti Blvd. - Club 168 - Reg.52 Trans 595 - 4/6/16 12;43 MEM iD 16840356565 I've been a member of BJ's for many years! I HAVE never had a bad experience with any of the help. They have ALL gone out of their way to be most helpful and friendly. I bought a Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake that was being sampled and a coupon for $2.oo off. It was sooooo good they were flying of the shelf. I've told many of my friends about the store and the gas is cheaper then any other gas station around. I'm so glad that I became a member and thanks so much for an exceptional place to shop and the variety. Joy

  21. John says:

    I want to commend your cashier 341372, I think his name is Brad, for his good attitude and his concern. He did a great deal to offset the surly behavior I had experienced elsewhere in the store. Your employees, except for the ones on the door, are for the most part very unpleasant to deal with. They have no customer service training whatsoever. You should visit a Publix store to see what a difference friendly employees make.

  22. Dana Bruno says:

    Shopped at the Freeport store. Express line is wonderful.

  23. Jim says:

    Shopped at the Millsboro, DE store on Friday 3/11/16 entering store at 3:20 in the afternoon. Purchased only 12 items...NONE of which did I have to wait for someone to help me. Hit the checkouts.....SLOW DOWN......Every aisle open has 4 plus customers and the less than item lane light is not on!! I get in what appears to be the line with fewest items in carts. I continue standing there as light is blinking for service help as are a couple of others. There is ONE girl working on one of the blinking light registers. Now I start to count the check out lanes that are NOT open....there are 11 and MOST of these would be SELF CHECK.....Starting to think the management personnel sitting in the ivory tower should look out the window or walk down here....maybe if the lines gets long enough they will see while still sitting at their desk!!! FINALLY some guy does come down and they open a couple of other lines.....finally I get to the check out with my TWELVE items.....WHOA now one of my 12 won't scan.......so I wait for that ONE customer care rep.....wait the guy who came down from up stairs comes over and scans my item.....NOW I can finish up.......do my one coupon....pay...and NOW ....printer is OUT of paper!!!!! I have to wait for a customer care rep to come and replace paper because you KNOW they check your receipt on the way out......so I see some guy walking by with a BJ tag on and I holler for him that I NEED MY RECEIPT!!!! WORST experience ever and considering the annual fee and the amount of TIME I just spent trying to check out....NO DOUBT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN CHEAPER TO GO TO WAL-MART, TARGET, or the local HOCKER SUPERSTORE!!!! Didn't want to post here but the complete survey for a chance to win $500 WOULD NOT COME UP>>>>GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Laurie Lee says:

    This store is the best in Florida. Nice employees,well lit store great coupons.


    Store is clean at Woodstock GA,, very helpful sale associates and at the counter they pay attention to the customers..i will shop at BJ more rather than Costco.

  26. andrew sacco sr says:

    more people on floor to help find items .

  27. Rosemie Ulysse says:

    Just came from the Bronx bjs, customer service was great,will continue shopping there.Love that new store.

  28. Michelle Lester says:

    It was a little upsetting , there was no one in tvs, we wanted to puchase one, Which we did.
    Had to go to service dept was told didn't have any way to get an assistant to Tvs. So I tracked down anyone I could find to call for assistants in Tvs. This BJ was on Blvd Amherst ny, near Blvd Mall. The assistant that did come was helpful.

  29. Lynda MacIvor says:

    I was in your store at Atlantic/Kernan Blvd, Jacksonville Fl on 1/5/16, automotive dept, to purchase tires. One associate was on duty to work the bay, answer the phone and deal with customers in line.. What is wrong with this picture; the people waiting for the tires had to wait additional time as the associate had to stop and deal with customers inside, customers inside had to wait while he worked in the bay area, Does this seem reasonable, of course not, it is not close to customer service satisfaction. Let me add, the associate, Ray Hitz, was very courteous, patient and professional to everyone, I saw some customers leave as no one at the desk when they walked in, and how can one person be in more than one place at the same time, I almost took my $600.00 order and left, When I went back to day to have my tires installed, the same gentleman was working alone again. I feel sure BJ's is not paying him appropriately for the work he is doing. I am disappointed in the way your company appears to be treating associates.

    Thank you

    Lynda MacIvor

  30. Harold Hubler says:

    Great Deli Prices!

  31. david l lewis says:

    I bought 4 bags of scott's turf builder with weed control september22. for $7.00 cheaper than anywhere else I have looked. That was a savings of $28.00. Thank you.

  32. Richard Lampert says:


  33. hugo giraldo says:

    muy buena la experiencia y la calidad de los productos es de muy buena calidad

  34. hugo giraldo says:

    good de experience

  35. DD says:


  36. Jo Bickley says:

    Personnel are very helpful if they don,t know answer they find it. All are very friendly and professional. Great job!!!!!

  37. Marinus Roy Flayter says:

    Your clubs are set up very well. The aisle markers are super helpful and you have a great selection of items. cPW

  38. Robert Mace says:

    I LIKE SHOPPING AT b js they are helpful if you cant find something Store is clean once a month we are off to BJs

  39. micheline st gerard says:

    I love shopping at BJS, the services and the prices are great. my only complaint is they don't sell low fat items , like low fat half and half , low fat butter.

  40. Freda Adkinns says:

    I enjoy shopping at BJ's there is always something new in store. I buy our food and household items there at good prices that works well with fixed income.


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