Bealls Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Bealls Customer Satisfaction Survey PrizeBealls

  1. $500 Gift Card

Bealls Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. You do not have to purchase to enter or win
  2. Limit one entry per person
  3. Prizes are not redeemable
  4. Assignment, transfer or substitution of prize is not permitted
  5. Taxes are the sole responsibility of winner

Bealls Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the Bealls Survey official website
  2. Enter the numbers highlighted on the receipt and the date of your visit that appears on your receipt and click "Next"
  3. Click on "Next" button and answer the questions to complete the survey

More Information about Bealls
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About Bealls Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.beallsflorida.com/survey - Bealls Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.beallsflorida.com/survey
Survey Incentive: $500 Gift Card
Host Website: www.feedback.infosurv.com
Marketing Support: Infosurvey

How does the service help you?
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Rating: 3.5/5 (22 vote casts)

76 comments on “www.beallsflorida.com/survey - Bealls Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. David N Scott says:

    Evelyn, from Englewood, FL, did an out standing job, friendly rate her 100+%

  2. Patricia Carino says:

    Linda from Sebring, FL was very helpful today 2/13/2018. She was very patient and courteous.

    I would give her 100%

  3. A. Paul Van Almelo says:

    Gloria was the saleswomen that helped me. She was very patient, courteous and patient with me. I could not have been better served. She was fantastic. She helped my wife and I and you can be assured she is the reason my wife and I will return to Bealls in Coblestone Plaza.

  4. Daigneault Claude says:

    I would like to inform you of the quality of the service I had at the Bealls store(#739) located at Deerfield Beach. The saleswoman named Maria, was courteous, polite and very helpful, she smiled all the time and we saw that she loved her work and the public, thanks to her the shopping experience was memorable. My wife and I felt very important and had never been treated this way in Montreal (Canada). We would like this person to be congratulated for his outstanding work and service to the client.

    Franca & Claude

  5. Daigneault Claude says:

    I would like to inform you of the quality of the service I had at the Bealls store(#739)located at Deerfiel beach. The saleswoman named Gloria, was courteous, polite and very helpful, she smiled all the time and we saw that she loved her work and the public, thanks to her the shopping experience was memorable. My wife and I felt very important and had never been treated this way in Montreal (Canada). We would like this person to be congratulated for his outstanding work and service to the client.

    Franca & Claude

  6. Daigneault Claude says:

    I would like to inform you of the quality of the service I had at the Bealls store (#739) located at Deerfield Beach.The cashier named Ruth, was courteous, polite and very helpful, she smiled all the time and we saw that she loved her work and the public. Thanks to her, the shopping experience was memorable and I went back several times and made sure she was working there at the time. My wife and I felt very important and had never been treated this way in Montreal (Canada). We would like this person to be congratulated for his outstanding work and customer service.

  7. Daigneault Claude says:

    I would like to inform you of the quality of the service I had at the Bealls store|739) located at Deerfiel Beach. And especially the store manager Luedell who was a kindness and exemplary availability, more she demonstrated patience to any test without forgetting his sense of humor. I come from Montreal in Canada and in no shop I was treated that way, I really felt important. I would appreciate you sending my congratulations to this one and her evening staff Ruth, Maria and Gloria

  8. Pamela Ellison says:

    Today 2/3/2018 I visited a Bealls store in Gulf Breeze, for some reason it won't let me take the survey. The cashier Teresa was very pleasant, I had to bring back a couple of shirts that i had gotten for my daughter which you no longer had. Teresa was willing to go out of her way to see I got the shirts that I wanted. She is what customer service is all about, Retail needs more like her. Thank you for all you do!

  9. Andy Martindale says:

    I just purchased a pair of shoes from your Lady Lake store and was taken care of by Stefan who was excellent. I am between a size 12 and 13 and he knew which brands ran a little larger so I could get by with a size 12. Very happy with his service...you need to take care of him. I realize he is a new employee but he has managerial skills. I owned a shoe store once upon a time and I would have hired him immediately.
    Andy "Drew" Martindale

  10. Jeri Hurckes says:

    Love shopping at Bells #062... Marggie and Diane in wrapping and Luz in checkout are outstanding.

  11. Ann Bernardi says:

    My cousin & I were at your store in the Villages #734 we were helped by Kathy L. and she went above & beyond for us!!! An employee like that should never go unnoticed!!! Employee's like that are hard to find!!! Thanks so much!!!

  12. Beverly Lewis says:

    Myrdaine was extremely helpful she is a great asset to Bealls at the Orange Park

  13. Debra Quintero says:

    Sandy who works at your store in Port St. Lucie #023 was extremely helpful. She even carried my item to the front of the store for me. She explained everything about all the good offers you provide just by having a Bealls credit card. I walked out with my item, my new temporary credit card and a good feeling! Thanks Sandy!

  14. Barbara Covan says:

    Sue at Bealls Regency in Jacksonville, FL #025 was so sweet, personable and just a joy to meet. You are commended for hiring such great employees. We love shopping at this store. Thank you!!

  15. Lynn says:

    Louise at the Bealls Deerfield Beach, Fl #739 demonstrates excellent customer service. She is so personable and happy. Louise always alerts me to many great bargains that I may have missed during my shopping experience.

  16. Georgia Ballas says:

    I just wanted to THANK the store on Manatee Ave. They let us cool off during the 6 days we had no power due to Irma. They told us to hang out as long as we like. The employees also knew what we were going through as they didn't have power at their homes either. We were all in it together. Plus I got some things I needed on sale. Thanks again.....

  17. Marsha K Brown says:

    Trying to complete the survey for our Bealls in Florida at Gulf Breeze.Betty is spectacular. she is always helpful and I might add she is a great multitasker.She is helpful no matter which part of the store we are in . Thank you for people like her!!

  18. Marsha K Brown says:

    Trying to complete the survey

  19. Patricia Turner says:

    I go to Bealls Sarasota #020 every week and find very pleasant shopping experience clean , organized. Gretechen is a valued employee helping the customer. Please lets keep this store, the only place close to shop. . We want to shop Bealls.
    We don't want to shop on line

  20. Connie Beavers says:

    I am always satisfied when I go into Bealls in Cape Coral, FL; the store is clean and well organized and I always find what I'm looking for, The associates are always helpful, courteous and kind.

  21. Susan says:

    I started to take the survey & cannot read the receipt number since the sales girl circled her name with a red marker and wrote through the number. Two of the numbers are not clear now.

  22. Nancy Hagin says:

    Judy - so very friendly and helped me with my coupons for my purchase today!

  23. Kathryn Guffey says:

    I totally stopped getting emails from Bealls, I have NEVER received my coast to coast rewards
    even though I was one of the first to sign up for it. I used to get emails all the time and they totally stopped about 1 month ago. I would like to receive coupons and my coast to coast rewards Phone 239-340-9150 [email protected]

  24. marilyn schaefer says:

    The womens department in JUPITER store 021.is getting smaller and smaller. If it gets any smaller the large women department will be either in the pantie department or the dressing room. Every other department has plenty of room except the women depart.

  25. Johanne Varady says:

    I have ben trying to complete the survey since 12/12/2016 without success.I am unable to fill out the date oranyrthing else. I have tried numerous times for Riverview, FL and Sun City Center, FL.

  26. Sally Brandon says:

    I am not getting points for my purchases; apparently the clerk is not asking if I am signed up or however it works, have not been able to sign in before the sales slip continues:

    Purchase 12/13/16 $67.03
    12/15/16 $22.48

    If you are getting your money or credit card..........you're to late to enter your phone number! Dumb system!!

  27. sheila portnoy says:

    the sales girl Diane at the boynton beach store 083 was the best help made my shopping experience so easy i will always going to shop in bealls
    please be sure to give a big raise she deserves it she was just great will tell all my friends to shop in you stores

  28. Mary Jankowski says:

    I wanted to tell you that one of your employees is really awesome . I was shopping yesterday that the Bealls store in Naples #012. MY invoice# is 2113. The salesperson was Nicloe.

    She was so helpful in many ways. I asked her some information when I first entered the store and she was great. Then when I went to check out I was able to connect with her again. She told me about signing up for the Bealls Coast to Coast rewards. Which I did when I got home. her friendly and knowable ways were great.

    Then when I got home I realized that I had lost a sterling silver earring that had a great person connection. I called the store and she was on the other end of the phone. She was so kind as to go and look for the earring in the dressing room. She found it and I was so happy. This employee has really gone the extra mile to be great. I hope that you value her worth.


    Mary Lou Jankowski

  29. Ann Probst says:

    We visit the Naples area approximately 4-5 times per year. We are not yet retired from our jobs in the North. However, we now own a condo here which we are gradually outfitting by purchasing items our new place during each trip as well as purchasing more appropriate warm weather clothing for our needs while here. One of my last trips here I spent $300-400. at Bealls and got 150 in bealls bucks. I wanted to use them to purchase a Kurig of a specific size and color that they had in the store, however, I was leaving the area before the time frame allowed for bucks purchase. I asked the store manager is there was any way I could complete the purchase then given I would be away and did no want to pay shipping and the fact that no one would be at condo to receive a package. They offered no solution, simply said they could not make an adjustment. So....I lost $150. earned in Kohl's cash.
    This week I am town. I purchased $322. of items and i forgot to bring the coupon out of the paper for that day. I asked if they could accommodate me with that sale discount anyhow and they said no. So i took the items back a couple days later and asked if i could return and repurchase the items using the newpspwer coupon from that date of purchase, they said no. In addition, I had earned $60 in Bealls bucks. Once again, the date range that they had listed for bucks falls after I will have returned North. Today I stopped in another Naples area Bealls and asked if I could use the bucks them before I left as I found some sale items there that interested me for my son, the answer was no. When you shop at Kohl's, they are more than willing to make all these kinds of accommodations, if you don't have a coupon, they have one for you, if you want to return and rebuy to get better price, no problem. I made a decision today that Bealls will no longer get my business. I will not be setting foot in the store ever again! So foolish on their part since I spent serious cash each time I visited the area. Never again....

  30. James Cartmill says:


  31. Cindy Watson says:

    My cashier Matthew was very polite,helpful and knowledgeable in your Bealls store in Riverview, Florida. It was pleasure to shop in your store today-3/22/2016!

    Cindy Watson

  32. Judi says:

    Love to Shop Bealls Florida

  33. Irene Donahay says:

    I purchaed 2 patio chairs yesterday at Naples/Bonita Springs store...the chairs were heavy and kept slipping off the basket..a clerk names Vanessa came over to help me (im 81) she couldn't keep the chairs upright so picked them up and waited in line with me to check out, then carried them to my car. Vanesa is what service is all about , she should be recognized as a special and valuable employee.

  34. eddie carie says:

    My overall shopping experience was pleasurable. The cashier Brooke was especially friendly and courteous.

  35. S Rollins says:

    I enjoy shopping at Bealls. It is close to my home and I love their clothes and their sales.

  36. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Great service nice people love it thank you.

  37. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Great I love everything in the store

  38. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Nice all the store

  39. Ana Rodrguez says:

    Love the store great service thank you

  40. Carolyn Shaff says:

    Came home tried to enter date it keeps telling me it's the wrong date. Not by my calculations, is the Gregorian calendar incorrect or Bealls?


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